This category contains sites concerned with the manufacture, sale, and service of surface preparation and finishing equipment that uses some form of abrasive media to produce a deburred, descaled, cleaned, or finished result. By extension, the category includes sources of supply for such related products as air compressors, fittings, guns, hoses, and, of course, the abrasives themselves. Note: Some equipment manufacturers offer to do sandblasting and the like for customers, but the majority of companies that specialize in this type of service tend to confine themselves to a reasonably local market. Sites of this kind should therefore be more properly directed to appropriate Regional/Localities categories, rather than expecting to have themselves indexed in this or any other Business section of the Open Directory.

Other languages: German.

  • Ace Automotive Cleaning Equipment Manufactures selection of sandblast cabinets and portable abrasive blasting equipment. Can also supply blasting accessories and media. Site provides details of available products.
  • ACE Engineering Products UK. Manufacturer of portable pressure sandblasting equipment and accessories.
  • Advanced Deburring and Finishing Full service manufacturers and distributors of surface preparation and finishing equipment and supplies. Range includes deburring, parts washing, filtration, deep hole drilling, and blast cleaning products and services.
  • Airblast B.V. The Netherlands. Manufactures wet and dry blast and finishing equipment. Extensive range of products includes blasting and paintspray units and cabinets, nozzles, hoses, couplings, protective wear, and abrasive media.
  • Best of Blasting Portal dealing with industrial abrasive blasting applications and activities. Includes news, events, user forum, technical information, and links to additional resources. Presented by Wheelabrator Allevard of France.
  • Blastman Robotics Ltd Finland. Manufactures robotic surface cleaning systems. Customized applications include rail, foundry, and metal treatment industries. Site describes features.
  • Blastrac UK. Design, development and manufacture of a variety of surface preparation systems for industrial applications.
  • Brian Cook Engineering Ltd UK. Refurbishes, rebuilds, services, and repairs airless rotary barrel blast cleaning machines and dust extraction equipment. Can supply independent and sub door units, new duct work, control panels, spares, and abrasives.
  • Carolina Equipment & Supply Company Inc. Manufactures wide range of abrasive/water blasting and paint spraying/curing products. Includes abrasive media, booths, cabinets, nozzles, guns, and safety items. Site incorporates online catalogue and ordering facility.
  • CePe System Germany. Manufactures small, medium, and large sandblasting units suitable for variety of applications, including dustfree building restoration and preservation. Site provides details of available models and their uses. lasting machines.
  • Clean Surface Limited UK. Supplies dry ice blasting equipment. Explanation of process, video clips, and detailed product and application information. Applications include cleaning of circuit boards and injection molds.
  • Clemco Industries Manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment to clean, deburr, shot peen, remove coatings, finish, or otherwise improve the surface being blasted.
  • Composition Materials Co. Ltd. Manufactures broad range of plastic blasting media and equipment. Includes abrasives, fillers, extenders, deflashing media, cabinets, blast rooms, and dust collectors. Site incorporates downloadable technical texts.
  • Dawson MacDonald Co. Inc. Distributor of surface preparation and finishing equipment. Includes abrasive blasting machinery and media; dust, fume, and mist collection equipment; and hoses and nozzles.
  • Eco-Shell Inc. Manufactures walnut shell abrasives in variety of standard and custom sizes. Site explains nature, advantages, and applications of products.
  • Empire Abrasive Equipment Company Manufactures range of airblast equipment. Includes blast rooms and cabinets, portable blasters, blast and vac models, and fully automated lines. Site incorporates details of available products.
  • Engineered Abrasives Designs and fabricates standard or custom automated abrasive and shot peening systems.
  • Envirosystems L.C.C. Suppliers of air filtration and surface coating removal equipment. Includes depainting and coating systems, blast cabinets and machines, and dust collector units.
  • Extrude Hone Advanced deburring, polishing, and finishing equipment and services.
  • Finishing Equipment Co. Inc. Distributors of sandblasting and finishing equipment and supplies. Includes blast cabinets, dust collection units, vibratory equipment, and various grades of abrasives. Site includes guides to cabinet selection and abrasive performance.
  • Guyson International Ltd UK. Manufacturers of blast and aqueous finishing and cleaning machinery and systems. Also distributes line of hoses and accessories. Site includes photos and technical descriptions of available equipment.
  • Huan Shang Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures broad range of wet and dry sandblasting equipment, parts, and accessories. Site includes discussion of sandblasting concept and different available abrasives and nozzles.
  • ICM Inc. Manufactures broad range of standard and customized sandblast cabinets, blast rooms, dust collectors, and related parts and accessories. Site includes access to downloadable product brochures.
  • Impianti Trattamenti Finiture Italy. Manufactures broad range of surface preparation and treatment equipment. Includes units for washing, degreasing, distilling, drying, metalizing, painting, pickling, phosphating, sandblasting, and shot peening.
  • Jofull Enterprise Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures and supplies vibratory barrels, grinding and finishing compounds, and abrasive chips.
  • Kelco Sales & Engineering Manufactures broad range of blast cleaning equipment. Includes cabinets, rooms, safety equipment, accessory items, and selection of packaged units. Site provides detailed product and usage information.
  • Kramer Industries Inc. Specializes in manufacture and supply of finishing equipment and media. Includes barrel and vibratory finishers and deburring, polishing, blasting, burnishing, buffing, and separating machines.
  • Lampugnani Sabbiatrici S.r.l. Italy. Manufactures sandblasting and non-abrasive shot peening machines and choice of media for finishing metal, plastic, and glass surfaces. Site provides detailed information regarding available products.
  • Marcrist International, Ltd Manufacturers of diamond tools, wire brushes, bonded abrasives and surface preparation equipment. Extensive technical information and FAQ.
  • Mecshot Blasting Equipments Pvt. Ltd. India. Manufactures surface preparation and abrasive blasting equipment. Range includes portable and vacuum blasters, blasting cabinets and rooms, dust collection units, and selection of abrasive media.
  • Media Blast & Abrasives Inc. Manufactures variety of blast cabinets. Includes wet, dry, siphon, and pressure units for production, bench, and laboratory use. Site provides detailed production information.
  • MMLJ Inc. Manufactures broad range of soda and sandblasting equipment. Includes blasting machines and cabinets, dry degreasing and cleaning units, and accessories. Site provide links to detailed product information.
  • Norton Sandblasting Equipment Co. Distributes equipment, parts, and supplies for cleaning, surface preparation, and metal finishing. Includes abrasives, blast cabinets and rooms, dust collectors, ovens and evaporators, and vacuum and washing systems.
  • Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio S.p.a. Italy. Manufactures standard and customized shot blast machines for wide range of applications, including treatment of large components and surfaces. Site includes detailed product descriptions.
  • Pacific Soda Blast L.C.C. Suppliers of equipment that uses sodium bicarbonate as a cleaning agent. Site explains advantages of process, provides product details, and includes detailed examples of successful applications.
  • Pan Abrasives Group Singapore. Manufacture and distribution of range of products and equipment for the surface preparation industries. Selection includes abrasives, finishing media, blasting equipment, vibratory bowls, and centrifugal barrel machines.
  • Patel Furnace & Forging Pvt Ltd. India. Diversified manufacturing company with primary focus on surface preparation and shotblasting machinery, as well as dust collection equipment.
  • Penn Scientific Products Company Formulates and manufactures broad range of natural and synthetic diamond compounds for surface grinding and polishing applications. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Philexpert Inc. Canada. Sells, rents, and services broad range of sandblasting equipment and parts. Includes compressors, couplings, air hoses, cabinets, blastpots, helmets, carbon monoxide detectors, safety equipment, and abrasives.
  • Precicut Engineers India. Manufactures shotblasting and shotpeening machines. Includes hand cabinets and table, spinner/hanger, tumblast, and plate and section cleaning units. Also produces various types of conveyors and selection of foundry equipment.
  • Progressive Technologies Designs and builds standard and automated systems for shot peening, grit blasting, thermal spray coating, and waterjet stripping. Can also undertake contract work in these fields.
  • Ruemelin Manufacturing Company Inc. Specializes in manufacturer of abrasive blast equipment. Includes suction blast guns and direct pressure blast cabinets. Site includes detailed information regarding range of available products.
  • Rösler UK Focus is on supply and installation of mass surface finishing equipment and shotblasting equipment. Products include abrasive media and compounds, vibratory and shotblasting machines, and effluent treatment equipment.
  • Sandmasters Equipment and Machinery Supplies blast cabinets, portable equipment, blast rooms and abrasives. Also has a full line of automated machines.
  • SASE Company Inc. Specializes in sales, rentals, and service of portable surface preparation and finishing equipment. Products include scarifiers, scalers, vacuums, and shotblasters.
  • SPE Group UK. Group of companies, specialised in the design, development and supply of surface preparation equipment, spares, accessories and services. Extensive technical information. Presentation videos.
  • Sponge-Jet Inc. Manufactures, markets, and services patented Sponge Blasting equipment and media. Site discusses uses and advantages of open celled, water based polyurethane impregnated with abrasives.
  • Stem D.o.o. International Slovak Republic. Manufactures broad range of blasting machines and ancillary equipment. Site incorporates product photos and details.
  • Sunspan Systems Inc. Manufactures heavy duty shotblasting machines, including table, tumble, spinner/hanger, and plate/structure models. Also produces cartride, bag, and vented workstation versions of dust collectors.
  • Surface Finishing Equipment Co. Produces shot blasting equipment in Rajasthan, India.
  • TechniBlast Inc. Distributes broad range of blast cleaning, shot peening, bake degreasing, and parts washing equipment, media, and accessories. Site incorporates detailed product and applications information.
  • Technocon Engineers India. Manufactures stainless steel burnishing media for vibratory mass finishing and polishing processes. Available in variety of shapes and sizes for finishing wide range of metal parts and end products.
  • Trinity Tool Company Specializes in range of sandblasting equipment and abrasives. Includes standard, master, custom, and direct pressure models. Site incorporates photos and product descriptions.
  • USF Surface Preparation Group Offers range of abrasive products and services, including equipment, parts, media, consumables, aftermarket support, and training. Site incorporates links to detailed product and application information.
  • Waterloo Manufacturing Inc. Manufactures pressure sandblasters, blast cabinets, and ancillary equipment. Site provides details of available units.

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