This category covers machine shops that specialize -- or are primarily involved -- in waterjet, plasma, or laser cutting. Where this kind of operation is merely an ancillary (i.e. additional or secondary) part of the business, the firm's site more properly belongs in its appropriate Full_Service/Regional subcategory. Note: Sites providing or focused on laser marking and engraving services are also appropriate for this category.

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  • AAA Flamecut Steel Offers plasma and flame cutting of steel to any shape or specification. Provides a mission statement and contact details.
  • Abrasive Waterjet & CNC, Inc. An industrial and decorative machining and cutting job shop.
  • Access Engineering North Ltd Offers waterjet and plasma cutting services to accurately profile materials from thin foam rubber or 4" thick armor plate. UK based.
  • Accurate Laser Cutting Based in the heart of the UK Midlands Accurate Laser Cutting Ltd are ideally placed to service the whole of mainland UKs manufacturing industry.
  • Advanced Cutting Services An industrial job shop whose core focus is on the application of water jet cutting technology to a wide range of materials and performing complex, custom fabrications.
  • Advanced Cutting Systems Offers 5-axis waterjet cutting services. Provides a discussion of the advantages of the technology and contact information.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Services Specializes in waterjet and saw cutting. Offers a video of equipment in operation.
  • Advanced Profiling Services They specialise in waterjet cutting services.
  • Advanced Waterjet & Engraving Offers waterjet cutting of virtually any material up to 6" thick, 4'x 8'. CO2 laser for etching glass, acrylic, wood, stone, paper, plastic and part marking. CAD services also available.
  • Advanced Waterjet Technologies Service contractor offering a range of waterjet services and equipment. Based in Minnesota, USA.
  • AK-Models Inc. Specializes in Balsa Wood, Lite Plywood and Birch Plywood laser cutting in RC Model Airplanes and other Hobby Industries.
  • Allcut Waterjet Service Inc. Canada. Specializes in precision waterjet cutting. Details of capabilities and range of applications.
  • Aloma Shim and Manufacturing Company Specilizes in laser cutting services, water jet cutting services, contract manufacturing and all of your standard and custom Shim requirements. Quick turnaround.
  • Alpha Waterjet Machining, Inc. Custom waterjet cutting and machining of broad range of materials, including metals, glass, stone, plastics, ceramics, wood, and rubber. Background information regarding process and its benefits.
  • American Metalcraft Industries Precision cutting of metals, stone, granite, and tiles with waterjet equipment.
  • American Waterjet Cutting Flow International A series dual head machine is capable of cutting material that is 6 foot by 12 foot and up to 10 inches thick. Custom design work and precision cutting.
  • Antech Technologies Woodbridge, Ontario job-shop & contract manufacturer offering custom precision laser cutting and laser engraving services.
  • Aquacut UK. Offers high pressure water cutting for mosaics, architectural features, corporate logos, profiles, murals, landscape features and paving.
  • AST Waterjet Offers waterjet cutting, laser cutting, welding, forming, CNC machining, and finishing. Based in Texas.
  • Atlas Machining & Welding, Inc. Specializes in precision laser cutting and associated fabrication, also providing a variety of other industrial services. Located in Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Avicenna Technology Inc. Specializes in laser machining of polymer materials for medical and industrial requirements. Capabilities include ablation, drilling, marking, skiving, and tube cutting. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • AyersTech Waterjet Cutting Waterjet job shop specializing in abrasive waterjet cutting. Large OMAX water jet tables with taper compensation for heavy industrial/commercial components as well as small precision parts. Also offers secondary operations such as machining and fabricating.
  • Bowen & Warengo Inc. Specializes in laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, and reverse engineering for industrial and commercial markets. Examples include prototypes, precision custom parts, and artistic items.
  • Business Electronics Soldering Technologies Provides contract laser micromachining services. The company process plastics, glass, ceramics, plastics and other materials for OEMs. Services include drilling, marking, scribing, cutting and precision ablation.
  • Bylaser Australia Laser cutting services located in Brisbane Australia. Contains laser cutting articles.
  • California Laser Etch Offers laser etching for applications such as architectural designs, gifts, awards, and metal marking.
  • Capital Lasers Limited UK. Specializes in laser processing of wood, plastic, and metal materials. Includes profiling, small hole drilling, welding, and marking. Can handle flat and three dimensional parts. Site provides details of capabilities.
  • Charles Day Steel Specialists in profiling and cutting. Offers CNC laser cutting, water-jet and flame cutting.
  • Corry Laser Technology Inc. Specializes in multi-axis laser machining for aerospace, military, and automotive requirements. Services include laser cutting, drilling, marking, and welding.
  • Creative Edge Master Shop Waterjet design and manufacturing shop for custom ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, resilient, and stone floor graphics, such as medallions and borders.
  • Custom Laser, Inc. A full service laser cutting contractor for waterjet cutting, precision laser welding service, laser engraving, kiss cutting, and acrylic etching.
  • Cut Your Way Laser cutting and engraving for anyone with or without knowledge of vector graphics editors.
  • Cutlasercut Cutlasercut is a laser cutting and engraving service in London designed specifically for the needs of creative individuals and industries.
  • Cutting Edge Laser Specializes in laser based metal fabrication. Services include cutting and bending. Site describes process and compares features with alternative fabrication methods.
  • Cutting Edge Water Jet Service Abrasive waterjet cutting service.
  • Denny Plastics Offers fabrication services using acrylic, plastic and perspex. Laser cutting and engraving available.
  • Diversified Metal Services Inc. Provides 5-axis water jet, saw, plasma, and flame cutting services to cut any kind of material. DMSI also provides grinding and reverse engineering services.
  • Efficient Designs Incorporated Offers laser machine cutting services. Site describes capabilities and range of products.
  • Fedtech Offers waterjet and laser cutting primarily. Additional processes include machining, welding, drilling, tapping, finishing, and forming.
  • Fimark Laser Marking Ltd. Provides laser engraving, etching, ablating, and marking services. Work can be carried out on most metals and plastics. Located in London, UK.
  • Fluidcut Water Jet Cutting Service Water jet cutting service provider that cuts aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, stone and rubber for industry or individuals.
  • Foam Cutting Services Specializes in customized cutting of many foams. Able to cut signs, logos, architectural shapes, packaging, crown molding, wings. Can machine EPS, cut Plexiglas, Polyurethane, EVA foam.
  • GC Laser Cutting Laser cutting company based in Australia.
  • GP Products (UK) Ltd. Specializing in waterjet cutting and offering additional machining and die cutting services. List of cuttable materials.
  • Heart of Texas Metalworks Provides waterjet cutting, forging, welding, and assembly. Based in Texas.
  • Hess Precision Laser, Inc. Provide laser cutting and metal forming services. Offers lists of industries served and possible materials.
  • Hydrocut Waterjet Abrasive Waterjet cutting of all conductive and non-conductive materials.
  • J & S Laser Profiles Ltd Laser cutting max 3m x 1.5m sheet up 16mm thick. In-house fabrication with CNC punching and CNC folding with coded welders.
  • Jetshape Ltd Offers precision waterjet profiling services. Includes capabilities and an image gallery.
  • JIT Precision Waterjet Cutting Services Specializes in recreational, industrial, architectural, and signage applications. Capabilities also include laser cutting and high speed routing. Provides materials list and a contact form.
  • Jordan Machine Co. CNC machining, wire EDM, laser cutting, water jet, milling, drilling, turning, welding, fabricating, pins, shafts, bushings.
  • JTV Manufacturing, Inc Custom laser cutting, engineering, welding, metalforming, and grinding for contract manufacturing and short production runs.
  • KCM Waterjet Specializes in abrasive waterjet machining using computer controlled CAD/CAM and multi headed machines.
  • Key Laser Technologies Offers capabilities for laser cutting and etching variety of materials to customer requirements. Can handle wood, paper, poster board, plastics, and metals.
  • Laser Access Five axis laser and flat laser cutting and welding.
  • Laser Alliance LLC Laser cutting and engraving acrylic, metals, foam, paper, fabric, and wood for signs, letters, architectural scale models, stencils, prototypes
  • Laser Automation Inc. Provider of laser cutting and laser welding services, based in Ohio.
  • Laser Cutting Company, Ltd. Features experience in cutting materials ranging from ceramics and acrylics to metal sheet and tube. UK based.
  • Laser Cutting Inc. Laser cutting and engraving, screen printing, large format inkjet printing, plastics fabricating. A variety of secondary services.
  • Laser Cutting Services, Inc. Specializes in precision laser cutting in the Pacific Northwest, combining CNC technology with old-fashioned service. Stocks and cuts metals up to 1 inch thick.
  • Laser Industries Provides contract laser cutting and marking on metals, plastics and other materials.
  • Laser Light Technologies, Inc. Laser engraving, micromachining, marking, drilling, ablation, cutting, microfabrication, etching, processing.
  • Laser Micromachining Limited Offers laser micromachining services. Specializes in serving customers in micro and nanotechnology sectors. Based in the UK.
  • Laser One Incorporated Specializes in provision of laser cutting and welding services. Includes work on sheetmetal, laminates, plastics, non metal materials, and square and cylindrical tubing. Site provides details of each area of capability.
  • Laser Tech Studios Offers custom laser cutting and laser engraving for personal items such as laptops and cell phones. Located in New Hampshire.
  • Lasermade Provides laser cutting, waterjet cutting, acrylic casting, embedding, adhesives. Located in Sydney, Australia.
  • LaserScribe, Inc. Laser engraving, marking and etching processes on metals, plastics, wood and other materials.
  • LaserTats Offers laser etching of designs and logos in a variety of materials.
  • LasX Industries Inc. Offers laser cutting equipment and services for cutting, kiss-cutting, perforating, scoring, etching, and ablating thin materials using a laser digital converting technology.
  • Mainly Metals Offer custom waterjet cutting services. Includes information about the process. Located in Vermont, USA.
  • Maloya Laser Inc. Offers laser cutting and precision component fabrication services. Experience includes architectural and ornamental work, production of logos, and creation of medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace instruments and parts.
  • Maximum Industries ISO Provider of precision waterjet cutting, laser cutting, machining, routing and laser marking services. Located in the DFW Texas area.
  • Milco WaterJet Abrasive waterjet machining, wire EDM, CNC sinker EDM, EDM hole burner, complete CNC machine shop, production, prototypes, tool and die, molds.
  • MLI Laser Laser systems for marking, engraving, etching and cutting. Design staff for handling graphic, industrial, interior, or architectural design needs.
  • Ohio Laser ISO9001: 2008 certified laser cutting company offering flat laser cutting services and laser tube cutting for customers who require exacting fits and tolerances.
  • Owens Corning Specializing in electron beam drilling and precision small hole drilling of a wide range of metals.
  • Poseidon Engineering Waterjet cutting for materials including stainless steel, titanium, exotic alloys, plastics, foam, glass, ceramic or granite.
  • Power Stream Industries Water jet cutting for materials such as metal, plastic, foam, rubber and stone.
  • Precision Cutting Inc. Specialists in customized precision cutting, with particular ability to handle large sized and heavy components and materials.
  • Precision Hydrojet Ltd. Waterjet cutting of any type of material up to 10" thick. Offers laser cutting. Based in Canada.
  • Precision Laser Cutting LTD Laser cutting shop in Auckland New Zealand. Offers laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting & engineering services.
  • Precision Laser Inc. Metal cutting company that provides North American companies with the laser cut parts for metal fabrication.
  • Precision Profiles Plus Offers metal cutting, forming and fabrication from small projects to supplying large production environments.
  • Prototech Laser Specializes in laser cutting as well as fabrication and blanking of steel, aluminum and plastics.
  • Quest Lasercut Ohio-based laser cutting and metal fabrication job shop.
  • Rapid Metal Product, Inc. Metal fabrication job shop specializing in laser and waterjet cutting services. Examples of end products.
  • RCI Waterjet Cutting Services Inc. Offers cold water, omnidirectional cutting services. Includes company profile, specifications, and photos of past projects.
  • Remcon Inc. Specializes in the abrasive cutting of metals, glass, stone, and pure cutting of foams, plastics, rubber, and composites. Additionally sells remanufactured waterjet equipment.
  • Remtex Inc. Provides waterjet cutting services. Contains information on the waterjet cutting process and machinery. Located in Illinois.
  • Ruzzene Offer high precision processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, and all other metals. Based in Italy.
  • SFI-Gray Steel Inc. Flamecutting and steel cutting to order.
  • Source Metals Plate and sheet metal service center, located in Houston, Texas. Processes include laser, multi-torch flame, waterjet, high-definition plasma and conventional plasma cutting systems.
  • SRP Manufactures gaskets, seals, cushions, insulation, shields, shock absorbers, filters, lamination, protective and adhesive-backed tape, vibration controls, and mountings.
  • Superior Waterjet Services Waterjet cutting service based in Michigan.
  • Tesko Laser Division Specializing in laser cutting of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass and other metals. Includes laser cutting glossary and comparisons of metal cutting processes.
  • The Metal Man Providing laser cutting services for Tucson and southern Arizona. Stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. Service from patterns or CAD software.
  • The Metal Shop Custom water jet and laser cutting for engineering, architecture, and fabrication companies.
  • Tolgar Engineering Ltd, UK Precision water jet cutting of metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, stone and more to exceptionally high tolerances. Based in Gloucester UK.
  • Triton WaterJet & Design, Inc. Offers waterjet cutting services of virtually any material up to 6 inches thick. Specializing in industrial and decorative cutting.
  • Vintage Manufacturing Provides custom laser cutting for industrial and decorative parts, and offers expedited turnaround options for small production runs. Based in Texas.
  • Water Jet Cutting Service Water Jet Cutting Services with no minimums, and fast turnaround. Cut almost any material, to include thin foils to 6"+ tool steel. Prototype, Production, or blanking.
  • Waterjet Tech, Inc. Robotic waterjet cutting services.
  • Waterjet Works Specializes in the fabrication of contemporary designs in resilient and stone flooring.
  • Wet Jet Precision Water Jet Cutting Services for both production manufacturing as well as Prototype quantities, to include most materials. Information on water jet technology.
  • Whole Shop Inc Provides laser and waterjet cutting services primarily, along with punching, forming, and welding. Located in Ohio.
  • Wyoming Waterjet & Scott's Welding and Fabrication Inc. Provides waterjet services. Specializes in welding, and fabrication services to the oilfield industry.
  • Yoder Industries, LLC Specializes in precision laser cutting of steel, sheet metal, alloy, aluminum stainless steel, titanium and other materials, based in Lancaster, PA.
  • Zone Creations Offering laser cutting, engraving and fabrication services to design professionals across Europe.

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