This category contains sites put together by manufacturers and distributors of blades, knives, saws, drills, taps, broaches, end mills, and other cutting and machining tools. The focus is on more than one classification (e.g. Carbide AND Diamond tools) or, in the case of the subcategories, deals with just one specific type (e.g. Carbide OR Diamond tools).
  • A-1 Tool Resharpening Resharpens, reconditions, modifies, and repairs broad range of cutting tools. Includes spade drills, flat broaches, burs, and carbide end and roughing mills.
  • AB Graztai Lithuania. Manufactures selection of standard, step, and special twist drills and mills.
  • Accu Trak Tool Corp. Manufacturer of precision knurls, knurling tools, and holders. Stocks a large selection available as well as 1-2 week delivery for all special items.
  • Ademva Tools France. Manufactures selection of cutting, deformatiion, knurling, marking, and measuring tools. Site provides overview details of available products.
  • Aichele Werkzeuge Company manufacturers a variety of cutting tools. Including tungsten carbide saw blades, milling cutters, rotary shearers, and 7.5 metre long knives. Site in English and German.
  • Alfa Manufacturing Industries Inc. Manufactures broad range of tools for cutting and boring metal, composites, wood, plastics, and masonry. Includes twist drills, taps, endmills, reamers, countersinks and counter bores, and deburring tools.
  • Alpha Professional Tools Specializes in tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, and care of stone, tile, marble, and glass materials. Site provides details of available products and technical information section.
  • Alvord-Polk Inc. Manufacturers and distributors of reamers, counterbores, countersinks, core drills, and special tooling. Searchable site with planned online purchase facility.
  • Assembly and Telecom Tools Manufacturer in the USA of small torque hand tools and wire wrapping tools for assembly and telecom work.
  • Azia Trading Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Sells wide selection of ancillary hand and machine tools. Includes vises, chucks, clamps, wrenches, measuring devices, chain blocks, tungsten tipped saws, and throw-away milling cutters.
  • B&S Tool & Cutter Service Inc. Sells and services broad range of cutting tools. Includes sharpening, carbide retipping, and modifying cutters and endmills, as well as producing segmental, friction, cold cut, and screw slotting saws to customer requirements.
  • Bits & Bits Company Specializes in sale and resharpening of signmaking tools, including engraving cutters, plotter blades, and CNC milling tools.
  • Boch Manufacture of cutting tools in HSS, hard metal and PCD: special drills, cutters, reamers, counterborers, taps, integral, carbide tipped and indexable milling cutters and provice standards, measurement and testing; calibration of measuring instruments and development of new products in optical and laser metrology.
  • Botek USA, Inc. Specializes in manufacture of gundrills. Available products include solid carbide, carbide tipped, and indexable versions, as well as solid drill heads, ejectors, and grinding fixtures and machines.
  • Burdon Gundrills Standard and custom manufactured tools for precision deep drilling. Normally used with specially designed machines but can also be utilized with appropriately modified lathes, drilling presses, and boring and automatic screw machines.
  • C & N Supply Offers broad range of workshop ancillary products. Includes calipers, micrometers, protractors, dial indicators, gages, and end mills. Provides online ordering facility.
  • C.P. Enterprises India. Manufactures broad range of hand tools and blades for deburring metal and plastic parts and surfaces. Available in a variety of shapes and cutting angles.
  • Cammann Inc. Manufactures metal disintegrating machines for removing broken drills, taps, bolts, studs, and carbide inserts. Additional applications include metallurgical core sampling and branding steel rolls with identification marks.
  • CAMS s.r.l. Italy. Specializes in manufacturer of tools for slotting machinery. Description of machining operation.
  • Capital Tool Industries India. Manufactures gear cutting tools. Selection includes range of gear hobs, shaper, scalping, and side and face cutters, and milling cutters. Specialty is inserted blade gear hobs.
  • Carson Engineering and Manufacturing Inc. Specializes in the design and building of equipment and tooling for the forming of thin-walled tubing.
  • CH Peters Co. Offers a wide selection of cutting tools. Includes drills, taps, reamers, mills, carbide bits, and indexable tools. Also able to supply abrasives and workholder items.
  • Chengdu Tool Research Institute China. Exports wide selection of cutting and meauring tools for metal and wood working industries. Includes drilling, turning, milling, tapping, and indexable tools, as well as gear cutters, calipers, gages, and indicators.
  • Circle Machine Company Manufactures wide selection of small hole boring, threading, grooving, and profiling tools. Available in inch and metric sizes. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Clamp Products Ltd New Zealand. Manufactures and distributes range of trade hand tools. Examples include bolt cutters, clamps, ferrules, swage tools, thimbles, and stainless steel wire rope and fittings.
  • Clews Tipco (UK) Ltd. Manufactures range of high speed steel punches and dies, as well as a line of diamond inserts and cutting tools.
  • Commonwealth Tool Specialty Inc. Distributes wide range of cutting tools. Includes high speed steel, tungsten carbide, carbide tipped, borazon, diamond, and indexable varieties. Site provides list of available items.
  • Cutting Tool Solutions Inc. Online distributor of imported cutting tools. Available items include drill bits, reamers, taps, endmills, countersinks, counterbores, and a selection of surplus tools.
  • Dal Lago snc Italy. Specializes in the supply of machining tools, accessories, and spare parts. Includes drills, taps, dies, thread cutters, inserts, blades, bars, knurls, rollers, and abrasives for grinding and tool sharpening.
  • Dathan Tool and Gauge Co. Ltd. UK. Manufactures broad range of gear shaping tools, rack type cutters, and straight bevel generating, hobbing, shaving, and special form tools. Also offers sharpening services.
  • David Queller & Company Wholesale stockist serving distributors with broad selection of hand, cutting, and precision tools. List of manufacturer sources and available products.
  • Dayton Supply & Tool Company Distributor of cutting tools, abrasives, and hand tools to Southwest Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.
  • Dedeco International Manufactures range of rotary drilling, cutting, grinding, and polishing tools for processing metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, and composite materials. Applications include dental, jewelry, manufacturing, and hobbyist industries.
  • DeWitt Tool Company Distributes broad selection of cutting tools, as well as a selection of measuring instruments, hand tools, and abrasives. Includes broaches, drills, endmills, counterbores and countersinks, taps, and reamers.
  • Drill Masters, Inc. Manufacturer specializing in deep gun drills and other deep hole drills, as well as related toolholders and coolants. Information about deep drilling methodology, available tool sizes and associated speeds, and addresses of domestic and international sales agents.
  • Drill Technology Manufacturer of carbide drills, routers, endmills, burrs, specialty carbide cutting tools in both metric and English sizes.
  • Eines Canela, S.A. Spain. Multi country manufacturer of tools designed for milling, turning, threading, and parting operations. Includes product details, distributors, and list of upcoming exhibitions.
  • Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd Specializes in manufacture of tube tools. Applications include expanding, cleaning, replacing, burnishing, reaming, and internally recessing.
  • End Mill Discount Distributes selection of endmills for precision machining. Includes standard, micro, and carbide varieties. Site incorporates online shopping facility.
  • Extramet Hartmetallfabrik Manufacture tungsten carbide rods, tubes, gun drill blanks, blanks and preformed parts for the tooling industry.
  • Five Star Products Inc. Specializes in manufacture of precision cutting, brazed, and dovetail tools, indexable inserts, hollow mills, milling cutters, boring bars, core drills, and solid carbide tooling.
  • G.R. Booth Ltd. UK. Manufactures line of reaming tools. Includes pre-reamer cuers, reamers, indexable cutters, and custom designed tooling.
  • Geneva Gage Carries selection of measuring and testing tools. Includes calipers, gages, indicators, micrometers, protractors, and rules. Site incorporates searchable list of available products.
  • Goodrich Tool & Supply Distributes range of cutting tools and workholding accessories, with catalogue available for online ordering. Also offers tool grinding and repair services.
  • H B Tools (Ormskirk) Ltd UK. Distributes several brand-name lines of cutting tools and toolholding products. Includes drills, taps, and endmills. Site incorporates overview pages of available items.
  • H.A.M. Precision USA Manufactures wide range of cutting tools. Focus is on carbide and diamond varieties for drilling, milling, reaming, boring, and sawing applications. Site provides access to downloadable catalog.
  • Hermann Pfisterer GmbH Germany. Manufactures broad range of high speed steel and tungsten carbide cutting tools. Includes drills, step drills, centre drills, counterbores, and countersinks. Site provides access to downloadable price list.
  • Hewitt Tool Engineering Inc. Canada. Manufactures standard and custom cutting tools. Includes wide variety of drills, reamers, countersinks, and counterbores. Particularly specializes in items for automotive, aircraft, and turbine requirements.
  • Hobbco Tool Co (1999) Ltd UK. Sells broad range of hand tools and hardware items to trade customers and general public. Selection includes taps and dies, bolting products, drills, hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, and wired inserts.
  • Izar. Spain. Manufacturer of cutting-tools, producing drills, end-mills, roughers, and reamers. For all industrial sectors.
  • J. W. Done Developers and suppliers of patent pending specialized tool for in-process deburring of cross-drilled holes. Site explains problem, describes solution, and incorporates demonstration video clip.
  • J.A.M. Taylor Tool Co. Limited Canada. Manufactures high speed steel metal threading taps, dies, and reamers. Available in standard and customized configurations. Product overviews and corporate history.
  • JTS Machinery & Supply Co. Offers online ordering facility for broad range of cutting tools. Can also supply power tools, measuring instruments, shop supplies, and reference books from printed catalog.
  • Khurana Carbides Manufactures a selection of tungsten carbide wire and bar drawing dies. Available shapes include round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal.
  • L. & T. I. Brock & Co. Ltd. UK. Manufacturers of special purpose tooling. Includes rolling boxes and pins, broaching heads, threading inserts, and tooling for variety of turret machines. Site incorporates details of product designs and applications.
  • Letterman United Corp. Taiwan. Manufactures and exports wide range of hand and power tools and accessories. Includes screwdriver, drill, and router bits, measuring tools, step drills, hole cutters, saws, and abrasives.
  • Lindsay Cutting Tools Manufactures selection of indexable endmills and milling cutters, produced in variety of configurations. Site provides details of available types and sizes.
  • Magafor France. Manufactures broad range of cutting tools. Applications include center or step drilling, spotting, milling, reaming, countersinking, counter boring, and screw extraction.
  • Maju Jaya Alat-Alat Logam & Mesin Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia. Cutting tools, including auger, drill, and wood bits, saw blades and polishing sponges.
  • Manek Tools India. Manufactures assortment of high speed steel cutting tools. Includes slitting saws, end mills, slot drills, reamers, tool bits, and side, face, cylindrical, and angle cutters.
  • Max Tool Inc. Sells broad range of cutting tools and machine shop supplies. Includes abrasives, coolants, drills, endmills, reamers, saws and blades, and indexable tooling. Site incorporates links to manufacturer information sites.
  • Mech-India Engineers Pvt. Ltd. India. Manufactures burnishing tools and machines for wide range of finishing requirements. Explanation of burnishing process and different types of tools.
  • Melin Tool Company Manufactures and stocks broad selection of carbide and high speed steel cobalt end mills. Online and downloadable catalogs available.
  • Micro Dicing Technology, Inc. Complete dicing and sawing service for the micro-electric industry.
  • Midwest Accurate Grinding Service Sells broad selection of standard and custom cutting tools. Includes scoring blades and screw slotting saws. Also provides a variety of grinding and resharpening services.
  • Midwest Cutting Tool. Manufacturer of carbide and HSS, cutting tools, special-cutters, rotary files, with a complete CNC resharpening service.
  • Mikron Engineers India. Manufactures forming and heading tools for tube, can, container, fastener, and bearing industries. Includes stamping, blanking, and deep and wire drawing dies.
  • National Surgical Industries Manufacturers of tools for watchmaking, jewelry and hobbyists. Includes photo gallery of products.
  • New York Twist Drill Inc. Manufactures broad selection of carbide and high speed steel cutting tools. Includes taps, drills, end mills, reamers, and gages. Site incorporates technical details and online quotation request for available items.
  • Nomak Tools Canada. Distributes broad range of name brand cutting tools and measuring instruments. Site incorporates product line overviews and links to manufacturer sites.
  • NYCL Company Manufactures broad range of high speed steel, cobalt, and diamond metal cutting and drilling tools, as well as a variety of woodworking drilling, boring, and routing tools and a line of diamond saw blades.
  • Ol' Joint Jigger Specialized tool for notching pipes and tubing. Can be used with electric or pneumatic hand drills or small drill presses. Selection of hole saws also available. Price list and online order form.
  • Posithread UK Ltd Manufacturers of a range of threading and grooving systems. Features include optimum swarf control and extended tool life.
  • Pramet Tools, s.r.o. Czech Republic. Manufactures broad selection of tools and inserts for turning, milling, and forming parts. Downloadable Machining Handbook.
  • Precision Cutting Tools Specializes in line of endmills manufactured in high speed steel, cobalt, and powder metallurgy qualities. Available in variety of configurations. Some focus on supply to National Aeronautic Standards requirements.
  • Precision Twist Drill Co. Manufactures broad range of cutting tools for variety of industrial, construction, and home workshop markets. Includes drills, endmills, reamers, and blanks.
  • Professional Tool Grinding, Inc. Manufacturer of special end mills including tapered, corner radius, square and ball end, step drills, spiral reamers, surgical tools, form cutters, and counter bores.
  • Qingdao Xinghua Welding & Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. the company is a professional enterprise of producing welding and cutting tools, Decompressors,
  • Quality Chaser Company Specializes in manufacture and supply of engineered threading tools. Includes broad selection of chasers, including various obsolete versions. Site incorporates detailed account of product line and capabilities.
  • Quinco Tool Products Company Manufactures and stocks wide selection of high speed steel and cobalt endmills. Available from distributors under various brand names.
  • Rajhasthan Tools & Spares India. Specializes in supply of gem cutting tools for the jewelry trade. Products include trim saws, cobalt metal powder, and shaping, faceting, and drilling machines.
  • Richard's Micro-Tool Inc. Manufactures selection of carbide, cobalt, and HSS endmills, as well as combined drills and countersinks. Site provides details and sizes of available items.
  • Romay Corporation Specializes in manufacture and supply of ceramic, cermet, and silicon nitride cutting tool inserts. Specifications and recommended applications of available items.
  • Ronzoni s.r.l. Italy. Specializes in manufacture of customized tools for drilling, boring, broaching, and lapping requirements. Examples of available products and identifies applications.
  • RTS Cutting Tools, Inc Manufacturers various cutting tooling, including form, end mills, drills, reamers, counterbores, and spotfacers.
  • Sankalp Enterprises India. Deals in selection of bandsaw blades and cutting wheels. Site provides details of available products.
  • SG Prittie Pty. Ltd. Australia. Manufactures broad range of precision gages, with general focus on threaded components. Also offers thread and cylindrical grinding services.
  • Shanghai Binic International Co. Ltd. China. Manufactures assortment of twist drills for metal, wood, and masonry processing, as well as a line of hole saws. Site provides details of available sizes and configurations.
  • Sorma. Italian producer of diamond cutting and drilling tools and accessories. Including abrasive materials. Information tables of products. Tools, drilling tools, abrasive brushes, threading tools, diamond saw blade, diamond wheel. Sorma Worldwide Commerce. TradeMark: osawa, yamawa, ishi ba, and ishiba knife. [English and Italian]
  • Spartan Carbide Inc. Manufactures, distributes, and offers grinding services for wide range of carbide inserts and tooling. Includes polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron nitride, and ceramic tipped tools and brazed tooling.
  • Suncoast Precision Tools Inc Sells broad range of cutting tools and screw machine accessories. Selection includes cutters, drills, end mills, inserts, and threading tools, as well as toolholders, collets, and coolant systems.
  • TaeguTec Ltd. Korea. Manufactures broad range of cutting tools and a selection of consumable machining products. Includes drills, endmills, milling and threading cutters, and inserts, as well as carbide powders, wire, and wear parts
  • Tauringroup USA Advanced technology together with a wide range of products based on its unique CNC control systems, allow quality Roll Benders to be offered.
  • Technicut Ltd. Designs and manufactures carbide and high speed steel tools for cutting aluminum, titanium, and nickel based alloys. Applications include aerospace, aeroengine, and Formula 1 industries.
  • Texbay Industries Inc. Manufactures saws for cutting high density polyfoam materials. Site provides details and prices of available models.
  • Tousha International Distributor of carbide and high speed steel endmills, burs, routers, and other rotary cutting tools. CNC resharpening service also available.
  • U.S. Tool Grinding, Inc. Multi faceted manufacturer, reconditioner and distributor/supplier of cutting tools and other products to the aerospace, heavy equipment, transportation and other metalworking industries.
  • US Tool Inc. Specializes in supply of indexable grooving and threading inserts, round and dovetail forming tools, and standard or modified toolholders.
  • VDC Provides removal of slag in laser drilled and shaped ceramic substrates.
  • Western Link Sales. Company distributes band saws, saw blades, hose clamps, mounts, pads, drill chucks, and other industrial tools and accessories.
  • Yueh-Chi Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan. Selection of hand and power tools. Range includes impact wrenches, air drills, micro die grinders, and torque testers.

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