This category contains sites related to the manufacture, distribution, and servicing of industrial equipment and systems that are primarily used for heat generation and for melting or incinerating a range of materials and waste byproducts. It includes furnaces, ovens, kilns, crucibles, and other devices that use direct or indirect heat provided by solid fuel, gas, oil, or electricity, or, in a few cases, rely on heat generated by alternative means. The applications vary widely and cover a host of different industries. Note: Heat treatment processes also frequently depend on the use of furnaces and similar equipment. Thus, the Thermal_Process category -- which is focused on the steps taken in advancing the condition of materials and manufactured parts towards a desired finished state -- contains an additional number of furnace type sites. It therefore makes some sense for searchers and submitters to look at both this Furnaces_Incinerators_Kilns category and the Thermal_Process one to determine where their interests are likely to be best served.

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  • Abbott Furnace Manufacturer of standard belt furnaces for processing powdered metals.
  • Access Used Furnaces Site for marketing used thermal process equipment. Searchable inventory includes heat treating furnaces, ceramic kilns, and processing ovens. Includes listing and enquiry forms and terms and conditions for sellers and buyers.
  • ACOD, Inc. Korea. Manufacturer specializing in metal fiber burners, perforated burners, and noxious and volatile organic compound abatement systems.
  • Air Burners LLC Manufactures mobile and portable incinerators for disposal of such items as wood waste, forest fuels, and animal carcasses. Applications include land clearing, demolition debris removal, and cleanup of disaster areas.
  • Alhern-Martin Industrial Furnace Company Manufactures broad range of industrial furnaces, dryers, and exothermic and endothermic generators. Applications include sintering, brazing, and annealing of products for a variety of industries. Also offers spare parts and repair services.
  • Alidia Powertronics Pvt. Ltd. India. Specializes in induction melting furnaces, high and medium frequency heating systems, and power electronic equipment.
  • American Gas Furnace Company Designs and manufactures range of heat treating furnaces and related equipment. Includes rotary, shaker, belt, and car bottom models, as well as washers and dryers. Most products available in electrical, gas, or dual fuel versions.
  • ARMIL C.F.S. Designs and manufactures high temperature process furnaces and kilns for such applications as investment casting, forging, heat treatment, and ceramic firing. Also offers range of refractory, insulation, and combustion products.
  • Atlantic Pacific Energy Systems Inc. Manufacture a rotary furnace capable of producing steam from whole scrap tires. Includes product overviews, benefits, and data charts .
  • Baker Furnace, Inc. Full service manufacturer of a range of industrial ovens, furnaces, thermal/catalytic oxidizers, afterburners, and electric kilns and ovens. Engineering and field services available.
  • Bartlett Instrument Company Producer of temperature controllers for ceramic kilns in Iowa presents its product range. Also offers greenhouse environment controllers.
  • Basuki Pratama Engineering Indonesia. Specialty is kiln drying systems for the timber industry. Also produces boilers, heaters, pollution control equipment, timber impregnation plant, and line of centrifugal fans.
  • Brant Radiant Heaters Limited Canada. Manufactures broad range of natural gas, propane, and electric infra-red heating systems and infra-red process burners. Applications include agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial markets.
  • C.I. Hayes Inc. Manufactures a range of vacuum and atmosphere furnaces for variety of thermal process applications. Also offers heat treatment and brazing services. Product information.
  • Carant S.r.l. Italy. Manufactures low frequency induction channel furnaces for brass melting and horizontal continuous casting system for brass bar production.
  • Carbolite UK. Manufacturer of ovens, incubators, sterilisers, and furnaces. Wide range of models for research and industry.
  • Centorr Vacuum Industries Specializes in design and supply of high-temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for wide range of applications. Site incorporates database of product information, searchable by type of production process.
  • CMTS Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Manufactures broad range of furnaces, ovens, kilns, incinerators, and cremators for industrial, laboratory, and municipal use. Applications include metal and alloy melting and heat treatment, firing of ceramics, and disposal of waste and waste products.
  • Coaxial Power Systems Ltd Manufacturer of RF generators and matching networks for plasma processing and industrial heating and cooking processes ranging from 50w to 100kw.
  • Coen Company Inc. Manufactures broad range of industrial burners, combustion systems, and related products. Descriptions of available items. Service includes evaluation and recommendations for upgrading existing systems.
  • Combustion Systems Co. Inc. Specializes in sales, installation, and service of electrical boilers, industrial steam generators, unmanned boiler plants, and large and small incinerators. Particular emphasis is on combustion instrumentation and control.
  • Concepts & Methods Co. Inc. Manufactures production vacuum and hydrogen furnaces and specialty processing equipment for ceramic-metal brazing and heat treatment requirements. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Consarc Engineering Ltd. UK. Manufactures and services broad range of vacuum induction furnaces. Applications include melting and remelting, brazing, casting, deoiling and dewaxing, diffusion bonding, and general heat treatment processing.
  • Cromartie Kilns Ltd. UK. Manufactures kilns for commercial, educational, and hobby use. Range includes top and front end loading models. Can also supply kiln furniture and controllers.
  • Custom Electric Manufacturing Co. Designs and builds original equipment and replacement heating elements and radiant tubes for gas and electric furnaces used in thermal processing operations.
  • D'Alessandro Termomeccanica Italy. Manufactures line of boilers, burners, and warm air generators utilizing solid consumables such as biomass products from agricultural and wood residue sources. Site provides detailed description of available units.
  • D.F. Industries Full service manufacturers of wide range of industrial heat processing equipment and systems. Includes ovens and furnaces used for heat treatment, baking, curing, drying, pollution control, and similar applications.
  • Delta H Systems Inc. Manufacture and distribution of standard, custom, and reconditioned industrial furnaces, kilns, ovens, and related combustion/control equipment. Services include technical evaluation and consultation, system and equipment upgrades, and preventive inspection/maintenance service.
  • Detroit Stoker Company Manufacturers of combustion systems and equipment for industrial, municipal, cogeneration, and independent power producers. Focus is on steam generation, including utilization of otherwise discarded waste materials.
  • Singapore. Supply of parts and accessories, as well as provision of technical and service help, for users of industrial boilers. Products include valves, burners, pumps, gauges, and instruments. Services include troubleshooting, inspection and upgrades, operator training, and preventive maintenance programs.
  • Dynatech ETC Furnaces Inc. India. Manufactures variety of vacuum furnaces for heat treatment applications, including hardening, annealing, brazing, and sintering. Site provides photos, diagrams, and specifications of available models.
  • Energy Unlimited Specializes in burners and drying systems for producers of plastic lumber and wood pellets, shavings, and flour. Other applications include processing of paper mill and bakery waste.
  • Energytek Corporation Taiwan. Designs, installs, conducts trial runs, and provides maintenance service of industrial furnaces, ceramics kilns, drying ovens, combustion control systems, and related equipment.
  • Enertran Inc Canada. Specializes in energy transfer equipment and systems. Includes geothermal heating and cooling units, such as dehumidifiers, drying machines, heat pumps, and heat recovery products.
  • Engineered Production Systems Specializes in application engineering and sales of industrial and pharmaceutical ovens. Products include its own line of batch and continuous ovens for industrial applications.
  • Enginex Ltd. Bulgaria. Manufactures wide range of equipment for making jewelry. Includes burn-out and melting furnaces, vacuum casting machines, wax modelling equipment, and mechanical and hand finishing tools.
  • Euclid's Kilns and Elements Canada. Supplies wide range of hobby and industrial kilns, elements, vents, parts, and accessories. Product information, detailed operations manual, and directory of kiln service and repair companies.
  • Falorni Glass Furnaces Italian producer of glass furnaces. Company background, technology, product description and features.
  • Flinn & Dreffein Engineering Co. Designs and builds large heat treat furnaces for the metals industry. Includes car bottom, walking beam, slat conveyor, and roller or rotary hearth types. Site incorporates examples.
  • Form Atilim Makina Ltd. Turkey. Specializes in refurbishment, upgrade, and supply of heat treatment equipment. Includes vacuum, brazing, induction melting, nitriding, and general purpose furnaces. Site incorporates product and application information.
  • Fuel Conservation Services Ltd UK. Products and services for the kiln, furnace, oven, and dryer sections of industry. Specializes in manufacturing and installing low thermal mass linings.
  • Furnace Brokers, Inc. Specializes in sales and purchases of industrial ovens and furnaces. Searchable inventory and facilities for registering enquiries and availability of surplus items.
  • Furnace Concepts, Inc. Specializes in off-the-shelf and customized high temperature furnaces and ovens for research and production applications. Also stocks/supplies related components such as heating elements and radiant tubes and panels.
  • Furnace Engineering Australia. Specializes in heat processing equipment for metallurgical, engineering and industrial manufacturing applications. Range includes ovens and furnaces for melting, burn-off, heat treatment, and induction heating applications.
  • Furnace Engineering, Ltd New Zealand. Manufacturers of electric and gas pottery kilns and related equipment for craft and small industrial uses.
  • Gold Coast Refractory Services Engineering, design, manufacture, turn-key installation and repair of refractory, combustion, and industrial heating equipment and systems. Can also supply refractory materials and combustion controls for customer's own installation.
  • Gradmatic Equipment Inc. Canada. Specializes in new approach to lining coreless induction furnaces with dry refractory materials. Video demonstration of process and explains advantages over traditional method.
  • Grieve Corporation Manufactures broad range of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces. Includes standard units and specialized clean room and inert atmosphere models. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Heat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India. Supplies and services broad range of preheating and combustion equipment for cement, chemical, fertilizer, glass, petrochemical, power, and steel industries. Application information.
  • Heat Treat Furnaces Inc. Designs and manufactures conventional and special purpose, large and medium sized furnace systems for a range of processing industries. Examples of customized applications.
  • HI T.E.Q. Furnaces Full service manufacturers of furnaces and related equipment for the aluminum processing industry. Photos and detailed descriptions of product line.
  • Hi-Heat Co. Inc. Specializes in sales and purchases of new and used industrial furnaces, ovens, and related equipment and parts. Searchable inventory and enquiry form.
  • HMG (India) India. Manufactures broad range of laboratory and industrial ovens, tray dryers, incubators, hot plates, and autoclaves.
  • Illinois Mechanical Sales Inc. Distributes wide range of heating and power equipment. Includes boilers, boiler feed systems, combustion equipment, deaerators, valves, pumps, regulators, and other related accessory products.
  • Induction Technology Corporation Manufactures new and reconditioned induction melting and heating systems and power supplies for the metal processing industry. Related products include open and closed loop water-cooled control equipment.
  • Inductotherm Corporation Manufactures induction melting systems and power supplies for the metals industry. Related equipment includes charging, preheating, and computer control systems. Site provides detailed descriptions of product line and list of worldwide distributors.
  • Industrial Combustion Engineering Inc. Manufactures industrial furnaces, ovens, and heating equipment for broad range of industries. Product line details and list of applications.
  • Infrared Technologies Manufacturer of electric and gas catalytic infrared ovens, heaters, and furnace systems for the metal and industrial processing industries. Explanation and advantages of underlying technology.
  • J B Furnace Engineering Ltd. UK. Full service manufacturers of purpose built heat treatment equipment. Focus is on non-ferrous and heat treatment furnaces, waste incinerators, and low temperature air circulating ovens. Associated products include refractory liners.
  • JN Machinery Corporation Manufactures electric conveyor furnaces for on-line stress relieving, tempering, and heat treatment. Can also supply ancillary equipment and materials. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Keith Company Manufacturer of furnaces, kilns, furnaces, ovens, lehrs, and integrated automation systems for the ceramics, metals, chemicals, glass, and advanced materials industries.
  • Kiln Flame Systems Ltd UK. Designs and supplies rotary kiln burners, ancillary equipment, and delivery systems for gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels. Applications include cement, lime, alumina, metal reduction, and petcoke calcination industries.
  • Kiln West Kiln furnace oven and hotplate makers. Temperature controls elements and other kiln technologies.
  • Kilnman Ceramic Services, Inc. Provides solutions to drying and firing problems, kiln design, and kiln temperature control needs.
  • L&L Kiln Mfg Inc. Manufactures electric kilns for hobbyist and commercial applications. Various models available for firing pottery, ceramics, and glass materials. FAQs, setup instructions, and troubleshooting information pages.
  • Laidlaw Drew Ltd. UK. Full service manufacturers of combustion equipment and systems for glass, metallurgical, and processing industries. Range includes burners, furnaces, and waste incinerators.
  • Lorac Furnace Experts Brokerage and consulting firm specializing in reconditioned precision belt furnaces, controller refits, and thermal processing equipment requirements.
  • Lydon Oven Company Manufactures industrial and laboratory ovens. Applications include electronic, glass, metal, pharmaceutical, plastics, and textile industries.
  • Materials Research Furnaces, Inc. Custom designs and manufactures high-temperature, vacuum, and controlled atmosphere furnaces. Product line and available services.
  • Maxon International Belgium. Engineers and supplies broad range of tailor-made combustion systems and components. Includes line, nozzle, and radiant burners and control and shut off valves. Site provides product and application information.
  • Micropyretics Heater International, Inc. Manufactures specialized line of high temperature kilns and furnaces that incorporate patented molybdenum disilicide heating elements. Technical details and list of features.
  • ModuTemp Pty. Ltd. Australia. Designs and manufactures broad range of industrial and laboratory furnaces and heat treatment equipment and accessories. Services include repairs and upgrades, as well as needs analysis and recommendations.
  • Mowry Enterprises Inc. Distributes broad range of new and used furnaces and other heat treating equipment. Services include repairs, rebuilds, upgrades, and availability of replacement parts and components.
  • MRL Industries Manufacturers of thermal processing systems and wafer and semiconductor processing equipment, including industrial furnaces, heating elements, and vertical furnace systems.
  • MSi Automation Inc. Specializes in broad range of induction heating equipment. Includes automated saw blade brazing machines and equipment for handheld applications. Photos, technical details, and examples of products in use.
  • Nitrex Metal Inc Specializes in furnaces, accessories, and control systems based on application of nitriding technology. Explanation of equipment features and processing advantages.
  • Norki Energy Systems Inc. Manufactures furnaces and boilers using waste oil as the heating medium. Site describes product features and benefits. Mainly serves the north-east United States area.
  • North American Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Full service manufacturers specializing in design and supply of advanced combustion systems, coupled with web guiding systems for metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, and fabric industries.
  • NorthStar Combustion, Inc. Custom manufacturers of combustion equipment and systems. Product and company details.
  • OAL Associates Inc. Custom design, manufacture, and supply of modular heat systems and process equipment. Applications include curing, drying, baking, soldering, annealing, normalizing, and heat shrinking.
  • Olympic Kilns Produces and distributes line of gas and electric kilns, primarily for hobbyist and commercial use. Site incorporates detailed product and accessory information.
  • Paragon Industries Inc. Manufactures electric kilns and furnaces for commercial and hobby applications. Examples include pottery, heat treatment, enamelling, dentistry, lab testing, and glass fusion.
  • Park Thermal International Corporation Canada. Broad range of industrial heat treating equipment, accessories, and supplies. Includes box, draw, and salt bath furnaces, melting ovens, and quench furnace and tank systems. Services include refurbishing and availability of replacement parts.
  • Pathways Thermal Technology Inc. Offers broad selection of high temperature heat processing equipment and temperature sensing devices. Includes vacuum, atmosphere, and metal injection molding furnaces, as well as thermocouples and heating elements.
  • Power & Industrial Services Corporation Specializes in manufacture of burner replacement parts and ash handling system parts, as well as reverse engineering supply of existing components. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Precimax Engineers Limited India. Manufacturers and distributors of wide range of furnaces, ovens, kilns, and accessories. Site incorporates detailed descriptions of each main product line.
  • Process Technology Inc. Specializes in supply of combustion equipment for the steel industry. Products include oxygen fuel burner systems, lance manipulators, and vessel preheaters and dryers.
  • PSC Inc. Design and manufacture of dielectric systems and equipment using radio and microwave frequency as the heating medium. Focus is on processing of materials such as wood, paper, textiles, and plastics with adverse reaction to conventional heating methods. Technical explanation of technology and its advantages.
  • Pyro Industrial Services Inc. Specializes in supply of refractories and related products for iron and steel mills, power generating plants, foundries, and heat treatment facilities. Services include onsite installation, fabrication, repairs, and demolition.
  • R.D.Webb Company Manufacture high-temperature air-cooled vacuum furnaces designed specifically for brazing, heat treating, and annealing. Product photographs and specifications.
  • Ramsell-Naber Co. UK. Manufactures furnaces for ferrous and especially non-ferrous metal melting and casting industries. Distributes batch and continuous conveyor furnaces for heat treatment. Additional lines include crucibles, accessories, consumables, and replacement parts. Services include repairs and refurbishing.
  • Ray Burner Company Manufacturers of industrial and commercial power pressure and air atomizing burners. Can be used with wide range of boilers, furnaces, ovens, agricultural driers, incinerators, and retorts.
  • Rotary Kiln and Dryer Specializes in service, inspection, repair, and upgrade of rotary kilns and dryers. Includes correction of tire and trunnion wear conditions, sales of new and used equipment, and supply of replacement parts.
  • S & S Furnace Sales Inc. Dealers in used and surplus industrial furnaces and ovens. Sie incorporates searchable database of current inventory.
  • SECO/WARWICK Corporation Full service manufacturers of industrial furnaces and heat treatment equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, particularly with relation to aluminum processing. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • Shapet Electric Co. India. Manufactures selection of melting and induction furnaces for goldsmiths, silversmiths, and jewelers. Site provides details and specifications of available units.
  • Sharada Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. India. Supply and installation of boilers, fired heaters, chimneys, kilns, and conventional and reheating furnaces.
  • Shikovi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers and exporters of industrial electric and gas fired heating systems, furnaces, ovens, and driers. Mumbai, India.
  • Shreveport Ceramic Supply Distributes Paragon kilns and offers discounts on various models. Solicits opportunity to present bids to hobbyists, professionals, and art instructors considering a new purchase.
  • Shuang Yeong Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures line of continuous firing, curing, and treatment furnaces and ovens, with primary applications in the semi-conductor industry. Site provides detailed product information and specifications.
  • Skutt Ceramic Products Inc. Manufactures electric kilns for hobby, commercial, and industrial pottery and ceramic markets. Site incorporates product and application information.
  • Specialty Heat Treating Inc. Service and supply of thermal processing equipment. Range includes vacuum, atmosphere, and induction furnaces, as well as salt bath, sub zero, and multi process installations.
  • SysTherms GmbH Design and manufacture vacuum hardening and atmospheric furnaces . Includes product descriptions, size charts, and report summaries .
  • TAV Vacuum Furnaces Italy. Designs and manufactures standard and customized horizontal, vertical, and special purpose vacuum furnaces. Applications include hardening, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, brazing, and powder sintering.
  • Tetlow Kilns and Furnaces Pty Ltd Australian manufacturer of kilns, furnaces and ovens for the ceramics industry.
  • Themeq Co. Specializes in design and supply of industrial thermal equipment. Includes lehrs, kilns, furnaces, ovens, radiant tubes, burners, and combustion, drive, and control systems. Site provides detailed product and service information.
  • Thermal Product Solutions Designs, builds, and installs range of non-ferrous melting and processing furnaces. Services includes rebuilding, relining, and availability of parts.
  • Thermix Combustion Systems Inc. Specializes in design and installation of customized combustion equipment for the heat treatment industries. Examples include galvanizing and immersion furnaces, zinc and aluminum melters, and asphalt burners.
  • Tornati Forni Srl Italy. Manufactures special purpose electric and gas ovens and kilns. Ovens are designed for pizzeria, confectionaries, bread, and pastry baking. Kilns are designed for glass firing and fusing and processing of ceramics and porcelain.
  • Total Refractory Management Pty Ltd. Australia. Offers furnace installation and maintenance services and sells related refractory products and supplies. Personal profiles, details of expertise and experience, and list of typical projects.
  • Tung Chang Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd Taiwan. Design and manufacture of industrial heat treatment furnaces. Applications include firing, tempering, sintering, and annealing, with particular emphasis on flat and automobile glass applications.
  • Unitherm Cemcon Austria. Firing and burner management equipment and systems. Range includes burners for cogenerators, boilers, rotary kilns, and cement and lime industries, as well as turbine exhaust gas burners and hot gas generators.
  • V.E.I. Consulting GmbH Germany. Sells used industrial heat treatment furnaces. Includes bogie and rotating hearth, chamber, continuous, crucible, drying, vacuum, and vertical units. Site incorporates catalogue of current inventory.
  • Wellons, Inc. Manufacturers of lumber drying kilns, wood-fired boiler systems, dry electrostatic precipitators, wood-fuel storage bins, cogeneration systems, and wood-fired energy systems.
  • Wesman Group India. Design, manufacture, supply, installation, and export of industrial, heat treatment, and melting furnaces, as well as auxiliary combustion equipment, such as burners, blowers, fans, and controls.
  • Williams Industrial Services Inc. Designs, builds, and service broad range of furnaces to customer requirements. Includes cast and mesh belt continuous lines, batch furnaces, and all companion equipment.

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