Call center providers are businesses that handle routine communications by telephone, email, fax, or other electronic means, between an organization and outside parties. The communications typically involve such things as product information, technical support, live messaging, ordering, and telemarketing.

Other languages: Japanese.

  • 1st Response Offer telephone answering services and voice mail services.
  • 24/7 Third-party contact center and customer lifecycle management services provider.
  • 24/7 Customer Third-party contact center and customer lifecycle management services provider headquartered in Bangalore, India.
  • 24-7 In Touch Offer inbound services, order taking, after-hours support, email response, live chat, and other related services.
  • 411Saver Provides directory assistance services for businesses.
  • 5 Star Telemarketing Offers appointment setting, order fulfillment, answering services, and lead generation.
  • A Superior Call Center Georgia based company providing operator services.
  • ABS Communications, Inc. Offer live operator answering services as well as voicemail, message notification, and order-taking.
  • ACE Answering Service Provide telephone answering services.
  • Acena Group Offer inbound services including answering services, appointment scheduling, customer acquisition, and order taking.
  • Action Answering Service Provide telephone answering services for the business, medical, educational, and government communities.
  • All West Inbound Services Call center specializing in order taking, customer service and technical support.
  • Alliance Communications Call center and answering service providing various business communications services.
  • Alorica, Inc. Providing call center solutions.
  • Alpine Access Home based virtual call center providing a variety of services.
  • AmeriCall Provides outsourced answering services and call center management solutions.
  • American Helpdesk Inbound call center and help desk offering customer service and technical support. Includes references and detailed services list.
  • American Mediconnect, Inc. Specialized services for the medical industry. Includes service details and a resources and tips page.
  • AmeriTel Offers 800 order entry, product recall message center, customer service hotlines, and data management.
  • AnsaRing Professional telephone answering service featuring inbound telemarketing.
  • Anserve Telephone answering services for businesses.
  • Anserve America Provides live telephone answering, order taking, paging, and voice mail services in Spanish and English.
  • Answer 1 Communications Provide remote receptionist services, inbound order taking, and telephone answering services.
  • Answer All Call center specializing in the service industry.
  • Answer All Communications Providing customized answering and voice mail services, virtual offices and other telecommunication services.
  • Answer Best RSVP Offers guest response RSVP services, call answering, messaging, and routing services.
  • Answer Excellence Answering service providing order entry, reservations, appointment scheduling, remote receptionist, technical support and messaging services in Clearwater, Florida.
  • Answer Network, Inc. Inbound call center serving continental United States. Located in Illinois.
  • Answer Quick Inbound call center and customer service center. Offer services such as answering service, voice mail, order taking, appointment scheduling, and fund raising.
  • Answer System Inc. Services include order entry, inbound telemarketing, web support, web chat and voicemail.
  • Answer1st Offering services including messaging, order taking and appointment scheduling. Off site receptionist and bilingual operators.
  • AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. Offers live operator services including order entry, scheduling, customer care, messaging, and telephone answering.
  • Answering Service Finder Directory of answering services across the United States based on the services they provide.
  • Answering Service Phone Messaging Provide telephone answering services.
  • Answering Service Professionals Offer services including order processing, answering services, inbound and outbound telemarketing, survey response, and customer service.
  • Answering Solutions for Funeral Service Answering service that provides customer service for the funeral industry.
  • Provide answering services for companies of all sizes.
  • AnswerNet Inbound and outbound call center service providing answering services, order processing, telemarketing, and appointment setting services.
  • Antietam Call Center Maryland based company serving the telecommunications needs of the business community.
  • Apex America Argentinean company providing customer care help desk services.
  • Aumenta Offering inbound voice, online chat, and e-mail response management for SME organizations.
  • AutoOffice A Kilkenny based Irish services providing telephone answering and e-commerce solutions for small to medium size enterprises.
  • Berkshire Communicators, Inc. Offer telephone answering, voice mail,paging and other related services.
  • BPO Matrix Provide remote support services including customer care and technical support, outbound collections, and telemarketing.
  • Business Beanstalk Services include inbound customer support and order taking, as well as outbound appointment setting, telemarketing and telesales.
  • Call Center and Answering Service Solutions, Inc. San Francisco based firm offering phone answering services and call center representation.
  • Call Center Bulgaria Offers inbound and outbound services along with complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.
  • Call Center Plus Provide customer service, ordering, messaging, and other related services.
  • Call Centers Romania Directory of call service providers in Romania.
  • Cathedral Answering Service Pennsylvania firm offering answering and messaging services.
  • CCN Holdings South African company providing technical support and customer service.
  • Center Partners Provides call center outsourcing services for technical support, customer service, outbound campaigns, order entry/fulfillment, conference registration, and help desk services for the high-tech, communications, financial services, telecommunications, and wireless industries.
  • Centratel Services include telephone answering, messaging, and after hour phone service.
  • Channel Strategy UK based firm providing customer communications services including appointment setting, lead genereration, B2B, and consumer marketing.
  • Charlton Offer telemarketing and customer contact services to clients in the cable television, financial services, and internet industries.
  • Chesapeake TeleServices, Inc. Specializes in order taking, reservations, and other call center services. Includes online reporting and web enabled call center.
  • CityPark Technologies Glasgow firm offering outsourced contact center solutions.
  • Cleave Global Provide services including customer care, client acquisition, telesales support, and debt recovery services.
  • ClienTEL Plus Call center offering telemarkeing and web integration services.
  • Communications Group Based in Syracuse, provides call services including telephone answering and messaging.
  • Compu-Tel Provides live answering services, order taking, voice mail and paging, overload handling, and related message delivery services.
  • Confero Limited Mid-size outsourced call and contact center based in the UK, providing inbound and outbound voice, email, and web-based customer service solutions.
  • Contact One Call Center Provides inbound answering service and call center services in Denver, Colorado.
  • Continental Message Solution, Inc. Provides services including live answering, voice mail, paging, order entry, customer service and telemarketing.
  • CSD Contact Centers Offer answering and customer support related services.
  • Customer Contact Services Inbound call center, specializing in customized telephone answering service, inbound telemarketing and order taking.
  • Customer Direct Phone and web order taking and answering services, product fulfillment, and merchant accounts.
  • CustomerLink Offer inbound and outbound services, energy sales, customer service, collection services, and lead generation.
  • Cybergenic Associates Provides inbound and outbound customer and sales support services for small and medium sized businesses in the US.
  • Cygnet Call Centre Offers global 24 hour telephone answering, network monitoring, first line technical support and lone worker monitoring.
  • Data Exchange, Inc. Specializes in third-party verification. Includes regulatory laws.
  • DelhiCall Provides complete call centre solutions. Contains company profile and services offered.
  • Dexcomm Provide telephone answering services for funeral homes and doctors, live chat with online order taking, and web design or hosting.
  • Dialogue Group Offers call center services in the U.S., the UK, and South Africa.
  • Direct Connections International A business to business outbound call center with information on appointment setting and lead generation.
  • Direct Line Teleresponse Provide services including: order taking, customer service, and technical support. Located in Berkeley, CA.
  • Direct Response Offer customer services through voice, data and call center services.
  • E-Communications Advantage, Inc. Offer inbound call support services and lead generation.
  • EFLS Communications Provides voice mail and phone answering services. Includes testimonials.
  • EMS, Inc. Outsourced Phone Support Offer services including outsourced teleservices, e-mail, and live chat.
  • ePacific Global Philippine based telemarketing specialists offering inbound and outbound services, offshore outsourcing, call center management and customer support.
  • Epro Telecom Offer call center solutions from call flow design to script write-up, service provision, database leasing, customized call reports, delivery scheduling, and payment handling.
  • Essential Messaging Houston-based call center for business customer relationship management.
  • EuroAnswer Offer call center, contact center, and help desk services.
  • Excel Answering Service Offer bilingual (Spanish/English) answering services.
  • Extend Communications Offer inbound services, providing order taking and direct marketing response services in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Fern Gale Ltd. Phone answering services, call forwarding, and message delivery for businesses and individuals.
  • Fil-Can Communications Provides off-site call center services, telemarketing assistance and virtual secretarial support.
  • Focus Telecommunications Provides order taking, credit card authorization, inbound and outbound telemarketing, voice mail and other call center services.
  • Frontline Offer telephone answering services for both UK and international firms.
  • GC Services Provide inbound and outbound call center services.
  • Global Response 3rd party outsourcing Catalog sales, Customer service and fulfillment.
  • Global Sky Inbound center based in the Philippines.
  • Goodman Communications West Services include inbound and outbound telemarketing, fundraising, appointment scheduling, and emergency dispatch.
  • Graven, Austin, & Drake Colorado firm offering call, telemarketing, and database management services.
  • HelloCorp Provide customer service, transaction processing, and call center services for small, medium and enterprise businesses.
  • HMC Group Offers call center services including: messaging, order entry, appointments, and dispatch.
  • Hudson Software Corporation Technical support outsourcing and services for educational software publishers and book publishers.
  • Hybricom Offer customer support services for web hosting companies.
  • In-Shore Technologies Focus on help desk, inbound calls, and order processing.
  • InfinitySupport Offer phone/voice, email, helpdesk and live chat services for web hosting companies.
  • Infotronics Provider of data profiling, sales lead generation, appointment setting and market research services.
  • Integrated Messaging Inc. Call center providing order taking, credit card processing, 24/7/365. Telephone answering and alphanumeric paging.
  • Features information about onsite/offshore outsourcing services, corporate news, case studies related articles.
  • J.Lodge Provides customer service, and marketing call centers.
  • JeWWave Thailand based firm offering answering and telecommunications services.
  • L&S TeleServices Inbound, outbound and market research telemarketing services.
  • Lester, Inc. Provides BPO services from call centers in the US and India. Based in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Lexitel Communications Offers live answering services and order entry.
  • LiveAssistance Provides a one-on-one text chat,sales support, lead generation, and site navigation for real estate agents.
  • LiveOps Provides call center solutions through a web-enabled inbound teleservices network.
  • LogicTree Provider of speech-enabled business automation and call center solutions.
  • MAP Communications Offers services in medical, property management, and government inbound answering, order taking, notification, dispatch, and surveys.
  • Masco Services Inc. Provides centralized answering and paging dispatch. Message center and telephone answering services.
  • Maximum Call Center Provides telephone services including: order entry, dispatch, answering services, and messaging Services.
  • Momentum Offshore UK based project management and call center services.
  • MSL TeleServices Services include lead generation, customer acquisition, order processing and data cleansing.
  • Provides inbound call center services such as order entry, appointment setting, and business phone answering services.
  • New Image Technology An organization that specializes in call center, customer care and fulfillment solutions.
  • New Prospect Provide inbound call handling including call answering, routing, and voice response solutions.
  • NOC Support Offer office assistant telephone answering services.
  • Office-Link Provide inbound and outbound telephone services along with call center software.
  • Omni Call Center Complete order taking and fulfillment outsourcing based in Kansas.
  • OnRamp Telemessaging services for physicians and medical businesses in the mid-western United States.
  • Pacific ConneXion Philippines based company providing customer service and technical support.
  • Pakistan Call Centers Outsourced provider of call center services for small and medium size companies.
  • PATLive Offer answering, computerized voice, and fax services for advertising responses, network marketing, corporate, and prospect communication.
  • PCMSI Inc. Offer telephone answering services, unified messaging, and order entry services.
  • Performance Telemarketing Offer outbound and inbound services, as well as customer service and help desk solutions.
  • Phone Ware Inc Offer services for outbound and inbound calling, email, sales, and customer care interaction.
  • Phonepower, Inc Telephone answering service, order-taking, voice mail, and related services.
  • Pike Communications Implemented inbound telemarketing plans for national and international clients.
  • PNI Philippines based call center and customer contact solutions provider.
  • PPI Communications Offer medical answering services and customized voice mail.
  • Professional Communications Network Offers a variety of communications services including answering services and internet orders.
  • Pulse Business Solutions Services the call center needs for clients in New Zealand.
  • Re: Messaging Solutions Offer telephone call answering services, order taking, and other related services.
  • Relay Communications Offering order taking services for inbound telemarketing, call center services, answering services, call centers, credit card verifying, digital pager services, help desk services, and credit card processing
  • SD Marketing, Inc. Provides inbound and outbound call center solutions, cable telemarketing, web chat, online marketing, event staffing, direct mail and design services.
  • Sequoia Technical Call handling, technical and operational support services.
  • ServiCom, LLC Offers inbound customer care, outbound marketing programs, and sales support.
  • Seymour Hunter UK based company providing call center services.
  • Softpak, Inc. Call center for incoming calls and various back-office services.
  • Spectrum Communications Answering services including: order taking, customer service support, dispatch, and virtual office.
  • Sterling Services Providing mission-driven customer care and outsourcing services for customer contact needs.
  • Styx Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Inbound and outbound call centers and outsourced services.
  • Synergy Solutions Provides call center services in the US.
  • Talk2rep, Inc. Provides inbound and outbound call center services and contact management.
  • TAS Communication Services Provides telephone answering and messaging services in the Atlanta, Georgia and Greensboro, North Carolina areas. Includes product/service listing.
  • Taw Valley Telecoms UK based outsourced call centre services provider offering inbound and outbound solutions.
  • Team Premier Inbound call center offering answering services,order taking, customer services, help desk and alpha pager dispatch.
  • Tel*Assist Provides 24/7 phone answering services, web-enabled customer service, dispatch and helpdesk services.
  • Tel-Us Call Center Provides order taking, traditional answering, voice mail, and lead generation.
  • Tele-Direct Offers a variety of inbound and outbound solutions.
  • Tele-Serve Call center, answering services, and telecommunications.
  • TelePartners Contact Centre Contact marketing solutions and customer service provider based out of Toronto.
  • TeleRep Offer call services including help desk, up selling, customer service, scheduling, and other related services.
  • TeleService Kronach In- and Outbound Call-Center, Database Marketing, Lettershop, EDV-Outsourcing
  • Teleshark Offer telemarketing services that include outbound/inbound, incoming call center solutions, sales lead generation, and appointment setting.
  • TeleSpectrum Communications, Inc. Offers 24 hour telephone answering and order entry services.
  • Telmatik Offer services including inbound call processing.
  • The Message Pad Offer contact center solutions including answering services, media response, and business continuity provision.
  • Tier 3 Support Services include technical and customer support.
  • TigerTel Provides global excellence and technical innovation through interactive communication solutions, inbound and outbound call service centers, phone answering services and CRM.
  • Time Communications Provide order taking, answering, and other related services.
  • TMone Provides call center services, lead lists, and VoIP marketing.
  • Torcom Call Center Catalog and literature response, reservation scheduling and web-enabled agents.
  • Total Recall Message Center Answering service with live operators, offering order taking and fulfillment services.
  • TREC Global Provides a variety of inbound and outbound call center services, along with BPO services. Based in the Philippines.
  • V. O. Secretary Corp. Provide answering services, order taking, and telemarketing services.
  • Ventana Call Centers Handles voice, fax, voice mail, web chat, and VOIP services. Bilingual with call centers in the U.S., New Zealand, and Mexico.
  • Ventura UK provider of customer management outsourcing services.
  • Virtual Agent Provides call center outsourcing and e-commerce customer care.
  • Voyager Call Center Provides answering and inbound call services nationwide.
  • Working Solutions Offer services including telemarketing, remote agents, CRM solutions, and customer/technical support.
  • Worldbridge International Provides offshore call center and back office business processing services to corporations.
  • Yantram Offer a variety of inbound and outbound services including customer support and lead generation.

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