When a mutual fund company offers two or more mutual funds, it is considered to have a "Family" of funds. Most Fund Families are composed of numerous, categorized, specific mutual funds.
  • Activa Mutual Funds Offers three equity funds and one bond fund managed by different management companies.
  • Alger Primarily growth funds and a money market option.
  • Alliance Capital Provides a wide selection of municipal bond funds and US and global equity and bond funds.
  • Amana Mutual Funds Trust Invests its growth and income funds according to Islamic principles.
  • American AAdvantage Funds Multi-manager family of funds offering a balance of fund types.
  • American Century Money market, bond, balanced, sector and equity funds.
  • American Funds A family of funds covering investment mixes from money market to aggressive growth.
  • Ameriprise Financial Over 200 mutual funds, money market funds, fixed and variable annuities.
  • Aquila Funds Specializes in tax-free single state income funds for states with high tax rates.
  • Artisan Funds No-load mutual funds.
  • Baron Funds Provides no-load mutual funds that invest in small and medium-sized growth companies.
  • Bishop Street Funds Load funds managed by Bishop Street Capital Management.
  • Burgundy Asset Provides a variety of value funds to institutions and high net worth individuals.
  • Burnham Funds Provides money market, financial services sector, long-term growth, and Dow 30 focused funds.
  • California Investment Trust Fund group offers a handful of index funds and bond funds with a focus on California investors.
  • Calvert Group Provides mutual funds that invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies.
  • CGM Funds Family of 4 mutual funds. Most notably the home of the CGM Realty Fund that invests in real estate securities, including shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).
  • Charles Schwab Offers a family of stock, bond, and money market funds as well as funds of funds.
  • Chesapeake Funds Specializes in equity growth funds.
  • Delaware Funds With over 68 years of investment management experience and over 60 mutual funds.
  • Domini Social Investments Small family of mutual funds. Utilizes screening, shareholder activism, and community investing. United States.
  • Dreyfus Distributor of investment insight and solutions which include mutual funds (equity, bond and money market), separately managed accounts and institutional portfolios.
  • Dupree Mutual Funds Specializes in single state no-load municipal bond funds, including Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee offerings.
  • DWS Investments' Mutual Funds Extensive line of broad and specialized mutual funds offered by the Deutsche Bank Group.
  • Federated Investors Funds Offers a selection of domestic and international income and equity funds.
  • Fiduciary Trust Investment Funds A family of mutual funds including growth and income, growth, international equity, small capitalization funds as well as both taxable and tax-exempt bond funds.
  • First American Funds Create a personalized, diversified portfolio via our 38 mutual funds.
  • First Eagle Funds Unique fund company offers a non-diversified domestic fund and a non-diversified international fund.
  • First Focus Funds Offers a variety of funds for retail and institutional investors.
  • First Investors First Investors mutual funds and other products.
  • Firsthand Funds Six science and technology funds based in California's Silicon Valley.
  • Forester Funds Offers two funds focusing on value and managed by Forester Capital Management.
  • Founders Funds Offers 10 no-load funds ranging from aggressive small cap and international funds to balanced and income funds.
  • FundX Upgrader Funds No-load mutual fund family managed by using the Upgrading Strategy from the NoLoad FundX newsletter.
  • Gabelli Funds, Inc. Offers a variety of value, growth and specialized equity funds, as well as fixed-income and closed-end convertible and equity funds.
  • Global Asset Management (USA) Provides a range of US and international bond, equity and hedge funds. Registration required.
  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management Offers an array of money market, fixed income, asset allocation, and international and domestic equity funds.
  • Green Century Funds Two no-load funds founded by respected non-profit environmental organizations.
  • Guardian Investor Services LLC Provides managed investments vehicles, from mutual funds to tax deferred annuities to retirement savings programs.
  • Hennessy Funds Provides two funds based on the Dogs of the Dow strategy.
  • Heritage Asset Management Mutual fund company offering a diverse family of open-end mutual funds. Provider of financial services, investment management and retirement planning services.
  • HighMark Funds Offers a range of mutual funds, from conservative money market funds to more aggressive growth funds.
  • Huntington Funds Offers equity, fixed-income, and money market mutual funds.
  • ICON Funds Offers a wide variety of sector and regional funds.
  • ING Pilgrim Funds Variety of fixed income and equity funds plus a fund developed specifically for seniors.
  • Integrity Mutual Funds, Inc. Specializes in municipal bond funds and also offers an equity fund of funds.
  • Invesco AIM Funds Offers a large selection of funds in the major categories with different share classes, plus annuities, retirement plans, college saving and separate accounts.
  • InvestSmart Australian and international fund broker. Also provides commentary, information and tools on managed funds, shares and other investments.
  • Ivy Funds Offers nine aggressive international funds, three aggressive domestic funds and one bond fund.
  • J.P. Morgan Funds Provides fund profiles, performance information and commentary on J.P Morgan's extensive line of fixed income, money market and equity funds.
  • Jamestown Funds Relatively small fund family offers a balanced fund, an international fund, a domestic fund and a tax exempt (Virginia) fund.
  • Janus Capital Group Global investment manager offering institutional and intermediary clients and individual investors complementary asset management disciplines including growth and risk-managed strategies.
  • John Hancock Funds Provides a large selection of domestic and international income and equity funds to individuals and institutions.
  • Julius Baer Investment Funds Company specializes in worldwide investing and offers three funds for U.S. investors.
  • Kinetics Mutual Funds Internet and aggressive growth funds.
  • Lazard Funds Offers a range of domestic and international bond and equity funds focusing on value.
  • Legg Mason Mutual Funds Specializes in value based equity and income funds.
  • Loomis Sayles & Company L.P. Provides a family of funds, primarily value based but also including bond funds and an aggressive growth offering.
  • Lord, Abbett & Co. Provides more than 30 funds covering several bond and equity investment styles.
  • Mackenzie Financial Corporation Offers a large selection of bond and equity funds to US and Canadian investors.
  • MainStay Funds Offers taxable and tax exempt income, value, and growth equity funds.
  • Mairs and Power Funds The Mairs and Power Growth Fund and the Mairs and Power Balanced Fund.
  • Marketocracy Funds Family Two mutual funds. One managed by the site users, the other focusing on technology funds.
  • Marshall Funds Provides money market, income, and a range of equity funds.
  • Marsico Funds Offers a focus fund and a growth and income fund.
  • Masters' Select Mutual Funds Uses Litman/Gregory's due diligence skills to assemble portfolio managers within a single mutual fund.
  • Merriman Funds Five no-load funds that invests in other mutual funds using market timing strategies to lower risk.
  • Metzler-Payden, LLC Manages mutual fund and separate account assets for US and European investors with special focus on European equity and global fixed-income strategies.
  • MFS Mutual Funds A family of over fifty funds covering all areas of the investment spectrum.
  • Monetta Funds Seven no-load mutual funds focusing on growth using fundamental analysis to make trading decisions.
  • Monteagle Funds A family of no-load domestic equity and fixed income funds.
  • Munder Funds Provides a range of income, domestic, and international equity funds as well as index and passive funds.
  • Neuberger Berman Mutual Funds Offers a family of no-load income and equity funds.
  • Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management Provides a selection of fixed income, domestic, and international equity funds to institutional investors.
  • North Track Funds Offers a tax exempt bond, equity index, and equity funds along with financial, technology and healthcare sector funds.
  • Northern Funds A variety of money market, growth and income funds managed by Northern Trust.
  • Numeric Investors L.P. A small family of value and growth funds using quantitative investment principles.
  • Oak Associates Funds Offers seven no-load growth funds: large-cap, all-cap, small-cap, technology and health care.
  • Oakmark Funds Provides domestic and international equity funds.
  • Old Mutual Capital Offers a variety of value, growth, and sector equity funds. Acquirers of PBHG Funds.
  • OppenheimerFunds, Inc. Offers municipal bond; taxable bond; balanced; value, growth and global equity; and real asset funds.
  • Papp and Associates Provides long term growth, focus, and international funds.
  • Parnassus Investments Family of screened funds. United States.
  • PAX World Mutual Funds Family of mutual funds that use a sustainable-investing approach to determine which companies to invest in, based on environmental, social and green criteria, in addition to financial analysis.
  • Payden and Rygel Offers a variety of bond funds in addition to domestic, European, and global equity funds.
  • Pearl Mutual Funds Offers a total return fund and an aggressive growth fund investing primarily in other mutual funds.
  • Pimco Funds Provides several taxable and tax exempt bond; value, growth, blended, index, and sector equity; and balanced funds.
  • Pioneer Funds Provides a selection of funds for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors.
  • Principal Mutual Funds A family of growth, income, and international funds with four share classes.
  • Provident Institutional Funds Institutional money market funds.
  • Prudent Bear Funds No-load, actively-managed short mutual funds for declining stock market and declining dollar and rising gold prices.
  • Quadrus Group of Funds Mutual fund family in Canada, offering a wide variety of Canadian and international funds and funds of funds.
  • Quaker Funds Offers equity mutual funds specializing in traditional as well as alternative investment strategies in a variety of market capitalizations and investment styles.
  • Quantitative Group of Funds A small family of equity funds with a quantitative investment style.
  • Rainier Funds Five no-load funds named after the mountain.
  • Robertson Stephens Funds Offers contrarian value as well as growth and aggressive growth funds.
  • Royce Funds Specializes in micro and small cap funds with both concentrated and diversified offerings.
  • Rydex Series Trust Index and sector funds designed to match a specific benchmark with no trading costs. Built-in leverage available.
  • Security Benefit Group Offers funds in a range of risk/return categories with three share classes.
  • Selected Funds Provides US Treasury, small-cap growth, and growth and income funds.
  • Seligman Group of Funds Offers a range of mutual funds from money market to aggressive growth. Also offers a selection of offshore and closed-end funds.
  • Shay Assets Management Chicago-based Shay Assets is the adviser to the Asset Management Fund (AMF) family of no-load mutual funds and the M.S.B. Fund.
  • Sit Mutual Funds Offers several funds ranging from money market to development market offerings.
  • Smith Breeden Associates Global asset management firm.
  • STAAR System Trust A family of two bond funds and four funds-of-funds covering large, small, international and alternative equities.
  • State Street Research Mutual Funds Offers a selection of incoming, growth and income, and growth funds.
  • STI Classic Funds Managed by Trusco Capital Management, this fund family includes more than 38 stock and bond funds.
  • Strong Funds Offers a wide array of equity, bond, and asset allocation funds.
  • T. Rowe Price Provides domestic and international equity funds as well as taxable, tax-free, and international bond funds.
  • Thornburg Funds Offers income, both taxable and tax exempt, and domestic and global value funds.
  • Thrivent Funds Funds offered by a fraternal benefit society of Lutherans joined together for insurance, investment, educational and volunteer opportunities.
  • TIAA-CREF Provides six stable value, income, and equity no load funds.
  • Touchstone Investments Provides a variety of value, growth and specialized equity funds, as well as fixed income and money market funds for individual and institutional investors.
  • Turner Investment Partners, Inc. Provides eleven no-load income and growth equity funds. Equity offerings range from micro-cap to large-cap and include sector and focused offerings.
  • Undiscovered Managers Funds Six funds managed by money managers who normally service high net worth clients.
  • US Global Investors A mutual fund company; provider of financial services; investment management; gold; precious metals and retirement.
  • USA Mutuals Managers of focused funds such as ViceFund and Generation Wave Growth Fund. They also offer insured cash-sheltered accounts.
  • Van Eck Global Specializes in global funds including bonds, equities, hard assets, and real estate.
  • Van Kampen American Capital Offers range of fixed income, blended, and value, growth, and international equity funds.
  • Victory Funds Offers a variety of funds, but mostly equity and specialty funds.
  • Vontobel Funds Provides six fixed income and equity funds investing in US and international securities.
  • Waddell and Reed Offers a range of fixed income, balanced, and growth funds including domestic and international securities.
  • Wasatch Funds Offers a US Treasury fund and five equity funds including micro-cap growth and value funds.
  • Wells Fargo Funds With 67 funds, this bank covers a wide variety of mutual funds.
  • Westcore Funds Offers twelve no load fixed income and growth funds.
  • William Blair Mutual Funds Offers a family of 10 income and equity funds with four share classes.
  • Wright Investors' Service Offers a broadly diversified family of Blue Chip mutual funds.
  • Yacktman Funds Provides two no load funds, one diversified and one focused, aimed at providing a blend of growth and value investing.

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