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  • Allan Persson HAB Manufacturer of slitting and cutting devices, castings, and forgings.
  • Alry Tool & Die Co. Inc. Specializes in design and production of closed die forgings to customer requirements. Site provides detailed account of forging process, range of capabilities, and available equipment.
  • Auto Forgings Features forgings for steel rolling mill plants and related equipment. Based in India.
  • Ballantines Boness Iron Co. Ltd British company specializing in original metalwork and refurbishment to existing structures worldwide. Includes access to collection of patterns for fencing, monuments, and old time ornamental structures.
  • Bjerke Forgings, Inc. Serving all the industries with custom quality forgings and on time deliveries. We will supply your needs from one forging to multiple forgings.
  • Blacksmith Forging Co. Ltd. Taiwanese producer of forgings in carbon, alloy, stainless, and tool steels. Includes hand tools, hardware items, and parts for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial machines.
  • C.R.M. S.a.s. di Chisena C. & C. Italy. Manufactures, overhauls, supplies spare parts, and sells reconditioned friction screw presses for metal and steel forging industry.
  • Chaudhry Hammer Works Manufacturers and exporters of steel shafts, steel rings, forged flanges, heavy steel forgings, forged rings, tube shuts, steel rolling rolls.
  • Chu Hua Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures assortment of screws and bolts. Includes socket and cap screws, flange and floor bolts, and carriage screws. Site provides details of available items and production process.
  • clal msx Manufactures copper- and nickel-based alloys.
  • Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company Manufactures carbon, alloy and stainless steel closed and impression die forgings.
  • CM Forge Group Provides examples of custom and commercial forgings from this firm with three plants.
  • Cornell Forge Company Offers a wide range of forging abilities combined with machining operations.
  • DCI International Brass forgings of decorative zinc. Die casting and finishing for international markets.
  • Ellwood Texas Forge Metal melting, casting, forging and machining. A unit of the Ellwood Group, a private, $300 million company founded in 1910.
  • Erie Tool and Forge, Inc. Manufacturer of forgings, upset forgings, and closed die forgings.
  • Feat Industrial Forgings Inc. Manufacturer of forged components for valve and nuclear industries.
  • Forge Finder Marketplace for buying and selling open die, closed die and impression die forgings and seamless rolled rings.
  • Forgewell Limited Manufacturers of steel forgings.
  • Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. Spain. Produces broad range of forged brass and special alloy parts and components for water meters, gas piping installations, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. Audio/video intensive site provides details.
  • Great Lakes Forge Inc. Produce crank shafts, blocks, squares, rectangles, eccentric shafts, step down shafts, double end hubs, rounds, mandrel rings, hubs and covers.
  • Gujarat Industrial Corporation India. Manufactures cold forged, turned, and stamped brass components, primarily for electrical and automotive industries. Includes fasteners, knurling inserts, connectors, and switchgear items. Site provides photos of product range.
  • Imbach+Cie AG Switzerland. Offers expertise and manufacturing assistance in production of drop-forged components, open-die forgings, and seamless rings and components of aluminium, steel, titanium, copper, and nickel.
  • Kadvani Forge Limited Manufacturers open dye steel forged products. Located in India.
  • Kay Jay Forgings Pvt. Ltd. Produces broad range of forged, machined, and fabricated components, primarily for the automotive industry. Includes crank shafts, connecting rods, brake pedals, axle brackets, and fuel tanks. Located in India.
  • Keystone Forging Company Produces variety of closed die forgings. Explanation of forging process and its benefits.
  • Lakeview Forge A manufacturer of small to medium closed die forgings, clevises and fittings in carbon, stainless steel and alloy for automotive, marine, valve and hand tool industries.
  • Lefere Forge and Machine Company A hammer forging operation specialized in forging hubs, gears and spindles.
  • Maass Corp Manufacturer of stainless steel flanges.
  • Martin Sprocket & Gear Manufactures custom forgings, sprockets, gears, couplings, sheaves, timing pulleys, drag and screw conveyors, and industrial hand tools. Tool and Forge Division.
  • Mattco Forge Inc. Manufacturer of open die forged metal products, specializing in rolled ring forgings for the aerospace, jet engine and power turbine industries.
  • Mettis Aerospace Limited UK. Manufacturing group specializing in forged components for aerospace industry. Applications include flight controls, airframes and nacelles, aero engines, and landing gear. Site provides details of products and capabilities.
  • Mighty Forge Canadian manufacturer of portable propane forges built for farriers and blacksmiths.
  • Millennium Forge, Inc. Forgings for the valve and fitting, transportation, agricultural, and construction industries.
  • Million Interwork Manufacturer of cold forging metal parts and loudspeaker. Taiwan.
  • Moline Forge Produces wide range of forgings for a variety of markets. Includes farm, construction, and off-highway equipment; railroad and train components; and parts for recreational vehicles, compressors, and conveyors.
  • Nonferrous Products, Inc. Copper alloy and aluminum bronze forgings)
  • Ommi Forge Pvt. Ltd. India. Specializes in production of forgings in carbon, alloy, and special steels. Includes flanges, gears, and jointless rings. Serves variety of industries. Site describes range of capabilities.
  • Palmieri Tools Forging s.r.l Italian company specializing in hot forging components that are frequently subjected to subsequent heat treatment and machining. Focus is on production of agricultural tools and truck parts.
  • Phoenix Forginghammers Manufacture of forging hammers. Includes video demonstrations.
  • Portland Forge Producing custom, impression die hot forgings, supplying carbon and alloy steel forged components to a multitude of industries.
  • Precision Metal Products, Inc. Closed die forgings to customer drawings, 1-50 pounds from titanium, aluminum and all forgeable steel alloys including heat treating, secondary operations and CNC machining.
  • Presrite Corporation Forged gears, near-net forgings, high volume forgings, and other services offered.
  • Queen City Forging A member of the Forging Industry Assoc; does custom forging of alloy, steel, aluminum, stainless and brass materials.
  • R.N.Gupta & Company Manufactures and exports broad range of forged flanges, pipe fittings, and ornamental forgings. Site incorporates examples of available products. Located in India.
  • S.M. Flanges Indian manufacturers and exporters of carbon steel plate flanges, pipe fittings.
  • Sadhu Forging Ltd. Offers die and open forging services, as well as in house machining facilities, from locations in India. Specializes in production of gears, shafts, crown wheels, and pinions.
  • Schilling Forge Inc. Produces range of office, grooming and surgical scissors, as well as dental, medical, and orthodontic instruments, and variety of handtools and cutlery items.
  • Scot Forge Provides open die forging alternatives to castings, closed die forgings, centrifugal castings, bar stock, plate and fabrications.
  • Southwest Metal Products Ltd. Produces cold forged shafts, pins, axles and many additional parts made from cold forging carbon and alloy steel.
  • Stalplast S.C. Poland. Manufactures drop, closed die, and finished forgings. Includes tractor parts, flanges, and continuous longitudinally welded tubing. Also produces parts in titanium and aluminum alloys and has machinery for sale.
  • Stealth Homepage A near net titanium and chromium cobalt forging company that manufactures medical implants and high performance engine products.
  • Texas Metal Works Manufacturing flanges and custom forgings.
  • The Drop Dies & Forgings Company Expert forgers specialize in exotic metals and stainless steel, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, high temperature alloys, nickel alloys.
  • Trenton Forging Company Produces wide range of custom closed die steel forgings in carbon and alloy steels. Capabilities include expertise in producing multi cavity forgings. Mainly serves the car and truck, railroad, and recreational vehicle markets.
  • Unifor Brass Forgings, Inc provides custom brass forgings.
  • Vikram Forgings & Allied Industries Ltd Manufacturers of machineries and allied components used in the tea factory.
  • Vinir Engineering Pvt. Ltd. India. Produces wide range of closed die forgings in carbon, alloy, and stainless steels. Serves variety of markets including automotive, agricultural, earthmoving, oilfield, and ordnance industries.
  • Walker Forge Produces carbon and steel forgings worldwide.
  • Wingtone Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwanese manufacturers of small cold forged parts. Site incorporates examples of available products, which include chain components, yokes for magnetic speakers, and automobile fasteners.
  • Wodin, Inc. Manufacturer of near net upset forgings.
  • Zaklady Kuznicze Ltd. Heat treated die forgings from carbon and alloy steel of mass from 0,05 to 25 kg, intended mainly for the car industry.

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