• 2Chimps.com Subscription based site providing stock newsletters, investment advice, and specific recommendations.
  • 3 Share Tips Stock pick membership service for the Indian stock market.
  • A Virgin Trader The diary of a virgin online share trader. Stocks and share trading for the beginner.
  • A1 Stock Picks Subscription based daily stock picks.
  • Ace's Stock Aces Equity Research Subscription based stock pick service.
  • Aegean Capital Group Stock market timing and technical analysis. Home of the TV and radio show MarketViews.
  • Ahmet Kara's Turkish Trader Blog Blog with analysis and views on global financial markets, with emphasis on Turkish stock and fixed income markets.
  • AK57 Blog with commentary on the Indian market.
  • All Star Stocks Coverage of top performing blue chip, small cap stocks, and mutual funds.
  • All That Matters Personal opinions about stock market, trading, and investment strategies.
  • Allstocks.com Free real-time news pages, stock picks, and investor links.
  • Amateur Investor Screens for companies that are experiencing accelerating sales and earnings growth.
  • Americanbulls Offers a market guide that gives signals supported by candlestick patterns, commentary and data for stocks in NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC, TSE, and VSE.
  • Applied Finance Group Equity Research Offers investment advisors, institutional investment, consulting, corporate firms globally in accurately measuring corporate performance and identifying mispriced equities.
  • ArbitrageView.com Arbitrage opportunities in pending merger deals in the U.S. market.
  • ARC Chart Online strategic tools for global equity investment research, M and A news, company ownership patterns and investment charts.
  • Arth Sutra Provides in-depth research and analysis on the stocks traded in Indian Share Market to retail and institutional clients.
  • Aryaa Consultancy Indian market stock picks subscription service.
  • Asian Stock Advisory Investment guidance for investing in BSE, NSE and marketing services.
  • Australian Stock Report Shows which stocks to buy and sell and why. Also shows you how to make money in a falling market.
  • Bazaar Trend India stock recommendations focusing on the Indian stock market.
  • BCA Research Summaries of current research pieces. A free weekly email update is also available.
  • Bearish News Negative news about the US economy and financial markets.
  • Beat the Dart Personal investment ideas, investment indicators and stock picks for the individual investor. Learn to day trade using research and probability models.
  • Biiwii.com Site that is neither bullish nor bearish. Includes charts, market analysis, news and commentary.
  • Billy the Kid's Investing Adventures Passive investing with ETFs and stocks focusing on solar energy, wind power and emerging markets. Author has background in renewable energy engineering.
  • BioMedReports Website for health care investing news and commentaries, featuring unique stock indexes and a FDA calendar of pending decision dates.
  • Bluetrader Subscription site that tracks insider trading.
  • Boddunan.com Research identifying the top performing stocks from the Indian Share Market. In depth analysis of the multibagger companies, mutual funds and latest information on equity IPOs.
  • Bottarelli Research Subscription newsletter on options, small caps, and LEAPS investing advisory service. Receive daily trading alerts via e-mail from Bryan Bottarelli.
  • Britishbulls Offers a market guide that gives signals supported by candlestick patterns, commentary and data for stocks in London Stock Exchange.
  • Bse Nse Daily Weblog covering daily news and market Summary of Bse and Nse stock exchanges of India. Free research reports on IPOs and tips for Indian stock markets.
  • Buffin Partners An independent firm that undertakes economic, investment and actuarial research.
  • BullChart.com Free stock charts and stock picks. Charts have simulated trades, color coded trends with support and resistance lines. Market timing charts based on simulated trade data are also available.
  • BullishIndian.com Blog providing news, information, tips, analysis and reports on the Indian stock markets.
  • Busy Stock Stock screener research system using earnings, volume and price.
  • Cafe Stocks. Social investing site bringing users and experts together to identify promising stocks in the Indian stock market. The site also hosts a technical analysis tool for free access and also provides stock market news, stock and sector screens.
  • Candlestick Genius Discover the top candlestick patterns, how to identify them, and how to take advantage of these profitable trading patterns.
  • Center for Research in Security Prices Historical data files covering common stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq Stock Markets, US Government Treasury issues, and US Mutual Funds.
  • China Analyst News and insights on U.S. listed Chinese stocks.
  • ChipInvestor Published by a chip industry veteran. Focused solely on analyzing semiconductor (tech) stocks. Sample reports and performance summary.
  • Chroma Investing A blog for small time and beginning investors interested in the investing styles of Ben Graham, Seth Klarman, and Joel Greenblatt.
  • Clean Energy Sector Clean energy expert Chris Hunter offers free analysis on companies and investments in the renewable, alternative and green energy sectors.
  • Contrarius Populus Investment site dedicated to the advancement of value investing and commentary.
  • ControlledGreed.com A blog devoted to investing in individual stocks using a value orientation.
  • Corporate Window Provides annual reports and timely financial links and information on public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges.
  • Crystal Equity Research Focused on small capitalization stocks, specializing in emerging companies.
  • Cycle-LT Intraday and longer predictions for the Dow.
  • Dagian.com Offers buy sell signals for investing in the world's top stock markets.
  • Daily Bulls Blog featuring market commentary.
  • Daily Markets Market opinions and analysis from investors, traders and economists.
  • Daily Stocks Provides charting, market commentary, news, and fundamental research for U.S. stocks.
  • Dealingfloor.com During the European trading day information is posted on developments in financial markets such as morning comments, breaking news stories, midday wraps, closing comments and other facts and views of possible interest to investors.
  • Dividend Basket Blog talking about the world of dividends and investing in a basket of dividend paying stocks. Designed to produce a generous flow of passive income over the years.
  • Dividend Detective Rates dividend-paying stocks based on current dividend yields, risk, and expected dividend growth. Offers free dividend stock selection tutorials and free list of 800 high-dividend stocks.
  • Dividend Paying Stocks Stocks that pay dividends listed by industry and dividend dollar amount.
  • Dividend Screener Provides dividend paying stock information related to: yield, rate, ex-dividend date, history and charting among others trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX stock exchanges.
  • Dividend Stocks Free dividend stock information and tips.
  • Dividend Stocks For Income Focused on finding quality dividend paying stocks to generate current and growing future income. Includes stock analysis, links to resources, and other related news and educational information.
  • Dividend Yield Dividend yield information and stock list.
  • Dividends Ranking Dividend yield database. Includes rank by country, sector or index.
  • DmTrend.com A quantitative analysis of stocks using Welles Wilder's Directional Movement calculations to identify stocks trending "up" and "down".
  • Doji Trading Blog with stock market analysis and stock picking strategies base on both technical analysis and fundamental analysis.
  • Earnings-splits-ipo.com Provides earnings reports, stock split and IPO information, stock picks, news, stock quotes and stock charts.
  • Earth to Wall Street A business and finance blog that features the work of various members and contributors.
  • Emerging Growth Stocks Market commentary and analysis by Louis Paquette.
  • Energy and Capital Offers news and commentary on the energy sector as well as ways to profit from the global energy crisis, peak oil and alternative energy.
  • Equity Market Data Provides bi-hourly and end of day quote data and stock financial analysis.
  • Equity Quant Quantitative stock portfolio trading system. Long term performance report - excellent risk adjusted returns. Publishes a weekly DJ 30 newsletter.
  • Equity Research Associates An online news and information service about the U.S. equity research industry.
  • FalconStocks.com An organization that provides weekly small-cap stock picks, research and information as well as a complete follow-along portfolio of larger, blue-chip stocks.
  • Financial Market Research Financial market research site that provides a proven stock picking strategy.
  • Fit Stocks Subscription based growth stock investment newsletter. Stock picks with fundamental, industry, and technical analysis.
  • Flying Stock Trend forecast on the base of technical analysis, news and global events analysis.
  • Ford Equity Research Provides independent equity research, a monthly publication "Investment Review" containing analysis of recent market action and a portfolio of best-performing stocks.
  • Four Stocks Allows users to compare their BSE/NSE equity picks with other members and street analysts for the Indian market.
  • Free Fda Watchlist Offers free FDA calendar watch list for the stocks and share market.
  • Frye Stock Report Educational blog to help people understand the stock market cycles and timing.
  • Fundamental Analysis Stock Rating Tool A free online fundamental analysis tool that rates stocks trading on the NYSE, Amex and Nasdaq exchanges using Warren Buffett's value investing methods.
  • Gazebo Capital Management Investment advisory firm.
  • Get A Graph Provides stock charts and graphs, technical analysis, email subscriptions, trading tools, and advisory services.
  • Global investment advice Knowledge and investment ideas for independent investors. Covers markets in Europe, the UK and the USA for investment ideas.
  • Global Stock Investing Today A subscription free investment website tracking the founder's global stock portfolio and his observation of socio economic and industry trends from his base in Hong Kong
  • Golden Ticker Subscription based service that provides Investor's Business Daily style (CAN SLIM) stock-picks which were made famous in William J. O'Neil's best-seller "How To Make Money In Stocks."
  • GSTOCK Supercomputer Thousands of volunteered computers form GStock, a virtual supercomputer which generates daily buy and sell alerts.
  • GuruFocus This site tracks the stock buys, sells and commentaries of guru investors such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and the best mutual fund managers.
  • HotShareTips.com Free Indian stock market tips and updates. Information about upcoming IPOs and recommendations.
  • iBankCoin.com Free stock picks from professional traders.
  • iiFacts Detailed institutional holdings information. Provides what stocks Buffet, Soros and Icahn held, bought, and sold.
  • In The Money Stocks Subscription service that provides research and consulting focused on avoiding Wall Street hype while calling major and minor moves in the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P, commodities, currencies and stocks.
  • IndexIndicators.com Stock market charts and market commentary.
  • Indian IPO Blog News, statistics, allotment links, and other information of the latest Initial Public Offers (IPOs) in Indian Stock Market.
  • Indian Stock Market Provides stock market trading calls and ideas based on technical analysis for intraday and short term.
  • Indian Stock Market Investing Articles about Indian stocks and IPO details.
  • Indicant.Net Stock advisory with a weekly report card of current performance.
  • Initial Public Offer (IPO) Investor Souk Weblog format about Indian IPO Investors. Provides latest information, market buzz and other details about Indian IPO/FPOs.
  • Insider Monitor Reports insider trading activities including stock purchases, sales, and option exercises to the public in daily, weekly, monthly, and real-time reports.
  • Insight Stock Picks Treding stock pick service.
  • IntelligentSpeculator.net Free stock advice and market commentary.
  • Internet Plays Stock picks and analysis, including mailing lists, articles, and message boards. Designed for the speculative trader but most investors will find something here.
  • Invest 4 Profit Australian stock market research, analysis and advice for beginners and experienced share investors.
  • Invest Asia Online A free and comprehensive financial/investment site with stock information or other investment information of the Southeast Asia market.
  • InvestBio Offers diversified biotechnology stock for investment. Includes list of management and advisors, press releases and contact information.
  • Investing in Stock Market Analysis of global trends in equity, commodity and bond markets. Global economic factors such as government policies, inflation, recession etc. affecting such trends.
  • Investing Thesis Provides individual investors with both syndicated and original articles and exclusive interviews, summary analyst reports and insights.
  • Investment Talk With SPBrunner Blog with research and commentary on stock picks.
  • Investor Boot Camp Online Independent unbiased investment research and investor education service designed to assist investors with successful management of their portfolios.
  • Investor Pit Stop Stock Investment advice, analysis, and stock market news. Business and investing bookstore. Search for finance jobs. Also has real estate investing advice.
  • Investors Heaven Market event commentary in blog format.
  • InvestorsInternet.com Information for free investment education, stock market analysis and profitable stock picks.
  • IPO Scoop.com IPO market news and calendar with ratings.
  • Irving Levin Associates, Inc. Publisher of investment research on mergers and acquisitions in senior care, hospital, home health, HMO, dental, physician and health care markets. Located in Connecticut, USA.
  • iStockAnalyst Research articles for investing in today's market. The research articles are complemented with research data and custom equity rankings and market scans.
  • iTrade 4 Profit Daily pre market buy and sell recommendations for the Indian market by subscription.
  • JAG Notes Up grade and down grade changes to stock recommendations by the major analysis firms.
  • Jim Letourneau's Big Picture Speculator Blog about the markets, especially junior resource companies.
  • Joe Duarte's Health and Biotech Digest Biotech stock picks with buy, and sell recommendations. Summary of major trends in biotech and pharmaceuticals.
  • King Investors, Inc. Research based on proprietary technical analysis models, market commentary for short term traders, focused on technology and other high growth areas.
  • Knobias.com In-depth research on over 6,000 OTCBB, Pink Sheet and NASDAQ Small-Cap companies.
  • KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange Detailed daily trading data for all securities traded on Karachi Stock Exchange along with key details such as open, close, high/low price and volume/value traded.
  • Kung Fu Trader Variety of futures and stock trading strategies as well as daily market commentary.
  • LanczGlobal.com Offers proprietary research services of Alan B. Lancz & Associates, Inc. which includes independent research, written publications, financial analysis, real portfolios, investment strategy, transactions as they happen.
  • LastBULL Investment guide for Indian equity market.
  • Latin Capital Market Independent research firm headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. The research analysts specialize in finding the best stocks ideas and helping investors become better informed about new and existing Latin and emerging market stocks.
  • Latin Stock Investing Newsletter Investment newsletter on the Latin America stock market. Get unbiased ideas, timely company reports and useful search tools for better investing results.
  • Leeb IPO Insight Published under the direction of Stephen Leeb, Ph.D and Sr. Editor. Subscription service with focus is on IPOs.
  • Levott LLC Stock investment tools to help the individual investor pick growth and value stocks.
  • LiveCharts UK Providing share price searches and charts for worldwide markets. A full UK financial news service and free data downloads.
  • MacroBond Financial Financial and macroeconomic time series data from thousands of primary sources worldwide. Powerful analysis and charting tools.
  • Mark's Investment Strategies Blog Fundamental and technical market analysis.
  • Market Barometer Subscription market forecast service.
  • Market Perception.com Stock picks based on statistics and computational intelligence technologies.
  • MarketScalpel.com Independent research for financial market professionals using rigorous quantitative and statistical analysis techniques for stock market and industry sector analysis and forecasting.
  • MarketSci Blog Weblog about the financial markets from Michael Stokes offering research and analysis.
  • Master of Trading Subscription based service for Indian stocks with technical analysis that help you identify trends, turning points, entries and exits.
  • MergerInvesting.com Provides merger and acquisition data and risk arbitrage profit opportunities for all US stocks.
  • MFFAIS Displays recent big trades of oil refining stocks.
  • mikehavRx.com Subscription based stock picks service with a focus on the health care sector and medical innovation.
  • Milk or Water Provides stock ratings by analysts, most rated stocks, analyst rankings, stocks which met analyst targets.
  • Momentum Traders Network Evaluates premarket momentum and unusual activity to build a short list of stocks before the opening bell.
  • Money Energy Analyzes global stocks, ADRs and ETFs, focusing on dividend reinvestment and cash flow.
  • Money.net Free real-time streaming stock quotes. Customizable java-powered streamer lets you monitor your portfolio throughout the trading day.
  • Mumbai Bull Indian stock market portal giving recommendations, articles, investor education articles.
  • Mystic Stocks Blog that gives recommendations and tips based on stock analysis.
  • National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing and Care Industries Research and analysis in the long term care industry. Independent market research on financial, funding, investing.
  • NeedForTrade Free trading platform for charting and technical analysis. Realtime/historical data from Yahoo, Interactive Brokers and ASCII data providers.
  • NEoWave Institute Research and advisory firm in Aliso Viejo, California. Founded by Glenn Neely in 1983, the Institute has developed innovative approaches to technical analysis for market, economic & social forecasting.
  • NetStock Picks Stock analysis and pick service.
  • New Paisa Blog Indian investment blog providing news, information, stock recommendations, analysis and investment reports.
  • NiftyFutureKing Offers subscription stock selection service for the Indian share market.
  • Novice Investing Featured articles for beginning investors, financial commentary and investing glossary.
  • NSE BSE Stock Tips on Indian share market and the Indian share stocks.
  • Old Company Stock Certificate Research Service Stock and bond research service that provides a brief status profile of companies whose original identities have been lost due to a change in name, merger, acquisition, dissolution, reorganization, bankruptcy or charter cancellation.
  • Old School Value Research and stock analysis of small to mid caps. Analysis reports and investment spreadsheets provided.
  • Online Trading Technique Stock and options investment techniques and formulas.
  • OutPaceSys Subscription based trading techniques and advisory.
  • Oxbury Publishing Complimentary investment research,analysis and commentary.
  • PatternWatch A weekly financial market forecasting newsletter that uses technical analysis, Elliott wave theory, Gann analysis, classical charting, and Wyckoff analysis to provide short and intermediate-term targets for key stocks and markets.
  • Peter Leeds, Penny Stock Pro Subscription based penny stocks picks by Peter Leeds.
  • Phantasmix.com Personal finance, trading and investment blog with focus on stocks and options. Some macroeconomic commentary and humor.
  • Phinanz.net, Inc Resources and tools to help investors identify, analyze and monitor capital market trends.
  • Power 2 Profit Stock trading guide,research and analysis of the Indian stock market.
  • PowerRatings A ranking system which provides investors, mutual fund investors and traders with numerical rating of any stock symbol.
  • Precision Trading Systems Daily updates of stock trades, market indices and sectors. Detailed explanations of risk control and trading system logic.
  • PreferredsOnline Information and quotes on preferred stock, convertible preferred stock, and convertible bonds.
  • Preview Stock Stock picks, ideas for the value investor, market analysis, information on Internet stocks and IPOs, Asian ADRs, and a free newsletter.
  • Prime Equity Research Offers fee-based equity coverage by third party securities analysts.
  • ProfitCents Public Objective stock analysis that incorporates industry benchmarking, ratio analysis, and plain language narrative.
  • ProofTrader Peer collaboration website devoted to stock market analysis, with an emphasis on showing results over time in the format of a 1-100 score.
  • Quantitative Finance Collector Blog devoted to introducing quantitative methods in finance for derivative pricing, quantitative trading and risk management.
  • Rabbitt Analytics Offers quantitative statistical system ranks 3,000 stocks daily. Attempts to identify the stocks that will likely outperform and underperform the market.
  • Rational Investment Research They try to inform investors about the investment options in Indian stock market. The focus is to avoid stocks or sectors which are grossly overvalued so that big mistakes are avoided.
  • Renaissance Capital Features IPO news, research, prices and commentaries. Also chat and online reports.
  • Researchstock.com Research and earnings estimates on small cap stocks using fundamental analysis, historic results, and industry analysis.
  • RetirementX2 Offers free and paid subscriber services for profitable ETF investing in all market conditions.
  • Riedel Research Group Provides independent equity research for Asian equities. Specializing in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Ring The Register Professional traders share their stock research and tools for those that need a place to begin in their search to find a winning stock pick.
  • Road To Prediction Publishes freely available stock price forecasts calculated by applying advanced statistical techniques to merge risk neutral price distributions implied by stock options.
  • Rolling Stock Profits Provides information on how to trade rolling stocks regardless of market conditions.
  • RSI7 Stock Blog This is a dedicated blog for RSI(Relative Strength Index) technical indicator. When all the monthly, weekly, and daily RSI7 values are below 30, it is a buy signal.
  • S&P 500 Price to Earnings Ratio Historic and current price to earnings data for the Standard and Poor's 500 Index.
  • S.T.O.R.M. Equities Research Stock picks, equities research and information.
  • Sabrient Systems Provides independent equity research based on quantitative filters and ranking of best-performing stocks.
  • Sadif Analytics Portal that offers independent equity research tools and reports enabling individual investors and institutions to make better informed investment decisions.
  • Scimitar Equity Independent equity research and advisory firm without banking and trading conflicts.
  • Securities Research Services Stock trading systems designed to manage risk by quickly locking in gains and strictly limit loss. Clients are provided with information on where to enter, where to exit, and what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Share Tips Expert Indian stock market share tips and stock recommendations.
  • Share Tips Guru Provides stock market trading tips, Indian share tips, stock calls and intraday nifty picks.
  • Share Tips Online Provides Indian share market tips for short term investment.
  • Share-site.com Live share prices and charts for European stock markets.
  • ShareKingTips Indian stock market picks and analysis. Provides filtered tips for long term, short term and intraday trading.
  • Sharelockholmes UK stock screener which includes company fundamentals financial history, cash flow, profit, dividend yield and other metrics.
  • Shareplanner Provides daily swing-trades, long-term investments, stocks for shorting, fixed income strategies, ETF’s, stock screener, and daily and weekly market summaries.
  • Shareswatch.com.au A free website portal and shares blog focused on the Australian stock market and business news.
  • Shareswatch.com.au Blog Views about the stock market and the global economy.
  • Sharetips4free.co.nr Provides daily intra-day stock tips for free.
  • SharpTraders Daily list of momentum stocks and cups with handles chart patterns.
  • SINLetter Free monthly newsletter that highlights two publicly traded companies. The objective of this newsletter is to provide you with unbiased initial research and basic facts about individual stocks.
  • SkillTrader Stock Picks Subscription based stock picks. Short term period. Provides historical track record.
  • Skuzet All about Dutch stocks: research, historical data, and calculation methods.
  • Small Cap Network Information on equities in the small cap sector. Publishes a weekly financial newsletter, the Small Cap Network Newsletter, via email.
  • SmarTrend Alerts Market timing service that uses pattern recognition to determine changes in momentum for 5,000+ securities. It alerts subscribers the moment a trend change is determined allowing them to better time new stock purchases or protect investments.
  • Sobek's Investors Service Independent investment advisory with customize portfolios and portfolio monitoring.
  • Source 2 Update Indian stock market news source providing stock recommendations, streaming live stock prices, stock market tips, day trading tips, equity analysis and more.
  • Spelman Research Associates Provides independent investment company and US stock market research. Features full coverage reports available for download, periodical rating updates, investment newsletter and stock alerts.
  • Splitmaster.com Subscription based service providing stock picks based on research of stock splits.
  • SPOCKS Blog format that covers Singapore stocks.
  • Statistical Trader Blog that examines the results of applying sound empirical practice to financial data. It seeks to describe and forecast financial data in an empirically stable manner and to then apply the knowledge gained to design quantitative trading systems.
  • Stock Analysis on .net Financial analysis and valuation of stocks Listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE.
  • Stock Breakout Trading Provides a daily list of stock breakout signals.
  • Stock Engineering Stock market investment tools for European stocks.
  • Stock Gumshoe: Newsletter Picks Revealed Researches and reveals the names of companies teased by investment newsletters in their ads, with in-depth analysis and discussion.
  • Stock Information for US-listed Chinese Stocks A web site that provides information for Chinese stocks listed in the US stock exchanges.
  • Stock Market Clinic Stock picks and market education for the individual investor. Contains investing tips and educational resources.
  • Stock Market Club Offers trading training and analysis.
  • Stock Market Guide Blog on Indian Share markets with news, analysis and movements of NSE and BSE. Guidance to Indian share market investors with stock picks.
  • Stock Maven Stock research center, real time quotes and news, live financial markets data, research tools to evaluate and track stocks of publicly held companies.
  • Stock Picks Momentum stock picks of small cap and Mid cap stocks.
  • Stock Quick Pick Subscription with uses a computer model and recommends stocks.
  • Stock Research Subscription service that provides daily 3 to 4 intraday equity tips.
  • Stock Trading Views Blog with commentary on stocks and commodities.
  • StockHarvester.com A user configurable RSS search utility designed for the stock market day trader. Allows the user to setup special search criteria when searching RSS feeds.
  • stockpar.com List foreign stocks listed in US, and tracks their parity prices to their host listing countries. Geared towards those who invest/trade ADRs.
  • StockPitcher Stock tips from Wall Street gurus along with analysis of those picks.
  • Stockradar Online subscription service that provides stock analysis and investment philosophies.
  • StockResearchDD A research site covering Canadian small cap mining and oil and gas companies, macro-economics, and the mining and oil industries
  • Stocks At Bottom Subscription based stock pick website.
  • Stocks Picks For Us Subscription based stock pick service.
  • StocksandBlogs.com Stock tips, investment research and markets commentary.
  • Stocksnse.com Indian stock market quotes, stock analysis, and charts.
  • StockTrkr Free live financial market information. Live charts for the most popular of: the major indices, UK shares, US shares, European shares and forex markets.
  • STTA Consulting Short term trading analysis. Daily list of over-sold stocks. Find information on trading strategies.
  • Sukhiram Offers training in technical analysis for the Indian market.
  • Sum Of Some Tracks performance of market experts and stock screens, scoring in various ways, such as lifetime performance, and performance in a bull or bear market. The site also delivers financial education, entertainment, and market commentary.
  • Super Stock Screener Stock screener that uses technical analysis to rank stocks.
  • SureFireThing Free stock market prediction.
  • Suvlav Stock tip subscription service for share traders in India.
  • Techstocksinvestor Tech stock news for investors.
  • The Australian Stock Investment Group Provides stock, options, and futures picks for the Australian market.
  • The Big Picture Weblog about the financial markets from Barry Ritholtz offering research and analysis.
  • The Blue Portfolio Stock portfolio recommendations website with advance statistical model.
  • The Bull Sector Using keyword searches in financial news articles identifies stocks that fall into various hot sectors.
  • The Disciplined Investor Stock, bond, and mutual fund advice and commentary.
  • The Gilmo Report Twice weekly subscription newsletter written by CANSLIM investor, Gil Morales.
  • The Golden Stock Subscription base daily stock picks, systematical, planned trading.
  • The Investment Scientist Blog primarily about value oriented multiple-asset class investing in the style of Yale and Harvard endowments.
  • The Lauriston Letter Diary of trading, analysis and research of ETFs, big cap stocks and financial markets. Analysis includes business and political news, economic reports, technical indicators, chart patterns and sentiment data like volatility index (VIX) and put call ratios.
  • The Le Report Technical analysis of stocks with point and figure charting.
  • The Oxen Group Provides stock information, analysis, investment ideas, news, and expert analysis.
  • The Peridot Capitalist Stock market commentary and analysis by Chad Brand, President of Peridot Capital Management, a value-oriented contrarian investment advisory firm.
  • The Proficient Investor News, education and information for the contrarian investor.
  • The Simplified Resource For Investing Blog format with technical analysis advice and instruction.
  • The StockWorm Offers tools for stock analysis including ranking of stock data, stock valuation, technical analysis, stock screening, and portfolio tracking.
  • The Top U.S. Value Stocks Hundreds of U.S. stocks, ranked by their value according to an open valuation system.
  • TheGreenBaron.com Stock quotes, profiles and picks.
  • TheMarkets.com Provides access to equity research from a number of investment banks. Password-protected, and targeted at institutional investors.
  • TheStreet.com Financial news and analysis and stock investment advice.
  • Tim Bovee Private Trader Blog with stocks and options picks and analysis.
  • Tips for Bse Nse Provides information for Bse Nse, mutual fund, and other Indian market securities.
  • Top Equity News News on stocks, options, forex trading, ETF's, and futures.
  • Top Yields Free overview of the stocks with the highest dividend yields of major and minor indices.
  • Trade With Pros Subscription based stock picks and option picks with detailed analysis.
  • Tradermongers Trading news feed source for worldwide traders and investors.
  • Traders Corner Free stock market quotes, live small cap broadcast and breaking small cap financial news alerts
  • Tradeself TMomentum stock picks with buy, hold or sell signals.
  • Trading 4 Traders Offers chat trading room where moderators give signals for trading S&P Futures (ES), Dow Futures (YM), NASDAQ futures (NQ), Russell 2000 (TF).
  • Trading Adviser Subscription based adviser for trading Singapore stocks.
  • Trading Strategies Provides day trading, swing trading and investing strategies.
  • Trend Architect Offers a subscription-based approach with a focus on trend-following.
  • Undervalued Shares Investment commentary on opportunities in equities, land and special situations.
  • Unruly Dog Offers own investment methodology based on technical analysis and money management. Includes charts, case studies and market commentary.
  • UTVI Business and market news for the Indian stock market.
  • Value Expectations Value Expectations provides institutional quality equity research to the investment community.
  • Value Investor A blog focused on the principles of value investing as defined by Graham. Includes instructional articles as well as stock picks.
  • Value Stock Investment Strategy Spreadsheet based stock pick program.
  • Vantagetrade A portal for end of day stock picks for BSE, NSE, FTSE, NYSE and NASDAQ Exchanges.
  • VectorVest Combines fundamental valuation with technical analysis on 6,500 stocks each day. Gives buy, sell, and hold recommendations on each stock, every day.
  • Wall Street Strategies Independent research on over 1200 issues, first alert, hotline and newsletter.
  • Wealth Daily Independent investment analysis and commentary. Personal finance and retirement, trading and investing, energy and commodities.
  • WealthMonk Provides information, opinion and recommendations on stocks, shares, mutual funds and personal finance. Includes news, views and analysis.
  • ZachStocks A compilation of investment ideas for growth stock investors.
  • Zangani Investor Community News, blog and interviews on biotech, nanotech, alternative energy stocks.
  • Zenith Trading & Holding Corporation Stock market analysis, updated daily.
  • Zephyr Database of over 50,000 European deals. Search for information on acquisitions, mergers, IPO and private equity transactions.

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Bolje te vidim kad sklopim oči - Milan Višnjić
Uto 16.12.2014 8:31, micha@Umetnost
Jedan od cudnijih snova
Pon 15.12.2014 15:58, jeka1983@Sanovnik forum
Iz moje svaštare
Pon 15.12.2014 12:48, micha@Umetnost
Sanjam stalno bivseg momka. Da li to ista znaci?
Sre 10.12.2014 7:59, danielarmd@Sanovnik forum
Muzicki kutak - pjesme za prijatelje
Sre 10.12.2014 0:11, apprivoiser@Umetnost
Poezija - najlepsi stihovi
Sub 06.12.2014 10:32, Wind@Umetnost
Filigranska kapija od stihova - Dejan Milenković
Sub 06.12.2014 1:28, tragalac@Umetnost
Recepti, jela od mesa - rostiljijada
Sub 06.12.2014 0:45, niko650@Životni stil

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