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  • AECOM Provider of professional engineering, consulting and project management services for infrastructure projects. Specializing in the areas of water, wastewater, environmental, community infrastructure, energy, facilities and transportation. Contains office locations.
  • American Engineering Corporation Providing construction management, water well analysis, geotechnical evaluations, and professional witness testimony. Projects, FAQs, and contact information. Located in Redmond, WA.
  • Anderson Engineering Co. Inc Offers management services in civil engineering, land surveying, reclamation, and other construction-related areas.
  • Arcus Consulting Provides a full range of surveying, architectural, project management and engineering services for the built environment. United Kingdom.
  • Associated Engineering Sciences, Inc. Full service civil engineering. Plan, design and manage construction projects for developers and agencies.
  • Barthol Design Associates Provides engineering and design services for residential and commercial land development in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas.
  • BDM Consulting Engineers, PLC Civil engineering and consulting. Services include water supply and treatment, wastewater treatment, water resources, land surveying and construction inspection.
  • Bir-Muh Engineering Engineering and consultancy company. Services include structural design of civil facilities, bridges, water treatment plants, sea outfall structures, and earthquake retrofit. Turkey.
  • BKBM Engineers Multi-discipline engineering firm providing services in structural, civil, restoration, and industrial engineering. Located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.
  • Bob Isgrigg and Associates Civil engineering and land surveying company located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Performing professional land surveying and civil engineering across Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Boghossian Industrial and Investment Group Industrial group providing engineering services for the oil and gas industry, water and wastewater treatment, civil and electrical engineering, and solid and hazardous waste management.
  • Bohannan Huston Inc Offer a range of services including civil engineering, planning, spatial data, and surveying. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Branch Engineering Inc Specializes in civil, structural and transportation engineering as well as licensed surveying.
  • Brosz Engineering, Inc. Civil engineering services for site design, transportation, structures, surveying, and wastewater. Based in Bowman, North Dakota.
  • Burroughs Consulting engineers. Services include project management, structural and civil engineering. Offers expertise for the development and use of land. Includes case studies. United Kingdom.
  • C.S. Davidson, Inc. Providing a broad range of civil engineering services to municipal and private clients in South Central Pennsylvania.
  • Cannon Associates Services include civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering, planning and surveying. Includes a project portfolio and career opportunities. Located in California.
  • Carroll Engineering and Associates P.C. Civil and municipal engineering and surveying company. Services include water and wastewater systems, stormwater management, transportation and construction administration.
  • Cascade Science, Inc A full service northern California civil engineering consulting firm serving municipal, industrial and development clients worldwide.
  • Charles E. Raines Company Full service civil engineering and surveying. Services include surveying, drafting, geographic information systems, and testing and inspection.
  • Chow Engineering, Inc. Specializing in design-build facilities engineering and construction, environmental and facilities management/site closures, wetland development and hazardous waste management. Provides national and global services for construction procurement and program management.
  • Coe and Van Loo Consultants, Inc. Offering a variety of engineering services including land planning, civil engineering, water resources, environmental sciences, landscape architecture and surveying.
  • Compass Engineering Providing professional civil engineering, surveying, and planning services to clients' in Oregon and Washington.
  • Core Design Inc. Provide planning, civil engineering, and surveying services for residential and commercial land development.
  • Costich Engineering Provides GIS services, wetlands delineation, environmental impact statements, civil engineering, and construction management. Includes management philosophy and employment opportunities.
  • CTS Engineers, Inc. Civil, transportation, structural engineering and land surveying firm. Includes project portfolio and career opportunities.
  • Dave Johnson and Associates A Chicago area civil engineering firm provides engineering, surveying and project management services for industrial and commercial, municipalities and park districts.
  • Davel Engineering Provides civil engineering and consulting services, including land development, engineering studies, site development and public works projects.
  • Denmon Engineering Provides a range of civil engineering and land surveying services including transportation engineering, surveys and mapping, and flood control and prevention.
  • Descon Engineering Limited An integrated engineering and construction company operating in Pakistan and the Middle East.
  • Design Engineering Inc. Provide a range of civil and site engineering and related services to develop private and public sector projects.
  • Do Technical Services Inc Provide civil engineering design, regulatory permitting, and construction support services. Areas of activity includes roadway design, drainage , water, sewer and land development projects.
  • Dorsey and Dorsey Engineering, Inc. A full service engineering company specializing in the design and inspection of military and commercial airfields.
  • Driesenga and Associates, Inc. Engineering consulting firm specializing in civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering, land surveying, and construction materials testing.
  • Edward J. Frattaroli, Inc. A professional service firm of engineers, planners, and surveyors based in Stamford, CT.
  • Edwards Engineering, Inc. A full-service planning, civil engineering and environmental consulting firm providing consulting services to industrial, commercial and government.
  • Efird Corrosion International, Inc Corrosion engineering and testing company providing research, education, training, failure analysis, and expert witness services.
  • Ekosystem Specialising in the planning of caverns, parking, public facilities, sport halls, water treatment, tunneling, tunnels, harbours, maritime engineering.
  • Elnet Bulgaria AD Design, manufacture and turnkey construction of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Technical information and description of technology. English and Bulgarian.
  • EXH Engineering Services Ltd. Civil engineering firm specializing in roads, highways, bridges, municipal development, surveying, soil testing and other related activities.
  • Field Data Solutions Inc Distributor and system integrator for field computers, water quality instrumentation, ground water monitoring equipment, GPS receivers and vehicle tracking systems, laser rangefinders and GIS Software.
  • Ford Engineering, Inc. Civil engineering and land surveying firm, providing management, design, and construction phase services to both the private and public sectors. San Antonio, Texas.
  • Frederick, Seibert and Associates Inc Provides civil engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, and land planning services .
  • Fuscoe Engineering, Inc. Offers a range of services including civil and environmental engineering and land surveying. Includes project portfolio. Located in Irvine, California.
  • Gallet & Associates Inc Offers construction services, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and a diverse range of environmental services in the southeastern United States.
  • GeoInsight, Inc USA. Environmental and engineering consulting company serving industrial, commercial, and municipal clients in areas of contaminated site investigation and remediation, regulatory compliance, due diligence, expert testimony, geotechnical engineering, and water supply.
  • George Putman and Associates Consulting civil engineers located in Birmingham, Alabama. Specialize in civil engineering design and project management.
  • Geotech Solutions, Inc. Providing slope stability and stabilization, seismic evaluation, foundation design, and construction monitoring services.
  • Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. Provides engineering analysis, design and construction phase services, with primary emphasis on transportation engineering and traffic planning, site design and development, and surveying.
  • Gilmore and Associates, Inc. Municipal water specialists. Services include civil engineering, landscape architecture, GIS, geotechnical and environmental engineering.
  • Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP Structural engineering design firm. Projects include design of new buildings, additions, alterations and renovations of commercial, governmental, industrial, residential and educational buildings. New York.
  • Glynn Geotechnical Engineering Civil, structural and geotechnical engineering design and analysis services.
  • Greenman - Pedersen, Inc. Consulting engineering, planning, survey, mapping, and construction management and inspection firm. Includes career opportunities.
  • H. Lawson Graham and Associates Inc Architectural and engineering firm providing services in civil engineering, surveying, architecture, construction and planning.
  • Hatton Godat Pantier Provides civil engineering and surveying services to developers, architects, and property owners. Includes a project portfolio.
  • HCG Associates Inc Civil and structural engineering firm. Services include design and management of buildings, structures, heavy equipment and similar assets.
  • Hemsley Orrell Partnership UK multi-disciplinary practice of consulting civil and structural engineers, offering structural, building, underwater engineering, mechanical, electrical, health safety, surveying, party wall, planning supervision and project management services.
  • Hess and Associates Engineering Inc. Civil, environmental, and municipal engineering. Services include wastewater systems, utility projects, and site development.
  • Hoel Engineering Ltd. Services include civil and structural engineering, surveying, traffic management and stormwater management. Canada.
  • Hoskin · Ryan Consultants Full service civil engineering firm providing expertise in land planning, hydrology, land development, civil infrastructure, and surveying. Includes project portfolio and career opportunities.
  • Hudson Place Associates Civil and environmental engineering services in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
  • Hurricane Test Laboratory LLC. Testing services for building components and assemblies that will assure optimum performance of homes and businesses during windstorms and other extreme environmental conditions.
  • Incode Pty Ltd. Civil and structural engineers, including forensic engineering investigations into structural failure analysis.
  • IPCT S.A. Engineering, consulting and evaluation services for civil and industrial buildings, covering architecture, installations and construction technologies. Romania.
  • J.N. Engineering Consultants Providing structural and civil engineering services. India
  • James R. Hill Inc. Full service land development consulting firm offering professional experience and expertise in municipal planning, land use planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land surveying. Located in Burnsville, Minnesota.
  • Jobes Henderson and Associates, Inc. Civil engineering and land surveying firm located in Newark and Zanesville, Ohio. Providing transportation, municipal, land development and environmental civil engineering, as well as GIS and GPS services.
  • Johnson, Kunkel & Associates, Inc. Provide civil engineering, structural engineering, land surveying, and mapping services. Located in Eagle, Colorado.
  • Jordan Consulting Engineers P.C. Civil engineering firm specializing in civil, highway, drainage, surveying, site plans, subdivisions, erosion control, and other related areas. Located in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Jurutera Perunding Tegap Sdn Bhd Professional engineering consultancy firm specialising in the provision of integrated civil and structural consulting, management and planning services. Malaysia.
  • Kane Geotech, Inc. Consulting services for geotechnical problems such as rock mechanics, tunnels, landslides, rockfall mitigation, and instrumentation. Specializes in time domain reflectometry (TDR) for landslide monitoring.
  • Ken Herceg and Associates Inc Services include civil and structural engineering, architecture, drafting, and land surveying. Includes project portfolio and career opportunities.
  • Key Engineers, Inc. Civil engineering, land surveying, planning, and environmental study services firm. Located in southern New Jersey.
  • Krazan and Associates Site development engineering firm. Provides services for geotechnical, environmental, geological, and groundwater projects.
  • KSM Engineering P.C. Multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm providing a diverse selection of engineering services which include development, environmental, civil, and forensic.
  • Lankelma Soil and geotechnical investigation company which undertakes cone penetration testing, and dynamic probing. Includes downloadable product and service data sheets.
  • Lovell-Sauerland and Associates Inc Provides a range of surveying, planning and engineering services for land development to the public and private sectors. North Seattle.
  • M-E Companies, Inc. Management and engineering firm, assists clients with planning, design, and implementation of public and private infrastructure and building projects.
  • MacArthur Associated Consultants A full service civil engineering consulting firm offering planning, design and contract administration services.
  • Mach3 Engineering Consultants Sdn. Bhd Engineering services and solutions to prevent wastage and environmental contamination as a result of materials degradation and corrosion of steel structures. Malaysia.
  • Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A. A full service civil engineering, surveying and land planning company.
  • Marbach, Brady and Weaver, Inc. Surveying and engineering services which include hydrology and drainage, sewer system design, and street and highway design.
  • McCrone Inc. Provides public works and civil engineering, surveying, land planning, landscape architecture, and water resource management for commercial, residential and municipal projects.
  • McFarland-Johnson, Inc. Planning and design of major transportation and facilities projects.
  • McGoodwin, Williams and Yates Plan, design and manage construction projects. Areas of expertise include municipal water and wastewater treatment systems. Located in Fayetteville, Arizona.
  • Mcilvried DiDiano and Mox LLC Consulting, engineering and surveying firm providing civil engineering and site planning services.
  • Mcintosh and Associates Provide civil engineering, land planning, petroleum engineering, and land surveying services.
  • MHF Engineering, P.C. Civil engineering and land surveying firm providing services which include waste and storm water management, land development and municipal transportation.
  • Michael Aubrey Partnership Consulting engineers offering services in structural engineering, building surveying and building controls. United Kingdom.
  • Michael Evans and Associates Ltd Offers a range of services including civil and structural engineering, design, and structural surveys. United Kingdom.
  • Mid-Valley Engineering Civil engineering and surveying firm specializing in urban land planning, civil design, surveying and construction staking.
  • Mindel, Scott and Associates Inc Offer a broad range of engineering services including sanitary and storm systems, roadway design and improvements, pump stations, detention basins, dams, and erosion prevention and sediment control.
  • Moorman, Kizer & Reitzel Inc Provides civil engineering, land planning, surveying and infrastructure inventory services.
  • MT-Engineering Design of civil engineering structures such as dams, underground structures, bridges, towers and buildings. Greece.
  • Mte Consulting Inc Provide a range of services including municipal engineering, land development, engineering surveys, and water and wastewater engineering.
  • Munson Engineers Inc Offer a broad range of civil engineering and surveying services including management, hydraulic, transportation, and structural engineering.
  • Mussetter Engineering, Inc. Specializing in water resources engineering, fluvial geomorphology, engineering geomorphology, and environmental hydraulics.
  • Nevada By Design Civil engineering, planning and design, construction management, engineering consultants in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Northland Engineering and Surveying Civil engineering, design, surveying, and planning firm. Located in Helena Montana
  • NorthStar Engineering A multi-disciplinary civil engineering and land surveying firm specializing in municipal infrastructure design, land development, onsite waste water systems, surveying, and building design.
  • Obsidian Engineering A professional engineering practice providing civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental science, construction management and residential engineering services.
  • OMM Engineering Inc Civil engineers and surveyors for the municipal engineering sector. Current projects, past project experience, and services.
  • Pakpour Consulting Group, Inc. A municipal civil engineering firm serving as contract district engineers and providing water distribution, transportation, sewer and storm drainage engineering, civil plan review, and construction management.
  • Paul Reading and Partners Civil and structural consulting engineers. Services include design, project management, site investigations, and structural surveys. United Kingdom.
  • Penfield and Smith Engineers Provide surveying, mapping, planning, engineering, and construction administration services. Includes project portfolio and career opportunities.
  • Pesterfield, P.A. Provide civil engineering and land surveying services to Western North Carolina and the surrounding area.
  • Peter Brett Associates Specialising in structural and civil engineering advice and also architectural practice. Based in Reading, Berkshire.
  • Ponzer-Youngquist Engineers and Surveyors Providing engineering and land surveying services for municipalities, RWD's, developers and utilities across Missouri and Kansas.
  • Prein and Newhof Provide civil and environmental engineering, surveying, and mapping services to clients across Michigan.
  • Presidio Engineering Inc Provides civil engineering services to the land development community. Services include site planning through development plan, platting and engineering to construction observation.
  • Primera Engineers Ltd. A full service engineering, design, commissioning and construction management firm centrally located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Progressive Engineering A consulting engineering firm specializing in land development projects including commercial, industrial, multi-family, single family, and re-development projects.
  • Puredata Engineering consultancy providing asset management using digital video for road and rail networks. Australia.
  • Quality Engineering Solutions, Inc. Civil engineering firm providing pavement and material related services including pavement design, evaluation and analysis.
  • R and S Tavares Associates Civil engineering and structural design firm in Central Valley, CA. Services include forensic investigation, project management, seismic retrofit, remodeling, and related services.
  • R.L. Horvath Associates, Inc. Provide civil engineering, landscape architecture and land planning services throughout the Eastern United States.
  • REI Engineering Civil and environmental engineering, and land planning and surveying. Includes a project portfolio and career opportunities.
  • Renaissance Engineering Group Offer engineering services related to land and site development, roadway design, watershed hydrology and hydraulics.
  • Roaring Brook Consultants, Inc. Services include structural and civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical engineering, forensic engineering, and land surveying.
  • Roctest Ltd Manufacture geotechnical and structural instrumentation. Products include extensometers, piezometers, jointmeters, and fiber optic sensors.
  • Roy D. McQueen and Associates Pavement evaluation, engineering, testing and research for airports, highways and port facilities.
  • Sani Engineering A civil and structural engineering firm specializing in scaffolding, fall arrest anchor design, precast concrete design and open web steel joist investigations.
  • Schofield Brothers of New England, Inc. Multidisciplinary land surveying, land planning and civil engineering firm offering surveying, engineering design, permitting, and other professional services for developers and homeowners.
  • Schwab-Eaton, P.A. Civil engineers, landscape architects, and land surveyors. Offering planning and design consulting, surveying and engineering services. Located in Manhattan, Kansas.
  • Soil Solutions International Designers and consultants of reinforced soil structures.
  • Soodan and Associates, Inc. Providing architectural, civil, structural engineering and construction management services.
  • Souhegan Valley Engineering, Inc. Designers of earth-reinforced segmental retaining walls and other site design services.
  • South West Geotechnical Ltd. A ground investigation company based in the south west of England, able to provide the full range of field work and laboratory testing services.
  • SPACECO, Inc. Provides a full range of civil engineering, site planning and surveying services for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.
  • Springett Associates Structural and civil engineering company. Services include steel, concrete and masonry structures, foundations and retaining walls, and estate road and drainage design. United Kingdom.
  • STAND Engineering consulting and trade company Ankara/TURKEY
  • Stevenson and Associates Specialist for aquatic, mechanical and passive building designs.
  • Stevenson and Palmer Engineering, Inc. Civil and environmental engineering leader in Georgia and the southeastern USA.
  • Stonebrooke Engineering Inc Transportation, municipal, and residential engineering with over 20 years experience. Based out of Shakopee, Minnesota.
  • Structures International, LLC A full service structural engineering firm providing professional engineering services for a broad range of industries.
  • T.Y. Lin International Offer planning, design, and construction engineering and inspection of transportation infrastructure.
  • TEC Civil Engineering Consultants Firm specializing in water rights, water resources, land use planning, surveying, mapping, GIS, drafting, and related research.
  • Tectonic PA Inc Provide design and consultancy services for the development industry. Services include construction management, land planning, infrastructure design, and environmental services.
  • Terra Nova Engineering and Surveying, Inc. Civil engineering and land surveying company. Services include sewer and roadway design, erosion control plans, and drainage reports.
  • Terracon Consultants, Inc Kansas-based consulting engineering firm offers geotechnical, environmental, construction materials, pavement and asset management services. Includes company profile and information about services.
  • The Covello Group, Inc. Providing specialized construction management and disputes resolution services to public agencies, attorneys, private owners and contractors.
  • The Keith Companies, Inc. Multi-disciplined engineering and consulting services firm. Services include land planning, civil engineering, surveying, mapping, environmental services, and water and cultural resources. Includes project portfolio and career opportunities.
  • The LRC Group Property development consultant providing advice and services for land planning, civil engineering and environmental issues.
  • The Reinke Group Southern Ohio company specializing in civil engineering, land surveying, land planning, GPS surveying and landscape architecture.
  • Thomas Hoover Engineering LLC A civil engineering serving all of Texas, specializes in zoning, zoning site-specific, land use and development, park design and construction civil engineering.
  • Thomasons LLP Civil and structural engineers in Guildford, UK. Building survey and planning supervision services.
  • Tibbetts Engineering Corp. Civil engineering and surveying in Taunton, New Bedford Massachusetts. WAlso maintain a certified materials testing laboratory.
  • Timmons Inc. Civil engineering, surveying, planning, construction management, landscape architecture, environmental and technology (GIS) services.
  • TKDA - Engineering, Architecture and Planning Minnesota based engineering and architecture firm providing civil engineering, planning services and railroad transportation services.
  • TKW Consulting Engineers Provides services in Southwest Florida including civil, structural, environmental engineering; environmental science, permitting, construction administration, project management and inspections.
  • Tomkins PLC Offers global engineering solutions in air systems, building, construction, automotive and the industrial fields. Includes governance, investor data, press releases and profile of company based in London, UK.
  • Travis Pruitt & Associates Inc Full service land design firm located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, providing civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture and environmental services to regional and national clients.
  • Triad/Holmes Associates, Inc. Offer civil engineering and land surveying services in California.
  • Triplett-King and Associates, Inc. Consulting and engineering firm offering details on highway bridge design services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.
  • Trudell Consulting Engineers Provide surveying, engineerings, wetland, residential, municipal and other planning and design services.
  • Tutor-Saliba Corporation Civil engineering services, focusing on public works projects.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Miami Provide support through shore facility planning, design, contracting, construction management, environmental compliance and remediation, and real property management services.
  • Ulteig Engineers and Land Surveyors Complete planning, design, construction management services for mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, municipal, and transportation engineering services. Land surveying services include GPS.
  • Urban Engineers, Inc. Provides planning, design, and construction management services for highways, transit, bridges, and airports.
  • USI Consultants, Inc. Transportation and civil engineering, surveys, and construction inspection.
  • Van Cleef Engineering Provide a range of civil engineering services including: municipal and environmental, land surveying and development, site planning, structural, and airport engineering.
  • Wagner Engineering Associates, Inc. Provides civil engineering services throughout the Northeast, specializing in the design and permitting of major retail developments.
  • Walter P.Moore Structural, civil and traffic engineering. Supporting architects, developers, public agencies, corporations, and institutions with engineering design.
  • Wave Break of Florida Makes and sells floating breakwaters for wave protection of shorelines and docks. Includes photos and technical information.
  • Willett, Hofmann and Associates, Inc. Professional engineering firm providing services in civil, transportation, structural, land surveying, environmental and architecture.
  • Williams Engineering Inc Model, study, plan, and design sanitary and storm sewers, drainage, erosion, and flood control facilities, and water and irrigation systems. Located in Rexburg, Idaho.
  • Williford, Gearhart and Knight, Inc. An engineering and surveying firm committed to providing professional services to promote the success of our clients.
  • Withers and Ravenel Engineering and Surveying, Inc. A North Carolina based engineering and surveying firm specializing in land development, environmental engineering, solid waste, transportation and water resources.
  • Woodland Consultants, Inc. Provide services in the areas of civil, structural, and environmental engineering, land surveying, and materials testing.
  • Woodward-Clyde Full-service organization for transportation and bridge design, airport development, environmental management systems, civil engineering and design, and facility planning, engineering and design .
  • Woolpert LLP Providing client-focused solutions for matters including engineering, architecture, and design.
  • Yoram Gadish Group Project management, coordination and supervision of civil engineering projects. Located in Gadish, Israel.

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