The emphasis in this category is on diamond based tools, especially for cutting and processing stone and other non-metallic materials and components.
  • Abraco Belgium. Specialises in the manufacture of diamond and CBN tools by galvanic deposition.
  • AJ & B Building Supply Distributors of diamond blades and saws for cutting concrete, brick, tile, glass, and similar materials. Parts and accessories also available.
  • Algasan International Ltd. Manufactures diamond based pastes, suspensions and accessories suitable for polishing and surface finishing applications.
  • Beijing SAS Diamond Tools Co. Ltd. China. Manufactures selection of diamond grinding wheels and aiguilles used to process glass and stone materials. Photos of available product range.
  • CEDIMA GmbH Development, production and distribution of diamond tools for construction and natural stone industry/ products include drilling machines, joint cutters, bench saws, saw blades, drill bits, and diamond segments, .
  • Diamond Blade Select Exporter based in China, supplying diamond blades, core drill bits, cup wheels and polishing pads for the construction and home improvement industries. Also provides related tips and knowledge.
  • Diamond Discs Direct Ltd. UK. Specializes in manufacture and distribution of diamond cutting and drilling tools. Site incorporates detailed product information and explanation of how, where, and why diamond saws and drills are employed.
  • Diamond Pauber Italy. Specializes in manufacture of diamond cutting tools. Includes diamond wires; gang, frame, and circular saw blades; tools for shaping, profiling, and polishing; and electroplated and sintered tools.
  • Diamond Productions Canada Ltd. Extensive line of diamond cutting tools for broad range of industries and applications. Includes drills, saws, and grinding equipment for granite, marble, stone, and composite materials.
  • Diamond Tool Store Suppliers of diamond marble, granite, and masonry cutting and polishing products. Includes blades, drill and profile bits, polishing discs, wheels and accessories.
  • Diamond Tools Europe BV The Netherlands. Specializes in manufacture of diamond tools for drilling rigs, hand held drills, and milling machines. Also supplies segments and rings for (re)facing tools. Applications cover wide range of stone materials.
  • DiamondMade Wholesalers of synthetic diamond powder for use in manufacturing of coated tools. Also supplies burs.
  • Diamondsharp Corporation Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of diamond tipped cutting tools for the construction and quarry industries.
  • DiamondSure Manufactures diamond drill bits for use on glass, tile, stone and ceramics.
  • Dianamic Abrasive Products. Manufacturers of electroplated diamond and cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels. Also supplies segmented saw blades and products used in construction and stone work.
  • Diatop Sama Co. Korea. Laser welded diamond blades for cured or green concrete, asphalt, granite, marble, bricks, tiles, and masonry in general.
  • Dr. Heinemann Diamond Tools & Parts GmbH Germany. Supplies several varieties of diamond cutting discs, saw blades, and cup grinders. Sites incorporates list of available products.
  • Eastwind Diamond Abrasives Manufacturer of full resin-coated diamond abrasives, flexible diamond wheels and diamond powders.
  • EFS Super Abrasives South Africa. Manufacturer of electroplated diamond and cbn tools.
  • Ezyn Dia Abrasives Inc. Service driven company specializing in stone polishing tools, including pads, and diamond cup wheels.
  • Gem Diamond Products India. Manufactures range of diamond and CBN electroplated tools. Can also supply diamond lapping compounds in oil, water and universal bases, as well as synthetic diamond powder.
  • GeoGem Ltd Manufactures diamond drilling tools for the civil engineering, geotechnical, mining, oil and geothermal drilling industries.
  • Gila Diamond Products Supplies diamond saw blades, cup wheels, core bits and polishing pads for the stone and construction industries.
  • Heson Diamond Tools GmbH Manufactures diamond files to a precise manufacturing quality.
  • Hongia Industry A manufacturer in Taiwan that exports diamond and CBN products including sintered, resinoid and electroplated tools.
  • ICS, Blount Inc. Manufactures diamond chain, hydraulic chainsaws and cutting equipment for use in the demolition and renovation of concrete, curbs and joints.
  • International Minicut Inc. Manufacturers of high-precision cutting tools for the aerospace and metalworking industries. Located in Canada.
  • J&M Diamond Tool Inc. Specializes in design and manufacture of polychrystalline, cubic boron, and natural diamond dressers, tipped inserts, scribers, engravers, and other tooling. Site incorporates technical details of each product group, including suggested speeds, feeds, and applications.
  • Jain Diamond Tools India. Customized production of diamond tipped tools for drilling, cutting, grinding, and other industrial applications.
  • Jean Monnat Diamond Abrasives Produces and offers mini-micro diamond abrasives in ceramic binder for the manufacture of sapphire, ceramic, hard alloys.
  • JOMA Diamond Tool Co. Manufactures range of diamond dressing tools. Includes contour, form, gear, internal, layered point, profile, radius, straight, thread, and turntable varieties. Grit tools for surface and cylindrical grinding also available.
  • Kulkarni Traders India. Manufacturer of industrial diamond tools, and supplier of industrial diamonds for tooling.
  • Kumha Tools Ind. Company Korea. Manufacturers of carbide and diamond tipped cutting tools and circular blades. English and Korean.
  • Lapcraft Inc. Manufactures selection of tools designed for aggressive stock removal and precision polishing. Includes diamond and CBN abrasive grinding wheels and lapping discs, as well as diamond core drills and saw blades.
  • Lasco Diamond Products Inc. Manufactures range of diamond burs and polishing discs. Can also supply diamond powder and compounds, as well as small and core diamond drills.
  • Niabraze Corporation Manufacturer of custom diamond and CBN plated tooling. Selection includes bandsaw blades, circular blades, hole saws, wheels, and routers.
  • Nixon Industrial Diamonds Ltd. UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of range of standard and customized diamond dressing tools and associated products. Industries served include machine tools, ceramics, plastics, and woodworking.
  • Norton Diamond Products Manufactures diamond tools and associated machines for the construction and building trades. Includes four colour coded grades of saw blades and tools, plus selection of core drills, surface finishing machines, and masonry, floor, and wall saws.
  • Onsrud Cutter, Inc. Manufacturing of industrial router bits and cutting tools.
  • Patriot Diamond Inc Producers of core bits, core bit, core drills, diamond core drill bits, diamond hole saws, industrial drilling tools, diamond blade, asphalt blade, and diamond cutting blades.
  • Ruswest, Inc USA. Manufacturers of diamond blades for stone cutting.
  • Samedia France. Diamond tools for cutting and grinding of stone, construction or refractory materials.
  • Sanders Saws, Inc Manufacture a wide range of diamond saws and cutting tools .
  • SCOMAC Inc. Specializes in design, development, and manufacture of diamond tools for advanced industrial requirements. Site provides account of experience in supplying spacecraft, photonic, and electronic industries.
  • Sea French manufacturer of a wide range of coated and bonded abrasives, diamond tools, and sponges and scouring pads.
  • Seg-Die Group Manufactures diamond segment forming dies and die assemblies for diamond saw blade manufacturers. Also offers refurbishing service and die rotating program.
  • ShanSun Diamond Industries Co. Ltd. China. Manufactures range of diamond, synthetic diamond, and cubic boron nitride products for abrasive, cutting, grinding, and polishing applications. Site incorporates detailed information of available items.
  • Shinhan Diamond Ind. Co. India. Manufactures wide selection of diamond cutting tools and grinding wheels. Includes laser welded, brazed, sintered, and electroplated saw blades, drill core bits, diamond wire, tile cutters, and polishing discs.
  • Short Bit and Tool Co. Design and production of natural and synthetic diamond bits and mills for oil production.
  • Sidley Diamond Tool Company Manufactures wide range of diamond tools and CBN products. Details and descriptions of available items.
  • Star Diamond Tools, Ltd India. Industrial diamond tools and dressers for the metalworking industries. Also, PCD and CBN tools for the servicing industries.
  • Star Diamond Tools Inc. Manufactures wide range of diamond blades, bits, cupstones, and several specialized products for use with concrete, masonry, and stone materials. Also offers core bit retipping and repair service.
  • Starlite Industries Manufactures and supplies a range of diamond and carbide drills, files, countersinks, and similar tooling items, available in metric and U.S. sizes. Online catalogues and descriptions of each main product line.
  • STF Precision Technologies & Tools Inc. Manufacturers broad range of diamond and diamond-based cutting tools. Includes tipped inserts, drills, routers, end mills, boring bars, and wear parts. Available in standard and bespoke sizes and configurations.
  • Stoneage Industrial Diamond Products India. Manufactures and exports sintered diamond beads and plastic coated wire for cutting marble, granite, and other stone material.
  • Sunva Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Manufactures diamond files, mounted points, and grinding wheels.
  • Target Products Inc. Manufactures wide range of diamond blades, saws, and core bits and drills for the masonry, concrete, asphalt, and tile industries. Site incorporates detailed information about available products and their uses.
  • Technodiamant U.S.A. Inc. Worldwide supplier of diamond tools and CBN tools for turning, drilling, grinding, milling and profiling.
  • Tenax Diamantati Manufactures diamond tools for working stone and its derivatives.
  • Toolgal Industrial Diamond Tools Manufactures diamond cutting tools for natural stone and construction materials, and diamond/CBN grinding wheels.
  • Tundia Tooling Manufactures diamond tools.
  • Tyrolit Germany. Manufacturer and distribution of conventional abrasive tools and diamond tools.
  • UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools Manufacturer of diamond blades, drills and bits, diamond powder, super hard cutting tools especially for cutting hard materials.

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