This category contains sites of Machine Tool Distributors. The information is focused entirely on machining equipment, with several sister categories being used as assembly points for sites of a service nature.

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  • ABLE Machine Tool Sales. Inc. Distributor of some of the world's finest machine tools in the New England area.
  • Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. National importers of heavy duty CNC machining, turning, and tapping centers and CNC lathes. List of regional distributors.
  • Action Machinery Co., Inc. Offers new and used metalworking machinery and tooling. Includes appraisal services and machinery repair.
  • Addy Machinery Sells and trades new and used machine tools. Includes Mazak CNC machines, Okamoto grinders, EDM equipment, and Davenport screw machines.
  • Advanced Fabricating Machinery Sells and services pipe and tube benders in partnership with a select network of distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Advanced Grinding Supplies UK. Suppliers of precision grinding machines and consumables to the engineering industry also representing Studer machinery.
  • Aerotec Machine Tool Sales Canada. Distributor of CNC and conventional machinery. Also provides full technical services such as installation, rebuilding and upgrading of machines. [French, English][May not be viewable in all browsers]
  • Allendale Machinery Systems Full service distributor. Sells new Haas and Citizen machine tools.
  • Allison Machinery Company Inc. Providing you with quality machine tools, metal working and fabrication machinery, parts support, and after-the-sale service.
  • Ambassador Machine Tools. Australia. Supplies new and used machine tools, CNC lathes, milling machines, borers, bandsaws, drills, grinders, cranes, and vices.
  • American Machine Tools Company Online source of wide range of machine tools. Selection includes drill presses, grinders, hand and press brakes, lathes, machining centers, mills, and shears. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Arrow Machinery Dealer in new and used machinery, tools, and equipment. Searchable database of currently available products includes air compressors, brakes, drills, lathes, mills, presses, sanders, saws, shears, and welders.
  • Automation Solutions Inc. Premier machine tool and factory automation equipment distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Baileigh Industrial Inc. Distributor of metal fabricating machinery through a network of machine tool dealers.
  • Big Country Machine Tools Australia. Progressive team of experienced, professional machine tool specialists offering a wide range of new and used conventional and CNC machine tools.
  • Bixby Machine Tool Supply Offering new and used machine tools such as bandsaws, drills, presses, lathes, and metal fabrication equipment.
  • Blue Ridge Machinery Distributor of machine shop tools and equipment, lathes, mills, drill presses.
  • Braun Machinery Machine tool distributor for many lines of tools. Metal cutting and fabricating. Also stocks tooling, accessories, and parts.
  • Bruders Machine Tools Distributor and remanufacturer of machine tools. Range includes borers, grinders, hobbers, and lathes, machining centers, broaching machines, filtration systems, and frcition welding equipment.
  • Buckley Owens Machinery Corp. Distributes line of machine tools for turning, fabricating, machining, grinding, and punching. Range includes press brakes, EDM and CNC equipment, and plasma and water jet cutting machines.
  • Business International, Ltd. Japan. Distributor of machine tools for the plastic industry, specializing in used equipment.
  • C. Dugard Machine Tools Limited UK. Sells new and used machine tools, with some emphasis on imports from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Czech Republic. Site provides details of currently available products.
  • Cahmac International Machinery Inc. Distributor specializes in the sales and service of CNC machine tools.
  • Cambridge Machinery Distributors of CNC equipment for tube fabricating industry. Range includes standard and custom models, auto loaders and unloaders, tube measuring centers, and specially developed software.
  • Capital Machine Technologies Sells new and used machine tools. Range includes press brakes, shears, bandsaws, waterjet equipment, and robotic welders.
  • Carter Machine Tool Co Ltd. New and used metal working equipment. Buy and sell CNC, notchers, guillotines, press brakes in fact any metal forming machines.
  • Centric Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. Offers a wide variety of machine tool solutions for companies of all sizes in Illinois and Iowa. Offering includes lathes, vertical mills, boring mills and horizontal mills.
  • Century Distributors New Zealand. Providing bendpak exhaust pipe benders and heavy duty vehicle lifting equipment for auto workshops.
  • Chaparral Machinery Distributes a range of new and used machine tools, tooling, ancillary equipment, parts, and accessories. Focus is on machining centers, including models manufactured by sister company. Also offers repair and training services.
  • CIM Technologies Inc. Offering CNC milling machines, machining centers, used milling machines, upgrades, and Heidenhain machinery.
  • CIMID Corporation Offers automated and CNC machines and systems metal cutting, forming, grinding, polishing, and deburring applications.
  • Cincinnati Precision Machinery, Inc. Distributor of sheet metal fabrication equipment. Includes used machinery, parts and tooling.
  • CJ Machinery UK. Offers new and used engineering machinery via online stock sheet. Includes saws, guillotines, press brakes, and steel workers.
  • David Olson Sales Online Online listing of midwest US machine tool distributor, including metalworking and cutting technologies, and fabricating. Full listing of manufacturers and products.
  • Demmler Machinery Inc. New and used sheetmetal machinery, including brakes, shears, lasers, folders, saws, and CNC punches. Searchable inventory with photos and technical details of available items.
  • Specializes in supplying broad range of machine tools, accessories, and tooling to the educational market. Site provides list of available items and links to details and prices.
  • Downs Machinery Sales Inc. Sells and leases new and used industrial machinery and tooling. Such as lathes, mills, presses and saws, both conventional and CNC. Details of current product lines and inventory.
  • E&N Machining Offers CNC machine tools as well as integrated DNC systems, CNC training, and part programming.
  • Elite Machine Tool Company Sales and service of machines and equipment, including CNC machining centers, lathes, and horizontal and vertical mills. Photos and technical details of each item.
  • Ellesco UK. Specializing in grinding, brushing and polishing machines for deburring, denibbing, calibrating and finishing.
  • Online source for buying and selling new and used machine tools. Site explains trading terms, incorporates searchable inventories, and includes links to related information.
  • Emrick Machinery Sales Inc. New and used machinery, machine tools, and lubrication products. Details of distributed lines and current inventory of used equipment. Service includes repairs and rebuilding.
  • Equipements et Techniques Industriels France. Distributors of machine tools and welding equipment.
  • Fabricating Metal Solutions Machinery and tooling for the stamping and fabricating industry including laser cutting machines, press brakes, shears, punch presses.
  • Fabrication Technology Associates Inc. Distributes selected range of new and used fabrication machinery. Includes press brakes, shears, notchers, ironworkers, plasma cutters, and presses and press feeds. Site provides details of available items.
  • Flexible Manufacturing Canada. Distributors of metal sheet and strip processing and fabricating equipment. Includes shears, bending machines, welded beam and flexible production lines, and related storage systems.
  • Fourway Machinery Sales Company, Inc. Stocking distributor for new and surplus quality screw machines and secondary metal working equipment.
  • G & G Machinery New, used, and reconditioned machine tools and accessories, including grinders, lathes, mills, drills, saws, welders, CNC equipment, and EDM machines.
  • G & W Machine Co. Inc. Distributes broad range of CNC equipment, primarily for the New England area. Details of available turning and milling machines.
  • G.B.S. Group Distributor for Sogotec Enterprise, Euma-Spinner Corporation, and L and L CNC Lathe. Also remanufactures and retrofits, as well as design and building of specialized equipment.
  • Gempel Machinery Corp. Distributes range of metal fabricating, cutting, and forming machines, parts, and accessories. Site incorporates links to manufacturers pages for product details.
  • Gibas Romania SRL Romania. Sales and service of CNC machine tools in Europe.
  • Girard Associates, Inc. North American representative offering ring rolling, hot and cold forming, and induction heating machines, as well as industrial controls.
  • Globetec International Distributor of machining, turning, and special purpose equipment. Also offers used machinery through partner company.
  • Gosiger Inc. Supplies a range of industries with machine tools as well as integrated automation work cells.
  • Graff-Pinkert & Co., Inc. Exclusive North American agent for Wickman automatic screw machines. Offers new, used, and rebuilt models, as well as parts and service. Product details.
  • Gran International Inc Full service distributors of line of CNC turret punch presses, as well as associated tooling and software, imported from Taiwan. Site incorporates profile of manufacturer and available equipment.
  • Groat Machinery, Inc. Distributor of several series of flexible CNC dial machines, multi station turning centers, and special purpose machinery. Site incorporates details of manufacturers being represented.
  • H&S Machinery New and used metal working machinery and tooling, including CNC/manual lathes, mills, grinders, radial arm drillers, band saws, EDMS and boring mills.
  • Harrison Industrial Equipment Co. Inc. Distributes broad range of new and used machine tools, tooling, and metal fabricating equipment. Includes presses, lathes, benders, grinders, clamps, CAD programs, and plasma cutting, coil processing, and abrasive finishing equipment.
  • Heart of Wisconsin Machinery Co. Inc. Dealer in new and used machine tools including lathes, grinders, drills, and presses. Partial inventory details provided online, with periodical updates.
  • Hennessey Moto Fab Distributes quality metal working machinery such as tubing benders, saws, shears, welding positioners, notchers, press brakes, ironworkers, deburring equipment, tube expanders and swagers.
  • HH Roberts Machinery Distributes CNC and manual machinery. Representative for Fagor and Heidenhain digital readouts.
  • Hillary Machinery Inc. Distributes broad range of machine tools. Includes lathes, grinders, deburrers, shears, brakes, machining centers, and laser and waterjet cutting equipment. Services include retrofits and supply of replacement parts.
  • Hitech Machinery Sales, Inc. Distributes new EDM machines, tooling, and CAD/CAM software, as well as offering a selection of used equipment, including CNC, presses, lathes, and grinders. Site provides details of available items.
  • Ian Jones Sales Company Canada. Distributes fabricating machines and accessories. Also provides service manuals for a variety of manufacturers.
  • IBP Equipment Inc Offers rotary benders, tube transfer lines, open end roll benders, plate rolls, and tooling.
  • Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd Malaysia. Distributes selected range of lathes and grinders, milling and EDM machines, and accessories. Site provides links to product details.
  • Icon Machine Tool, Inc. Distributes broad range of new and used metal cutting, forming, and stamping equipment. Links to product information and details of current used machinery inventory.
  • Idaho Machinery & Supply, Inc. New and used machine tools. Accessories and cutting tools.
  • Imc Machines,Inc Imports and distributes AGMA CNC vertical machining centers from Taiwan. Site provides detailed information regarding each available model. Applications include mold and die, electronics, and aerospace industries.
  • Selected list of manufactures and distributors of new and used machine tools, tooling, and related accessories and supplies.
  • Iverson & Company Distributes 'Hardinge' and 'Haas' lathes, mills, machining centers, grinders, rotary tables and indexers. Searchable database of available products.
  • JB Associates, Inc. Services metal stampers. Presses, feeding equipment, coil handling equipment, punches and die sets, stock lubrication, die protection, OSHA. New England based distributor.
  • Jeriko Fabricating Tools Inc. Extensive line of machinery and supplies for sheet metal fabricating companies. Applications include punching, contour cutting, bending and forming, shearing, and deburring. Services include inspection and financing.
  • John Hart Pty. Ltd. Australia. Distributes broad range of machine tools and accessories such as coordinate measuring machines and software. Services include integration with robotic and automation products, rebuilding, retrofitting, and supply of spare parts.
  • KGK International Corp. Supplies CNC turning centers, machining centers, Swiss-type screw machines, as well as CNC tool and sutter grinders.
  • KM Industrial Machinery Company Distributes broad range of machine tools. Includes high speed and horizontal and vertical CNC centers, lathes, boring mills, grinders, waterjet equipment, and manual and CNC EDM machines.
  • Kumi Ltd. UK. Distributor of hard gear finishing, industrial cleaning equipment and special purpose machine tools in the UK.
  • Leifeld UK Ltd. UK. Specializes in supply of metal spinning and flowforming machinery. Site provides details of available products and explains spinning process and range of applications.
  • M.T.M. Machine Tools Marketing Ltd. Israel. Imports and markets metal working machines as well as CNC and special purpose machinery.
  • M-Tech Sales & Supply Broad selection of machine tools and tooling. Range includes drilling machines, cutters, saws, bending and notching machines, air tools, and grinding accessories.
  • Machine Tool Marketing Inc. Distributes wide selection of machine tool manufacturers. Focus is on turning centers, milling machines, and grinding equipment. Site incorporates links to manufacturer websites.
  • Machine Tools & Automation Broker of new and used machinery including metal cutting, grinding, fabricating and stamping equipment.
  • Machinery Systems, Inc. Machine tool distributor offers efficient metal-cutting solutions.
  • MachineTool Specialties Distributes broad range of machine tools. Includes lathes, saws, and machining centers for drilling, milling, turning, and tapping. Site provides links to manufactures sites for detailed product information.
  • Macrotec Machine Tools Ltd UK. Offers the broadest range of new CNC lathes and machining centres.
  • Magnum Precision Machines. Company sells new and used machine tools, including CNC drills, punchers, lathes, machining centres and EDM machines. Offices in New Mexico, and West Texas.
  • Maquinarias Felco C.A. Venezuela. Distributors of conventional and CNC machine-tools, CAD/CAM systems, accessories, and spare parts. Also handles selected stock of used machinery.
  • Mason Mechanical Labs Inc. Sells a range of hand and machine tools, tooling, and accessories, as well as a selection of pre-owned machine tools. Site incorporates detailed list of available items and searchable database of used equipment.
  • Maycho Enterprise Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Acts as importer and exporter of various machine tools. Includes press brakes, shears, notchers, bandsaws, and folding machines. Also manufactures automatic dust collection grinders.
  • McWilliams Sales & Service Inc. Specializes in EDM sales and service. New, used, and reconditioned EDM machines. Small hole, vertical, and wire machines. Parts and consumables.
  • Merlin Industrial Products Ltd. UK. Distribution subsidiary of a manufacturing group. Specializes in broad range of machine tools and tooling. Includes drilling, tapping, and sawing equipment, as well as indexing tables, machine mounts, and oil indicators.
  • Mesa Machinery Sales, Inc. Sells new and used metal fabricating machinery.
  • Methods and Equipment Associates Distributors of metal cutting machinery providing equipment and engineered, turn-key systems for milling, turning, EDM and grinding.
  • Methods Machine Tools Imports and distributes metalworking machine tools, 'Nakamura Tome' lathes, 'Fanuc' and 'Matsuura' machining centers, 'Fanuc' EDM machines.
  • Mike Petsch & Associates Inc. Distributors of variety of machine tools products, with emphasis on grinding equipment and tooling. Links to product descriptions and details.
  • Mikrotek Machines Limited India. Specializes in diamond and tungsten carbide die working equipment. Products include ultrasonic and wire polishing machines and die cleaners, die inspection microscopes, and diamond paste and powders.
  • Modern Machinery Company Full service fabricating equipment distributor, featuring application assistance and offering press brakes, shears, lasers, turret presses, plate and structural fabricating equipment, and robotic integration.
  • Multitool Sales Inc. Sells selection of ironworkers and cold saws. Site incorporates detailed information regarding available models.
  • Nemic Industrial Supply Extensive selection of machine tools, tooling, parts, and accessories. Catalogue available. Internet, monthly, and in-store specials. Some used machinery.
  • Network Machinery Distributes selected range of CNC lathes and machining centers. Site incorporates links to manufacturers' sites for product details.
  • Newtech s.r.o. Czech Republic. Offering sale and service of machine tools and metal forming machines in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Nichols International Machinery Systems Company (NIMSCO). North American sales, service, and engineering company; dedicated to spring manufacturing and wire / strip forming industries
  • Nicklaus Machinery Corporation Malaysia. Distributor of machine tools, industrial machinery, and accessories. Links to photos and technical information of available items.
  • Nisshinbo Nc Mec USA, Inc. Distributes variety of fabricating machinery. Includes turret punch presses, press brakes, shears, and laser cutting equipment. Links to manufacturer product information pages.
  • NNT Corp Distributes broad range of cutting machines, tools, fluids, pumps, and production machinery for the metalworking industry. Also provides repair, rebuilding, and refitting services.
  • Novatech Inc. Distributors of manual and CNC tool and drill grinding machines, software, and related tooling for manufacturing and resharpening metal and woodworking cutting tools.
  • Ocean Machinery Inc. Distributes wide range of steel fabrication equipment and supplies. Includes drill and cutting machinery, brakes and shears, iron workers, band and circular saws, pipe and tube benders, and hydraulic punches.
  • Olymaq Maquinas Herramientas Universales, C.A. Venezuela. New and used metalmechanic machinery, we distribute and sell metalmechanic machinery.
  • Percy Martin Limited UK. Sells, new, used, and refurbished manual and CNC machine tools. Includes lathes, machining centers, grinders, and saws.
  • Perseo-Erie Machinery Sales Distributor and importer of electrical discharge machinery, machine tools, abrasive waterjet machining centers, and accessories.
  • Peter Rushton Limited UK. Long established family business trading in most types of new and used machine tools. Site incorporates searchable database of available items.
  • Petty-Thompson Engineering Incorporated Distributes selected range of toolroom equipment. Includes dual purpose mills, lathes, and retrofitted knee mills. Prepared to deliver and demonstrate equipment on a trial basis.
  • Plastic Solutions distributor for injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment
  • PMT Corporation Distributor of CNC turning centers, mills and accessories. Provides service and a parts department.
  • Poliquin Machinery Inc. Specializes in new and used machining equipment, largely imported from European and Japanese sources. Includes mills, grinders, lathes, and machining centers. Also sells workholding items and offers rebuilding services.
  • Pride Machinery Inc. Dealer in broad range of new and use screw machinery and CNC equipment. Also provides repair and rebuilding services and supplies of tooling and replacement parts.
  • Prism Machinery Ltd Supplies tools and machinery to the metal spinning industry. Delivers engineered turnkey systems including machine, tooling, and training.
  • Productivity Inc. Distributes broad range of machine tools. Includes machining centers, die and mold equipment, grinders, and fabrication machinery. Also carries wide selection of tooling and accessories.
  • Pyramid Machine Tools Inc. Canada. Wide selection of new and used machine tools, tooling, and accessories. Searchable current inventory database.
  • Rice Machinery, Inc. Sells and services new and used CNC/manual mills, lathes, surface and cylindrical grinders, horizontal and vertical bandsaws, drill presses, and accessories. Cranston, Rhode Island, United states.
  • S & S Machinery Corp. Sells new and used machine tools. Searchable databases include details of available tube fabricators, grinders, laths, boring mills, machining centers, drills, presses, and ironworkers.
  • Sanki Machine Tools (I) Pvt. Ltd. India. Distributes broad range of CNC equipment. Includes lathes, surface grinders, turret mills, EDM machines, and die spotting presses.
  • SATB GmbH Germany. Distributor of belt grinding, polishing, and brushing machines for industrial production. Provides links to represented manufacturers.
  • Shelton Machinery Representing Mazak, Gnutti, Kaufman, Tornos, Zagar, Mitsui Grinders, HE&M Saw, and Wesel in the states of Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Southern Tool Distributor for metalworking and fabricating machinery.
  • SparQuetec Canada. Distributor offers EDM machinery and CNC machining centre, lathes and various tooling. Also offers conventional machines. Site is written in French and English.
  • Spectro Technology Inc. Specializes in CNC lathes and machining center, as well as associated monitors and parts.
  • Speed Tools Co., Ltd Taiwan. Distributor of the Maxmill machinery line. Manufacturers carbide cutting tools including end mills, drill bits, and reamers.
  • Technolada Russia. Representatives of European machine-makers and sellers on the Russian market.
  • Techpro Machine Tools Pte Ltd. Singapore. Distributes wide range of machine tools, accessories, and metalworking consumables. Includes drills, grinders, presses, saws, clamps, vices, grinding and dressing tools, and lubricants.
  • Tecnimetal Italy. Distributors of broad range of cutting tools and associated consumable items. Includes HSS and tungsten carbide tooling, metalworking fluids, abrasive finishing and polishing products, and laser and other marking devices.
  • Teemable Ltd. China. Exports line of screw making machinery. Includes heading, thread rolling, slotting, end cutting, and screw forming units. Site incorporates flowchart and series of photos showing processing stages.
  • The Tool Company Inc. Broad range of brand name metalworking and woodworking machine tools and accessories. Searchable online inventory includes conventional and CNC models. Financing and leasing facilities available.
  • Thomas Skinner & Son Ltd. Canada. Sells wide range of conventional and CNC machine tools, accessories, coolants, cutting and measuring tools, and bandsaws and blades. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Total Manufacturing Systems, Inc. Equipment sales, turnkeys or system integration on machining centers and a full line of CNC vertical and horizontal lathes including twin spindles, live tooling, and factory automation.
  • TPS International Inc. Specializes in supply of equipment for metal cutting and turning. Includes lathes, grinding and transfer machines, and tool monitoring systems. Detailed product information.
  • Tyler Machine Tool Company Machine Tool distributor in New England. Current job openings listed.
  • U.S. Industrial Machine Tools Sells broad range of metalworking equipment. Includes ironworkers, benders, shears, press brakes, saws, and turning machinery. Site provides detailed product information.
  • United Grinding Technologies Supplies grinding machine tools
  • Universal Machinery Sales Inc Sells new and used Haas rotary equipment and accessories, as well as buying and selling used machine tools. Site incorporates detailed Haas product information and searchable database of pre-owned items.
  • Vedi International. Bulgaria. Trade company dealing with metalworking and woodworking machines like lathes, drilling, milling, grinding, sawing, and bending machines, also provides eccentric presses and spare parts.
  • Venture Technologies, Inc. Manufacturers' representative company that sells and supports tube and pipe fabrication equipment, stamping automation, quick die change products, and material handling and ergonomic products.
  • Victor Europe UK. Sales and service for Victor CNC machining centers, lathes and PIM machinery.
  • Ward CNC Supplies metalworking machine tools to companies within the engineering manufacturing sector. Carries stocks of new, used, and rebuilt equipment. Product details provided by links to manufacturers' sites.
  • Webster Sheet Metal Machinery UK. Offers new and used sheet metal working machines.
  • Weller Machinery Company Wide selection of cutting machines, metal stamping and forming equipment, and fabrication machinery.
  • Winwa Star Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Importer and exporter of various types of automated metalworking machinery in Malaysia, China and Taiwan.
  • WTC-MAY Singapore. Specializes in selling and servicing German equipment in the Asia-Pacific region for drilling and tapping, permanent marking and tool presetting.
  • Yamazen Incorporated Distributes selected range of metalworking equipment. Includes CNC machine tools, plastic injection molding equipment, and specialized mounting and positioning systems.
  • Yeovil Machine Tools Ltd. UK. Offers broad range of new, used, and refurbished CNC equipment. Site incorporates searchable inventory of currently available products.
  • Zhongyang Engineering Sdn Bhd Malaysia. One of the largest new and used (second hand) metalworking, fabrication, sheet metal working machinery and machine tools dealers in South East Asia.

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