This category contains sites related to the manufacture, supply, and servicing of instruments, devices, and equipment used to ensure the safe, efficient, and effective operation and condition of machinery, machine parts, and a variety of manufactured items. Some sites have a narrow application to an industry or product, but most have a broad range of applicability. In turn, while outside testing is preferred from time to time, the norm is to carry it out on the shop floor, as an attached or integral part of machinery, or through an in-house laboratory. Often enough, too, the testing process forms part of a predictive or preventive maintenance program.

Other languages: German, Russian.

  • Adelaide Testing Machines Inc. Canada. Manufactures standard and custom stand alone and computer controlled mechanical load testing machines. Focus is on tensile, tension, compression, and torsion measurements.
  • Admet Inc. Sells new, used, and reconditioned electromechanical and hydraulic machines for testing tension, compression, and bending properties of materials and components. Can also retrofit existing equipment.
  • ALL-TEST Pro Instruments Hand-held Instruments and software for troubleshooting, testing, and predictive maintenance monitoring of electric motors and transformers.
  • Ashian Engineers Co India. Manufacturers of a range of universal testing machines, equipment and instruments for industrial laboratories. Also, digital process control instruments. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
  • Automation Engineering, Inc. Specializes in electric motors, motor components, and electro-mechanical device testing. Experience range from testing subfractional motors to sophisticated dynamometers for large integral motors.
  • B.S. Pyromatic India Private Ltd. Manufactures range of laboratory and testing equipment. Includes imaging software, microscopes, quality control analysis and specimen preparation units, and metallography testing and analysis instruments.
  • Barbee Engineered Testing Systems Manufactures range of standard and custom built, portable and stationary hydrostatic equipment. Includes valve testers, hose testers, hydraulic power units, and test stands.
  • Bint S.r.l. Manufacture of stroboscopes for industrial applications.
  • C&C Technologies Inc. Sells, services, and leases broad range of environmental testing equipment; provides inhouse and onsite calibration service; and offers testing for such conditions as salt fog, thermal shock, vibration, and temperature/humidity.
  • Casteel Industries Distributes various models of hardness testing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Can also supply associated software.
  • Chennai Metco Pvt Ltd India. Specializes in metallography testing equipment and services. Products include hardness testers, image analysis systems, and microscopes. Services include calibration, repair, and reconstruction of equipment.
  • Climatic Testing Systems Inc. Manufactures test equipment for automotive A/C and HVAC products, including endurance test units, calorimeters, and life cycle test stands. Also produces environmental rooms, incubators, and freezers for life sciences industries.
  • CoMech Ltd. UK. Provides wide array of inspection and approval services. Includes mechanical and nondestructive testing, calibration, chemical analysis, product failure checks, welding certification, and tests of pressure systems and lifting equipment.
  • Connection Technology Center Specializes in supply of accelerometers for vibration analysis, as well as associated mounting and installation hardware and tools. Site provides product information and list of available manuals and published literature.
  • Corporate Consulting, Service & Instruments Inc. Manufactures range of testing instruments, primarily for the rubber, plastic, and textile industries. Includes determination of abrasion, adhesion, compression, elongation, hardness, resilience, and specific gravity.
  • Dare Instruments Manufacturer of kinematic viscometers for used oil analysis.
  • Delmhorst Instrument Co. Manufactures variety of meters for measuring and determining presence of moisture in wide range of materials. Applications include agricultural, paper, construction, leather, and woodworking industries.
  • Deluca Test Equipment Inc. Custom design and manufacture of test equipment for pressure relief valves (steam, air, gas and liquid) that meet ASME and NBIC requirements. Also provides consulting services and web-based PRV repair seminars.
  • Digatron & Firing Circuits Group of companies specializing in manufacture and supply of computer controlled systems for ensuring and testing efficacy of batteries and fuel cells. Site provides details of applications and underlying technology.
  • Digiwork Instruments North American representative for manufacturers of scientific instruments in China of hardness tester, surface roughness tester as well as ultrasonic thickness tester.
  • Dyer Gage Company Importer and manufacturer of precision measuring instruments for industry. Custom gages for specific gaging needs made to customer's specifications.
  • DYNA-MESS Prüftechnik GmbH Germany. Manufactures broad range of horizontal, vertical, and tabletop testing instruments. Includes dynamic, tension, torsion, elasticity, and fatigue models. Mainly serves the automotive industry.
  • Dytran Instruments Inc. Manufactures variety of dynamic testing equipment. Includes pressure and force sensors, accelerometers, impulse hammers, and signal conditioners. Site includes detailed information regarding products and applications.
  • E.J. Cady and Company Manufactures, sells, repairs, and calibrates micrometers and precision measuring and testing instruments. Tools for a variety of precision measuring and testing needs.
  • Eastwest Engineering & Electronics Co. India. Manufactures a broad range of non-destructive testing equipment and accessories. Includes x-ray units, magnetic particle and dye penetrant detectors, ultrasonic thickness gages and flaw detectors, and hardness testers.
  • Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures specialized test equipment for rubber and related materials. Property range includes rheology, viscosity, vulcanization, elasticity, and tensile strength.
  • Elca Laboratories India. Provide broad range of physical, chemical, and metallurgical testing services. Includes carbon and sulphur analysis, vacuum emission readings, calibration tests, and measurements of hardness, fluorescence, and corrosion.
  • Electrical Controls Inc. Manufactures system for testing refrigeration bearing appliances. Comprises units for component verification and helium leak, performance run, control panel, and electrical safety checks. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Electromatic Equipment Co. Inc. Broad range of industrial measuring and test instruments. Includes tachometers and stroboscopes, tension meters, force gauges, textile and wire test instruments, and coating and wall thickness gauges. Literature for different products available upon request.
  • Electronic Systems of Wisconsin, Inc. Testing solutions for the electric motor industry. Product line ranges from small bench-top testers to full-size production line testers for testing motors, armatures, stators, and fields.
  • Engineering Systems ( Nottingham) UK. Manufactures compressive, tensile, and hardness desktop testing machines. Site provides detailed information regarding available models.
  • Euroteck Systems Ltd UK. Sales of new and used non destructive test instruments and systems. Services include calibration, repairs, and refurbishing of existing equipment.
  • Excalibur Engineering Specializes in supply of reconditioned sound and vibration test equipment. Also offers calibration service and offers products for purchase, rental, and lease. Site includes detailed explanation of sound and vibration fundamentals.
  • Fine Group India. Inter-related companies specializing in manufacture of material testing and dynamic balancing equipment. Applications include tests of hardness, tension, torsion, impact, compression, fatigue, and coating elasticity.
  • Fluid Power Associates, Inc. Engineering, design, and manufacturing of hydraulic test equipment and test systems to evaluate equipment used in the automotive manufacturing industry.
  • Fotec Inc. Full service manufacturers of fiber-optic test equipment. Site includes product information and details of available training programs and literature related to fiber-optic technology.
  • G.N.R. S.r.l. Italy. Produces range of optical emission spectrometers for analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys. Includes laboratory, on site, and bench models.
  • General Inspection Inc. Manufactures range of automated sorting, gauging, and inspection systems. Capabilities include laser, eddy current, and acoustic technologies for identifying metallurgical defects and missing features.
  • Gesellschaft fur Industrieforschung MBH Germany. Specializes in design and supply of testing equipment for the automotive industry. Objectives are determination of durability, comfort, safety, and economy levels of full vehicles, powertrains, and transmissions.
  • Global Gauge Corporation Manufacture x-ray thickness gauges for the metals, paper, plastics, rubber and ceramics industries.
  • GPE Inc. Engineering company specializing in design, supply, and maintenance of geotechnical testing equipment. Applications include drilled shaft inspection and soil exploration. Services include equipment leasing and rental.
  • Gray's Engineering & Consulting Inc. Sells used environmental and other testing equipment. Also offers consulting, repair, reconditioning, and installation services, as well as help in designing or expanding test laboratories.
  • Gretag-Macbeth AG Switzerland. Supplies products, systems, and software for quantifying, communicating, managing, and simulating color. Applications include paint, plastics, textiles, graphic arts, inks, and printing industries.
  • Hemetek Techno Instruments Pvt., Ltd India. Manufacturers' representatives and distributors of a wide range of materials testing instruments for the plastics, electronics, mechanical and food products industries. Also, operator training services.
  • Horiba Ltd. Produces analytical and measuring devices for research and development, as well as quality control segments of semi-conductor, industrial process, healthcare, and environmental industries.
  • Humboldt Mfg. Co. Full service manufacturers of equipment for testing soil, asphalt, and concrete conditions such as density, permeability, and moisture. Can also supply broad range of laboratory accessories.
  • Hydraulic Technology Inc. Manufactures hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical testing equipment for automotive, industrial, and military ground support applications. Site provides details of hydrostatic testers and other available products.
  • IJP Electronics cc South Africa. Manufactures variety of equipment for testing mechanical strength, electrical safety, heating capacity, and fire and insulation properties. Also produces device for relief of arthritic pain and other medical conditions.
  • Imada Inc. Designs and manufactures mechanical and digital force gauges, test stands and accessories. Online data sheets and mechanical drawings.
  • Image Automation Manufacture of glass inspection systems to detect and locate imperfections during manufacture and laser Doppler vibrometers for non-contact vibration measurement.
  • IMASS Inc. Manufactures test instruments for dynamic mechanical analysis and dielectric analysis, plus a range of products for testing slip/peel/friction characteristics of self-adhesive and pressure sensitive materials.
  • Industrial Automation Systems Inc. Specializes in design and supply of controls and instruments to monitor and gage mechanical, electrical, and fluid properties in broad range of manufacturing industries. Site includes list of sample applications.
  • INSPEX Finland. Manufactures X-ray inspection equipment for product inspection. Capabilities include detection of defects and contaminants. Includes manual stand alone and automated in-line models.
  • Instrument Sales and Service UK. Information site providing links to details of available test equipment and instruments, calibration services, hire facilities, and on line purchase arrangements.
  • Intron Plus, Ltd Manufacturer of portable, fully computerized NDT instruments for testing wire ropes of any construction and size and steel-cord conveyor belts. Provides world wide NDT inspection service of wire ropes and steel-cord conveyor belts.
  • ITW Heartland. Manufactures gear inspection equipment for measuring quality and performance attributes including runout, size, tooth action, nicks, and taper. Also makes a line of gear burnishing equipment.
  • Kamal Group India. Produces tensile and textile testing machines, electronic weigh bridges, platform and table top scales. Also produces needle looms and mini offset printing machines.
  • KB Engineering Distributes broad range of test equipment. Includes environmental, package, product, and vibration test products and related recording and analysis software. Also provides testing services and sells refuse/recycling compactors.
  • Kittiwake Development Ltd Full service supplier of oil and water testing, sampling, and dosing equipment for petroleum, chemical, naval, and merchant marine industries. Includes profile, product and application information, safety data sheets, and global dealer locator.
  • Koslow Scientific Company Manufactures kits for identifying and testing metals, alloys, coatings, and passivation conditions. Range includes recognition of steels, nickel, brasses, bronzes, and aluminum and titanium alloys.
  • Krystal Elmec Supplies and services balancing and material testing machines. Applications include compression, hardness, impact, tensile strength, and torsion tests, as well as analysis and correction of different forms of imbalance.
  • Kudale Instruments (P) Ltd. Located in India. Manufactures a range of measuring instruments and testing devices with some emphasis on automotive applications. Also offers calibration and repair services.
  • L.A.B. Equipment Inc. Manufactures broad range of product and package testing equipment and systems, including related software programs. Applications include vibration, compression, drop, and impact tests.
  • Laser Technology, Inc. Holography, shearography, NDT systems, services, and training.
  • Laser-View Technologies Inc. Manufactures standard and customized non-contact inspection equipment. Capabilities include gaging, profiling, and content detection of processed food, pharmaceutical items, formed parts, packages, and assembled products.
  • Lectromax Australia Pty. Ltd. Australia. Specializes in magnetic particle inspection equipment, with focus on non destructive test instruments designed to detect flaws and cracks in ferrous materials. Also stocks range of related accessories and consumables.
  • Logis-Tech Associates Manufacturer of portable ultrasonic leak and stethoscope detectors suitable for compressed air, vacuums, tanks, mechanical malfunctions, worn bearings and gears.
  • Louis C. Eitzen Co. Manufacturer of a Visgage viscometer and a portable Brinell meter for testing the hardness of metals.
  • Magwerks Corporation Manufactures range of magnetic particle inspection equipment, accessories, and supplies. Purpose is detection of flaws in ferrous components and materials. Site includes details of products, process, and applications.
  • Mahr GmbH Germany. Group of companies manufacturing broad range of measuring and testing products. Applications include automotive, machine tools, optics, electronics, and other industries producing and using precision mechanical equipment.
  • Maverick Inspection Ltd. Canada. Specializes in remote visual testing and infrared thermography inspection service, ground penetrating radar inspections, and related equipment sales and rental, and associated training seminars.
  • Metrum Polish manufacturer of measuring and test systems, machine vision systems and durability testers. [Polish, English, German]
  • Micro-Metrics Company Manufactures selection of paint and coating inspection devices and related accessories. Applications include thickness measurement and microscopic detection of substrate and film defects.
  • Micro-Vu Corporation Manufacturer of high precision manual and automated optical comparators and measurement systems used by the manufacturing industry.
  • MotornostiX Specializes in supply of web-based systems for continuous monitoring of electrical and mechanical rotating equipment. Applications include motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, compressors, rollers, conveyors, and crushers.
  • MS Laboratory Instruments Specializes in supply of specimen dies and hand, pneumatic, and hydraulic sample presses. Also provides die sharpening service.
  • Mt. Hood Infrared Services Provides onsite inspections to detect hot spots in electrical equipment such as switches, panels, motors, circuit breakers, substations, and transformers. Can form form part of predictive/preventative maintenance programs.
  • MTI Instruments Inc. Specializes in laboratory and industrial fiberoptic, capacitive, and laser non-contact equipment and instruments to measure position, displacement, and vibration. Site includes technical articles explaining and discussing applications.
  • Mustang Dynamometer Manufactures advanced testing equipment for the transportation, aviation, materials handling, and motorsports industries. Products include chassis and engine dynamometers, as well as custom engineered test systems.
  • Myron L Company Specializes in supply of portable conductivity systems for determining water quality and chemical concentration in a variety of commercial and industrial situations. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • OFI Testing Equipment Inc. Provides range of testing instruments, reagents, accessories, and supplies for the drilling fluids, cementing, and wastewater industries. Site includes detailed product and application information.
  • PBI-Dansensor AS Denmark. Design and manufacture of gas instrumentation equipment for on- and off-line process control and laboratories. Water and gas permeability testing equipment for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, textile and chemical industries. Calendar of events.
  • PdMA Corporation Manufactures portable test equipment for determining electrical reliability of static and dynamic motors. Also provides laboratory tests of lubricants, including ability to remove radioactive contaminants.
  • Powertek UK. Manufacture and distribution of electrical test and measuring equipment. Market includes supply utilities as well as manufacturers working in power electronics, conversion, component, and control industries.
  • REM Technology Inc. Canada. Specializes in design and supply of diagnostic and safety shutdown equipment, with particular application to reciprocating engines and compressors. Site includes product information and detailed technical notes.
  • REN Corporation Manufacturer of hydraulic test equipment and complex microprocessor controlled industrial systems for quality assurance test applications relating to the fluid power industry.
  • Resonic Technology Inc. Manufactures non-destructive test equipment for the metalworking industries. Site describes the use of electro-magnetic acoustic transducers in testing metal parts, metal fasteners, and wire products.
  • ReTest Equipment Resources for mechanical test engineers. Includes equipment buying and selling, training classes, bulletin boards, chat room, equipment reviews, and employment.
  • Rex Gauge Company Inc. Manufactures selection of durometers and related accessories. Use is for measuring hardness in nonmetallic materials such as rubber and plastics. Site includes product and detailed technical information.
  • Rice Hydro Inc. Manufactures range of hydrostatic test pumps. Applications include oil, gas, steam, and underground water lines; sprinkler systems; and fire hoses. Additional product line comprises hydraulic post hole diggers and accessories.
  • Roberts Testing Equipment Inc. Produces test equipment for the crane and rigging industry. Site includes information regarding horizontal, vertical, and portable test machines with details of capabilities, installation and operation.
  • S-T Industries Inc. Specializes in manufacture of optical comparators and video inspection systems. Site provides detailed information regarding available models and range of applications.
  • Sentech Inc. Manufactures position transducers in a variety of configurations. Includes linear and rotary variable displacement versions, as well as sensors for hydraulic cylinder applications.
  • Sharples Stress Engineers Ltd Manufacturers of strain viewers, polarimeters, and polariscopes for the glass and plastics industries.
  • Smart Gauges Produces digital gauges for measuring thickness of coatings and plating on film and ferrous and nonferrous materials. Additional lines include laser and displacement gauges. Site provides detailed product information.
  • SpectraQuest Inc. Specializes in machinery fault simulation products and advice regarding remedies to reduce bearing failure, shaft misalignment, and balance problems. Also provides training and technical support for predictive maintenance programs.
  • Spectrum Instruments Ltd. Canada. Specializes in broad range of condition monitoring instruments. Applications include vibration and electrical motor analysis, optical inspection, and infrared temperature measurement and imagery.
  • Suyash Preci-Lap Aids India. Manufactures selection of plug and ring limit gauges in tungsten carbide and steel. Site describes range of available products.
  • Symacon Germany. Produces automated quality control and assembly systems for the automotive industry. Symacon-Vision - quality control systems for labels, imprints and embossments. Eddy-current test equipment. Specializes in industrial electronics and engineering. [German, English]
  • Technical Services Group Inc. Manufactures and service nondestructive x-ray testing equipment and accessories. Includes inspection systems, x-ray cabinets, image processing units, and radiation monitoring instruments.
  • Tentel Corporation Manufactures mechanical test equipment and accessories and provides maintenance training programs for video and broadcast engineers. Applications include tests of tape tension, spindle height, dial torque, and head protusion.
  • Test Development Innovators L.C.C. Custom design and manufacture of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical testing equipment and machines to meet customer special and/or unique requirements. Site includes examples of recent installations.
  • Testek, Inc. Designs and builds custom test stands, test equipment, test systems for global automotive and aerospace industries.
  • Tester Sangyo Co. Ltd. Japan. Manufactures wide range of testing equipment. Includes tensile, compression, impact, fatigue, creep, abrasion, hardness, and stiffness models. Primary markets are the pulp, paper, plastic, and fiber industries.
  • TesterStore Supplier of test equipment and data logger.
  • Time Group Inc. China. Manufactures broad selection of devices for testing hardness, roughness, vibration, coating thickness, and absence of material flaws. Also produces line of welding machines and power sources.
  • Tram A/S Denmark. Manufactures broad selection of mechanical and geometrical testing equipment and associated software. Applications include compression, hardness, friction, impact, tensile strength, and dimensions.
  • Unik Gauges & Tools India. Manufactures selection of thread and plain plug and ring gauges, as well as snap gauges and measuring pins. Site provides detailed product rang information.
  • Universal Motion Incorporated Manufacturer of metallography equipment, precision measuring and testing instruments, foundry equipment and machine tools. From India.
  • VanKel Specializes in supply and technical support of dissolution and physical testing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Offers educational seminars in several countries and issues detailed product catalogue.
  • Ventil Test Equipment B.V. The Netherlands. Manufactures test units for safety, control, and regular types of valves. Can also supply valve reconditioning equipment. Site incorporates access to downloadable brochure.
  • Vibra-Metrics Specializes in manufacture of vibration sensors, monitoring systems, and related accessories. Includes data collection and imagery equipment to facilitate predictive maintenance in wide range of operating conditions.
  • Vibrac Corporation Manufacturers wide range of torque test and analysis equipment. Includes units for small motors and computer peripherals; automotive and aerospace applications; and food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Vibration Specialty Corporation Specializes in manufacture of machinery condition monitoring equipment. Applications include tests of vibration, balance, and alignment, as well as infrared thermography. Also provides range of training seminars.
  • Vibratronics Inc Specializes in sales and service of vibration monitoring equipment and laser alignment systems. Site incorporates links to detailed product and application information.
  • Wagner Electronics Inc Development and sales of equipment to measure moisture in wood and concrete, with product details, company information, and online ordering. Oregon, USA.
  • Webber EM Inc. Manufacturers automotive emission test equipment. Includes sealed housing units for evaporation tests; fuel conditioning and dispensing carts; and proportional speed fans. Site incorporates downloadable product brochures.
  • Xcite Systems Corporation Manufactures modal excitation systems to determine dynamic behaviour of machinery and structures in a wide range of industries. Site incorporates detailed explanation of equipment, methodology, and applications.

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