This category lists companies involved in the manufacture of a range of chemicals for textile and nonwovens processing and finishing applications, and which are based on the North American continent.
  • Advanced Polymer, Inc USA. Specialty chemicals and polymers for applications in the textile, personal care, paint and coatings, automotive and other industries. Process and finishing agents and auxiliaries for water and oil repellancy, abrasion resistance, and fiber and yarn lubrication for the textile industry. Detailed product specifications.
  • Agion Technologies, Inc USA. Development and manufacture of customized antimicrobial solutions based on naturally occurring silver for consumer, industrial and medical products and materials. Technical brochure on PDF file.
  • Alfa Corp Mexico. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in petrochemicals, steel production, food products, automotive parts and building materials. Manufacturers of chemical intermediates for synthetic fiber production.
  • Amitech, Inc USA. Diversified company, active in chemicals and computer services. Chemical auxiliaries for textile preparation, flame retardants, and printing, dyeing and finishing processing. Also, personal care products. Technical information.
  • Apexical, Inc USA. Manufacturers of processing and specialty chemicals for the textiles and nonwovens, papermaking, plastics, fiber and automotive industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Complete product list on PDF file.
  • Apollo Chemical Corp USA. Manufacturers of chemicals for preparation, bleaching, dyeing and finishing processes in the textile industry.
  • Arch Chemicals, Inc USA. Chemicals manufacturing company, specialised in antimicrobial additives for the treatment of textiles. Extensive technical information and FAQ. Product brochures on PDF files.
  • Atlas Refinery, Inc USA. Manufacturers of fatliquors and chemical auxiliaries for textile wet processing and leather finishing applications. Extensive technical information and specifications. List of global agents.
  • Bercen, Inc USA. Employee owned chemicals manufacturing company, active in the papermaking, textile and nonwovens industries. Defoamers, crosslinkers, catalysts and coatings. Lubricants, saturants, surfactants and thickeners. Custom development services. Part of the Cranston Print Works Co.
  • Bergen International USA. Manufacturers of endothermic and exothermic chemical foaming agents for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Burlington Chemical Co USA. Specialty chemicals for textile processing, and industrial and institutional markets. Fiber and yarn preparation, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries. Also, acid, cationic, direct, disperse, fiber reactive and vat dyestuffs. Searchable product directory, with detailed specifications.
  • Carolina Emulsions, Inc Custom manufacturers of anionic, non-ionic and cationic waterborne high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene and paraffin wax emulsions for applications in the textile, graphic arts and inks, paints, concrete, metal and floor finishing industries.
  • Chematron, Inc USA. Manufacturers of custom developed chemicals for a wide range of industrial applications. Processing and finishing agents and auxiliaries for the textile industry. Also, non-ionic wax emulsions for pulp and paper manufacturing.
  • Chimista Specialty Chemicals, LLC USA. Development and manufacture of biodegradable chemicals and solvents for a wide range of industrial applications. Chemical auxiliaries for fabric softening, dyeing and wet process machine cleaning applications. Technical information.
  • Consos, Inc USA. Specialty chemicals for the textile and paper manufacturing industries. Lubricants, whiteners, colorants and finishing agents. Also, laboratory testing services for fabric analysis and quality assurance.
  • Daikin America, Inc USA. Manufacturers of industrial chemicals and additives for a wide range of applications. Soil resistant, and oil and water repellent fluorochemicals for the textile, carpet, nonwovens and paper industries. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. Links to related sites. Part of Daikin Industries, Ltd.
  • Dow Corning Corp USA. Silicon and silicon-based products for a variety of industrial applications. Binder additives, coating intermediates and process facilitating compounds for the nonwovens industry.
  • Dyetech, Inc USA. Manufacturers of custom dyebath and finishing chemicals for the textile and carpet industries. Also, institutional and personal care products.
  • Edgar Chemical Co USA. Manufacturers of bacteriostatic softeners, sanitizers, mildewcide, deodorizer, flame retardants, and commercial laundry compounds in powder and liquid form for textile finishing, healthcare and institutional laundry applications. Technical information. Links to industry news.
  • Emerald Performance Materials USA. Manufactures a diverse range of performance products, including defoaming agents, polymer additives, colorants, antioxidants, and plasticizers, for a variety of industrial applications.
  • Fassi Group USA. Diversified multi-national group of companies, active in chemicals, construction machinery, and digital and screen printing equipment for textile and graphic applications. Processing and finishing chemicals for the textile, agriculture and construction industries.
  • Firetect USA. Certified applicators and manufacturers of class A and B flame retardant paints, varnishes, saturants and coatings for the textile, entertainment and building industries. Extensive technical information and FAQ. Product specifications and safety data sheets on PDF files.
  • Fluoroseal International, Inc USA. Manufacturers of barrier and surface modyfying chemicals and related products for plastics, fibers and geosynthetics. Technical information. Glossary of technical terms. Test data.
  • Goulston Technologies, Inc USA. Research and manufacturing company, producing lubricants for natural and man-made fibers. Provides customised problem solving through an on-line query form.
  • Huntsman International LLC USA. Multi-national group of chemicals manufacturing companies, active in a wide range of industries. Pretreatment and dye auxiliaries, and chemicals for textile finishing, inkjet printing and value added effects.
  • Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc USA. Development and manufacture of partially fluorinated surfactants and polymers for applications as high performance wetting agents, and oil, water, soil, and stain repellents in a wide range of industries. Chemicals and polymers for textile, carpets, nonwoven and leather processing and finishing applications. Detailed product catalog, providing technical information on PDF files.
  • Intersac Group Canada. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture of a wide range of chemicals for industrial applications. Enzymes, chemical agents and auxiliaries for textile preparation, pre-treatment, desizing, bleaching, dyeing and finishing operations. Detailed product catalogs.
  • Lysac Technologies, Inc Canada. Natural, biodegradable superabsorbents for spill control, food packaging, cables, and medical and personal care disposables. Marketing programs, news, test methods and MSDS available after registration. English and French.
  • Manufacturers Chemicals LP USA. Specialty chemicals for the textile, metal working and paper industries. De-foamers, softeners and fire retardants. Lubricants and dye assists. Custom development services. Part of the Synalloy Corp.
  • MeadWestvaco Corp USA. Diversified manufacturing company, active in paper, packaging and chemicals for the automotive, beverage, consumer products, healthcare, media and entertainment, and publishing industries. Lignin and lignosulfonate dispersants, tall oil fatty acids and their derivatives for textile duestuffs. Detailed technical information.
  • Microban Co USA. Manufacturer of anti-bacterial chemical compounds for incorporation into molecular plastics and synthetic fibers, imparting resistance to the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi.
  • Millliken Chemical USA. Multi-national manufacturers of chemicals, colorants, additives and intermediates for a wide range of industrial applications. Colorants, lubricants and anti-static agents for the textile industry. Part of Milliken and Co.
  • Nano-Tex, Inc USA. Research, development and manufacture of nanotechnology based textile fabric treatments for stain release, moisture wicking and anti-static finishing for apparel and workwear. Technical information, presentation videos and FAQ. Product brochures on PDF files. Links to related sites.
  • Neatsfoot Oil Refineries Corp USA. Manufacturers of purified and refined inedible animal oils for a range of industrial applications. Neatsfoot, lard and tallow oils, and methyl lardate and oleic acids for leather processing and yarn lubrication. Technical information.
  • Nicca USA, Inc USA. Manufacturers of a wide range of chemicals for preparation, dyeing and finishing processes in the textile industry. Also, specialty chemicals for the pulp and paper industries.
  • NL Industries, Inc USA. Manufacturers of titanium dioxide for the synthetic fiber manufacturing industry, as well as for paper and plastics.
  • Noveon, Inc USA. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals, polymer based formulations and chemical additives for a broad range of consumer and industrial applications. Fabric preparation, dyeing and printing, and finishing coatings, chemicals and auxiliaries for the textile and leather industries. Technical data sheets on PDF files. Part of the Lubrizol Corp.
  • Nyacol Nano Technologies, Inc USA. Development and manufacture of proprietary nano particle technologies. Fine particle dispersions of colloidal antimony pentoxide for use as flame retardant synergist with halogenated flame retardants for textile and nonwovens finishing processes. Detailed product information. List of agents. Library of articles.
  • Omnova Solutions, Inc USA. Manufacturers of performance chemicals for papermaking, textile, nonwovens and specialty applications. Permanent press resins, and finishing, coating and dyeing agents for the textile and carpet industries.
  • Outlast Technologies USA. Phase change materials (PCMs) for temperature regulation in outdoor gear, ski apparel and for outerwear thermal regulation.
  • Piedmont Chemical Industries, Inc. USA. Chemicals manufacturing company, active in machinery maintenance, pulp and paper, and textile preparation, dyeing and finishing agents and auxiliaries.
  • R.R. Streets & Co., Inc USA. Manufacturers of detergents, chemical agents, stain removal products and fabric finishes for the textile care industry. Extensive FAQ. List of distributors. Links to related sites.
  • Spartan Adhesives & Coatings Co USA. Group of manufacturing companies, active in adhesives, coating, flame retardants, and natural and synthetic latex compounding. Flame retardants for the textile, nonwovens and papermaking industries. Technical specifications.
  • TechmerPM USA. Design and manufacture of polymer additives and colorants for the man-made staple fiber and filament, and plastics industries. Custom development and manufacturing services. Calendar of events.
  • The Seydel Companies USA. Development and manufacture of warp size chemicals, and fabric preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing auxiliaries and chemicals for the textile and garment manufacturing, and laundering industries. Product information and specifications.
  • Thomson Research Associates Canada. Manufacturers of anti-microbial treatments for garment, bedding products, carpets and home textiles. List of distributors. Extensive technical and scientific information.
  • Tiarco Chemical USA. Multi-national chemicals manufacturing company. Emulsifiers, additives, foaming agents and surfactants for textile and nonwovens finishing processes.
  • Vanson HaloSource, Inc USA. Bioscience company involved with chitin, chitosan, and N-halamine based technologies for the water treatment, biomedical, and the home and personal care markets. Anti-microbial protection for textile, hygiene and medical, and fluid decontamination applications. Detailed information on products, processes and chemical structures.
  • Vulcan Materials Co USA. Construction materials, and basic and specialty, toll and contract manufactured chemicals for the textiles, pulp and paper, water treatment, and environmental services industries. Process chemicals for appearance and performance enhancement of fibers, textile fabrics and garments. Detailed product descriptions. Link to educational science resources.
  • Zschimmer & Schwarz, Inc USA. Chemicals manufacturing company, active in textile processing, dyeing, printing and finishing auxiliary agents, fiber lubricants and spin finishes. Also, chemicals for the ceramics industry and phosphonates. Part of the Zschimmer and Schwarz Group.

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