About this category: This category lists companies that design or manufacture precision optical components including lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, diffraction gratings, and assembled optics such as prisms and beamsplitters.

Other languages: Chinese Simplified.

  • Advanced Optics, Inc. Manufacturer of stock and custom optics including optical flats, front surface mirrors, and optical grade windows. Wisconsin.
  • Align Optics, Inc. Manufacturer of stock and custom windows, mirrors, lenses, pentaprisms, ball lenses, and other optics. Florida.
  • Alkor Technologies Co. Manfucturer of precision optics including windows, prisms, and mirrors. Specializing in optical crystals. St Petersburg.
  • Almaz Optics, Inc. Distributor of optics including lenses, windows, prisms, blanks, and crystals. Surplus finished optics. New Jersey.
  • Altechna Co. Ltd. Stock and custom optics, optomechanics, laser crystals, positioners. Lithuania.
  • Anteryon BV Anteryon is an innovative high tech optical solutions company from component to product level. Netherlands.
  • Asahi Optical Filters and Instruments Design and manufacture of optical filters, from UV to NIR.
  • Astro Optics Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of optics including lenses, windows, prisms, filters, and specialty components. India.
  • Bach Research Corporation Manufacturer of custom precision optics and gratings. Colorado.
  • Berliner Glas KGaA Manufacturer of optics including lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, filters, and assemblies. Berlin.
  • Bern Optics, Inc. Manufacturer of custom precision optics including, axicons, lenses, prisms, mirrors, and filters. Specializing in miniature and micro-optics. Massachusetts.
  • Bolder Vision Optik Manufacturer of custom and standard waveplates, liquid crystal components and polarizers. Colorado.
  • Bond Optics LLC Manufacturer of precision custom optics including lenses, mirrors, prisms, and specialty large, deformable, or lightweight optics. New Hampshire.
  • Changchun Fortune Optronics,Inc. Manufacturer of precision optics including Lenses, windows, mirrors, and prisms. Specializing in cylindrical, ball, and rod lenses. China
  • Codixx AG Manufacturer of polarizers for infrared, ultraviolet and visible spectra range, and of structured and LED based large display systems. Germany
  • Crystal River Optics Custom fabrication of optical components.
  • Crystech Coating Inc. Custom optical coatings, specializing in laser, filter, and polarization optics. Qingdao, China.
  • Datasensor Optics Manufacturer of glass and plastic optical components including lenses, windows, prisms, and objectives. Also manufactures optics for illuminators and solid-state lighting. Italy.
  • Datasensor Optics SpA Manufacturer of precision glass and plastic optics, optical systems, and lenses for solid state lighting. Italy.
  • Diamond Turning, Inc. Offers single-point diamond turning of non-ferrous metals, crystals, and polymers for custom optics. New Hampshire.
  • Drews Optical, Inc. Manufacturer of custom precision flat optics. Specializing in odd shapes and sizes up to 24 inches in diameter. California.
  • Electro-Optical Products Corporation Manufactures optical modulators, choppers, shutters, scanners, galvos, and drivers. New York
  • Esco Products Manufacturers of custom and catalog optics since 1953.
  • eSource Optics Provider of optical components, specializing in filters. Stock items available from web storefront. Massachusetts.
  • Ferson Optics, Inc. Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, and coated and assembled optics. Mississippi.
  • Glass Dynamics, LLC Manufacturer of custom optics including coated optics, blown glass, glass tubing, architectural glass, and bonded assemblies. New Jersey.
  • Glass Fab, Inc. Fabricates unfinished optics from raw optical glass stock. Services include grinding, cutting, slicing, and CNC machining. Rochester.
  • Glass Mountain Optics, Inc. Custom optics design and manufacturing, specializing in massive optical components and immersive collimated display systems for simulation applications. Texas.
  • Global Precision Optics Custom fabricated optical components for aerospace, defense, medical, commercial and research applications.
  • GratingWorks Co., Ltd Producer of holographic gratings and diffractive optics. Ningbo, China.
  • Guild Optical Associates, Inc. Manufacturer of custom lenses, windows, mirrors, and optics. Specializes in sapphire optics. New Hampshire.
  • Hauser Optik GmbH & Co. Precision optics for lighting and projection systems, specializing in precision spheres. Germany.
  • Headwall Photonics Designs and manufactures advanced optical solutions that manage wavelengths. Core expertise in holographic gratings. Massachusetts.
  • Heptagon Supplier of diffractive and refractive micro-optics.
  • Holographix LLC Manufacturer of custom replicated mirrors and lenses, holographic diffraction gratings, and diffractive optical systems. Massachusetts
  • Ibsen Photonics Manufacturer of phase masks and mastered holographic transmission gratings, etched in fused silica. Denmark.
  • II-VI Incorporated Industrial CO2 laser optics OEM supplier.
  • Ikeda Lens Industrial Co., Ltd Japan. Manufacturers of glass and plastic lenses for spectacles, magnifying glasses and microscopes. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Japanese.
  • ILphotonics Photonics and fiber optics components reseller in Israel.
  • International Polarizer, Inc. Supplier of polarized films for eyewear, retarder film, and circular polarizers. Massachusetts.
  • ISP Optics Manufacturer of precision optics including windows, wedges, lenses, domes, prisms, polarizers, filters, microptics, and beamsplitters. New York / Russia.
  • Kaleido Technology Manufacturer of precision molded micro-optical components and subsystems. Denmark.
  • Keystone Crystal Corporation Producer of cadmium telluride and cadmium zinc telluride products. Crystals grown, sawed, fabricated, and polished. Pennsylvania.
  • Kryptronic Lasertainment - Stefan Horvath Catalog supplier of optics, optomechanics, mounts, and positioning equipment. Munich.
  • Light Works Designer and manufacturer of telecentric lenses, optical field splitters, and engineering services.
  • Lightwave Enterprises Inc. Prototyping and production of high precision plastic optics through both injection molding and single point diamond turning. Rochester.
  • Max Levy Autograph, Inc. Specializes in patterned optics. Standard products include targets, encoders, calibration grids, and precision metal parts.
  • MediVision Optics Manufacturer of custom precision optics including lenses, prisms, mirrors, and filters. Also offers modeling of optical systems. Bellorussia / California.
  • Model Optics, Inc. Manufacturer of custom precision optics including lenses, prisms, mirrors, and filters. Offers raw glass and coated and assembled optics. New York.
  • Moonlight Optics Optical shop offering windows, mirrors, beamsplitters, lenses, and optical coatings. Nanjing, China.
  • OP-Unite Solution Specializes in precision optical components with kinds of coatings. Such as lens, window, mirror, filter, prism, beamsplitter, assembly, and crystal. China.
  • OPCO Laboratory, Inc. Optical shop offering fabrication, polishing, and thin-film coating of optics and custom optical assemblies. Massachusetts.
  • Optics In Motion LLC Fast steering mirrors, beam stabilizers, voice coil mirrors.
  • Opto Engineering Offer standard products, such as telecentric lenses and LED illuminators.
  • Optographics Manufacturers of lenses, prisms, mirrors, beam splitters, filters. New York.
  • OptoLife Optics Manufacturer of custom precision optics including aspheric lenses, mirrors, prisms, and windows. Shanghai.
  • Optometrics LLC / Dynasil Manufacturer of optical components and instruments. Massachusetts.
  • P&P Optica Inc. Optical consulting and spectrometer manufacturer. Provides high performance, multichannel, and imaging spectrometers. Offers optical design, prototyping and manufacturing services for custom optics. Ontario, Canada.
  • PG&O - Precision Glass and Optics Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, mirrors, prisms, and assemled optics. Offers raw glass through coating and assembly. California.
  • PLX Inc. Manufactures complex optics including retroreflectors, pentaprisms, and monolithic interferometers. New York.
  • Precision Glass Products Co. Fabrication of fused quartz and glass components including quartz jigs and fixtures. Pennsylvania.
  • Precision Photonics Corp Manufacturerer of stock and custom optics including etalons, prisms, beasmplitters, micro-optics, composite laser structures, laser mirrors and polarizers. Offers epoxy-free bonding, ultrahigh-tolerances and ion-beam-sputtered coatings. Colorado.
  • Singapore Optics Shop Singapore Optics shop retail laser optics and fiber optical components covering the entire spectrum from UV to FIR.
  • Spectral Systems LLC Manufacturer of optics. Specializes in the production of spectroscopy optics for UV and IR regions. New York.
  • Spectrum Scientific, Inc. Manufacturer of custom holographic gratings and precision replicated optical components. Irvine.
  • Sterling Precision Optics Optics fabrication and manufacturing shop offering slicing, CNC machining, grinding, and polishing of optics from raw stock. Illinois.
  • Suss MicroOptics Manufacturer of refractive microlens arrays and micro-optics. Switzerland.
  • Sydor Optics, Inc. Precision optics manufacturer specializing in flat surfaced optics. High-volume double-sided grinding and polishing capabilities to 18" diameter along with CNC machining of glass. Rochester.
  • Syntec Optics Manufacturer of polymer optics, optics molds, and diamond turned optics. Specializing in tight tolerances and high-index polymers. Rochester, New York.
  • Triformix, Inc. Design, manufacture, and assembly of precision polymer injection molded optical subassemblies. California.
  • Universal Optics Manufacturing Company Optical components manufacturer in China.
  • Valley Design Edge and angle polishing of waveguides, edge mirrors and beamsplitters in fused silica, silicon, sapphire, LiN, Pyrex, LiTa03 and other materials used in optical and optoelectric devices.
  • Wasatch Photonics, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of volume phase gratings, holographic gratings, and diffractive optics. California.
  • Westchester Technologies Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, mirrors, windows, prisms, and micro optical elements. New York.
  • WZW-optic AG Optical shop offering cutting, grinding, polishing, coating, bonding, and assembly of precision optics. Switzerland.
  • ZYGO Optical Systems Providing optical system design and manufacturing services, and fabrication of precision plano and spherical surface optics ranging in size from 8 mm to more than 1 meter. Costa Mesa.

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