This category contains sites of companies involved in producing power transmission components. Many of them are fair sized corporations engaged exclusively in gear manufacturing, while others are relatively small machine shops focused on the same kind of product. A few serve a narrow market niche (the French AML firm is an example), but the majority cover a broad range of gear, gearbox, and geared motor requirements in the form of either standard or custom produced items.

Other languages: German, Italian, Japanese.

  • 3F Ingranaggi Italy. Manufactures selection of gears and integral drive units. Includes cylindrical, bevel, straight spur, and spiral designs.
  • Aero Gear Inc. Manufacturer of precision gears, gearbox housings, and assemblies for the aerospace industry. Includes quality accreditations.
  • Agro Engineers Manufacturers of worm speed reducers, spur, helical, worm, bevel, gears, rack, pinions, chain sprockets and power transmission equipment, up to two meters in diameter.
  • Allied Gear and Machine Manufacturer of high quality, precision-machined gears and machine components.
  • American Gear, Inc. Fine and medium pitch gears up to 8" dia., close tolerances. Bevel, pinions, shafts, spur, helical, worms, worm gears, sprockets, ratchets, timing pulleys.
  • American Gear and Machinery Manufactures replacement gears for emergency service capable of helical , herringbone, bevel, spur and internal spline gears.
  • American Precision Gear Co., Inc Manufactures timing pulleys, gears. Hobbing, inspection services. Clients include manufacturers in the aerospace, military, biomedical and commercial industrial markets.
  • Bajrang Engineering Works India. Manufactures broad range of gears and related products. Includes bevel, helical, internal, spiral, and spur gears, gear boxes and geared motors, and spline shafts.
  • Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V. The Netherlands. Manufactures gear wheels and units for variety of customer requirements. Site incorporates diagrams and photo examples of product range and includes details of manufacturing process.
  • Buffalo Gear Inc. A manufacturer of custom and production gears.
  • Carnes-Miller Gear Co., Inc. Manufacturer of turnkey custom gears. Offers both conventional and CNC cylindrical grinding and shaping, and broaching services. Locust, North Carolina.
  • Ching Tai Cog Machine Co., Ltd. Spur, plastic, helical gears, sprockets, bevel gear, worm gear, worm gear reducers, flex couplings, flexible connectors, and clamp-locks.
  • Cleveland Gear Company Manufactures broad range of power transmission equipment. Includes open gearing, helical and bevel gear units, speed reducers and variators, and custom drives. Site provides manufacturing process and product information.
  • Columbia Gear Corporation Design and custom manufacture of spur and helical gears, gearbox assemblies, and related products.
  • CORDM European specialist in cutting and grinding spur, helical, and straight bevel gears.
  • Curtis Machine Company, Inc. Manufacturers of right angle, straight bevel, and spiral bevel gearboxes and gearcases, parallel shaft speed reducers as well as off angle bevel gear drives.
  • Custom Gear and Machining Production gear cutting and hobbing. Helical, spur, worm and bevel gears. AGMA Quality Standards.
  • David Brown Engineering Limited Manufacture and supply power transmission products; information about products and services, international locations, and company profile.
  • Doppler Gear Co. Gear cutting, splining, broaching, heat treating, grinding, plating, and assembly. Quantities from single part to continuous machining and manufacturing.
  • Edgerton Gear Inc. Produces broad range of gears, sprockets, pulleys, and splines, primarily to customer specifications. Also has interest in sister company manufacturing nylon/steel composite designed for producing drive components.
  • Erlbacher Gear & Machine Works Manufactures custom gears at CNC shops, CNC milling, turning, and CMM inspection. Broaching machines and grinding machine services available.
  • Foote-Jones/Illinois Gear Manufacturer of large, industrial, gear products, including gear reducers and custom gearing.
  • Fu Feng Co., Ltd Manufacturer of plastic gears and gear box, including spur, spiral, bevel, worm and worm wheel, internal, and rack gear design.
  • Gayatri Exim India. Design, development and manufacture of maintenance free planetary reduction gear boxes for a wide range of industrial applications. Gear box specifications. Description of design and operating principles. Technical documents on PDF files.
  • Gear Cutting Co. Ltd Racks, spur gears, splines, bevel gears, sprockets, helical gears, worm and wormwheels, thread milling worms and leadscrews, keywaying and power grip positive drive pulleys.
  • Gear Techtronics Manufactures and distributes high precision mechanical components. Includes custom or standard fasteners, gears, shafts, pulleys, and couplings.
  • Gears India Specializes in manufacture of girth and transmission gears, customized gear trains, and transmission pinions.
  • Ghiringhelli s.r.l. Italy. Designs and manufactures wide selection of gears, screw jacks, and worm and wheel sets. Several items incorporate special features. Site provides product and application information. Catalogs available.
  • Great Lakes Technologies Inc. Represents wide variety of gears and related manufacturing equipment and tooling, especially from European sources. Also offers consultancy and repair services. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Halifax Rack & Screw Cutting Co. Specialist manufacturer of gear racks and leadscrews.
  • Hero Tandhjul A/S Precision Gears with internal and external toothing and splines. Grinding, hobbing, inspection, milling, and turning.
  • Hewitt and Topham Ltd. UK. Specializes in custom manufacture of spur, helical, bevel, spiral, and worm gears for variety of markets. Site provides photos and explains features of each main type of gear.
  • Horsburgh & Scott Designs, manufactures, services and rebuilds industrial gearing and gear drives for industry specific needs.
  • Indiana Tool Precision machining and precision gear manufacturing. Along with Indiana Gear, a division of the Itamco Company.
  • J.T. Power Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufactures gears, shafts, pinions, drive components, brakes.
  • KAM Differentials Limited Specialists in the design and production of crown wheel and pinions for alternative ratios for motor sport vintage axles
  • Lab Threads & Gear Works, Inc USA. Custom design and manufacture of splined parts, gears, special form threads and leadscrews.
  • Llewellins' Machine Company Ltd. Designer, manufacturer, repairer, and rebuilder of gearboxes and transmission equipment for industries. Located in England.
  • Machinery Spare Parts and Supplies Inc. Makes gears for auto, truck, tractor and machinery. Can make gears from prints or old samples.
  • Martin Sprocket & Gear Manufactures custom forgings, sprockets, gears, couplings, sheaves, timing pulleys, drag and screw conveyors, and industrial hand tools.
  • Midwest Gear Produces gears up to 100-inch in diameter. Produces the complete gear, or use furnished materials for cutting or grinding teeth.
  • Gear design consulting firm for the design and manufacture of rotary and linear actuator gearbox, plastic gear and powder metal transmission systems.
  • Moore Machine & Gear Gear manufacturing and jobbing; helical, spur, worm, splines, racks, sprockets, couplings, gearboxes produced to specification or designed for application.
  • Motion Systems Incorporated Specializes in custom production of large sized gears, pulleys, sprockets, and sheaves. Site provides detailed account of capabilities, range of products, and choice of materials.
  • Namco Machine and Gear Works Ltd. Produces gears, gearboxes, single and multi strand sprockets and chain cases.
  • Omni U.S.A., Inc. Holding company with subsidiaries which design, develop and distribute power transmissions equipment for agricultural, industrial, off-highway and construction vehicles. (Nasdaq: OUSA).
  • Perry Technology Corporation Offers gear, spline, and machining services as well as standard machine shop services.
  • Prabha Engineering Co. India. Manufactures broad selection of transmission parts for cars, trucks, and tractors. Includes gears, shafts, axles, pinions, spindles, and crown wheels.
  • Precision Pinion Rod Custom designs and manufactures precision drawn brass pinion rods with rapid turn around.
  • PSP Engineering Works Pvt., Ltd. Manufacturer of gear components and transmissions, specialising in tractor parts. Delhi, India.
  • R.V.Industries Manufacturer of plastic driven gears, speedo drive, driven and oil pump gears. Goraya,India
  • Rapid Precision Gears Brazilian producer manufacturing of gears and other precision machined components
  • Ringhoffer Verzahnungstechnik GmbH&Co KG Manufactures gears and gearing components.
  • Rockford Jobbing Service Manufactures gears and splines. Also, turning, milling and grinding with gear and spline capacities.
  • Rush Gears Custom Spur Gears Custom Gear manufacturer specializing in spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears and worm gears. Emergency Delivery for prototype gears and replacement gears.
  • S.K.P. Enterprise India. Manufactures broad range of gears, racks, and pinions. Includes spur, helical, bevel, and worm varieties. Also offers repair and reconditioning services.
  • Saynen Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of high precision gears, including spur gear, worm and shaft, spline shaft, CNC rotary table with dual lead worm gear sets.
  • Smitshree Enterprises Manufactures spur and helical gears and gear boxes. Includes a list of products and applications. Mumbai, India.
  • South Side Machine Works Features gear cutting as well as general machine shop work, fabrications, welding, stress relieving, and contract manufacturing.
  • Spicer Cycles Molded nylon and plastic cut gears in metric module and standard pitch are available in spur gears with hub, miter gears, bevel gears, worms, sprockets and racks. Please inquire for custom gears in steel, brass, aluminum and other materials.
  • St. Louis Gear Company St. Louis Gear manufactures custom gears, including precision gears, spiral bevel, and more using cnc gear cutting and cnc machining with our precision equipped machine shop and engineering experts.
  • State Tool Gear Co. Gears and sprockets manufacturing for all gear types including spur, worm, bevel, helical from plastic or metal, large or small gears. New Jersey based.
  • STD Precision Gear & Instruments, Inc. Manufacturer of high precision gears, splines and other related mechanical transmission components.
  • Tandler - high precision gears and gearboxes Since 1949, Tandler produces high precision gears and gearboxes for all machinery markets worldwide. Please, take a closer look.
  • Technische Antriebselemente GmbH Germany. Manufactures wide selection of gear mechanisms and power transmission parts. Includes gears, motors, linear guide devices, couplings, and machine footings. Site provides detailed product information and examples.
  • Tecona Japan Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of gear boxes, gear testing instruments, molds, cavity, hobbing cutters, drawing dies, master gears.
  • The Turner Gear and Engineering Co UK. Specializes in gear manufacturing. Product range includes spur and helical gears, worms, wormwheels, splines, sprockets, and parts for vintage cars.
  • United Gear & Assembly Inc. Manufactures broad range of products for power transmission applications. Includes parallel axis, internal, and worm gears, as well as gear and splined shafts up to 40' in length.
  • V.V. Enterprises India. Manufactures gears and gear boxes, axle shafts, and related items for broad range of passenger vehicles. Site provides details of capabilities.
  • Virani Industries India. Produces variety of gears for industrial sewing machines; two-wheel mopeds; power, machine, and agricultural tools; and auto-electric starter motors and speedometers. Site describes manufacturing capabilities.
  • Watteeuw Manufacture industrial gears and transmissions for agriculture, screw compressors, turbo compressors, diesel engines, windturbines, railway, medical equipment, textile machines, printing machines, hoists and extruders.
  • Williams & Co. Manufacturer of gears for the aerospace, nuclear, military and medical industrial markets.
  • Worcester Gear Custom gear manufacturer produces Gears and gear racks including bevel, spur, worm and helical gears.

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