Vehicle location and tracking involves providing information about a vehicle's location to a remote user, such as a dispatch center. Information is delivered by means of radio systems or other wireless carriers. Depending on the system, information other than location may be provided, as well as the ability of people at the remote location to communicate with people in the vehicle.
  • A&E Technologies Provides tracking hardware and software such as passive and active solutions.
  • Air-Trak GPS tracking and mobile resource management solutions.
  • AirIQ Solution integrates GPS, wireless communication, computing intelligence and digitized mapping providing services such as vehicle locating and vehicle tracking to commercial vehicle fleets.
  • Allied Communications Consults businesses and consumers about wireless voice and data communications products throughout the US.
  • Alltrack USA Products that allow the tracking of vehicles, trailers and equipment to improve efficiency, productivity and accountability.
  • American Millennium Corporation, Inc. Global provider of wireless hardware and software solutions for asset tracking and monitoring.
  • Applanix Position and Orientation Systems (POS) were developed specifically for surveying, mapping and robust positioning in dynamic environments.
  • Atom Communications Provider of satellite vehicle tracking systems. UK.
  • Auto-Tracer Provides a tracking service using GSM and LBS technology. Netherlands.
  • Braemac Provides a variety of GPS receivers, GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1XRTT modems, antennas, and power supplies. USA.
  • Celtrak Satellite based vehicle monitoring systems used in a broad range of fleet management applications.
  • Coleman Technologies, Inc. Develops customized vehicle tracking and related product solutions.
  • Cordic Provides data dispatch systems combined with street navigation and satellite tracking.
  • Corp Ten International GPS tracking and data messaging systems including hardware and software .
  • Covertrax Limited Supplier of CAN bus data recording - interpretation systems, fleet management systems, wireless communication devices and vehicle power supplies.
  • Data Burst Technologies Inc. Vehicle location technology products and services.
  • DCS Offers Diplomat vehicle location and fleet management services.
  • Destinator UK Talking 3D colour satellite navigation system for pocket PCs and laptops.
  • DigiCore Provides GSM/GPRS/GPS fleet management and AVL systems for management of mobile assets and its cargo for logistic and security purposes.
  • Earth Trak Provides equipment, software and provisioning for all types of GPS vehicle management and asset tracking.
  • Enaikoon Hardware and software components and complete systems for telecontrol and gps-locating services for vehicles, ships and persons.
  • ESI Corporation Vehicle tracking system that combines GPS, GSM, SMS, and GPRS.
  • FieldLogix GPS tracking system integrated with turn-by-turn navigation by Garmin and Google Maps.
  • Fleet Management Solutions Provides global fleet tracking via GPS. Includes information about their products, services, and specific industry applications.
  • FleetBoss Manufacture of gps fleet management systems that allow for tracking of vehicle location, speed, and use. Systems include gps receivers and software programs.
  • Fleetmind Solutions Wireless fleet management, with integration between dispatch system, drivers, and vehicles.
  • FleetTrax Provides fleet and vehicle tracking devices and software. USA.
  • foresolutions Offers real-time vehicle tracking based on TETRA. Networked radio voice and data wireless solutions, to empower the mobile workforce.
  • Frotcom Allows to remotely control the activity of vehicles through a set of tools such as maps, satellite pictures, graphs, reports and alarms. Portugal.
  • Gelix Design, manufacturing and supply with GPS AVL smart terminals, vehicle tracking devices data acquisition and fleet management equipment, navigation dataloggers and programmable control devices. Taiwan.
  • Geotab Passive systems using GPS technology. Products, demo, and company information included.
  • Global Tracking Communications Supplier of truck fleet management systems and GPS-based vehicle tracking systems.
  • GlobalTrack Internet based asset tracking.
  • Go and Track GPS and GSM systems for vehicle tracking, asset management and people locating via GPS devices and mobile phones using web, PC and phone based applications.
  • GPS Fleet Solutions GPS systems for real-time tracking and passive tracking.
  • GPS Track Masters Manufacturer of a mobile transceiver and GPS receiver, marine security alarm, cellular tracker, and location kits. Florida, USA.
  • GPScom Technologies Co. Distributor global positioning and, GSM tele-control systems; includes product specifications, company profile, and contacts. Greece.
  • GPSonsale Online sales of vehicle tracking devices for fleets and individuals plus hand-held GPS units and accessories.
  • GT&T Engineering Specializing in the design, development and integration of wireless mobile data and RFID systems for multi-modal transportation, fleet, mobile workforce, conference and event management. Singapore.
  • GuardMagic Satellite vehicles monitoring and fleet management system based on GPS. GSM access, control and guard system.
  • GPS fleet monitoring and theft detection system for heavy equipment and trucks.
  • HunterPro GPS Manufacturer of GPS Technology for tracking persons, vehicles, trucks, and security devices for vehicle. Combined GPS and cellular technologies like GSM, GPRS, TDMA or AMPS.
  • I.D. Systems, Inc. Designs, develops and produces wireless monitoring and tracking system which uses radio frequency technology. (Nasdaq: IDSY).
  • IDA Corp. Automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems for fleet management.
  • InSight USA Real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, including marine vessel tracking.
  • Integrated Tracking Solutions Inc Provider of real-time wireless GPS tracking, AVL, military, and custom tracking solutions.
  • Invetel Information on automatic passenger counting system, products and services.
  • Isotrak Offers fleet management systems for the logistics and transport industry.
  • ISR FleetTrack Automatic Vehicle Locator management system for control of vehicles and boostability to manage mobile assets.
  • L.A.S. Systems, Inc. Vehicle tracking products including both GPS wireless real-time tracking systems and GPS data recording and playback systems.
  • LandAirSea Systems, Inc Manufacturer of real-time GPS tracking systems for commercial fleet tracking, personal and professional tracking. Information about applications, products and support.
  • Lexstar GPS navigation devices with India map for India.
  • LocationWare Solutions for individuals and vehicles with mapping service. Provides GPS, GSM, Inmarsat based applications. Germany.
  • LoJack Corporation System used in conjunction with law enforcement agencies for the recovery of stolen vehicles. Available in more than 20 countries. Products, services, and dealers.
  • LunarEYE GPS vehicle tracking system with Internet link to RF systems for individual or fleet applications.
  • Matco Solution for asset tracking and basic message delivery system with integrated Global Positioning System and bi-directional radio frequency communication support.
  • Mentor Engineering Wireless data and AVL solutions for commercial fleets.
  • Meute Technologies Offers three technology platforms to address the tracking requirements.
  • Mobilizz Passive and AVL solutions for field asset management with tracking, recording and reporting. Canada.
  • MobinTeleCom Oy Provides a fleet management and telematics security solution to fixed and fleet assets.
  • MovSat Logistics system and satellite tracking of vehicles and cargo.
  • NaviTag Technologies, LLC Provides visibility and security solutions to corporate and government agencies enabling them to monitor their cargo shipments worldwide.
  • Navtrak Inc. GPS tracking and fleet management services for mobile workforces.
  • NeoMatrix Pty Ltd Remote vehicle tracking, fleet management, GPS/GSM system. Automated reporting of vehicle movement or alarm activation, summary reporting of driving time and distance. Geofence boundary monitoring.
  • Networkcar Online vehicle GPS tracking (AVL) and diagnostics system for consumers, businesses and fleets.
  • NexTraq Provides GPS fleet tracking and dispatching solutions designed for service and distribution businesses and customers to optimize fleet operations.
  • On-Board Communications GPS-based vehicle tracking and location technology allows businesses to locate remote, mobile assets over a large geographical area using the Internet.
  • One Track, Inc. Historical and real time GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleets and individuals.
  • Orbital Communications Specialise in the supply of systems to track fleet with a PC.
  • Oskando Telematics and M2M solutions: engineering and producing of GSM based telematic devices and controllers, system integration.
  • OuterLink Corporation Tracking systems, mobile satellite data communications service and software for mapping and messaging.
  • PacComm Packet Radio Systems GPS receiver, packet modem and micro controller device to control external RF transmitters.
  • Pinpointers Provides an Internet real-time tracking service and asset systems using a device based on GPRS and/or SMS for data transmission. UK.
  • Polstar Technologies, Inc. Makes navigators for vehicles and other devices such as receivers and antennas.
  • Power-Trak Wireless Internet based GPS vehicle tracking.
  • Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions Provides the transportation industry with two-way messaging, automatic vehicle positioning, and equipment monitoring.
  • Quartix Vehicle tracking systems based on GPS, Internet and GSM technology.
  • Radioactive Networks Supplier of GPS tracking hardware and software. Has expertise in wireless communications networks.
  • RCN-Conti Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions using GSM/GPS and satellite technology.
  • Remote Asset Management Tracking system for security and management information. UK.
  • RouteTrak Provides software and equipment for and fleet management systems and vehicle. USA.
  • Safety Track of Michigan GPS tracking designed for a wide range of applications, including consumer, commercial, municipal, mass transit, law enforcement and public safety.
  • Satamatics Inmarsat D+ Satellite network operator, provider of terminals and applications for GPS tracking, remote monitoring and control of mobile and fixed assets via the Internet.
  • Shaw Tracking Provides on-board computing and telemetry solutions for the trucking and transportation industries in Canada.
  • Simrex Corporation Aria-GLB products manufacturer offering products for automatic vehicle location, mobile data, railroads, mining, taxis, aircraft, telemetry, robotics, and public safety applications.
  • SkyBitz Tracking and communications services based on Global Locating System (GLS) technology.
  • Skyreach Vehicle tracking systems specializing in fleet tracking, driver log, and log haul solutions.
  • Skytrac Systems Automatic flight following, two-way text messaging and voice capable systems for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • SkyTrackers Inc. Supply automatic vehicle location systems and related equipment.
  • SmartTrack Internet vehicle tracking and messaging all from one web page using GPRS technology.
  • Starcom Systems Vehicle security, anti theft, and fleet management based on GPS (Global Positionioning System) and cellular network
  • Synapse System based on GPS, Internet and GSM technology. Customer support on a 24x7 basis worldwide.
  • Synovia Corporation Provides customized GPS solutions to the school bus industry. Systems can be integrated within a routing software package.
  • Technoindia Hardware and software solutions in the area of automatic vehicle location and tracking, mobile data communication and fleet management applications.
  • TekniREP GPS tracking solutions, on-board computers (black box) and vehicle dispatch systems. Serving Ontario and Quebec Canada.
  • TLR Systems Supplier of GPS, GSM and RF Tracking and monitoring devices for the commercial and residential industries in the US and around the world.
  • TracAsia Provides equipment such as GPRS, GSM, GPS satellite phone or fleet tracking systems, Doppler radar receivers, and RF police bait devices. Singapore.
  • Track Your Truck Provider of real-time, web-based vehicle tracking systems utilizing cellular/GPS and satellite/GPS technologies.
  • Trackstar GPS Vehicle Tracking for AVL markets to enhance vehicle monitoring, trailer tracking, cargo control, fleet management, driver safety, and truck security.
  • Trimble Navigation Limited Fleet management and mobile asset tracking systems.
  • ubinam Offers tracking solutions for multiple industries. Germany.
  • Ultradata Systems Designs, manufactures and markets handheld electronic data retrieval computers which provide directions and various travel services information. Missouri, USA. (Nasdaq: ULTR)
  • Universal Tracking Technologies, Inc. Product design to reduce operating costs for busing, waste management, delivery, maintenance, and vehicle fleets of every kind.
  • V-Sol Developers and suppliers of GPS vehicle tracking systems using satellite technology.
  • Vehicle Insight Monitoring for businesses in England, Scotland and Wales. Data from vehicles is captured via the web and relayed to a desktop PC.
  • Vehicle Tracking from Locate Security Ltd Provides a real time system for vehicle fleet.
  • Vigil Systems Requires measurement of operational parameters whether it is speed, location, driver performance, vehicle performance or payload monitoring.
  • WebTech Wireless Vehicle location services provider delivering GPS tracking and two-way messaging services for wireless carriers, private and trucking fleets and vehicle owners.

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