Machine vision is the ability of a computer to "see." A machine-vision system employs one or more video cameras, analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), and digital signal processing (DSP). The resulting data goes to a computer or robot controller. Machine vision is similar in complexity to voice recognition.


  • A&B Software Manufacturer of software development kits for FireWire, GigE Vision and CameraLink cameras. Custom solutions for lab automation, industrial inspection and scientific image analysis.
  • A.C.E., Inc. Products include "IMV" semi-custom packaged machine vision systems, custom inspection machines including material handling, and industrial computers.
  • Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd Supplies machine vision hardware and software products for automated inspection. Products include machine vision cameras, frame grabbers, optics, lighting and software.
  • Agris-Schoen Vision Systems Inc. Machine Vision Systems Integrators and resellers of Machine Vision Systems (custom and off-the-shelf) and Equipment.
  • Allied Vision Technologies Manufacturer of Firewire cameras for machine vision and imaging.
  • Allison Park Group, Inc. Manufactures enclosures for cameras and machine vision systems and turnkey inspection systems for quality control and factory automation.
  • Alpha Vision Design. AVD specialises in the integration, design and supply of industrial machine vision equipment
  • Alrad Instruments Ltd. Supplier of machine vision cameras, optical components and detectors. Based in the UK.
  • AnaLogic Computers Ltd. Designs, manufactures and sells ultra high-speed, standalone machine vision systems based on the novel Cellular Visual Microprocessor (CVM) technology. Both for industrial and academic use.
  • AutoVision Supplies color vision and inspection systems for industrial automation and quality control.
  • Avtex International LLC, Offers and develops ready-to-use Machine Vision inspection systems. Based in Bistrol, USA.
  • Bass VRI, LLC Vision Group Manufactures cameras and monitoring systems for high temperature and other harsh environment monitoring systems.
  • Boulder Imaging BI is the leading imaging specialist providing solutions for scientific, engineering, and machine vision applications. We develop advanced end-to-end solutions that sense, record and analyze critical event data in real-time.
  • Capflow S.A. Manufacturer of industrial vision systems and components for industrial control, parking lot management, traffic monitoring and access control. Products include VisioFlex vision components and software.
  • Control Vision, Inc. Manufacturer of control vision equipment for harsh industrial environments, including the Weldingcam.
  • Coreco, Inc. Manufacturer of machine vision hardware and software products for OEMs including embedded vision processors and frame grabbers. Online line card, application notes and PDF data sheets available for download.
  • Dalsa, Inc. Manufacturers digital imaging and machine vision CCD and CMOS products for applications such as industrial inspection, semiconductor inspection, circuit inspection, and document scanning from Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  • DatVision Supplier for machine vision products and components, including smart cameras, frame grabbers and common accessory.
  • dPict Imaging, Inc. Designs and manufactures PCI and PCIe analog and digital video frame grabbers with SDK software for OEM application solutions. Markets served include machine vision, medical and scientific imaging, and security.
  • Dunkley International, Inc. Designs and builds Machine vision systems for high-speed inspection, on-line vision process control and sorting.
  • Edixia S.A.S. Provider of inspection solutions, machine vision systems for on-line measurement and control of industrial processes dedicated to the automotive and food and beverage industry. Based in France.
  • ELEXSO Vision Technology Manufacturer of colour sorting systems.
  • Fastvideo Russia. Provides design of high-speed imagine systems and software.
  • FiberVision GmbH Machine vision integrator for intelligent cameras and developer of custom image processing and automation systems. Manufacturer of smart camera Caminax. Based in Germany.
  • Firstsight Vision, Ltd. UK. Industrial CCD cameras and lenses, frame grabbers, LED lighting and software for automated visual inspection and optical character recognition.
  • Fritz Pauker Ingenieure GmbH Development and manufacturing of machine vision systems, industrial image processing solutions and special purpose machines. Engineering office for automation, quality control and inspection systems.
  • Gardasoft Vision Manufacturer of controllers for LED Lighting in machine vision applications. Also produces automatic machine vision systems for the automotive, medical and manufacturing industries.
  • Graftek Imaging Inc. Vision solution provider for the industrial, medical and scientific imaging markets. Provide a selection of compact vision system products from NI and scientific cameras from Hamamatsu.
  • Hamey Vision Systems Pty Ltd Develops custom machine vision systems for automated inspection and control. Offers consultancy, research and development as well as integration. Based in Australia.
  • Hommelwerke GmbH Manufacturer of machine vision components and systems for Bore inspection, Circumference inspection and Surface inspection.
  • Imagenation Corp Manufacturer of frame grabbers and machine vision systems for the manufacturing, automation, traffic control, security, surveillance, medical and scientific markets.
  • Imaging Solutions Group Custom Camera & Imaging Systems Design & Manufacturing Services for OEM customers worldwide. Based in the USA.
  • IMSOC Consultant and supplier of machine vision systems. Products include Froth Analyser, Rock Aggregate analyser and PCB Inspection system.
  • Industrial Vision and Electro Optics I-VEO supplies a full range of components for machine vision and automated visual quality inspection.
  • Industrial Vision Source Supplier of machine vision industrial video equipment. A division of Mace Security International.
  • Innovative Illumination & Optics Distributor of Opto-Engineering Telecentric lenses and high flux LED illuminators and supplier of LED ringlights for stereo microscopes & Optek LED illumination for Metronics vision metrology. Based in USA.
  • Insight Intelligent Vision Ltd UK Group Machine vision integrator supplying machine vision and data solutions to industry.
  • Inspect Online Blog Blog about Machine Vision and Optical Metrology by Inspect-Online
  • Integral Vision, Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets microprocessor-based process monitoring and control systems for inline and offline inspection applications. (Nasdaq: INVI).
  • IPD Manufacturer of intelligent machine vision solutions for the factory floor. Products include standalone easy-to-use vision appliances designed for use and integration by production personnel, Sherlock Machine Vision software and the Netsight series of vision systems.
  • JAI A/S JAI Manufactures CCD and CMOS cameras for the automated imaging market and intelligent systems for security and traffic and parking enforcement.
  • Key Technologies Vision test systems for quality control, parking access and LPR systems.
  • Leutron Vision Supplier of frame grabbers, real time image processing hardware, embedded vision systems, cameras and software.
  • Machine Vision in the Auto Industry Machine Vision's impacts on the automotive sector, and how it affects even the auto insurance industry.
  • Machine Vision Technology Vision systems integrator supporting a wide range of production industries including Pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, food, packaging, robot guidance, printing and general manufacturing automation.
  • Machvision, Inc. Provides total solutions for machine vision applications.
  • Matrix Vision Manufacturer of hardware and software for machine vision and industrial image processing applications. Intelligent cameras, USB cameras and frame grabbers.
  • Maxxvision GmbH Sony camera supplier for machine vision and quality control
  • Meta Vision Systems Manufacturer of laser vision systems for welding applications. Based in Canada and the UK.
  • Micro Video Products Video inspection cameras: miniature and ruggedized. Based in Canada.
  • Motion Analysis Inc. Motion Analysis Inc. is a system integrator and offers cameras, frame grabbers and further vision components, such as cables, optics and lightning.
  • MoviMED Development of turnkey custom machine vision systems. Authorized vision integrator by National Instruments. Based in the USA.
  • Narragansett Imaging Manufacturer of Plumbicon Camera Tubes, Replacements for Saticons, CCD Camera Modules and CCD cameras for digital imaging applications in Biometrics, Traffic, Film Scanning, Machine Vision and X-Ray.
  • Navitar Inc Manufacturer and supplier of high resolution C-mount and large format inspection lenses for machine vision inspection applications. Products range from zoom lenses to fixed magnification and compact designs.
  • Nebula Inc. Manufacturer of industrial vision camera systems for inspecting manufactured parts on assembly lines and work stations with full SPC data collection.
  • NET GmbH Manufacturer's representative of video camera systems for the professional world market in the industrial, medical and scientific field.
  • Optel Vision. Optel Vision develops, manufactures and supplies vision inspection solutions forpackaging in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.
  • OptoFidelity Ltd OptoFidelity offers optical testing systems for R&D of electronics industry. The testing systems are based on an own platform for testing display and video techniques. Based in Finland.
  • OptoMotive, mechatronics Ltd. Innovative FPGA based industrial and non-industrial high-speed intelligent cameras and architectures for demanding and real-time processing machine vision solutions.
  • PPT Vision, Inc. A quality control and inspection platform that provides machine vision integration for factory automation.
  • Pressco Technology Inc. Engineers and manufacturers automation and vision inspection systems for the food, beverage, container industries.
  • Prosilica Manufacturer of industrial firewire digital cameras for machine vision.
  • Proteus Applied Technologies Design, build, install, and support turnkey machine vision inspection systems.
  • R.K.B. Opto-Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of machine vision, web inspection, hole detection, splice detection, register control/reject gate control, quality assurance and control technologies
  • Resec Systems Manufacturer of precision optical gaging and automatic sorting equipment. Manufacturer of ShadowGage: Measure multiple dimensions accurately and instantly.
  • Ronald A. Massa Associates Reseller of CCD cameras, frame grabbers, digital recording, software, lighting, CCTV lenses.
  • RVSI/NER Manufacturer of NERLITE Machine Vision Illumination products. Lighting application techniques, product specifications, distributor locator and application evaluation services for end users, integrators and OEMs.
  • Sentech America Manufacturer of industrial machine vision cameras suited for public transportation systems, quality control inspections, medical and dental use, and metrology.
  • Silicon Imaging, Inc. Manufacturer of megapixel digital cameras and systems for machine vision, semiconductor inspection, metrology, automotive assembly, color print quality and traffic enforcement.
  • Smart Camera Caminax Homepage for smart camera Caminax, a stand alone vision system with graphical user interface for machine vision and industrial inspection tasks.
  • Smart Vision Lights Manufacturer of accessories for the Vision industry. Strong focus on LED based lightning.
  • SNU (Seoul National University) Precision Co. Developer and supplier of vision systems for semiconductor, fibre-optic and MEMS Industries.
  • Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd Machine Vision and Test Systems in India and the USA. Based in India.
  • Spencer Tool, LLC Company offers mounts for machine vision cameras, barcode readers, lights and automation sensors.
  • SUNX Sensors Company offers different sensors, such as photoelectric, fiber optical, laser, pressure and laser sensors.
  • Systematic Vision Corporation North American Distributor for Photonfocus CMOS Sensors, Cameras and Camera Modules.
  • Tech Source International Manufacturer's representatives of industrial machine vision systems.
  • Tectonic International, Ltd Manufacture video web and print inspection equipment to the printing and converting industry.
  • The Embry-Riddle Machine Vision Laboratory Academic R&D for machine vision, machine perception and robotics applications. Based in USA.
  • The Machine Vision Portal Portal for machine vision news, articles, information, products, companies and inspection applications.
  • The OPTIKON Corporation Supplier of high speed and high performance cameras, photonics equipment and fibre optic equipment. Also integrate customised imaging systems.
  • The UK Industrial Vision Association The UK Industrial Vision Association's aim is to promote the use of vision technology by manufacturing industry in the UK.
  • Uniforce Sales and Engineering Suppliers of machine vision systems and components such as frame grabbers, lenses, cameras, infrared cameras, and data storage.
  • US Automation Distributor of automation controls and vision systems. Vision products include cameras, lenses, lighting and the Webmax printing web break inspection system. Automation products include sensors, light curtains and conveyors.
  • Vision & Control Manufacturer of machine vision components and smart cameras. Optics, lightnings, sensors and intelligent camera systems. Germany, worldwide.
  • Vision Components GmbH Vision Components is an innovative manufacturer of intelligent CCD cameras for industrial image processing.
  • Vision Machines Inc. Offers turnkey machine vision systems, system integration, and consulting services for industrial inspection, image analysis, and automation applications.
  • Vision Sensors Company provides service, support, sales and training for Vision products, specializing in low end, easy-to-use sensors. Turn key solutions for high end vision systems are also offered.
  • Vision Systems Design Magazine Provides coverage of vision and imaging components, subsystems, and technologies and how they are integrated into leading edge industrial and nonindustrial applications, including medical, scientific, security, and military/aerospace applications.
  • Online supplier for machine vision components. Products include lighting, 2D Data Matrix readers/verifiers, cameras, lenses, filters and mounting accessories.
  • VisionMint A machine vision Software Development Kit (SDK) for the graphical development of vision applications. Supports several programming languages.
  • VISIONx Inc Developer and supplier of software, AOI and offline systems, and specialized hardware components for machine vision, image analysis, inspection and metrology.
  • Vista Solutions Inc. A machine vision integrator and provider of advanced turnkey machine vision systems and solutions for both 2D and 3D applications.
  • Vivid Engineering Manufacturer of Camera Link simulator, repeater, and translator specialty products for vision system developers.
  • XIMEA GmbH Manufacturer and supplier of integrated machine vision systems, smart cameras with PC inside. Developer of CCD and CMOS cameras for microscopy and scientific applications. Based in Germany.
  • Xiris Manufacturer of machine vision inspection systems for the printing and packaging industries.
  • YSC Technologies Digital video inspection microscopes for bga and measurement systems.

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