• Advanced Material Solutions Inc. Design and implement automated inspection stations for nondestructive testing. Ultrasonic system and services for the manufacturing industries.
  • Airmar Technology Corporation Manufacture marine and industrial sensors using ultrasonic transducer technology. Airducer ultrasonic sensor catalog in pdf format.
  • American Medical Design Designs and manufactures ultrasound probes, transducers and piezocomposites for medical, industrial and marine applications.
  • Andec MFG. LTD. Supply nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment, instrumentation and accessory components. Products include ultrasonic and eddy current systems , c-scan systems, automotive part testing and aircraft wheel inspection systems . Canada .
  • Automated Inspection Systems Inc. Offer nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment and applications development. Automated ultrasonic testing systems. Photo gallery of project inspections.
  • Beijing Yazhong Instrument Co.Ltd. Develop, research, manufacture and sell non-destructive detecting instruments. Ultrasonic thickness gauge is the main product. China.
  • Bidwell Industrial Group, Inc Manufacture a range of torque wrenches, tensioners and ultrasonic boltgages. Includes performance specifications.
  • Curtis Industries Inc. Manufactures a range of ASNT standard and custom ultrasonic calibration blocks .
  • Dakota Ultrasonics Manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment servicing the petrochemical, aerospace, racing, and other generally related industries. Velocity chart and online catalog.
  • Diagnostic Sonar Ltd. Medical ultrasound scanners, couplants and test objects. Non-destructive testing products especially real-time array systems which can be used for rapid manual inspection of large areas. United Kingdom.
  • Dr.Opara Kg Manufacture industrial airborne sound sensors, measuring tools and systems for contact free distance and thickness measurements .
  • EXFO Designer and manufacturer of fiber-optic test, measurement, monitoring and automation solutions for the global telecommunications industry.
  • FlawTech, Inc. Manufacturer of flawed specimens for training and qualification in the NDE industry. Features product listings with drawings and some pricing.
  • FORCE Instituttet Independent non-profit institution approved by the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry. Offers services and products for testing and inspection, mechatronics and sensor technology.
  • Gill Instruments Limited Design and manufacture automotive electronics, ultrasonic anemometers and gas flow measurement systems . Product data sheets in pdf format and software downloads. United Kingdom .
  • Hexamite Supply a range of ultrasonic transceivers, sensors, ultrasonic signal conditioners, positioning and guidance devices. Includes information on the principles of position and Doppler.
  • Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH Germany. Manufactures ultrasonic processors for wide range of laboratory and industrial requirements. Applications include dispersal, cleaning, cutting, sieving, and welding. Provides detailed product and usage information.
  • Imasonic Design and manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic transducers and solutions for industrial applications, NDT measurement, medical diagnosis and monitoring applications and medical therapy applications . France .
  • Ing. Büro Dr. Hillger (Germany) Develops and builds ultrasonic imaging systems for high-tech materials like composites, ceramics and materials with high sound damping as concrete components.
  • International Transducer Corporation Manufacturer of acoustic transducers for ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic survey, seismic exploration, marine life research, medical devices and industrial proximity sensing.
  • Iris Inspection Services, Inc Supplier of rotary ultrasonic wall thickness measurement instruments for heat exchangers and ultrasonic tube inspection services. Trade shows, distributor listing and NDT links and training.
  • JSR Ultrasonics, Inc. Manufacturer of ultrasonic pulsers and receivers for ndt, analysis, material characterization, and process control; the company also manufacture digital cameras and digital imaging products.
  • Karl Deutsch Manufacture instruments and systems for non-destructive testing of materials. Books, information leaflets and technical papers. Germany .
  • Lecoeur Electronique Company Manufacture ultrasonic instruments and systems for nondestructive testing.Pc based, visual and multichannel systems. France .
  • Materials Systems Inc. (USA) A technology developer and manufacturer of piezoelectric materials, piezoceramics, piezocomposites and piezoelectric transducers for sonar and ultrasonic applications.
  • NDT Solutions Ltd Manufacture programmable ultrasonic systems and provide nondestructible testing and consultancy services . United Kingdom .
  • Nihon Demoa Kogyo Co. Ltd. Manufacture quartz crystal electronic components, and ultrasonic transducers. Japan .
  • Nortek AS Supply acoustic instruments for measuring water motion and software for real-time operation in the lab or field, analysis, visualization, presentation and reports. Norway.
  • NTR Systems, Inc. Manufacture ultrasound measurement systems for the medical and industrial ultrasound industries. Product line includes scanning tanks, force balance radiometers, water conditioners and ultrasound sensors.
  • Ohmic Instruments Supply a range of power meters and test instrumentation to health care facilities, and environmental monitoring sensors, transmitters and controllers.
  • Olson Instruments, Inc. Supply a PC-based platform for testing coarse grained construction and manufacturing materials. Analysis of surface waves and ultrasonic pulse velocity. Exhibits, seminars and conference details.
  • Optel sp. z o.o. (Poland) Research and development in biometric and acoustics. Fingerprint recognition with ultrasonic holographic camera. Ultrasonic technology: transducer, electronics, ut-pc cards, pulser and receivers (for emat's too), amplifier, scanner for laboratory use, plastic pipe measurement.
  • Panametrics Inc. Manufacture a range of ultrasonic nondestructive testing instrumentation and process control instrumentation . Product features and specifications and employment opportunities.
  • Physical Acoustic Corporation Designs and manufactures a range of acoustic emission (AE) sensors and instruments and nondestructive testing ultrasonic , eddy current and resistivity products.
  • Precision Acoustics Ltd. Manufacture PVDF hydrophones and 2D hydrophone arrays for high frequency ultrasound measurement and ultrasound transducers for research and non destructive testing. United Kingdom .
  • Prowave Electronics Corp. Develop and manufacture sensors, transducers and sensing materials for security, automation, medical diagnostics and automobiles. Taiwan .
  • Resource Engineering Inc. Supply high accuracy coordinate measuring machines, ultrasonic scanners and laser digitizing systems.
  • Rhosonics (Netherlands) Manufacture ultrasonic inline analyzers, sensors and probes for analysis of the concentration, density or composition of liquids, emulsions and slurries.
  • Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd (India) Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning devices and plants, welding machines, concrete tester, NDT equipment, cont.welding machines and flaw detectors.
  • SeBo Technologies Ltd. Develop data acquisition systems for ultrasonic applications and provides broad-based services in electronic hardware design. Israel .
  • SensoTech GmbH (Germany) Manufacturer of ultrasonic concentration measuring devices with application in polymerisation, crystallization and process control.
  • SNT Sensortechnik AG Research, develop and manufacture ultrasonic, fibreoptic and optical sensors, for level control and distance . Includes technical drawings of product range. Switzerland .
  • Sonix Inc Supply scanning acoustic microscopes, high speed A/D boards and ultrasonic immersion test systems.
  • Sonotronics Design and manufacture ultrasonic tracking systems for marine animals . Selected photographs, suggested reading and help with choosing the correct product .
  • Sound Technology Inc. Design, develop, and manufacture diagnostic medical ultrasound transducers. White papers describing some of the technology, FAQs and news .
  • Technology Design (UK) Ultrasonic data acquisition and analysis systems.
  • UE Systems Inc Manufacture portable and continuous ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Links to industry resources .
  • Ultran Group Manufacture ultrasound instrumentation and systems for nondestructive analysis . Products include non contact transducers . Catalog available in pdf format .

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