This category contains sites related to the manufacture and supply of filters, screens, sheet materials, housings, stand alone units, and accessory products used in a wide variety of filtering and separating systems and devices. Note: The emphasis in this category is on the filters and screens rather than the equipment and systems that make use of them. Sites of that sort are indexed in either the Process_Equipment/Filtering category or the main Process_Equipment/Separator category or one of its subcategories.
  • A+ Corporation Develops and manufactures filters for analyzer sample conditioning systems and self-regenerating desiccant packets. Product presentations, application details, and distribution information. Louisiana, USA.
  • AAC Eurovent Ltd. Manufactures activated carbon filters and housings for deodorization and air purification. Applications include broad range of commercial and industrial air intake and duct systems. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Advanced Filtration Technologies Specializes in aftermarket supply of parts, components, and filter bags. Site includes details of available media and types, with chart showing comparative qualities and applications.
  • Manufactures broad selection of filter plates and accessories. Includes flush, tail, and head plates in variety of sizes and styles, as well as frames, handles, and filter cloth. Most items can be purchased online.
  • Allied Filter Products Ltd. UK. Manufactures filters for wide variety of process industries. Includes air, dust, liquid, and welded filter bags in various styles, shapes, and materials, as well as a selection of housings.
  • Apollo Engineering Company Manufactures filters and strainers, pipe supports, and other related equipment for pipeline, refinery, process plant, and industrial usage. Site includes detailed product information.
  • Applied Membranes Inc. Manufactures wide range of membranes, filters, housings, and related fittings for reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Site includes detailed product and application information.
  • Aquadyne Inc. Manufactures wedgewire screens. Applications include fish barriers and avoidance of sediments and debris in streams, lakes, rivers, as well as in power generation, agricultural, and municipal water supply ditches and intakes.
  • Barton Firtop Engineering Co. Ltd. UK. Manufactures range of filters, strainers, and ancillary products, especially for the gas, oil, and petroleum industries. Additional specialty is flame arresters for protection against outbreak of fires.
  • BDH Industries Inc. Canada. Manufactures variety of gas and liquid wet/dry filter products for chemical processing, mining, primary metal, and pulp and paper industries. Also produces inductive level measuring system for metal industry.
  • Big Foot Manufacturing Co. Manufactures screens, filters, and accessory products for drilled water well and irrigation installations. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • Bridgwater Filters Ltd UK. Manufactures broad range of perforated metal and woven wire mesh filters and strainers. Includes aluminum, brass, copper, and mild or stainless steel varieties. Fulfills orders from stock or to custom requirements.
  • Cambridge Wire Cloth Company Manufactures broad range of wire cloth products, mainly for filtering and screening purposes. Includes filtration screens and leaves, as well as cloth and mesh for use in centrifuges, granulators, vibrators, and other separation/sorting equipment.
  • Chapala & Associates Distributors of air, hydraulic, and oil filters. Site includes online enquiry and quotation request form.
  • Croft Engineering Services UK. Manufactures woven wire mesh and perforated plate filters and cut and shaped filtering sheets to customer specifications. Site includes photographs of product examples.
  • Engineered Filtration, Inc. Distributes broad range of filters and related products for separating coarse particles in liquids and gases. Includes items for use by ski resorts. Site incorporates detailed product information and list of manufacturers.
  • Environmental and Power Technologies Ltd. Canada. Specializes in manufacture and application of patented ion-exchange filter cartridges, used for the recovery and maintenance of phosphate ester fluids. Site includes detailed background technology information.
  • Fairey Industrial Ceramics Ltd. UK. Manufactures porous ceramic products for use in crossflow microfiltration, aeration and diffusion, and a broad range of specialized filtration applications. Site incorporates product, technology, and usage information.
  • Fil-Trek Corporation Canada. Manufactures bag and cartridge filter housings in stainless and carbon steel, as well as accessories such as filters and valves. Configurations include top, side, and offset inlets to meet variety of requirements.
  • Filter Belts Inc. Manufactures broad range of replacement filters and parts for liquid and solid separation equipment. Separate groups of products are designed for needs of chemical processing, pulp and paper mills, and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Filtermat Belgium. Specializes in supply of filters. Includes bag, cartridige, self-cleaning, and electrostatic types, as well as strainers and screens.
  • Filtermat Holland BV The Netherlands. Manufactures broad range of air and water contamination filtration products. Includes aerosol, bag, compact screen, paperband, and self cleaning filters, as well as desanders and sieves.
  • FlowTech Corporation Distributes broad range of fluid filtration and purification products for chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, food and beverage, and industrial applications. Includes filters, housings, flow switches, and seals.
  • General Filtration Canada. Distributes broad range of filtration products. Includes activated carbon, various chemical filter powders, disposable filter paper, filter pads and cartridges, and selection of pressure, gravity, and leaf filters.
  • Graver Technologies Manufactures wide selection of air, gas, and liquid purification products. Includes ion exchange resins; pleated, woven, and carbon block filters; stainless steel membranes; and compressed air filter elements.
  • HanYang Engineering Corp. South Korea. Manufactures and exports broad range of industrial filters. Includes cartridge and bag filters and housings, strainers, elements, and demisters. Can also supply super leaf and precoat filtration systems.
  • Heinrich Fiedler GmbH & Co. KG Germany. Manufactures perforated plates, screening cylinders, and filter elements for the pulp and paper, brewery, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, automotive, and foodstuffs industries.
  • Hendrick Screen Company Manufactures wide range of wire screens in variety of configurations. Applications include food and beverage, petrochemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, mining, and architectural construction industries.
  • Hispano Europea de Comercio e Industria S.A. Spain. Manufactures broad range of products for liquid and gas filtration and processing. Includes bag, press, rotating drum, self cleaning, steam, and suction air filters, as well as strainers and mixers.
  • Incamesh Filtration UK. Supplies filter housings and cartridges; woven wire mesh; and vibratory separators, sieves, and screens. Some focus on the medical field, but also serves the chemical, commercial, domestic, and industrial processing markets.
  • Industrial Screen Products Inc. Manufactures variety of wedgewire screen products for liquid and solids separation. Includes screen cylinders and panels; collectors and media grid supports; resin and fibre traps; and fish diversion and water intake screens.
  • JCEM GmbH Switzerland. Design and manufacture of fully automatic CNC controlled pleating machinery and peripherals for the filter industry.
  • JVK Filtration Systems Germany. Specializes in supply of thermoplastic filter elements for variety of applications. Site provides background information regarding product design, features, benefits, and installation.
  • Knight Corporation Specializes in supply of products for liquid separation industry. Includes wide selection of stock and custom filters, filtration media, vessels, and baskets. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Koch Membrane Systems Inc. Manufactures membranes for incorporation in crossflow, micro, nano, reverse osmosis, and ultra filtration systems. Site incorporates detailed product, application, and underlying technology information.
  • LEEM Filtration Products Inc. Manufactures wedge wire screens for water treatment, power generation, and process industries. Includes lateral, underdrain, and water intake screens; basket, conical, and resin trap strainers; and strainer nozzles.
  • Lenser Filtration GmbH + Co. Germany. Manufactures filtration products for solid/liquid separation. Includes membrane and recessed elements, as well as filter plates and frames. Site includes detailed product, process and application information.
  • Magnum Filters Ltd. New Zealand based manufacturers of a wide selection of filter cartridges for drinking water, spa, and swimming pool requirements. Site includes cleaning and maintenance suggestions.
  • Monnier Inc. Manufactures wide range of filters and related products for pneumatic tools and equipment. Standard, custom, and oil coalesence filters can be combined with regulators and lubricants, which are also available on their own.
  • Mortelecque France. Manufactures wide range of filter bags and pockets from a variety of textile materials. Applications include dust collection and wet filtration in food, chemical, paint, paper, mining, and effluent treatment industries.
  • Mott Corporation Manufactures porous metal filters for purifying gases and liquids. Markets include beverage, chemical, food, medical, pharmaceutical, and semi-conductor industries. Site incorporates product and technical details.
  • National Filter Media Corporation Manufactures variety of natural and synthetic fabrics and products, as well as related hardware, for wide range of dry and wet filtration applications. Site incorporates company history and detailed online brochure.
  • Oberlin Filter Company Manufactures and distributes range of filtration products and equipment. Includes filter cloths, filter bags and cartridges, air filter units, and selection of new and used filter systems. Offers free analysis of wastewater samples.
  • Optima International Limited UK. Manufactures wide range of stainless and mild steel wedge wire screens in variety of profiles. Applications include mineral, aggregate, petro-chemical, food and beverage, and wastewater and effluent processing industries.
  • Porous Metal Products Custom design and manufacture of stainless steel wire mesh cloth and assemblies, including filtration tubes. Texas, USA.
  • Precision Air Technology Inc. Manufactures patented electronic monitor for measuring particulate build up and signalling need for air filter replacement. Can operate in conditions of both constant and varying air flows.
  • Royal Guard Corporation Manufactures variety of strainers for range of gas, steam, and liquid applications. Includes cone, basket, simplex, duplex, and y-type versions.
  • RPA Process Technologies Manufactures wide range of micro filtration products. Includes bags, cartridges, filtration media, and backwash and clean-in-place filters. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • Screening Systems International Inc. Design, engineering, manufacturing, upgrading, repair, and maintenance of travelling-water screens. Applications include debris removal, fish exclusion and handling, and heavy duty running conditions.
  • Sotras srl Italy. Manufactures range of specialized filtration products. Includes filters, cartridges, housings, and media. Applications include compressors, vacuum pumps, hydraulic equipment, and microfiltration systems.
  • Sparkler Filters Inc. Manufactures broad range of horizontal and vertical plate filters, mainly for chemical and food processing applications. Site provides detailed product information and access to downloadable brochure.
  • Staclean Diffuser Co. LLC Sells broad range of baghouse, dust collector, and related products. Includes filter bags and cartridges, cages, diffusers, bin vents, and replacement parts. Site incorporates glossary of baghouse terms.
  • Summit International Filtration Systems, Inc USA. Design and manufacture of industrial manual and automatic filtration systems for liquid filtration applications. Also, filter sleeves and bags, pumps, carbon in bulk and cartridges, and polyester and polypropylene filtration media. Extensive technical information and specifications.
  • TEC SCRN International Canada. Specializes in broad range of circular, vibrating metal screens, separators, and related parts. Applications include pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramic, animal feed, industrial laundry, and food processing markets.
  • USF Johnson Screens Manufactures range of liquid/solid separation screens using welded, looped, and woven wire mesh and variety of sintered materials. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Vee Bee Limited UK. Manufactures broad range of filters and strainers for variety of pipeline and similar installations. Include conical, mono, dual, and Y types of products.
  • Vibrowest Italiana srl Italy. Specializes in vibratory sieves for wide range of applications. Markets served include ceramics, chemicals, food processing, paper and wood waste, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and powder coating and paint industries.
  • WACO Full service distributors of range of filters and strainers for air, liquid, gas, and HVAC equipment. Services include duct cleaning, filter installation and disposal, and JIT inventory management program.
  • Wilkerson Corporation Manufactures wide range of compressed air treatment and control products and accessories. Site provides details of available filters, regulators, and lubricators and includes numerous downloadable installation and maintenance sheets.

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