Includes listings for manufacturers of antennas, field monitors, tuned cavities, waveguide, and related items.
  • A.H. Systems Offers EMI/EMC antennas for testing and core compliance.
  • Aerial Oy Designs and manufactures telecommunication antennas from HF to microwave.
  • Designs, licenses and manufactures broadband antennas for VHF, UHF, cellular, microwave, ISM and satellite.
  • Aircom Inc. Designs, manufactures and distributes waveguide and related components from 1 to 90 GHz.
  • Allis Communications Co,.Ltd. Designs and manufacture GPS/GLONASS antennas, wireless LAN antenna, car/marine navigation system and timing synchronized system.
  • Alyx Antenna Guide Information on the different types of antennas used in shortwave radio broadcasting, articles related to antennas for shortwave radio broadcasting.
  • Antenex, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of mobile, portable, and fixed station antennas for a variety of applications.
  • Antenna Associates Design and manufacture of antenna systems for aeronautic, military, satellite and radar.
  • Antenna Factor Standard and custom antenna and connector products to support a wide variety of OEM applications.
  • Antenna Factory Inc. Manufacturer of antennas, coaxial cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable and waveguide for HF to millimeter microwave frequency ranges.
  • Antenna Plus Manufacturer of low profile antennas for varied radio and cellular markets.
  • Antenna Products Corp. Design and manufactures a range of antennas and antenna systems. Includes electrical, mechanical and environmental product specifications.
  • Antenna Research Associates Develops and manufactures calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing.
  • Antenna Systems & Supplies, Inc. An international distribution firm specializing in HF, VHF, UHF, WiFi and Microwave systems, antennas, grounding equipment, shelters and towers.
  • AntennaAuthorityInc Offers an assortment of directional, wideband antennas used for radio location and covert operations. Also offers training and installation options.
  • Antennacraft Manufacturers of TV antennas, amplifiers, and related electronic accessories.
  • Antennas America, Inc. Manufactures antennas for wireless applications including satellite, off-air, network, and GPS antennas. Offers information about the company, products, and technical data.
  • Antennas Direct Manufacturer of digital and HDTV antenna systems. USA.
  • Antennas Directive Systems Manufacturer of VHF, UHF and microwave antennas and related accessories from 50MHz to 10 GHz.
  • Antennas for Communications Manufactures satellite dish and conical horn antennas, radomes and radome products, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components, ultra low loss waveguide transmission line TallGuide, and shelters.
  • Antenova Ltd. Design and manufacture solid-state directional and steerable antenna. Features application data, faqs, photograph library, employment opportunities, and company news.
  • Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc. Provides innovative custom and standard antenna solutions for wireless communications.
  • Autotena Company Taiwanese manufacturer and exporter of mobile and base station antennas and related accessories.
  • Baird Satellite Supporting Systems Manufacturer of antenna mounts for the commercial satellite industry.
  • Beijing Keyuan Satellite Communication S & T Co., Ltd Produce VSAT antenna and microwave fittings used for satellite communication.
  • C2SAT Manufactures stabilised antenna systems for marine satellite communication.
  • Cana SatCom Inc. Manufacturer and OEM supplier for various Rx-Tx, VSAT and TVRO satellite antenna systems in C, K, Ku, Ka, L and S band.
  • Centerfire Antenna Mfg. Base and Mobile antennas for 2 way communication. GMRS, MURS, Amateur, Public Service. Made in the USA.
  • CGC Technology Ltd Manufactures tracking antennas and provides installation services.
  • Channel Master Manufacturer of satellite antennas, mounts, hardware, satellite and terrestrial RF microwave electronics.
  • Chinmore Industry Co., Ltd Cellular phone antenna adaptors, car antennas , cables and connectors.
  • Communication Electronic Designs, manufactures and markets products and systems for wireless and mobile wireless applications.
  • Comprod Communications Designs and markets base and mobile antennas from 27 MHz to 2.5 GHz, filter systems, duplexers, Tx/Rx multicouplers, transmitter combiners, receiver multicouplers, isolators and related components.
  • CSA Wireless Base station antennas for all major mobile radio bands. Product listings with downloadable pattern data and brochures.
  • CSS Antenna, Inc Design and manufacture cellular and PCS antennas for the wireless industry. Includes product features, specifications and technical notes .
  • DMT USA Manufacturer of products for the broadcast and telecomm industry as well as related equipment for automation and science.
  • DPD Productions Manufacturer of custom railroad, scanner and ham antennas. Provides frequency enfo for radio hobbyist. USA.
  • DXBeam Amateur radio antennas, rotary dipoles and yagis, monoband and multiband beams with trapless interlaced elements.
  • Embedded Antenna Design Offers design and manufacturing of multiband solutions for telematics, telemetry, monitoring and tracking applications.
  • Essco Specialize in antenna products and radomes for various applications.
  • Ethertronics High performance embedded antenna solutions for mobile and handheld devices.
  • European Antennas Manufacturers of a wide range of different types of antenna from 100MHz to 18GHz
  • Firestik Antennas Manufactures and distributes mobile antennas and related equipment for amateur radio, scanner antennas, Citizen Band and commercial use.
  • Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. Custom designs and manufactures compact and powerful antennas for commercial and military applications. Provides Testing, assessment and consulting services.
  • Fractus Designs and manufactures high efficiency systems for wireless GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, 802.11, RFID, UWB systems. [Site may not work in all browsers]
  • GCOM Manufacturer patch technology antennas for the mobile communications market.
  • GlonassCentral Manufacturer of glonass antennas, GPS modules and GPS/Glonass combo receiver modules and antennas.
  • GPS Networking, Inc. Supplying GPS antenna splitters, amplifiers, re-radiating kits, filters, combiners and GPS signal distribution systems.
  • Greaterland Manufacturer of mobile and base station antennas for commercial and amateur applications from 3MHz to 2GHz, up to 5000 watts power handling.
  • Haitian Antenna Manufacturer of base station antennas for wireless communication systems.
  • Hi-Q Antennas Designer and manufacturer of high-Q, high radiation efficiency antennas using mil-spec materials for the amateur radio market.
  • High Sierra Antennas Antennas, mounts, whips, and accessories.
  • HowTsen International Metal Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of a variety of VHF/UHF, WLAN, DVB-T products and related items.
  • IK-Telecom, Design, engineering and manufacture antennas and RF site equipment products
  • IMP Enterprises, Inc. Wireless antenna and power equipment supplier.
  • InPath Wireless LAN antennas for 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz.
  • International Antenna Corporation Manufacturer of HF amateur radio and M.A.R.S. antennas designed to withstand disasters and hurricane winds.
  • Inysa Manufacturer and distributor of communications equipment including antennas, filters, quartz crystals, telecontrol and telemetry duplexers, encoders and decoders, oscillators, and scramblers.
  • Isopole Antenna Manufactures amateur and commercial VHF/UHF antennas. Includes test photos and price list.
  • Itelite Supplies wireless network antennas in a variety of configurations.
  • Kadevi Engineering Company (P) Ltd Manufacturer of antennas, communication equipment, and related supporting structures.
  • Kathrein Inc. Scala Division Supply antenna and filter products for broadcast and communication applications.
  • Kenbotong Communication Ltd Antenna manufacturer and exporter of directional and omni-directional antennas, handportable, car mobile, and cellular telephone antennas.
  • KMA Antennas Design and manufacture of log periodic and custom antennas primarily for amateur radio.
  • Laird Technologies Designs cellular, PCS, GPS, and mobile radio antennas and related products.
  • Lambda Antennas Manufacturer of communications products and harness splitters for commercial and amateur markets.
  • Larsen Manufacture portable, mobile and base station antenna serving the amateur, two-way, SMR, cellular, PCS, GPS and data markets.
  • Lea Antenne Production and sale of antennas for radiocommunications, radiotelephone, aeronautical frequency, CB and marine. Parts, accessories and coaxial cables. Based in Italy.
  • Linkosas Design and manufacture base station and mobile antenna.
  • LM Electronics Offers a complete line of custom and standard antenna products covering 26.0MHz to 6.0GHz.
  • Mars Antennas and RF Systems Ltd. Specializes in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of tailor-made antennas, RF systems and transmitters.
  • Maxrad, Inc. Designs and manufactures wireless communications antennas for broadband wireless access, in-building wireless voice and data coverage, wireless Internet, WLAN, land mobile radio applications.
  • Microstar Antennas Designs and builds radar and communications antennas for satellite and terrestrial applications.
  • Misek Antenna Research Publisher of The Beverage Antenna Handbook and provides beverage antenna components and information.
  • Moonraker Australia Manufacturer and supplier of marine, land and military communications antenna systems and related equipment.
  • MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. Delivers fixed wireless communication solutions and flat panel antennas from 0.4 to 40 GHz.
  • mWAVE Industries, LLC Designs, manufactures and tests microwave antennas and related components as well as providing custom design antennas to meet specific customer specifications.
  • Myers Engineering International, Inc. Engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in the design and development of custom antennas and RF electronics from 100 kHz to 26 GHz.
  • Nanhai Zongyuan Industrial Manufacturer of television antennas and accessories. [Site requires Flash plugin.]
  • New Power Electric Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of VHF/UHF, amateur radio, NPE and TV antennas.
  • Nott Ltd. Manufacturers of folded unipole broadcast band systems, structure detuning for cellular and other services, charge dissipation products for lightning protection and tower and VHF/UHF product distributor.
  • Panorama Antennas Ltd. Antenna technology for wireless applications in the telecommunications and electronics industries.
  • Pharad Designs and manufactures a full array of conformal antenna products for communication, military, and aviation applications.
  • Phoenix Antenna Systems Supplier of specialized, low volume antenna products and provides customized designs for specialized applications where standard products are not available.
  • Power Antenna Manufacturing Inc. Wireless communication, antenna designs and manufacturing, as well as installation and support.
  • Powerwave Technologies Inc. Designs, manufactures and markets antenna systems and related repeater and related equipment.
  • Pro-cell Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of a variety of antenna types and frequency ranges. Located in Taiwan, Republic of China.
  • PSI Designer and manufacturer of broadcast FM and television antennas.
  • Pulse Net Designs and distributes the AGL line of amateur radio antennas as well as other amateur radio related equipment and services.
  • Q-par Angus Ltd. Designs and manufactures microwave antennas, positioners, solutions for industry, waveguide components, filters and turnkey systems.
  • R.A.Miller Industries Inc. Manufacture multiband antennas for the automotive, aviation and military markets .
  • RADIAL Russian manufacturer of base station antennas and related equipment.
  • Radio Frequency Systems Design and manufacture antenna and cable systems for the wireless markets.
  • Raibeam Manufacturer of high performance critically coupled beam antennas. Product information and specifications, links.
  • Rantec MDM, Inc. Designers and manufacturers of antennas for communication, military, video and data transmission applications.
  • Renair Antennae Ltd Manufacturers VHF, UHF, GPS, base station antennas, coaxial connectors and cable. Available configurations include yagis,dipoles and colinear arrays with an in house design capability.
  • RF Industries Manufacturer and distributor of antennas and related wireless infrastructure products.
  • RF iNet, Inc. Supplier of high performance antenna products for wireless handsets, data devices, networks, and mobile terminal antennas to the global market.
  • RR Electronic Producer of satellite television antennas for use at sea as well as multifunctional active antennas.
  • RYMSA Multi-access and cellular base station antennas, broadcasting, space and military antennas. [Site uses Flash plugin][Site may not work in all browsers]
  • San Jose Navigation, Inc. Manufacturer of GPS receivers, antennas, car navigation and AVL products.
  • Scout Telecomunicazioni Manufactures VHF, UHF, CB antennas for marine, mobile, base, remote radio monitoring and control system.
  • SeaTel Inc. Marine stabilized satellite antennas for DBS and VSAT applications at sea.
  • Secugis Manufacturer of RF module, GPS antenna, AVL, satellite navigation.
  • Sensor Systems Aircraft Antennas Designs, manufactures and distributes airborne communication and navigation antennas for commercial and military applications, including GPS and satellite communications.
  • Shakespeare Composites & Electronics Fiberglass engineering, design and manufacturing of VHF, cellular, AM/FM, SSB, and marine antennas. Specifications and catalogs.
  • Shenzhen Asuck Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufactures nearby frequencies front-end systems, satellite equipment.
  • Shreyas Communication and Services Manufacturer of antennas and accessories for DECT based WLL network. [Site may not work properly in all browsers]
  • Siepel Manufacturing and installation shielded rooms, anechoic chambers.
  • Signal Antenna Systems, Inc. Custom antenna design and development company based on application needs and specifications.
  • Simple Solutions Run by Colin Halligan, based in Kendal, Cumbria. Supply a range of GSM, GPS and 802.11 antenna.
  • Sinclair Technologies Inc., Manufacture mobile and fixed antennas, duplexers, multicouplers, transmitter combiners, cavity filters, and specialized communications shelters.
  • Sirio Antennas Manufacturer of base station, mobile, and marine antennas for CB, ham, and cellular. Product specifications. Based in Italy.
  • Skymasts Antennas Manufacturer and installer of base station antennas and related equipment.
  • SmartAnt Telecomm Co., Ltd Design and manufactures antennas for the wireless industry.
  • Space Star Antenna Specializes in research and development, production of earth station antenna, antenna controls, SNG antenna and microwave components.
  • Stella Doradus Manufacturer of sectoral, omnidirectional, for 2400-2483MHz ISM, 2.5-2.7GHz MMDS, 3.4-3.7GHz WLL.
  • STI-CO Industries Inc. Manufacture disguised mobile antenna systems. Product catalog, technical centre and FAQs .
  • Sunwoo Antenna Co,.Ltd Manufacture antenna, positioner and RF components for a range of applications. Product photographs and technical data .
  • SuperPass Company, Inc. Sector panel, horizontal polarization, omni directional, directional panel and vertical polarization sectoral antennas for 2.4, 3.5, 5.8 GHz and wireless 802.11 LAN.
  • Swedcom Manufactures high performance antennas for cellular, PCS and ISM/Broadband.
  • Taoglas Antenna provider of finished and custom external and embedded antenna solutions for ISM, cellular, 3G, 4G and GPS.
  • TCS Inc. Manufacture antenna controllers, reflectors and pedestals.
  • Telecom Product Profiles A manufacturers' representative company specializing in solutions for business or home reception of data, video or voice.
  • Tennadyne Corporation Specializing in the design and manufacture of the broadband log periodic dipole array antennas.
  • TenXc Wireless Specializes in cellular network systems using "smart antennas".
  • TIC Gen Direct Manufacturer of antenna positioning equipment. Product information and customer gallery.
  • TIL-TEK Antennas Inc. Manufacture base station and remote antennas in frequencies from 800 MHz to 5.8 GHz, with selected products from 300 MHz to 28 Ghz. Applications include cellular, GSM, PCS, DECT, WLL/WLAN and rural point-to-multipoint systems .
  • Time Domain Corporation Developer of ultra-wideband technologies for communications, radar, and navigation and positioning.
  • Times Antenna Manufacturer and distributor of a VHF and UHF antenna systems. Based in China.
  • Titanex Manufactures antennas for amateur radio, commercial, military and technical-scientific purposes.
  • TMC Design Corporation Engineering firm that designs and manufactures antennas, arrays and related products for both commercial and military applications. Provides product support services.
  • Tritium Ltd. Manufacturer of compact WLAN accessories and community broadband sharing schemes.
  • Trival Antene Development and production of professional antennas, antenna masts and accessories for military, marine, radioamateur, PMR, ISM and other wireless applications.
  • Twin Antenna Manufacturer Develops and produces various types of antennas for use in communications, television broadcasting, satellite communication and other fields as well as custom design work.
  • U B Corp Designs and manufactures military and commercial microwave antennas for aerospace applications.
  • U.S. Communications Manufacturer of stealth antennas for law enforcement.
  • Uni Link Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of DVBT, digital, VHF/UHF, wireless lan, outdoor wireless, and magnetic/on-glass vehicle units.
  • United States Antenna Products, LLC. Manufactures and installs HF/VHF/UHF, RLPA, receive loop, and wire array ground based antenna systems. Also rotators, controllers and towers. Worldwide installation and repair services.
  • US Communications Planar invisible antennas for front and rear bumper or license plate.
  • Visiosat Manufacturer of DTH and SMATV equipment for satellite reception : fiber and metal dishes and antennas, digital set-top boxes, digital receivers.
  • Wallen Antennae Manufacturers and designers of radio antenna systems and GSM arials.
  • Wanlito TV antennas and other like regulators,doorbells,digital satellites,receivers,energy-saving lamps and power transformers.
  • Waveguide Solutions TWS manufacture an unrivalled range of precision microwave waveguide systems and components for the military radar, medical and aerospace industries.
  • WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH Provides all kinds of antennas and accessories (standard lines and custom design), RF connectors, radio transceivers and accessories like power supplies, morse keys, lowpass filters.
  • Wlan antenna group 2.4 ghz antennas, ism band antennas, and wireless internet antennas.
  • XA Associates Antennas, voice compression, echo cancellers, multiplexers, channel banks, optical transmission, digital cross connect and T1 E1 converters
  • Yaxin Electronics Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. CDMA(800MHz), GSM900, GSM1800 base station antenna used in the field of mobile communications.
  • Yi Chang Hsiang Industrial Co. Manufacturing and developing cellular phone antenna.
  • Ying Hao Metal Industrial Antennas for portable/mobile telephone and data systems.
  • ZCG Scalar Designs and manufactures broadcast, base station, mobile, telephone, marine, portable and data link antennas. Also provides custom and field services and related accessories.
  • ZDA Communications US LLC Design and manufacture of RF antennas for 100MHz and above.

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