• A S Insulators Manufacturer and exporter of porcelain insulators, pressure gauge and relief valves.
  • A.J. Weller Corporation Develop and supply industrial ceramics and wear resistant steel designed to prolong and extend life of heavy equipment. Includes product catalog and technical data .
  • ALDERO Industrial Supplies srl Italian manufacturer and distributor of equipment and supplies for the ceramics industry, including firing kilns, mixing, casting, and leaking machines, membrane pumps, chemicals and insulating products.
  • Almath Crucibles Ltd. Manufacturers of high purity alumina and zirconia crucibles, boats and trays.
  • American Beryllia Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of standard, custom made and metalized Beryllium Oxide products.
  • Ariston Ceramic Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares.
  • Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem Offers handpainted and decorative ceramic tiles, murals, nameplates, mugs, and pottery.
  • Boomasia Textile, wire machinery parts, and aerospace.
  • Cera-India Ceramic products, sanitaryware, wash basin, water closet, bidet and vitreous china product.
  • Ceradyne Inc. Manufacturer of non-oxide ceramic components for severe environments. Applications include industrial wear, automotive and diesel engine, ballistic armor, semiconductor processing equipment, microwave absorbing components and orthodontic brackets.
  • Ceramate A division of Lomart Ltd. that offers ceramic component design, manufacture and supply.
  • Ceramco SpA Manufacturers of binders and additives for the ceramics industry. Technical information on PDF files. English and Italian.
  • Ceramic Bodies Vicar Manufacturer and supplier of prepared bodies for technical and traditional ceramic such as maiolica, tableware, stoneware, electrical porcelain, refractories, and cordierite.
  • Ceramic Core Systems Offers enhance composite technology with a soluble ceramic core system which has few if any restrictions to shape or dimension.
  • Ceranet China China ceramics supplier of mugs, cups, dinnerware, teapot, coffee set and pet bowls.
  • CEVP Ltd. UK vacuum applications supplier of ceramic materials, substrates and finished components used in vacuum deposition systems.
  • China Glaze Co. Ltd Manufacturers of ceramic material for tile production and ceramic glazes.
  • DAI Ceramics Manufactures preformed, extruded and threaded ceramic cores made to customer specifications.
  • Dyson Thermal Technologies Manufacturers of complex shaped, high-fired refractory products using Alumino Silicate, Zircon and Zirconia Mullite materials
  • East Coast Sales Company Distribution of ceramic products, primary product line is high purity, high temperature technical ceramics .
  • Elektroporcelan Louny A.S From the Czech Republic, a supplier a of ceramic insulators for LV, HV and UHV systems and other products.
  • Enterprise Personnel Offers client service in ceramic and related industries by bringing together the finest candidates and career opportunities.
  • FiberFree E-commerce site offering high temperature FiberFree refractory material for use up to 1950°C.
  • GBC Materials Manufacturer of advanced ceramic components and glass preforms.
  • HB Technical Ceramic Manufactures industrial ceramic parts and fibers in China.
  • Heany Industries Inc. Manufactures alumina and zirconia ceramics for wear resistant applications and provides thermal spray coatings for wear, corrosion and thermal barrier applications.
  • HP Technical Ceramics Offers interesting figures about technical ceramic materials.
  • ICS. Iranian Ceramic Society Non-profit organization for engineers, scientists, researchers, manufacturers, educators, students, and marketing and sales professionals in the Iranian ceramics industry, aiming to develop and promote ceramic science and technology. English and Iranian.
  • Industrie Bitossi SpA Produces alumina ceramics and grinding media, wear resistant linings, ballistic ceramic and micronised zirconium silicates for the ceramic industry.
  • James Kent Group Produces materials for the ceramic industry including frits, glazes, extrusion glasses, black refactories, electrical resistor and heating element ceramics.
  • KaiFeng Special Refractory Material Group Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd Manufactures unshaped refractory and raw materials, including alumina cement, and corundom.
  • Kedali Ceramic Factory Manufactures nativity sets and Christmas ceramics.
  • Keratec Advanced Materials Manufacturer of custom structural ceramic components alumina, zirconia, zircon, mullite and cordierite.
  • Keser Diva Design Manufacturers of special materials for the ceramic industries, body strengtheners, polyurethane metal adhesive, polyurethane two components resin for fast joining of ceramic pieces and non-mill saverollers engobes.
  • Kings Introducing all kinds of grinding and dispersing media and specialty chemicals.
  • Maret SA Producer of small precision parts in ultra hard materials such as advanced ceramics, alumina , zirconia and ruby and sapphire. Balls and seats, pistons, cartridges, rotors and stators for rotary valves and print heads.
  • Maryland Lava Company Manufacturer of custom ceramics for electrical, electronic, welding and technical uses. The pyrophyllite material is machined and fired to customer specification.
  • Morgan Technical Ceramics Provides engineered solutions using ceramics, carbon and other related advanced materials. Company profile, and product and contact details.
  • New Zealand China Clays Limited China clay from New Zealand that produces a high quality porcelain and bone china with strength and translucency. Includes technical information sheets.
  • Nova Crystals Ltd. Producer of custom glassware and ceramics. Able to produce complex shapes in fused quartz, alumina, and alumina-zirconia.
  • P-Ker Engineering Developer and manufacturer of specialty ceramics and metal-ceramic assemblies. Based in Waterport, New York.
  • Pacific Ceramics Manufacturer of advanced microwave ceramic materials. Products include rare earth iron garnets, calcium vanadium garnets, lithium and magnesium ferrites, and titanate dielectrics.
  • Paratech, Inc. Manufacturers of precision steatite insulators for the thermostat, heater and appliance industry. Ceramic filter media for aquariums as well as buttons, washers, resistor blocks and fuse bases, among other products.
  • Photo USA Manufacture of ceramic coffee photo mugs, plates and tiles for dye-sublimation and dye-sub printing.
  • Piezo Kinetics Manufacturer of small and specialty piezoelectric ceramic elements and assemblies for medical, ultrasonic, underwater and other commercial applications.
  • Plibrico Refractory manufacturer, contractor for refractories, boiler and furnace repairs in steel, aluminum, iron, petrochemical, sugar, wood, cement, food processing and power generation industries.
  • PowderPro Supplies equipment and know how for granulating and drying of ceramic and metal powders or chemicals. Plus freeze granulating with improved product properties.
  • Progressive Technology Inc. Produces prototype or production specialty ceramic products.
  • R & R Ceramics Manufacturer and vendor of top quality ceramic gifts, specializing in bisque.
  • Radiocer Ceramic power capacitors for your industrial and broadcast RF problems.
  • RAK Ceramics Offers over 4000 designs for export to over 120 countries. Products include ceramic tiles, gres porcellanato, sanitaryware, wall and floor tiles.
  • Rojan Advanced Ceramics Specialists in advanced materials such as ceramics.
  • SACMI The world leading company in the ceramic, beverage and packaging machinery industry.
  • Saint Gobain - Advanced Ceramics Produces Silicon Carbide products for industrial use. Includes list of products and applications.
  • Sanwa Components USA Supplier of ceramic components for electronics, fiber optic components, activated carbon for super capacitor, adhesive dispensing equipment and ultrasonic soldering equipment.
  • SCI Engineered Materials, Inc Manufactures ceramic powders, sputtering targets, laser ablation sources, evaporation materials, single crystal substrates, and engineered ceramics for research and commercial applications .
  • Sembach Manufactures ceramic materials with thermal, electrical, wear, and fracture resistance properties. Contains company profile, products, and production process.
  • Standard Ceramic Supply Company Manufactures clay and glazes for potters, schools and artists and supplies tools, glaze chemicals, ceramic materials and decorating supplies.
  • Superior Technical Ceramics Corp. Manufacturer of custom structural ceramic components, isopress, mechanical press, extrusion and injection molding forming methods, alumina, zirconia, lava and steatite.
  • T.C.I. Specialized in the production of the most technologically advanced equipment for sanitary ware, tiles and tableware production.
  • Target Materials Inc. Manufacturer of high performance thin film materials providing metals, alloys, and ceramics for sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and other PVD materials in any defined configuration.
  • Thermal Ceramics, Inc. Manufacturer of products used in high heat containment, friction and filtration applications in industry, commercial and transportation markets.
  • TPL Technologies A technology development and commercialization company specializing in dielectric ceramic powders, capacitors, polymers, sensors, energetics, specialty materials of sol-gel coatings, film and soft lithography.
  • Traimec Offers solutions for your kiln drive system.
  • Ultra Hard Materials USA Manufactures monolithic CeTZP ceramic components and parts which are more wear-resistant and could last longer than steel.
  • VZS//Seagoe Advanced Ceramics Ltd. Specialist in high grade technical ceramics products for a variety of industries that demand purity of materials and critical specifications. A member of the Beauford Group Plc .
  • W G Ball Ltd Manufacturers of ceramic colors, glazes, wood brand coloring oxides and artists pigments.
  • Wesgo Ceramics Supplier of custom ceramic components for semiconductor, laser tubes, night vision, medical, charge dissipation, chemical, electrical, mechanical and vacuum applications.
  • Yigang Precision Ceramic Co., Ltd Engaged in developing and manufacturing alumina ceramic products.
  • Zircar Zirconia, Inc Produces fibrous yttria-stabilized zirconia materials, including felt fabrics, cements, and rigid boards and cylinders. Technical documentation, product specifications, and descriptions of properties and charactaristics.

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