• 3Peaks Provide specialist support in supply chain management and Internet systems development
  • Aankhen Specializes in prevention of demand supply problems due to information latency.
  • About Logistics & Supply Chain Provides a taxonomy of links, supply chain articles and other resources for logistics and supply chain professionals.
  • ACT Data Services Outsourcing solutions for all facets of EDI, specializing in vendor compliance issues for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Creators of EC-EZNET, an internet-based supply chain management solution.
  • Activelog Provides supply chain management web based solutions and services.
  • Adexa Supply chain management software solution that delivers returns on your existing manufacturing assets.
  • Apex Systems Integrators Consulting and integration services for supply chain technologies.
  • Arena Solutions Provides product lifecycle management that unifies organizations and their supply chains around a centralized bill of materials.
  • Article: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Describes Warehouse Management Systems(WMS) and its uses.
  • Ascade Independent software and consulting company developing solutions and providing integration services within the carrier supply chain.
  • Ascet Provides case studies, white papers, and information on the varieties of supply chain logistics.
  • Atrio Systems Provides supply chain technology solutions.
  • Ayers Consulting Experts in supply chain management strategy and operations plus healthcare management.
  • Baxter Planning Systems, Inc. Software development and consulting company that specializes in logistics planning systems. Core competency is in developing solutions for service side inventory. Web-based supply chain planning product, ProphetOnline.
  • Bellwether PMX is a modular supply chain management and procurement software system.
  • Bolnar International Assists western companies in procuring Asian components, materials and finished products.
  • Burman Associates Consultancy Source of logistics, supply chain development and knowledge management. Provides benchmarking, responsiveness and customer focus.
  • CargoSmart Innovative logistic systems solution for real-time global shipment information.
  • Cerqa Cerqa links supplier and customer demand as closely as possible in order to reduce costs and minimize business risk.
  • Chainalytics LLC Chainalytics specializes in consulting services which require deep quantitative analysis such as transportation planning, and inventory planning.
  • Chicago Consulting Supply chain consultants for inventory management, warehouse networks, order processing, customer service.
  • Con-Way Inc. Provider of global supply chain solutions for manufacturing, industrial, retail, and government.
  • Coplenish Consulting Group Consultants that specialize in inventory reduction and lead times through supply chain, technology, and business process change expertise.
  • CoreWMS A web-based warehouse management system, built using Java technologies including EJB, Servlets, and XML/XSL.
  • Decision Analysis Partners Offers supply chain and transportation operations consulting.
  • Decision Spectrum Services Consulting and decision support organization delivering global solutions that maximize improvement opportunities and economic gains.
  • DecisionCraft Analytics Provides decision support systems, supply chain management solutions, data analytics, and data mining services.
  • Derby Industries, LLC Find contract manufacturing, inventory management, logistics management, subassemblies, sub-assemble and sub-assembly information.
  • Design Chain Associates, LLC A consulting firm that provides services to Electronics Original Equipment Manufacturers, focusing on the Electronic System Level (ESL) Design Chain. The ESL Design Chain specifies the "buy and build plans" that drive the Supply Chain.
  • DFF International Limited DFF International provide and implement logistics support and strategic solutions for supply chain management.
  • Diagma Specializes in logistics and supply chain.
  • Direct Link USA Developed as an interactive database linking directly to purchasing, procurement and materials management.
  • E2open, Inc. Enable customers to maintain optimal inventory levels and decrease cycle times across the extended enterprise.
  • E3 Corporation Develops software solutions used in demand chain systems. Solutions focus on inventory management, forecasting, replenishment and collaborative commerce programs.
  • ecVision Automates the supply chain management process, by providing integrated B2B technologies utilizing XML and EDI technology for information exchange.
  • Enable Systems web-enabled e-procurement solutions provider specializing in content, order and supplier management.
  • Exel Offers contract logistics and freight management services, as well as consulting and IT services.
  • Fieldglass Provides a vendor-neutral application for online procurement of temporary services.
  • Freeborders Provides supply chain software solution focused on optimizing efficiency and profitability for the global soft goods industry.
  • Global e-Logistics Solutions Offers control and visibility over global logistics.
  • Global logistics Global logistics is critical to supply chain management effectiveness
  • Global Sourcing Solutions Purchasing and supply chain consulting offering leadership experience for companies seeking to strengthen their supply chain strategy, organization and customer-supplier relationships.
  • GRA Pty Ltd Australian owned supply chain management consulting firm which specializes in demand, inventory and supply chain optimization.
  • Habermehl Consulting Services A fact-based, hands-on consulting firm. HCS addresses the needs of today's complex business environment by applying supply chain
  • Hudsal Research literature, journal articles, websites, books and other resources related to supply chain risk management, personally collected and reviewed by Jan Husdal.
  • i2 Technologies, Inc. Provides software solutions for optimization of business processes and supply chain management.
  • Imants BVBA Manufacturing supply chain management and maintenance resources. Powerpoint presentations, books, and information retrieval.
  • Industri-Matematik Industri-Matematik International (NASDAQ: IMIC) provides advanced supply chain management solutions that enable companies to manage complex logistics and service challenges that exist in pull-driven business environments.
  • InSight, Inc. Develops logistics management support systems for the global supply chain.
  • Integrated Strategies Consulting for clients with needs in strategic sourcing, e-business, logistics, initiative management and customer service.
  • Interchain Provides warehousing and distribution software.
  • International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management The International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management provides a list of members, more than 40 National Purchasing Associations, and details of its activities.
  • Itim Software and solutions provider to the retail and supply chain market. Includes company and product information.
  • Kelron Transportation Systems Group Offers rationalization of manufacturing and distribution operations.
  • Kewill Kewill provides buyer's with a low cost, subscription-based Web interface for their suppliers enabling them to fulfill, ship, track and confirm receipt of orders according to buyer-specific requirements.
  • Kom International, Inc. Global logistics and supply chain consulting firm that helps companies to improve service levels and reduce operations costs.
  • LDS Corporation These ASP modeled products work with warehouse management and supply chain products to move data into and out of the fulfillment process.
  • Logility Offers software applications that optimize operations throughout the demand chain, the supply chain, logistics operations and warehouse management.
  • Logistics Centre The Innovative Logistics Consultancy in strategy logistics, materials handling and layout planning.
  • Logistics Control Company Third party logistics provider of transportation and supply chain management services for companies.
  • Logistics Planning Associates, LLC Offers PSI Planner, a high tech, low-cost integrated demand forecasting, distribution/materials requirements planning (DRP/MRP) and master production scheduling software system for Windows platforms.
  • LTD Magazine Highlights what it takes to be a successful supply chain management partner for your customers. Key issues are discussed.
  • LTD Management Logistics management consulting for supply chain management, warehousing, transportation and more, both domestic and international. Plus numerous free logistics articles.
  • Majure Data Offers warehouse management supply chain logistics software that provides barcode tracking, inventory tracking, logistics execution and shop floor control.
  • Materials Management and Distribution Reports on the supply chain management and logistics industry in Canada with news, features, and analysis.
  • Mikrofax Provides web based purchase order software systems, and both procurement and eProcurement order systems for supply chain and asset management.
  • MJC2 Limited Advanced scheduling and optimisation systems for the supply chain.
  • Netalogue Ready to use e-procurement software products for companies who need a single powerful ordering environment.
  • OfficeParts.com An internet based business-to-business service that provides a way to manage office equipment and supply purchases.
  • Online Certification Reviews Certification reviews for CPIM and C.P.M.
  • Optiant, Inc. Supply chain design and optimization software solutions.
  • Optimal Solutions Integration, Inc. A consulting firm focused on enterprise systems and data management, and supply chain management.
  • Oracle: Demantra A provider of collaborative demand management solutions for companies that must accurately anticipate and plan to satisfy customer demand.
  • PCH International Serving the electronics industry with Asian manufactured components since 1996.
  • Pembroke Consulting Strategy consulting for manufacturers, distributors and B2B technology companies.
  • Performance Improvement for Industry A workplace training and performance improvement company serving the industrial and manufacturing environment.
  • PipeChain Inc. Provides software that automates the flow of goods across a supply network. Works with existing systems in companies of every size.
  • Proaction Group Specialist in assessing processes, identifying improvements, and implementing the recommendations.
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Benchmarking Association A free association of employees of major corporations responsible for procurement and supply chain.
  • Procurement Centre Specializes in management of the supply chain process.
  • Professional Materials Management Customized MRO inventory databases, turn-key stockroom solutions, and indirect materials management consulting.
  • Project Plato Project Plato is an SCM education initiative which changes how people think about supply chain management and business transformation initiatives.
  • Purchasingnet PurchasingNet-SQL offers a complete purchasing solution, including Front-Office and Back-Office functionality.
  • Quintiq Offers planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization solutions.
  • Radcliffe Develops, implements and supports ROC, an innovative warehouse management system (WMS) with a no risk, no capital application service provider (ASP) option.
  • REM Associates of Princeton, Inc. REM Associates provides advice and counsel to business management on improving the efficiency of product movement through related business functions.
  • ROI Consulting Group Our associates apply the lessons learned in the supply chain manufacturing industry.
  • Routing Guides Easily accessible routing guide system for shippers, consignees, and carriers.
  • RxCrossroads Logistics management and distribution support services for biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and biologics firms.
  • S and V Management Consultants S and V Management Consultants is a European consultancy firm in supply chain optimization and business process improvement.
  • SAS SAS help's you discover and exploit the hidden opportunities in your supply chain by leveraging enterprise data for tactical and strategic planning.
  • Simpler, Inc. Simpler Consulting, Inc. offers consulting and training services that facilitate successful Lean Conversions. Our background is in operations, not in professional consulting.
  • Simulation Dynamics, Inc. Simulate supply chains, manufacturing plants, and complex manufacturing or business processes to build understanding of dynamic systems. SDI provides software for simulation, consulting, and training.
  • SmartOps Supply chain planning and optimization software solutions that accommodate and manage supply and demand uncertainty and complexity.
  • Society of Inventory Management Benchmarking Association Organization gathers data in the form of group studies on behalf of participants.
  • Software 21 Features Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software for small to mid-sized manufacturing companies.
  • Source One Management Services, Inc. A business advisory service specializing in the area of purchasing with experience in training, consulting, negotiating and strategic planning.
  • St. Onge Company An internationally respected supply chain engineering consulting firm specializing in: logistics, SCM strategy, network optimization, advanced operations design, tools and technology development, material handling solutions, information systems solutions, simulation, modelling, animation, implementation project management, operations training.
  • Strategic Procurement Solutions Our firm specializes in strategic sourcing of traditional and non-traditional commodities, on-site corporate training, and process improvement related to advanced supply-chain management.
  • Strategic Purchasing Group Cost reduction management company providing expertise to lower your expenses.
  • Strategic Systems International Supplying supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERPII), customer relationship management (CRM) and lean manufacturing process solutions for Oracle and SAP as an application service provider (ASP).
  • Supply Chain Council Organization for those specializing in supply chain management.
  • Supply Chain Management Seminar A two-day seminar series led by Stanford University faculty that will help your company integrate suppliers, manufacturing, and distribution.
  • Supply Chain Online Provides online courses in supply chain management with a certificate of completion. Details of courses, requirements and seminars.
  • Supply Chain Systems Supply chain policies, processes and APS and demand management technologies. Strategic, tactical and operational planning solutions. Completely automated finite capacity scheduling for complex situations.
  • Supply Chain Today Supply chain/e-business portal aggregating information and news.
  • Supply Control Limited Consultancy services including interim management and outsourced purchasing services.
  • Synchrono Provides uncomplicated APS and Replenishment software leveraging best practices of Lean, Constraints Management, JIT and Flow for mid-size manufacturers.
  • Thrive Technologies Provides inventory software that facilitates inventory forecasting, distribution resource planning, demand planning, and collaborative forecasting and replenishment.
  • TMA Systems Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and EAM solutions for facilities such as manufacturing plants and industrial businesses, hospitals, clinics, colleges and universities.
  • Tools Group Tools unique service planning technology enables planning and management of supply chain flows in order to guarantee targeted customer service levels at the minimal logistic cost.
  • Total Logistics Specialist in design, development and implementation of solutions for supply chain management and logistics planning.
  • UPS Professional Services A global management consulting firm that delivers strategic business solutions by leveraging innovative technologies, expert financial analysis, and time-proven logistics know-how.
  • Verian Technologies Provides web-based purchasing and invoice automation solutions for large to mid-sized organizations. Includes product information and services provided.
  • Verticalnet Software Provider of collaborative supply chain solutions.
  • VertiSync The fastest way to a globally integrated, synchronized, and optimized supply chain.
  • Viewlocity Global provider of supply chain event management (SCEM) solutions
  • Waer Systems Supply chain and warehouse management software providing JIT and automatic replenishment.
  • WAM Systems Delivers supply chain planning and visibility solutions designed for companies in the process industry. Developers of enterprise solution, Picaso designed to optimize production, minimize costs and inventory, react to unplanned disruptions and maintain high customer service levels.
  • Warehouse Management Systems An industrial engineering firm that integrates warehouse management systems.
  • Waterloo Manufacturing Software TACTIC is advanced order promising and finite capacity scheduling software. It attaches to ERP/MRP. Use its what-if features to continuously balance what's good for your customers with what's good for your business when new orders, changes and problems occur.
  • Wellington Associates, Inc. Consultants and planners in warehousing, distribution, material handling and logistics.

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