The content of this category is focused on a wide range of add-on fixtures and devices that control the movement of tools and workpieces. It includes items that have a software or mechanical basis.

Other languages: German.

  • Abbott Enterprise India India. Manufactures wide variety of toggle clamps, clamping devices, and tool room accessories. Site provides photo, description, and application of each available item.
  • Air Turbine Technology Inc. Distributes broad range of turbine driven air tools, high speed spindles, motors, and related accessories. Photos and technical details of available items.
  • Ajax Industries Distributes variety of toolholding products for several makes of lathes. Includes manual and power chucks, endmill holders, soft and hard jaws and pallet fixtures.
  • AnWright Corporation Manufactures tooling balls used as a precision reference point in critical machining operations. Standard items available through distributors. Custom requirements met directly.
  • Arobotech Systems Inc. Manufactures self-centering steady rests for use in grinding components and parts. Site explains design, function, and operation.
  • AutoDrill Manufactures specialized drilling systems employing pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical drives. Related attachments and accessories also available. Site provides product description and application information.
  • B.G.I. Tooling Co. Manufactures selection of tooling for nuclear power and machine shop industries. Products include tool kits for nuclear workers, as well as indicator holders and mounts, tube benders, and a special T-bold installation device.
  • Bluechip Tooling Ltd. UK. Specializes in supply of precision toolholders, largely from European manufacturing sources. Includes tapping heads, knurling and cutting tools, and reamer holders.
  • Bock Workholding, Inc. Offering flexibility and accurate clamping and repeatability to fast-changeovers and high production solutions solve the toughest workholding problems.
  • Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. Manufactures broad range of tooling and workholding products. Includes alignment pins, locators, clamps, jaws, bushings, modular fixtures, and powered workholders. Detailed catalog available.
  • Centricity Specializes in manufacture of rotary tables with wide range of programmable speeds and positions. Features include open center architecture allowing clearance on both sides of the rotating tooling ring.
  • Chandox Precision Industrial Co., Ltd Manufacturers of hydraulic power chucks, fixtures and cylinders for high-speed and heavy-duty CNC machining. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications on PDF files. English and Chinese.
  • Chick Workholding Solutions, Inc. Manufacturer of modular vises and tombstone fixtures for CNC machining centers.
  • Craftsman Industries Inc. Specializes in manufacture of straight shank collet holders, sold to OEMs or through distributors. Site provides diagrams and specifications of available products.
  • Crenol and Wilson (Workholding) Ltd UK. Distributes wide selection of workholding and toolholding products. Includes collets, expanding mandrels, dead centers, adaptors, boring bars, and chucks. Also manufactures line of chuck jaws and base and adaptor plates.
  • Deringer & Associates Authorized representative for Beere precision products, Chick workholding solutions, midaco pallet systems, Roofe live centers and other world class products.
  • Dimension Machine Tool, Inc. Specializing in workholding fixtures, offering a full service machining facility with design and build capabilities.
  • Dimoco Manufacturing Company Inc. Distributes replacement workholder clamps and accessories for variety of CNC turret presses. Site provides details and prices. Catalog available upon request.
  • Drill Jig Bushing Co (Madras) Pvt. Ltd. India. Manufactures and exports wide range of drill jig bushings, guide pillars, and locating pins. Site incorporates detailed information of available items. Custom manufacturing also available.
  • Edward Andrews International Distributes range of tool and work holding products and accessories. Includes chucks, collets, pads, tapping systems, and turret lathe items. Also stocks small selection of used machine tools.
  • Engineering Carbide Systems S.A. France. Manufactures selection of machine tool bushes, collets, and plugs and rings. Available in carbide and high speed steel varieties. Can also produce customized versions.
  • George H. Seltzer & Company Manufactures and stocks wide selection of workholding accessories. Includes t-slot nuts and bolts, hexagonal nuts, washers, studs, wedges, slip blocks, clamps, and eye bolts.
  • Heinrich Company Manufactures and supplies a range of manual and air operated workholding tools. Includes drill jigs, collett fixtures, portable metalworking tools, and regular, air, and self-centering vises.
  • Huron Machine Products Incorporated Distributes selection of jaws and chucks for most domestic and foreign makes of machinery. Online catalog available.
  • IEMCA Italy. Specializes in manufacture of bar feeders for single spindle and multispindle lathes and other types of bar fed machine tools. Specifications of available versions.
  • InteliTool Manufacturing Services Inc. Specializes in custom design and building of workholding fixtures for turn key and existing machines. Range includes horizontal, vertical, rotating, 4 axis and pallet versions.
  • Kalamazoo Chuck Manufacturing & Service Center Manufactures manual, power, hydraulic, and pneumatic chucks, as well as top jaws and mounting plates. Also distributes selection of additional workholding products. Catalog available upon request.
  • Key Products Inc Manufactures variety of accessories for use with multiple spindle equipment. Includes machining heads, workholders, robotic cells, rotary dials, and shuttle transfers.
  • Kitagawa Europe Limited UK. Specializes in supply of workholding products, with emphasis on powered and technical power chucks, hydraulic cylinders, chuck jaws, and rotary indexing tables.
  • Lock Industries Corporation. Manufacturers the 'Lock-Jaw' quick change chuck and mill vise jaws. Very detailed site about the benefits of this toolchange and tool holding equipment.
  • Lock-Jaw Workholding Offers wide selection of workholding products. Includes actuators, chucks, clamps, collets, jaws, live and dead centers, mandrels, rotary tables, and vises. Searchable database of available items.
  • Magnetic Systems Limited UK. Designs and manufactures wide range of magnetic workholding products. Range includes chucks, lifters, sweepers, demagnetizers, and accessories.
  • Mickros Plus Italy. Produces variety of specially designed workholders, concentrating on design layout and rigid quality controls to offer tolerances up to fractions of microns. Site written in Italian and English.
  • Micron Workholding, Ltd UK. Manufactures workholders with expandable jaws for clamping components to workbench. Designed for use with both vertical and horizontal milling machines and machining centers. Available in standard or bespoke configurations.
  • Mittman Industrial Equipment Canada. Distributes broad range of machine tools accessories. Includes tool and work holders, multiple spindle heads, measuring devices, and microcleaning units. Site incorporates links to manufacturer sites.
  • Newbould Precision Inc. Manufacturer of high precision workholding spindles, both indexing and non-indexing.
  • OK-Vise Oy Finland. Manufactures a special line of expanding clamps for machine tools, as well as a rotary pallet system. Site provides product and application information.
  • P.G. Engineers India. Manufactures selection collets and collet chucks for variety of machine tools. List of available versions.
  • Pacesetters Systems Inc. Specializes in manufacture of hydraulic and mechanical clamps and roller rails for quick positioning, change, and movement of dies and molds, especially in the metal stamping and plastics industries.
  • R.Mansukhlal & Co India. Manufacturers and distributors of selection of machine tool accessories. Range includes chucks, clamps, collets, tool holders, tapping attachments. Technical details of available items.
  • ROTOR Tool GmbH Switzerland. Manufactures range of chucking and clamping tools for lathes and grinding machines. Site describes and provides downloadable brochure of different versions.
  • Rovi Products Incorporated Manufactures broad range of chucks, collets, jaws, bushings, and tool holders, as well as a selection of cutting tools. Downloadable catalog available.
  • Royal Products Manufactures broad range of machine tool accessories. Includes collets, clamps, drill feeds, adaptor plates, machine mounts, live and dead centers, and work lights.
  • SFR Tooling. Manufacturers of extruder breaker plates and adaptors. Range includes standard, mixing, slotted, and custom items.
  • Shobha Industries India. Manufactures and distributes range of accessories for machine tool users. Includes hand, engineering, and measuring tools, as well as a wide assortment of tool holding, handling, and mounting devices.
  • Shortys Tooling & Equipment Inc. Specializes in sales, service, and repair of tooling for the screw machine industry. Products include die head yokes, tool holders, collets, clutches, chucking fixtures, and drill bushings.
  • Sip Tools India. Manufactures and distributes selection of carbide bushes, adjustable and dial snap measuring gauges, and other tool room accessories.
  • Solar Enterprises India. Manufactures broad range of machine tool accessories. Includes adaptors, arbors, boring bars, centers, clamps, chucks, collets, toolholders, gages, magnetic bases, and vises.
  • Stevens Engineering Inc. Specializes in manufacture of modular fixturing systems for horizontal and vertical machining centers. Components include subplates, tombstones, vises, clamps, and bushings. Site explains design principles and applications.
  • Suburban Tool Inc. Manufactures broad range of machine tool accessories. Includes angle plates, optical comparators, index and pallet fixtures, magnetic chucks, and vises. Site include toolmaker mathematical tables.
  • Talbot Tool Company Limited UK. Manufacturers specializing in drill and reamer jig bushes, available in metric and imperial versions. Site provides product and application details.
  • TEC Workholding, Inc. Specialist chuck jaw site offering innovative standard and custom designed hard and soft jaws to improve chucking efficiency.
  • Techni-Grip Specialized work holding system providing positive location and above average gripping strength. Applicable to variety of machining operations. Site explains concept and includes examples of utilization.
  • Tecnomagnete S.p.A. Italy. Specializes in manufacture of patented electro-magnetic clamping systems for workholding and material handling. Examples of applications in milling, grinding, and press operations.
  • The Jaws Manufacturing Co. Indioa. Manufactures selection of machine tool accessories. Includes manual and power chucks, hard and soft jaws, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, and power packs.
  • Turn-Fast Tools Manufactures range of standard sized soft chuck jaws for variety of lathes. Available in selection of serrated or tongue and groove version. Quotation request form for customized requirements.
  • Uday Computer Aided Manufacturing (P) Ltd. India. Specializes in manufacture of machine tool accessories. Includes pallet changers, rotary and index tables, and linear motion products and systems.
  • United Drill Bushing Corp. Manufactures wide range of tooling components. Includes drill bushings and jig fixtures, riveter tooling, clamps, hoist rings, adapters, handles, gages, and threaded inserts. Product catalog.
  • Wila The Netherlands. Offers an array of press brake accessories, including clamping and crowning systems, as well as upper, lower, and closing tools. Site incorporates information about optimization of the tooling and process. Products
  • Worldwide Chuck Services Inc. Specializes in lathe chuck and cylinder sales, parts, repairs, and rebuilds. Site provides detailed product and services information.
  • Zuern GmbH Germany; Manufactures toolholder systems for lathes, CNC machines; custom toolholders.

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