This category contains site of job shops and manufacturers that specialize in fabricating parts out of sheetmetal and do little if anything in the way of drilling or turning to produce their end products. The operations they perform are, on the whole, confined to cutting, bending, stamping, and, quite often, painting or otherwise finishing the material they work with -- even though they do sometimes also produce tubular frames either in addition to or for incorporation into the enclosures they make.

Note: There is a subtle but important difference between sites in this category and those indexed in the Metal Fabricators one. Firms listed there are involved in producing products of a less than usual -- and more than likely advanced and complex -- form that requires something more than general machining. In turn, their end products will differ significantly from anything that can be classified, in relative terms at least, as a flat or shaped sheet.

Other languages: German, Italian, Japanese.

  • A. M. Machining Inc. Precision sheetmetal fabricating and machining.
  • A.E.Harris & Co Ltd Presswork, toolmaking, laser cutting, CNC machining and tube bending, welding mig and tig, components for automotive, aerospace, transportation industries.
  • A.I.S. Sheet Metal Ltd. UK. Provides sheetmetal and steel fabrication services to variety of companies. End products include canopies, cabinets, racking, and dust and fume extraction items.
  • A.P. Engineering Works India. Offers wide range of sheet metal fabrication services. End products include auto and bicycle parts, agricultural equipment, machinery components, and die casting and forging products.
  • ABC Stainless Ltd, Fabricators, installations and supply of stainless steel.
  • Ackerman and Baynes Inc. Produces broad range of products to customer requirements. Examples include tanks, hoppers, chutes, casings, machinery guards, ductwork, ladders, railings, and platforms. Site provides details of available facilities.
  • AE Group India. Manufactures broad range of precision machined sheet metal components. Facilities include design and development, CNC machining, press shop, and painting and powder coating.
  • AllFab Solutions, Inc Features this contract manufacturer of sheetmetal fabrications.
  • Alloy Fabricators Inc. Offers precision sheetmetal fabrication services, including response to walk-in enquiries. Capabilities include shearing, punching, bending, welding, and assembly.
  • Almetaal B.V. Specializes in semi-finished metal products. Oostzahn, Nederlands.
  • American Metal Products Metal fabrication of carts/kiosk, signage, architectural shapes, instrument /control panels, awnings, bus shelters, powder coating
  • American Sheetmetal Inc. Offers sheetmetal fabrication capabilities. Includes design, production, and assembly of enclosures and tubular frame weldments, as well as incorporation of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and cable assemblies.
  • Amerson Precision Sheet Metal Provides array of precision sheet metal fabrication services. Includes laser cutting, powder coating, silkscreening, and welding.
  • Archer Woodnutt Ltd Offers design and manufacturing expertise in precision sheet metalwork, stove enamelling, powder coating, and rapid prototyping services.
  • Arnold Tool and Die Offering stamped brackets.
  • Arrow Sheet Metal Ltd. Canada. Specializes in custom production of sheet metal products, ranging from prototypes to small-to-medium-sized production runs for variety of industrial and commercial requirements. Examples of end products.
  • Ascension Industries Laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, heavy plate fabrication, certified welding, large CNC machining, general and turnkey manufacturing.
  • Automated Plate Processing (APP) A job shop that performs laser and plasma cutting services.
  • B & N Sheet Metal Precision metal crafters. Equipped with top of the line laser cutters.
  • Barett & Gould Offers subcontracting and custom design services for production of sheetmetal enclosures. Capabilities include fabrication, stamping, powder coating, silk screening and assembly.
  • Bauer Welding & Metal Fabricators, Inc. Metal fabricators including tube bending, metal laser cutting, and welding in metal parts.
  • Begneaud Manufacturing Inc. Services include CNC laser cutting, CNC punching, metal forming, stainless steel and aluminum fabrication, thread cleaning, and exotic alloys welding.
  • Bell Brothers Ltd A subcontract for sheetmetal and engineering company.
  • Blessing Industries Precision sheet metal fabrication. Services include custom manufacturing of steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabricated components for OEMs. Details of capabilities markets served and facilities.
  • Boltjes Holding B.V. Steelplate fabrication company located in The Netherlands, with branch plant in the Czech Republic specializing in tube production. Products focused on broad range of industrial and commercial heating and cooling applications.
  • Boss Metal Fabricators, Inc. Job shop custom sheet metal fabricator; utilizes CNC turret presses to manufacture store display fixtures and point of purchase fixtures.
  • Cardinal Manufacturing Company, Inc. Supplier of roll formed shapes, pre-piercing, post punching and welding.
  • Chapco Inc. Specializes in production of custom metal components from design stage through to finished product. Capabilities include cutting, sawing, punching, bending, grinding, machining, welding, finishing, and assembly.
  • Chavin Metal Products Large variety of sheet metal based products. Fabrication, stamping, forming, welding.
  • Chi Sing Metal Manufactory Metal product manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.
  • City Engineering (Bristol) Ltd An engineering firm offering sheet metal work and fabrication expertise. Stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium. Laser cutting and laser profiling service.
  • CompuCraft Fabricators, Inc. Provide the electronics, electro-mechanical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and semiconductor OEM markets with sheetmetal and machined components.
  • Corry Contract Inc. Manufacturer of sheet metal components: custom frames, chassis, cabinets, and furniture.
  • Cresswell Metal transformation, rollforming, stamping, sheet metal work, welding and sub-assembly, industrial storage systems.
  • Cunningham Sheet Metal Manufactures custom fabricated products specializing in custom architectural metal fabrications from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.
  • Custom Metal Fabricators Provides precision sheet metal fabrication services including laser cutting, shearing, and CNC punching. Handles aluminum, mild and stainless steel, brass, copper, and galvanized and exotic metals.
  • Custom Rollforming Corp. Serves many different industries. Carpenters steel framing system is an alternative framing method to lumber; continue to use wood while taking advantage steel.
  • David Engineering & Mfg. Inc. Job shop manufacturer of sheet metal goods with metal stampings, punch press, progressive and single hit dies, laser cutting, press brake forming and bending.
  • DC Developments Engineering Specialist sheet metal fabrication and machining. Equipped for both prototype and development work and long production runs.
  • Detronic Industries Precision sheet metal fabrication.
  • Diamond Metal Screens Pvt.Ltd. Specializing in custom perforated metals, apron type metal belts, internals for ESPs and cable trays.
  • Dynamic Sheetmetal Fabrication Precision sheet metal and machine shop fabricators specializing in rapid prototyping and short run.
  • E2 Innovations Inc. Specializes in plasma cutting and fabrication of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to customer requirements, with general emphasis on architectural, home and garden, and golfing markets. Also offers line of own designed products.
  • Easton Sheet Metal Ltd A supplier of subcontract sheet metalwork in the UK.
  • Edmunds Metal Works, Inc. Specializes in custom quality sheet metal fabrication of golf cart accessories and utility vehicles.
  • Electromet Corporation Manufactures custom sheetmetal fabrication and provides machining services.
  • Euro Sheet Metal Ltd UK. Specializes in sheetmetal work. Includes CNC punching, CNC bending, shearing, and welding. Site provides details of handling capabilities.
  • Fab Consultants & Engineers P Ltd. Quality steel fabricators and exporters.
  • Fab Werks Specializes in design and fabrication of products to customer requirements. Materials employed include manufacture of angles, beams, channels, and tubing. Site provides details of facilities and sample end products.
  • Fabri-Tec Engineering Specializes in production of sheet metal parts, enclosures, and structural weldments to customer specifications and requirements.
  • Falcon Fabricators Specializes in food service equipment, combining stainless steel fabrication with custom wood working. Also offers powdercoating and electrical enclosure capabilities. Products include fryers, tables, sinks, and smallware.
  • Fine Line Sheet Metal British company specializing in sheet metal fabrication, assembly, and finishing. Emphasis is on design, engineering, and manufacture to customer requirements.
  • Fine Perforators Manufacturers of perforated metals, wire meshes, wedge wire screens, and cable trays.
  • Flood Heliarc, Inc. A welding and precision sheet metal products company. From Columbus, Ohio.
  • GarDel Metal Products Custom metal fabrication and machining for hi-tech industries. CNC manufacturing of electronic enclosures, kiosks and metal components.
  • Gaterman Mfg. Co., Inc. A contract sheet metal fabrication services as well as manufacturer of farm implements.
  • General Metal Company Inc. Metal fabrication and assembly.
  • Goel Engineers Manufactures perforated sheets in all metals for filtration, separation, grading, and interiors. Based in India.
  • Greco Brothers Incorporated Custom fabricated stainless steel and steel products constructed from sheet, angle, structural tubing and pipe.
  • Hansen Industries Ltd Precision sheet metal and machined components manufacturers.
  • Harvey Smith ( Luton) Ltd British sheet metal fabricators, primarily serving the automotive and aerospace industries. Examples of manufactured components.
  • Hi-Tech Fabrications Custom precision sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, finishing, painting, silk screening.
  • Hollygate Fabrications Ltd Fabrication to All Industries. Based in Stockport, England. Dedicated to customer satisfaction offering a quality service, competitive prices and guaranteed deliveries.
  • HUB Associates, Inc. Capabilities include laser cutting, CNC punching, forming, welding, plating, assembly, and silk screening.
  • Impulse Manufacturing Laser cutting, machining, robotic welding, powder painting, bending and forming, metal services.
  • Industrial Metal Craft Manufactures sheet metal parts for many industries.
  • Industriell Plåt Produktion AB Sweden. Specializes in production of lasercut, formpressed, and deepdrawn sheet products for vehicle and machine manufacturers. Details of equipment and capabilities.
  • J & E Metal Fabricators Inc. Sheet metal fabricating facility. Manufacturing enclosures, electronics chassis, brackets, cabinets and welded tube frame assemblies.
  • J.F. Sheet Metal Inc. Sheet metal fabrication and welding company. Focus is on custom design and supply to customer specifications.
  • James Hutton Pressings Ltd Specialist production of expanded polystyrene mouldings, metal pressings, and boxes. Sister company provides a range of theatrical lighting.
  • Jansens and Dieperink BV The Netherlands. Designs and fabricates aluminium silos, gravity blenders, and aluminum dry bulk containers. Primarily serves petrochemcial and food industries.
  • JBW Precision, Inc. Sheet metal fabrication and machining. Steel rule die stamping, welding, turret punch fabrication.
  • JIT Manufacturing Inc. Produce precision, high tolerance sheet metal parts for a variety of industries. Includes a punch press tooling product listing .
  • Kaymet Company Specializes in sub-contract sheet metal work and produces variety of trays, trolleys, and hotplates for food serving trades.
  • Lake City Industries, Inc. Precision sheet metal fabricator of components or complete assemblies.
  • Lancer Laser Tech Pvt. Ltd. Provides steel fabrication services. Includes CNC laser cutting as well as punching, folding, and welding of components. Located in India.
  • Lehi Sheet Metal Corp. Specializes in variety of sheetmetal fabrication work, including punching, bending, welding, and assembly. Site provides details of facilities and includes charts of related engineering design data.
  • LL Potters & Sons (Taplow) Ltd. Sub-contract manufacturer of sheet metal components. Fine limit quality manufacturer with finish and silk-screen facilities.
  • Lokesh Industries India. Manufactures wide range of perforated sheets in metal and other materials. List of possible applications and provides examples of available perforation patterns.
  • Macomb Sheet Metal Inc. Full service sheet metalworking facility. Provides services such as laser cutting, CNC punching and forming, and fabrication, welding, and assembly.
  • Malton Laser Limited Precision sheet metalwork - leading supplier of laser cutting and press services within the Yorkshire area.
  • Martin Virginia based custom metal fabricator.
  • Martin Sheet Metal World Fabricates light gauge sheet metal into small precision bent shapes. Minnesota location.
  • Matann Metal Fabrication Specializing in quality stainless steel and aluminum sheet metalwork.
  • Matec S.r.l. Sheet metalworking, laser cutting, manual and robotic welding, section folding, machining and shaving removal, assembly of mechanical components.
  • MEP Technologies Total quality in high precision sheet metal manufacturing.
  • Metal Finishing Systems Inc. Offers product design, development, and manufacturing services for broad range of sheetmetal components and assemblies, with some focus on prototypes and smaller production runs. Details of facilities.
  • Metal Tronics, Inc. Precision metal fabrication facility.
  • Metal-Tech Industries Australian precision sheet metalwork facility. Features include welding, laser cutting, punching, powder coating, and assembly. Market includes transportation, construction, hospitality, and medical industries.
  • Metalline, Inc. Metal fabrication of stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Midland Sheetmetal UK Enclosures, panels and fabrications designed and manufactured.
  • MJM Manufacturing Inc. Offers precision sheet metal and machining and metal stamping services . Includes a video presentation and a tour of the manufacturing plant .
  • Morgan Bros Stocks, designs, manufactures aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, sections and sheets for ventilation and catering purposes.
  • Multi-Metal & Mfg. Co. Inc. Offers precision sheet metal fabrication. Capabilities include punching, forming, welding, powdercoating, silkscreening, and phosphating.
  • MVM Sheet Metal (UK) CAD design and moduling system producing such items as phone booths, kiosks, enclosures. Marine engineering.
  • Neilsen Manufacturing Sheet metal manufacturer and integrator.
  • Nimgrove Sheet Metal Fabrications UK. Specializes in sheet metal fabrication for variety of commercial and industrial requirements. Applications include automotive, defense, earthmoving, electrical switchgear, office equipment, and security industries.
  • Parkway Metal Products, Inc. Precision metal fabricating and stamping shop providing metal parts for OEM's. Services include laser cutting, turret punching, press brake forming, roll forming, stamping, MIG and TIG, spot, CD stud welding, spin riveting, light machining operations, shearing, sub assembly, and packaging.
  • PEM Sheetmetal Ltd. British company specializing in subcontract sheet metalwork for variety of industries. Capabilities include design and provision of electronic and engineering services.
  • PEM Stainless Fabrications Provides stainless steel sinks, benches, counter units, veterinary, and laboratory equipment.
  • Pico Metal Products, Inc Specializes in custom production of enclosures and assembled electrical power distribution panelboard and switchboard equipment. Site provides detailed information and photos regarding range of capabilities.
  • Procons Produce Waasan Vanne bicycle parts and profile thin sheet metal products for cable hauling, electric and interior design industry.
  • Programmed Engineering Services Australia Pty Ltd Sheetmetal manufacturer and fabricator, CNC punching, 7-axis NC folding, manual folding and punching, sheet rolling, fastener insertion, polishing and finishing, MIG, TIG and spot welding and a variety of finished surface coatings and treatments.
  • Quincy Metal Fabricators Precision sheet metal fabrication company.
  • R & J Metal Fabricators, Inc. A union metal fabrication shop that is equipped to fabricate and install many different types of sheet and plate metal.
  • R-D Manufacturing Inc. Specializes in fabrication, finishing, and assembly of sheet metal products to customer requirements. Examples include brackets, cabinets, frames, panels, and weldments.
  • Ram Specialty Fabrications A sheet metal fabricator offering precision sheet metal fabrication, steel fabrication, laser cutting, and metal forming services. From Connecticut, US.
  • Randel Steel Manufacturing Company India. Specializes in customized steel fabricated products. Includes steel, sump, and tree grates, manhole covers, wire mesh, and stainless steel wire.
  • Rapid Sheet Metal Inc. Specializes in quick quotations and supply of sheet metal parts based on 3D CAD data provided by customer. Focus is on prototypes, preproduction, and short runs.
  • RDM of Minnesota, Inc. Contract manufacturer. CA development, CO2 laser cutting, processing, machining, bending, folding.
  • RDM Products Sheet metal and wire fabricator which manufactures products for the refrigeration trade.
  • Reekie Steeltec Ltd UK. Specializes in subcontract sheet metalwork and fabrication. Capabilities include laser profiling, bending, grinding, welding, finishing, and painting. Handles mild and stainless steel. Serves wide range of industries.
  • Reliable Group of Industries A group of firms specialized in sheet metal based aggregate business catering to the automotive sector. Based in India.
  • Richmond Systems Inc. Specializes in custom structural steel fabrications and ornamental ironwork. End products include handrails, gates, spiral staircases, trellises, and flatbed and truck accessories.
  • Ridge Engineering Inc. Specializes in precision machining and sheet metal fabrication. Site provides photos and brief descriptions of different departments. Business focus includes service to major defense contractors.
  • Robadair Ltd. Precision sheet metal, machining and fabrication plant located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Facility includes laser cutting, powder paint, punching, machining, assembly, and finishing
  • Roll Forming Services Designers and manufacturers of custom, roll forming related machinery and tooling to a wide range of industries. End products include rotary dies, roll forming mills, machine presses and die accelerators.
  • rotec GmbH Berlin Germany. Manufactures a selection of perforated, textured, expanded, and stainless steel sheets, as well as gratings and wire mesh products. Product and application information.
  • RTK Industries Pty.Ltd Specializes in custom product manufacturing using the latest technology in laser cutting and welding, rotary cutting and sheet metal fabrication.
  • S & S Steel Services, Inc. Steel warehouse specializes in slitting narrow-width coils from mild carbon steel (1008-1010) for stamping and rollforming industries.
  • S.O.S. Sales Specializes in design and manufacture of sheetmetal, wire formed, and acrylic fabricated display fixtures. Site incorporates detailed information regarding capabilities and sample end products.
  • Santourian Manufacturing Inc. Specializes in sheetmetal work, including stamping, machining, forming, welding, and assembly. End products include electronic chassis, panels, turrets, and enclosures. Site incorporates downloadable linecard.
  • Serafi Industries Egyptian company specializing in manufacture of steel and galvanized parts for appliances, cold storage units, and refrigerator trucks. Includes hinges, locks, latches, clamping rings, and fastening hooks.
  • Simons Roll Forming Custom roll forming and fabricating for all industries.
  • Sparton Technology Corporation Specializes in sheet metal machining and fabrication for diversified range of customers, with some emphasis on mid volume orders. Site incorporates detailed explanation and photo gallery of equipment and capabilities.
  • Spinnaker Industries Inc. Heating, cooling and ventilating packaged roof top equipment.
  • Stanfo Custom design and a standard range of stainless mounting cabinets and enclosures for IT-solutions.
  • Stoddart Metal Fabricators Sheet metal fabricator.
  • Superior Metal Products Co., Inc. Specializing in custom light-gauge sheet metal fabrication and finishing.
  • Sweeper Metal Fabrication Manufactures and installs detention equipment packages including hollow metal doors, frames, windows, furniture and accessories, control systems, and glass.
  • Swift Atlanta, Inc. Full service precision sheetmetal fabricator. located in northeast metro Atlanta.
  • Syri Acier Inoxydable Specializes in custom production of stainless steel products, ranging from prototypes to medium sized production runs for industrial and commercial requirements.
  • Tambe Metal Products Specializes in fabrication of sheet metal products, with particular emphasis on supply of round, rectangular, and flat oval ducting for residential and commercial HVAC requirements.
  • Te-Yen Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. Provides machine casing and components.
  • Technical Laser Services Specializes in sheetmetal cutting and fabrication, especially for outsource requirements. Equipment includes CNC lasers, punch presses, press brakes, and welders. Can also arrange for plating and powder coating end products.
  • Tendon Manufacturing Co. Offers variety of sheet metal fabrication services. Includes stamping, bending, and shearing; CNC and manual machining; production of extrusions; and painting and silk-screening capabilities.
  • Texol An employee owned engineering, design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly services for metalworking and electronic applications.
  • The SheetMetal Shop.Com Sheetmetal Industry Resource,Tutorials,Tools,Classifieds
  • Trufab British company specializing in production of large scale fabrications in stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. Examples include hoppers, silos, tanks, and associated ductwork.
  • Tube Processing Corp. Tube and sheetmetal bending, forming, and fabrication. OEM supply to aircraft and turbine engine manufacturers.
  • V. & F. Fabrication Inc. Fabricates broad range of sheetmetal products. Includes storage cabinets, chassis, enclosures, and metal framing. Also offers electro-mechanical assembly services. Site provides equipment and capability details.
  • Vlassenroot An independent company whose core activities are the decoiling, shearing, cutting and bending of sheet steel, and its use in construction.
  • W M Spence Ltd. Provides a sub-contract fabrication services to industry. UK based.
  • Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Co. Specializes in steel, stainless, and aluminum fabrication. Includes shearing, punching, forming, and welding.
  • Western Fabricators. Offers fabrication services for wide range of electronic, audio, medical, and general manufacturing purposes. End products include covers, panels, tanks, and cabinets. Variety of finishes also available.
  • Wolfe Industrial, Inc. Industrial metal fabricators and installers.

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