The Fluid and Gas Control Gauges and Meters category focuses on gauges and meters that are used in this industry to measure such things as temperature, pressure, and flow. It is appropriate for sites focused on any aspect of this field, including the sites about manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, designers, directories, trade associations, industry news, and suppliers of any specialized tools and equipment used to make, service, or repair these products.

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  • 3D Instruments, LLC Manufacturer of pressure gauges and related products including the direct drive analog pressure gauge, digital pressure products and other pressure accessories.
  • A N Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges including draft and mud gauges. Located in India.
  • Adarsh Industries Manufacturer of pressure gauges, thermometers and accessories. Located in India.
  • Advanced Process Solutions Supplier of control, actuation, and instrumentation products including valves and gauges.
  • Ambit Instruments Manufacturer and importer of industrial instruments including pressure gauges, thermometers, switches, valves, level indicators and flowmeters. Located in Australia.
  • American Meter Company Provides products for the measurement, regulation and control of natural gas.
  • B Meters Manufacturer of singlejet and multijet water meters with wet and dry dials. Make Woltmann type water meters and pulse emission devices. Located in Italy.
  • Brannan Thermometers & Gauges Manufacturer of thermometers, pressure gauges and associated products for retail, scientific and industrial applications.
  • Bristol Meci Provides oil and gas measuring devices and controls.
  • BS-rep Offers sensors to sense pressure, vacuum, differential pressure and flow of air, gas and liquid.
  • CAD Graphics, Inc. Converts and customizes instrument dials for gauges, meters, thermometers. Addition of logos, color, and special text.
  • Casmax Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of pressure gauges for industrial as well as motor and vehicle applications. Based in Taiwan.
  • CDI Meters, Inc. Manufacturer of thermal mass flowmeters for compressed air.
  • Cesare Bonetti S.p.A. Italian manufacturer of glass and magnetic level gauges suitable for chemical, petrochemical and steam boiler applications.
  • Chart Cryogenic Systems Test chamber system supplier. Manufactures cryogenic equipment, control systems, data acquisition and complete integrated system solutions. US based (MN).
  • Chin Ray Industry Ltd. Taiwanese manufacturer of diaphragm pressure gauges.
  • Continental Precision Instruments Manufacturer of A/C, refrigeration, water, utility, and medical gauges.
  • Davis Inotek Instruments Manufacturer and distributor of analog and digital test, measurement and control instrumentation.
  • Denman Instrumentation Specialist instrumentation company providing a full range of services including supply, installation, calibration and maintenance. Based in the UK.
  • Differential Pressure Plus, Inc. Offer air, water and vacuum differential pressure gauges and indicators.
  • Dosch Measuring Instruments Manufactures orifice plates, meter runs, flow nozzles, venturis, restrictions, condense opts and chambers, flowmeters, flowtubes and manifolds.
  • Dresser Instruments Manufacturers of the Ashcroft, Heise, Weksler, Ebro and Willy lines of pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, transducers, transmitters, calibrators and instrument isolators.
  • EMVO Techniek Netherlands manufacturer of over 1500 different pressure gauges and thermometers.
  • ENFM Manufacturer of pressure Gauges, manometers, diaphragm seals, and accessories.
  • Fenghua Sanlian Water Meter Co., Ltd. Chinese manufacturer of water meters.
  • Flocare (Pty) Ltd. Provider of fluid handling equipment with focus on flow measurement and monitoring solutions. Based in South Africa.
  • Fluid Components International (FCI) Specializes in gas flow measurement and thermal dispersion technology. Supports chemical, waste and water, oil and gas, aerospace, military, nuclear power and other industries.
  • Forbes Marshall Distributor and manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments. Located in India.
  • Fratelli Magni Italy Italian manufacturer of industrial thermometers, manometers, pressure gauges and temperature and pressure loggers.
  • FT Manovia ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of pressure gauges and indicators for fire extinguishers.
  • Gaines Measurement and Control, Inc. Supplier of industrial measurement and control equipment including flowmeters, gauges, valves and regulators.
  • Garnet Instruments Ltd. Produces the SeeLeveL family of liquid level gauges, used for liquid monitoring and spill prevention.
  • GARZO, Inc. Manufacturers of oil level regulators, lubricator box controls, linear digraphm operators and low flow meters.
  • Gas-Petroleum Engineer 96, Ltd. Manufactures thermometers and pressure gauges. Products are primarily used in chemical, gas and heating industries as well as food preparation. Company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Gastech Gastechnik GmbH Manufacturers of pressure regulators for high-purity, corrosive, medical and industrial gases.
  • Gilson Engineering Sales Inc. Offers gauges, meters, pressure and temperature regulators and other related items.
  • Hirlekar Precision Manufacturer and exporter of differential pressure gauges and movements. Located in India.
  • Honeywell Sensotec Manufactures pressure sensors, instrumentation and load cells in the US (OH).
  • Huadong Pressure Gauge Manufacturer Chinese pressure gauge manufacturer.
  • IFG DE WIT Manufacturer of De Wit line of pressure and temperature instruments. Located in The Netherlands.
  • IMB - Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG Develops, produces and sells level and temperature measuring instruments. Based in Germany.
  • Instruments To Industry Ltd. Manufacture, repair and calibration of pressure gauges, pressure switches, temperature instruments and flow meter calibration.
  • Ives Equipment Corp. Provides valves, industrial controls and analyzer equipment to the process and user industries.
  • John C. Ernst Co., Inc. Manufacturers flow meters, liquid level gauges and sight flow indicators.
  • Kamstrup Instrumentation Ltd Process control instrumentation distributor, panel building, installation and commissioning. Includes brief description of services offered and contact details.
  • Kessler-Ellis Products Manufacturer of various types of flow instruments including computers, batchers, ratemeters/totalizers, signal sonditioners and process and level monitors.
  • Kobold Designs and manufactures instruments for measuring, controlling and regulating flow, pressure, level and temperature.
  • Korea Nagano Co., Ltd. Manufactures pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, liquid filled thermometers, process instruments, accessories.
  • Krueger Sentry Gauge Co., Inc. Manufactures mechanical gauges. Custom orders for a variety of liquids and materials. Also, machining, welding and fabricating.
  • Levelstate Systems Ltd. Manufacturer of electronic drum level indicators and switches.
  • Marshall Instruments, Inc. Manufactures bi-metallic dial thermometers and distributor of shock proof pressure gauges.
  • McDaniel Controls, Inc. Producer of pressure gauges. A variety of sizes, cases, configurations and ranges available.
  • Mead O'Brien Supplier of valves, valve controls, automated valves, steam products and process control instrumentation for process, HVAC, power, pipeline and water and wastewater.
  • Medical Air Systems, Inc. Supplier of medical gas equipment such as air compressors, flow meters, manifolds, outlets and alarm panels.
  • Mid-West Instrument Manufactures differential pressure gauges and switches, pulsation snubbers, pressure limiting valves, averaging pitot tubes, portable flow measurement, and backflow prevention device test kits.
  • Mija Industries Inc. Manufacturer of spiral wound bourdon tube pressure gauges for fire protection, medical and industrial gases.
  • Mooney Controls Manufacturer of pilot operated gas and liquid flow regulators.
  • Moscap Engineering LLC Provider of pressure gauges and service tools.
  • National Utilities Supplier of valves, controls, and instrumentation. Services include repair, NIST certification and oxygen cleaning.
  • Ningho Jiutian Meter Co. Ltd Chinese manufacturer of pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers and gas regulators.
  • Northeast Controls, Inc. Provides process equipment and instrumentation for level, temperature, pressure and flow applications.
  • Noshok, Inc. Manufactures and supplies dry and liquid-filled pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, bimetal thermometers, valves, switches and transducers/transmitters.
  • Orange Research Inc. Manufacturer of differential pressure, flow and level instruments in the form of gauges, switches and transmitters.
  • Perma-Cal Industries Manufacturer of direct drive pressure gauges and regulators.
  • Petrol Metering Systems Italian producer of positive displacement flow meters for volumetric measurement of liquids such as petroleum.
  • Poddymeter UK instrument manufacturer of manometers, variable area flowmeters, orifice plates, filter gauges and U-gauges.
  • Precision Sensors Designs and manufactures pressure, vacuum, liquid level, flow, temperature and altitude/airspeed switches and sensors for commercial, military, aerospace and semiconductor process markets. US based (CT) division of United Electric Controls.
  • Premier Industries Provides torches, pressure reducing regulators, and safety devices.
  • Process Specialties, Inc. Supplier of pressure, temperature, flow and level instruments, regulators and valves. Services include NIST traceable calibration, gauge and control repair, and valve automation.
  • ProMag LTD Manufacturer of magnetic liquid level gauges, transmitters, switches, pressure powered pumps and other liquid level, mass, and density instruments.
  • QSA Incorporated -- Process Control Instrumentation Offers a wide variety of new and remanufactured instrumentation along with instrument repair/recycling.
  • Quest Engineering Manufacturers of indicators, gauges, regulators, switches, valves, fittings, hoses, tubings.
  • R.S. Engineering Works Manufactures strainers, sight flow level indicators and gauges.
  • Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of pressure gauges. Located in Taiwan.
  • Reotemp Instrument Corporation Manufactures bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals and related accessories.
  • Rising Instrument Co., Ltd. Chinese manufacturer of pressure gauges, thermometers, gas regulators, fire extinguishers and cylinder valves.
  • Rust Automation Co. Industrial instrumentation and automation solutions in the Rocky Mountain region. Authorized repair and calibration of instruments and valves.
  • Saltire Instruments for Industry, Ltd. Supplier of pressure and temperature instruments, systems, panels and enclosures. Calibration services available.
  • Scientific Controls Indian manufacturer of temperature and pressure instruments.
  • SI-special instruments GmbH Manufactures various pressure and flow, measurement and control equipment.
  • Stewart-Buchanan Gauges Ltd Manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges, valves, manifolds and accessories. Located in Scotland.
  • Super Instruments Manufacture Co.Ltd. Chinese manufacturer of pressure gauges, gas regulators and thermometers.
  • TAV Engineering Offers level measurement and control equipment including items suitable for use in hazardous areas. Profile, services and product range. Based in UK.
  • Tedeco Industrial Products Industrial manufacturer of condition monitoring equipment and sensors for lubrication, hydraulic, and fluid systems. US based part of Eaton.
  • The Mini Pressure Gauge Company Manufactures and supplies pressure and temperature gauges from 23mm up to 300mm diameter conforming to BS EN837(1998) standard.
  • TIWAC Manufacturers of pressure gauges and precision instruments. Located in India.
  • TPF, Inc. Manufacturers of stainless steel, welded, direct drive dial thermometers.
  • Uehling Instrument Company Manufacturers of liquid level, control, and alarm systems, leak detectors, float switches, manometry and gauges for pressure, vacuum, specific gravity.
  • VEGA Control Ltd Manufacturers of level and pressure instruments including transmitters, alarms and switches.
  • Vernon Morris & Co. Ltd. Produce instruments to measure flow and pressure in water mains and domestic supplies as well as portable disinfection and chlorination units. UK based.
  • Waare Instruments Limited Manufactures pressure gauges, temperature gauges, needle valves, glass thermometers, capsule gauges, and diaphragm gauges.
  • Winters Instruments Manufacturers of industrial instruments including gauges, switches, thermometers, diaphragm seals and accessories.
  • Manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments for industrial use. Located in China.
  • Yuen Mai Industrial , Ltd, Manufacturers of thermometer, general purpose gauges, all stainless steel pressure gauges, hand tools, tridicators, bronze safety valves, hydraulic hand and foot oil pumps.

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