Some valves are made specifically for the control and regulation of fluid flow.
  • A.R.I. Provides air release and check valves for agriculture, water supply and sewage systems.
  • ABZ Manufacturing, Inc. Manufactures butterfly, pneumatic and electric valves for applications in automotive, petrochemical, aerospace, food and beverage, pulp and paper and HVAC industries.
  • AC Valve & Control Corporation Manufactures valves, instruments and expansion joints for process and power industries.
  • Actuation Valve & Control Ltd. Supplies actuated and manual valves for offshore, marine and petrochemical application.
  • Adanac Limited Supplies customized control valves for applications in oil and gas, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
  • ADG Robinetterie Manufacturers of strainers, regulation valves and fittings for water, gas, petroleum and others fluids.
  • Advanced Pressure Products Designs and manufactures automated pressure and flow control and calibration systems. Ithaca, New York.
  • Advanced Valve Solutions Provides control, safety, motorized on-off, manual operated valves and their related equipment, parts and accessories.
  • AKO Regelungstechnik GmbH Supplies valves for pressure, temperature and viscosity measuring and controlling.
  • Alfa Mühendislik Makine, Ltd Turkey. Design and manufacture of stainless steel pneumatic automation and control valves for textile, water treatment and environmental protection, chemicals, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
  • ALLO Manufactures valves in international and domestic standards for applications in power generation. Also makes pressure transmitters.
  • American Steam Control Makes control valves usable on steam and hydronic heating systems.
  • Aniton Manufacturers of industrial valves, HVAC systems, pumps, pressure switches and indicators, thermostats and flow meters.
  • ARCA Valve Group Manufactures single and double seated diaphragm and butterfly valves, actuators and positioners.
  • Ari Valve Corporation Manufactures valves used for control of fluid, liquid and gases.
  • ASAHI/America, Inc. Manufactures corrosion-resistant plastic fluid flow valves, pipes, pneumatic and electric actuators, vortex flow meters and backwashable filters.
  • Aval Limited Provides pilot operated vent, pressure and vacuum relief, tank gas blanketing valves, flame arresters, regulators and fittings.
  • Badger Meter, Inc. Manufacturers compact precision control valves under own brand for liquids, gases, steam or cryogenics.
  • Bel Valves Ltd. Manufactures valves, controls and actuators for application in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
  • BESI Armaturen Manufactures straight and three way type control valves for industrial and water treatment plants usage.
  • Bray Controls Manufactures butterfly valves, pneumatic and electric actuators and other control devices.
  • Brunnbauer-Armaturen Supplies valves which are utlised in, refineries, heating, power and energy utiliziation plants.
  • Burkert Fluid Control Systems Manufactures solenoid, pneumatic, process and regulating valves and pressure detecting sensors and temperature systems.
  • Caen,S.A. Provides special custom designed valves for use in refrigeration systems, gas and chemicals transport, gas and cryogenic applications, navy and commercial marine regulation and control.
  • Camozzi SpA Provides solenoid, pneumatic, manual, mechanical valves; fittings; filters; regulators and lubricators.
  • Century Instrument Co. Manufactures process control instrumentation, temperature and pressure valves and actuators.
  • Circor International, Inc. Supplies valves and accessories to OEMs, processors, manufacturers and the military.
  • Cla-Val Manufactures automatic control valves. Applications include waterworks distribution systems, fire protection systems, farm irrigation, navy ship systems, ground fueling, industrial fluid handling systems.
  • Conant Controls Manufacturer of precision selector, stack and control valves.
  • Control Components Inc. Designs and manufactures valves for application in power, oil and gas industry and pulp and paper plants.
  • Control Devices, Inc. Manufacturer of air, check, pilot, relief control valves.
  • Control Equipment Corporation Provides actuators, regulators, control and butterfly valves and repair services.
  • Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. Manufactures pressure pump control valves under own brand.
  • Damper Technology Ltd. Designers and makers of industrial butterfly dampers, guillotines, poppet valves and flap diverters.
  • Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH Manufactures and designs custom automatic regulating valves for control of liquid and gases.
  • Diaval Undertakes manufacturing of diaphragm valves and process equipment.
  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Manufactures valves, transmitters, regulators, positioners and instruments for commercial and industrial process control.
  • Ebro Armaturen Manufactures butterfly valves and control valves for industrial applications. Pneumatic and electric actuators.
  • ESG USA, Inc Design and manufacture of stainless steel standard and custom made angle seat and shuttle design pneumatic actuated valves for industrial process flow control applications. Technical information and valve specifications.
  • Eurovalve s.r.l. Manufactures butterfly, ball and its segment, plastic and other control valves.
  • Evsco Inc. Manufacturers of dispensing pumps; 2 to 5 way, electrically and pneumatically actuated valves.
  • F. S. Welsford Company Providing various flow control valves, regulators, manifolds and other process control equipment.
  • Fetterolf Corporation Designs and manufactures sampling draining cleaning valves and line blinds for the polymer fibers chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Fisher Controls International, Inc. Manufactures process control valves, digital valve controllers, pressure regulators and field automation systems.
  • Flow-Tek Supplies threaded and multi-port valves, actuators and other controls.
  • GEMÜ Manufactures pipes and fittings, valves, actuators and control systems.
  • Gestra Offers valves and control systems for heat and processed fluid control.
  • Griswold Controls Manufactures actuated ball, automatic flow control, manual balance valves, coil piping packages and separators.
  • Hanbay Inc Developers of miniature precision valve actuators for laboratory and industrial applications.
  • HBE Engineering, Inc. Provides automatic recirculation valves for centrifugal pump minimum flow protection from temperature rise or instability. US based (MI).
  • Henderson Industrial Specialties Manufacturers and designers of industrial valves and dampers, explosion protection equipment, and strainers.
  • Holter Regelarmaturen Manufactures automatic recirculation and control valves, actuators and steam traps.
  • Hydromine Projects Manufactures pipe couplings; expansion joints; control, isolating and safety valves.
  • INCONTROL Scotland Ltd Supplies valves, gauges, actuators, fittings and other instrumentations to the oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries.
  • Industrial Valve Offers safety, control and relief valves and actuators for industrial application and usage.
  • Innotech Electronic GmbH Developing and producing of electronic thermostats for industrial applications. Based in Germany.
  • Instrumentation Ltd. Manufacturer of control, butterfly, globe, safety relief, angle, high pressure valves and actuators.
  • Ironbound Valve Actuation Co., Inc. Suppliers of pneumatic and electric actuated valves. Provides valve automation solutions. US based (NJ).
  • ITT Engineered Valves Manufactures and repairs ball, butterfly, diaphragm valves for industrial and marine use.
  • JP Deane & Company Supplies process control valves, transmitters and actuators for the management of steam for industrial application.
  • Kestrel Valve & Engineering Services Ltd. Makers and repairers of control, safety relief, mechanical valves and regulators.
  • KF Industries Manufactures ball, needle, check and butterfly valves for the energy industries.
  • Leecyn Company, Inc. Supplier of automatic control valves, safety and critical control systems, detection and alarm devices, fire suppression systems and gas analyzers.
  • Linde AG Manufactures butterfly valves and pneumatic actuators for control and safety driven applications.
  • M & J Valve Provides slab and expanding pipeline gate, axial and rotary control, piston, swing and wafer check valves.
  • M & M Control Services, Inc. Distributes pneumatic, electronic, and self-contained valves, controls and process control equipment.
  • Majesty Dispensing Systems Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of dispensing pumps, actuators, aerosol valves and its accessories.
  • Marotta Scientific Controls, Inc. Designs and manufactures fluid control systems, valves and actuators for application in aerospace, military and marine industries.
  • Mer-Made Filter, Inc. Manufacturers of reducers, surge tanks, basket strainers, level control and float valves.
  • Mercer Valve Company, Inc. Manufactures conventional and pilot-operated safety pressure relief valves.
  • Metrex Valve Corp. Manufactures water regulating valves for controlling fluid flow by pressure or temperature.
  • Microchek Manufactures check valves under its own brand and product called 'microcheck' designed for handling most gases and air.
  • MIL Controls Limited Manufacturer of control valves, level instruments and accessories for energy and process industries.
  • Müller Gas Equipment Produces valves and regulators for LPG, natural gas, medical gases and fire extinguishers usage.
  • MVA Mess- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH Supplier of manually and automatic driven control valves systems and hydraulic actuators.
  • Ningbo Shanfeng Valve Co., Ltd. Produces pressure regulators and cylinder valves for the household usage of liquidized petrolic gas (LPG).
  • Norriseal Inc. Manufactures pressure controllers and regulators, check and butterfly valves.
  • Northvale Korting Ltd. Offers control, check valves; backflow preventers, ejectors, ductors and steam desuperheaters.
  • OCV Control Valves Manufactures control valves for water treatment plants, fir protection, irrigation, petroleum and airline application.
  • Oventrop Valves Manufacturer of valves and controls for heating, sanitary, air-conditioning and hydronic balancing.
  • PJ Valves UK based traders and stockists of piston, ball, fire safety, gate, plug, butterfly and diaphragm valves for onshore and offshore application.
  • Portersville Valve Company Manufactures and supplies safety, line, relief and control valves and actuators.
  • Process and Instrumention Valves Limited Suppliers of gate, ball, check, butterfly and solenoid valves; pumps, filtrations and actuators.
  • Process Development and Control, Inc. Manufactures butterfly and damper valves for flow control applications.
  • Procon Engineers Manufacturer of pneumatic, manually operated diaphragm, conventional control and pressure reducing valves.
  • Raico Engineers Manufactures filters, regulators, lubricators and their accessories.
  • RAM Universal Distributors and stockists of butterfly, ball, lined, check, knife gate valves and actuators.
  • Reliance Water Controls Manufactures thermostatic, non-thermostatic, pressure reducing and safety relief valves, controls and meters.
  • Ross Valve Manufacturing Co., Inc. Manufactures electric, pressure reducing and sustaining, flow control, relief, surge control, float valves and strainers.
  • Rota-Cyl Corporation Manufactures rotary actuators, hydraulic cylinders, control and cartridge valves.
  • RR Valve, Inc. Manufacturer of reset relief valves for the oil field industry.
  • Rushas Engineering Co. Ltd. Manufacturers of industrial and steam valves. Also provides ferrous and non-ferrous castings.
  • Sabre Valves Ltd. Manufacturers of instrument valves, manifolds and their accessories for enclosures, double block and bleed, mounting system and monoflange.
  • Sam Sung Control Valve Co., Ltd. Manufactures control gate, globe, ball, butterfly, tank, eccentric valves and actuators.
  • Samson AG Mess- und Regeltechnik German manufacturer of self-operating regulators, control valves and equipment.
  • Samson Controls Inc. Supplies control valves for application in refineries, petrochemical, pulp and paper processing, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and brewing industries.
  • SAPAG European based manufacturer of butterfly, ball, check, control and pressure relief valves for industrial usage.
  • Saunders Producers of industrial diaphragm valves, aseptic and biopharmaceutical applications.
  • Schroedahl-Arapp Manufactures control and automatic recirculation valves for application in the power industry and plants.
  • Schubert & Salzer Control Systems Manufacturer of sliding gate valves and ultrasonic flow measurement.
  • SED Flow Control GmbH Manufacturers of diaphragm, angle, globe, pilot, solenoid valves and equipment for pharmaceutical as well as industrial application.
  • Sempell A.G. Producers of gate, globe, check, safety relief control valves, actuators, gears and other accessories.
  • Shanghai Neles-Jamesbury Valve Co., Ltd Chinese-American joint-venture valve manufacturer. Designs and manufactures actuators, ball and butterfly valves.
  • Shin Han Control Valve Co., Ltd. Manufactures automatic and manual pressure reducing and water level control valves.
  • Singer Valve, Inc. Offers small to large sized pilot-operated, diaphragm-actuated, automatic control valves for industrial usage.
  • SMS Tork Makers of pneumatic, electric, solenoid, butterfly, pulse valves; actuators and positioners for fluid control.
  • Spirax Sarco Produces boiler and pipeline control valves for handling of steam and industrial fluids. UK based.
  • Status Automation Technologies Manufactures control valves, pressure and temperature gauges, converters, transmitters, indicators, controllers and pressure sensors.
  • Surplus Sales, LLC Supplies new or remanufactured control valves, instrumentation, exotic alloys to petrochemical, paper mills, oil fields and food industries.
  • Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc. Designs and makes self contained valves available for temperature control, freeze protection, steam tracing and conservation of energy.
  • U.S. Para Plate Corporation Designs and manufactures high performance valves and pressure regulators for gas and liquid fluid control in aerospace and industrial applications.
  • Vaas Industries Private Limited Chennai based manufacturer of valves, actuators and automation systems for fluid control.
  • Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corp. Manufactures check, shut-off, plug, air and foot valves for water treatment plants and other industrial applications.
  • Valv-Trol Manufactures pilot-operated valves for use in raw-water or high-water-content-fluid (H.W.C.F.), hydraulic and high-pressure water systems.
  • Valve Check, Inc. Manufacturer of precision check valves and relief valves.
  • Valvola Corporation Manufacturer of emission free bellow sealed valves made to handle all kinds of fluids, water, gases and air.
  • Valvole Hofmann by Bonino Engineering Srl Italy. Design and manufacture of grey and modular cast iron and stainless steel valves for the control of temperature, flow rates and pressure in the process industry. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Multi-lingual site.
  • W.A. Kates Manufactures flow rate controllers to handle air to zinc hydrosulfate materials, applicable for usage under the sun.
  • Watts Regulator Co. Manufactures automatic flow and pump control, check, float, pressure reducing and sustaining, solenoid and butterfly valves.
  • Wyeco Auto Valves Co., Ltd. Manufactures diaphragm, cylinder, electrical actuated, 3 way control, shut-off, ball and butterfly valves for industrial application.
  • Yamatake Corporation Manufactures control valves for regular and severe application in power bypass, ethylene and gas governors.
  • Yarway Corporation Manufactures boiler trims, control valves, wye type strainers, expansion joints, steam traps and level indicators.
  • Yingbo Aerosol Valve Co., Ltd. China based manufacturer of aerosol valves, actuators and dispensers.
  • Zhejiang Jiehua Valve Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of industrial gate, globe, ball, butterfly, check, plug and diaphragm valves.

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