Hedge funds are open-end funds of different kinds, that are traded through their management companies or intermediaries, and differ from mutual funds because they are not as heavily regulated, thus being suitable for large investments (in the order of 1 million US dollars or more). Hedge funds traditionally have used models of risk management intended to offset one form of risk by another form of risk reduction through, for example, instruments that do not correlate with each other. However, the popularity of the concept, as well as their acceptance outside of U.S. jurisdictions, has resulted in websites and businesses offering services, products or other resources concerning hedge funds that may not manage risk or may entail increased risk.

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  • 4X Capital Management LLC Global Macro manager offering absolute return directional strategies in global equities, futures (commodities and financial) and foreign exchange.
  • A.I.M. Trading Investment management firm offering an offshore fund, 3R Ltd., a Cayman Island corporation administered by Trinity Fund Administration Limited.
  • Aalto Invest LLP / Aalto Invest AG Alternative investment manager based in London (UK) and Pfäffikon (Switzerland).
  • Absolute Return Fund Hedge fund targeting an annual performance of 8% to 10% through arbitration, insurance policies, raw materials, FX, futures and options, long/short equities, mortgages, arbitration on mergers, among other alternative techniques. In French and English.
  • Adair Capital LLC Private research and alternative investment firm specializing in hedge fund of funds.
  • Aerodynamic Investments Inc An offshore and domestic hedge fund with chart libraries to learn about technical analysis.
  • Agilo Global Management Company Ltd A London-based fund that invests in distressed companies and special situations.
  • Aida Capital International Company manages diversified portfolios of investments in hedge funds.
  • Alter Capital Offers a club solution to selected individuals looking for access toward alternative assets, hedge funds and venture capital.
  • Alternative Investment Strategies An investment trust multi-manager fund of hedge funds that is a listed in the UK.
  • Ambit Frontier Fund Investment Management Company in India.
  • APE Capital LLC Equity Long/Short Investment Fund.
  • Arden Asset Management Investment Manager that offers resources for managing fund of hedge fund portfolios.
  • Armajaro Asset Management Managers of the Coolum Fund (pan-European equity long/short market neutral), Armajaro Commodities Fund (all major commodities) and the CC+ Fund (soft commodities focused on cocoa and coffee).
  • Artradis Fund Management An absolute return asset management company focused on delivering above average, risk adjusted returns in Asian markets.
  • ASA Home page Money manager delivering non-correlated, absolute returns to its qualified investors. The Funds seek to maximize after tax, risk-adjusted returns.
  • Aspect Capital UK Alternative investment manager for institutions and wealthy individuals. Portfolios independent of stock and bond market indices.
  • Asset Value Investors Limited Money management firm established in 1985 to manage the assets of British Empire Securities and General Trust plc. In 2004 formed a U.S. entity for managing U.S. funds.
  • Aster-X Capital Management BV Amsterdam based independent equity investment management company.
  • Aurelius Capital Management, LP A private investment firm based in New York, NY.
  • BlueCrest Capital Management Hedge fund manager contact details, and password-protected information for investors.
  • BluMont Capital Canadian hedge fund company.
  • Bonita Capital Management, LLC A private investment management organization dedicated to market-neutral investing.
  • Bridgewater Associates Global macro investment manager.
  • Burlingame Asset Management Manages Burlingame Equity Investors (BAM-I), a long-short value-oriented hedge fund.
  • Caldera Advisors Chicago-based asset management firm that oversees private investment funds focused on absolute return strategies. The firm also provides customized investment solutions to institutions and high net-worth individuals.
  • Camomille Associates Limited Offers two open-ended investment products, the Camomille Global Macro Fund and the Momentum Global Fixed Income Fund.
  • Capital Alternatives Investments Alternative investment firm in Australia. The main focus is on assets that are owned and managed directly by the investor. These assets include properties, agricultural land, commodities including gold bullion, carbon offset credits and forestry.
  • Capital Fund Management Paris based manager specialised in statistical arbitrage on futures,equities and options.
  • Carnegie WorldWide Long/Short Long/short fund whose primary objective is to deliver positive returns every year. The Fund's managers will seek to deliver the highest possible return taking into account the primary objective and with the 3-month money market rate as benchmark.
  • Centurion Fund Managers Offers a range of alternative investment, equity, hedge and liquidity funds, with a focus on life-settlement funds.
  • Chordant Capital Partners, LLC A global lifesciences investment management company.
  • Clive Capital LLP A fund management company, specializing in the trading of fundamental, discretionary, diversified commodity intensive portfolios. All commodity groups are traded.
  • Colorado Capital Advisors Capital management firm that manages client private accounts as well as alternative investment products for qualified investors investing in the energy and natural resources sectors.
  • CooperNeff Proprietary trading and fund management.
  • Credit Suisse Hedge Index LLC Provides hedge fund indice and subindice performance and analytics.
  • Culross Global Management Limited A Fund of Funds manager specialising in themed portfolios of Hedge funds.
  • Cupps Capital Management Site includes a description of CCM's investment strategy, investment process and historical returns.
  • Damavan Fund Invests in diversified array of global top-down investments.
  • DB Advisors An Australia only fund manager offering individuals, financial advisers, institutions and private investors a full range of investment products and services
  • Eagle Rock Diversified Investment Fund Hedge Fund managed by Eagle Rock Partners. An exclusive membership-driven Hedge Fund Opportunity, for accredited potential individual, IRA, pension, corporate, trust, endowment, and family office investors
  • Eclectica Asset Management Founded in 2005 by two ex-partners of Odey Asset Management. It was established on the premise of performance-driven absolute return investing.
  • EIM Group Manager specialising in tailor-made Funds of Hedge Funds portfolios. A privately owned firm which prides itself on working independently and objectively.
  • Endevon Capital, LLC Manages multi-manager hedge fund portfolios for private clients, family offices and small institutions.
  • Epic Capital Management Inc. A long/short equity hedge fund. Our goal is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. The fund is managed by Dave Fawcett and Tom Schenkel.
  • Everest Capital A global investment advisory firm managing over $2 billion in a family of hedge funds for institutional and high net worth clients.
  • EWorld Fund Management LLC Specialized technology hedge fund.
  • Fabien Pictet & Partners Ltd Funds managed: FPP Emerging Hedge Fund I (Global, Absolute Return); FPP Emerging Markets Fund II (Global, Relative to MSCI); The 395 Fund (European Emerging Markets, Absolute Return; GEMs Bond Fund (Global Emerging Markets Absolute Return. Total AUM $200m USD.
  • Ferrell Capital Management Manager of a multi strategy Fund of Hedge Funds / Absolute Return Strategy. The fund features controlled risk, consistent compounded returns and a low correlation to the Standard and Poor's 500 Index. The firm specializes in risk management.
  • Fidulac Asset Management Geneva based advisory company.
  • First Capital Partners LLC Omaha based private equity & mezzanine debt fund.
  • FirstConInvest Hedge Fund Multi strategy Hedge Fund / Absolute Return investment platform.
  • Fix Asset Management Company specialises in the management of alternative investment portfolios since 1984.
  • FMG Selects the world's leading money managers and offers institutions and private investors a simple, effective and low-risk way to invest with them.
  • Frontier Markets Blog A blog maintained by Danfonds Frontier Markets SPC, a Cayman Island Hedge Fund.
  • Fundana Group Investment advisors based in Geneva that advise on Fund of Fund products.
  • Gedamo Investments Financial company offering asset management in the currency market.
  • Gerrity Capital Partners A performance based multi-strategy, multi-market real estate hedge fund.
  • Global Equities Management An asset management firm specialized in Emerging Markets.
  • Global Quant Capital Management Investment management company that invests using quantitative models in global markets.
  • GlobalHedge International Government Advisor and manager of the African Peace Fund, Ltd., an alternative investment and Goodwill Fund.
  • Gordon Asset Management A New York based firm which manages hedge fund of funds.
  • Gottex Fund Management Holdings Ltd A provider of alternative investment solutions and advisory services. Listed on Swiss stock exchange.
  • Gramercy Emerging markets investment manager based in Greenwich, CT. Offers include alternative and long-only strategies.
  • Gryphus Capital A Pan-Asian special situation investment firm.
  • Guaranteed Returns Diversified, Inc. (GRDI) Guaranteed consistent high returns. (SEC warning for individual investors)
  • Guidance Capital Alternative investment manager offering hedge fund of funds. The firm offers a variety of products focusing on absolute return as well as long biased equities.
  • Hedge Fund - Absolute Value Fund, LLLP An onshore hedge fund which utilizes a top-down value approach to investing.
  • Hedge Fund SA Information on the South African hedge fund market and includes information for potential investors and fund managers, as well as a database of local hedge funds.
  • Hoffman Asset Management Inc. Commodity hedge fund investments.
  • IKOS Fund Management Fund management for investments such as statistical arbitrage and global equity.
  • Indea Capital Pte Ltd A Singapore based investment advisor which run Indea Absolute Return Fund , a hedge fund investing in India and Indian companies globally.
  • Intelligo Capital Corporation An alternative investment fund based in Canada. They offer to meet the needs of institutions and high net worth individuals who are seeking to diversify their investment holdings. They focus their investment strategy on the following markets: foreign exchange, fixed income, and selective exchange traded index futures.
  • International Asset Management Multi-manager of hedge funds based in the UK, offering alternative investment strategies to clients in UK, Europe, USA and rest of the world. - Site requires FLASH to view
  • International Capital Investments Group, S.A. Panama based alternative investment manager.
  • Inventum Group An independent investment boutique utilizing absolute return strategies.
  • Ion Partners LLC High-net worth individuals and institutional investor hedge fund manager.
  • Jefferson V Sakk Asset Management Hedge fund manager specialized in emerging markets with objective to maximize investment portfolio alpha and outperform the benchmark consistently on a risk-adjusted basis.
  • Joy Asset Management ltd. A licensed Financial Service Advisor, Asset Management and Introducing Broker. They offer hedge funds and managed accounts.
  • Jupiter Asset Management Offshore hedge funds with a team of fund managers.
  • Kerrisdale Capital Management A private investment manager that focuses on value and special situations investments.
  • Kunlun Capital Value oriented and fundamentally driven investment management firm. It seeks to invest in Asian equities trading below their intrinsic value.
  • Lampe, Conway & Co. LLC Hedge Fund that specializes in distressed securities.
  • LGT Capital Partners and Castle An alternative asset and fund-of-funds manager in Europe, managing private equity and hedge fund investments on a global basis. Castle Alternative Invest is a global portfolio of hedge funds. Castle Private Equity is a global portfolio of private equity partnerships.
  • Lindsell Train Limited An independent Investment Management company that specialises in absolute return products.
  • LPK Investment Group, LLP Global alternative asset management firm headquartered in New York.
  • Lycos Canadian Hedge Funds Hedge funds managed by Lycos Asset Management Inc. a Canadian investment manager. The funds invest mainly in Canadian and US publicly traded securities using a fundamental value approach.
  • Lydia Capital Provides information of current events regarding the Lydia Capital Case.
  • m CAPITAL Investment European and Asian multi-strategy manager that will focus on investing across the capital structure with core strengths in distressed, restructurings and development capital (private transactions).
  • Mastic Investment Management Ltd. Investment manager for a a fundamentals driven, relative value fund investing in crude oil and refined products
  • Mellon Global Alternative Investments Provides information on MGAI's range of hedge fund of funds solutions.Web site contains sophisticated charting tools built specific to the alternative risk market.
  • Meridian Capital Advisors, LLC The general partner and Fund Manager of the Bertram Global Commodities Fund.
  • Millennium Global Investments A specialist currency and alternative investment manager with a global institutional client base. It provides active currency management using a fundamental discretionary approach, and a range of niche alternative products.
  • Morpheus Media Fund India Venture fund in India offering capital investments in Indian consumer brands for home, retail, personal care, education and healthcare services.
  • MSS Capital Multi fund manager, located in London and the Provider of Alternative Assets.
  • Newton Fund Long-term market timing fund that uses statistical analysis of fundamental stock and bond data.
  • Nine Points Management And Research Investment management company.
  • Noci Pictures Entertainment Fund that invests in tax advantaged film slates under IRS Section 181.
  • Oak Hill Advisors Independent investment firm specializing in leveraged loans, high yield bonds, distressed securities, structured products and turnaround private equity opportunities.
  • Octagon Capital Management A Singapore-based hedge fund company which adopts a quantitative approach to investing. They aim to generate superior absolute returns based on a disciplined quantitative investment process.
  • Odey Asset Management European hedge fund manager with $550 million under management.
  • Olympia Capital Management Fund of funds manager. Offices are located in Paris, New York, London and Zurich.
  • Omnia Capital Absolute return investment strategies for private and institutional investors. Focus on global corporate bonds and alternative investment funds. Asset management provided from Geneva, Switzerland
  • Omnium Capital Management Global equity long/short manager.
  • Pantheon Capital Management Mangers of Pantheon Partners, a conservative technology hedge fund in public stocks. Their stated goal is to maximize capital gains in both long and short positions. Leverage is rarely used.
  • Park Place Capital Limited UK-based investment advisory firm specializing in European long/short equity hedge funds. Founded 1991.
  • Patriot 28 Bridge and Opportunity Fund Proprietary strategy that invests in entrepreneurial growth companies and life settlements.
  • Pearl Capital Management The exclusive investment advisor and distributor, in close collaboration with Société Générale and Lyxor Asset Management, of the Lyxor Starhedge Master Fund, a fund of hedge funds.
  • Pentagram Investment Partners An experienced asset management firm offering focused investment products in alternative and more traditional asset classes developed after analysis of the global marketplace.
  • PF Hedge Football betting as an altenrative investmetn strategy.
  • PrivateMortgageInvestment.com High-yield private mortgage investment partnership.
  • Prodis Advisors SA Alternative investment specialist.
  • Rosseau Asset Management Specializes in alternative long term investment strategies.
  • Rymer Wealth Management Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) that uses trend following strategies.
  • SALUS ALPHA An alternative strategies and fund of hedge funds manager headquartered in Europe.
  • SAM Capital Partners Limited Strategy actively trades a long/short portfolio of highly liquid European large cap stocks and index futures with a short term time horizon.
  • Sascam Global I The first German Managed Futures Fund established under the legal form of an investment stock corporation with variable capital (the German equivalent to the Luxembourg SICAV), meeting all reporting and tax transparency criteria of the German Investment Act.
  • Scandium Asset Management An offshore hedge fund of funds that seeks above average risk adjusted returns with no correlation to equity or bond markets.
  • Schultze Assest Management, LLC. Hedge fund management company. Specializes in the turnaround of bankrupt companies.
  • SelectFunds Fund promoter and distributor of alternative investment funds and specialist services to investment advisers.
  • Sigma Fund Luxembourg Sicav comprising three hedge funds: Sigma Fund Universal, Sigma Fund Valencia and Sigma Fund Man. Attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional assets.
  • SKIRITAI Capital LLC Investment fund in small and microcap companies.
  • Southern Sun Asset Management Established in 1989, assembles portfolios of niche-dominant companies with management adaptability and financial strength.
  • SP Trader Fund Investment Futures Fund with $150mm under management.
  • Sprott Asset Management Inc. Investment manager of hedge funds for high net worth individuals and institutional investors.
  • Staats Capital Management A private investment fund focused on undervalued securities and arbitrage situations.
  • Stallia Capital Management Scientific investment research and portfolio management for individuals, families, businesses and institutions
  • Striker Capital Management Limited Multi-strategy asset management company based in Hong Kong, regulated by the SFC. Employs alternative investment strategies involving quantitative analytics, portfolio management, private equity deals, investment vehicles, and time horizons.
  • Sun Capital Partners, Inc. Private investment firm focused on leveraged buyouts, private equity, debt and other investments.
  • SunKosi Capital Alternative investments asset manager based in the United States.
  • Superfund Hedge Funds for the private investor.
  • Tailwind Capital Investment fund focused on middle market companies in the healthcare and business & communications services sectors.
  • Telesis Capital LLC An investment manager focused on quantitative strategies including high frequency trading. This manager uses separate accounts to create multi-manager portfolios.
  • The Abernathy Group Long/Short equity alternative asset management firm located in New York City.
  • The Hedge Fund Consistency Index Newsletter Ranks and profiles on a risk-adjusted basis the most consistently performing Hedge Funds.
  • The Man Group Provider of alternative investment products and solutions as well as a futures broker.
  • The RMF Investment Group An independent Alternative Investment Advisor focused on Institutional Clients including insurance companies, banks, pension funds, large corporations and distribution intermediaries. Not available to US or UK residents.
  • The Rohatyn Group Emerging-market hedge fund based in New York and headed by Nicolas Rohatyn, formerly of J.P.Morgan.
  • Tidewater Capital Management, Inc. Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  • Trend Accounts A Research and due diligence broker within the alternative investment Arena.
  • Tufton Oceanic Fund Management firm for the Maritime and Energy related sectors.
  • TurnMill Fund A hedge fund that seeks to provide its clients absolute returns by utilizing a wide variety of traditional and alternative investment instruments available in the US financial markets.
  • Unicom Capital French hedge fund and managed accounts.
  • Unicom Capital LLC An investment management firm specializing in the global equities market.
  • Vanguard Axis LLC Absolute return manager specializing in systematic, technical and fundamental investment strategies in currencies.
  • VI Funds Inc. Long/Short fund utilizing a value investment methodology.
  • Vision Capital Management Alternative investment firm specializing in managed futures.
  • Vision Investment Management Asia based hedge fund specialist headquartered in Hong Kong that offers fund products as well as proprietary hedge funds.
  • VN Capital Management, LLC A non-registered investment advisory firm located in New York, New York that manages the VN Capital Fund I, LP, a Delaware based hedge fund that holds a concentrated portfolio of small-cap equities.
  • Wakabayashi Fund LLC A private equity firm with offices in Tokyo, Japan and New York, NY, provides corporate capitalization and investor relations consulting services.
  • WSA Advanced Strategies Wall Street Access (WSA) Advanced Strategies LLC manages a multi-strategy fund of hedge funds, employing long-short equity managers who select among funds with an overall net long bias.
  • Z Capital Partners L.L.C. An alternative asset investment management company.
  • Zen Capital Management Global Macro Hedge Fund based in Sydney, Australia.
  • Zephyr Management Asset management company with various international funds.

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