Nondestructive testing, also known as nondestructive evaluation, nondestructive inspection, and sometimes as condition or health-based monitoring, is a wide field of testing procedures that do not damage or destroy the interrogated object. Many different NDT techniques exist, such as ultrasonics, acoustic emission, or magnetic flux leakage, but essentially NDT can be summed up as analysis of energy propagation: the presence of a flaw or anomaly will change the energy's characteristics, which is reported by the NDT technique as a signal from a flaw. This category is devoted to NDT, its techniques and analysis and companies offering NDT products and services.
  • Online information for the NDT community. Includes job openings, vendors and their products, and a News section devoted to the latest headlines in nondestructive testing.
  • NDT Resources Center This site was created with funding from the National Science Foundation to serve as a focal point for NDT education on the Internet.
  • Academy of Infrared Thermography Education institute dedicated to providing the highest standard of infrared instruction. Provides details of training courses in the US, Canada and around the world.
  • Advanced NDT Limited UK suppliers of non-destructive test equipment including ultrasonic thickness gauges, ultrasonic flaw detectors, bond testers, automated testing systems, eddy current instruments, coating thickness gauges and ultraviolet lights.
  • AlfaTest Marine UItrasonic Service Providing NDT services to the marine industry including hull thickness testing, MT and PT. Provides a company profile and details of services.
  • All Test International Inc. International NDT company based in Canada. Our services include radiography, ultrasonic, pipeline integrity, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and visual testing. API, CGSB and SNT certified.
  • Amdata Non Destructive Testing Solutions Wesdyne AMDATA provides ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT/NDI/NDE) systems and services for detection of corrosion, cracks, delamination and weld flaws within flat, curved and complex surfaces including airfoils, tanks, pipelines and boilers
  • American Society for Nondestructive Testing The organization of NDT professionals. Offers many services and products of interest to the NDT community.
  • Applied Inspection Systems, Inc. AIS provides quality, NDE and mechanical integrity services for the utility, petrochemical, gas, manufacturing, pulp and paper industries nationwide.
  • Aqualified Provides NDT testing, training and consultancy services from their base at Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Argonne National Laboratory Description of the NDE activities and facilities at the Argonne National Laboratory in the U.S.
  • ARTEC.System ARTEC.System sets up devices for industrial applications. Our systems measure humidity and fat in different materials, quickly and easily. NMR is used in an innovative way: non-destructive testing for applications like food sector, wood, pulp, cosmetics, etc.
  • Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing AINDT aims to provide members, industry and the community with an independent and professional level of service in relation to the science and practice of Non-Destructive testing.
  • Bercli Develops customized hardware and software solutions for specific nondestructive testing applications. Provides details of products and services, phased array technology and applications, and answers some questions.
  • Boldstar Infrared Services Canadian thermography company with some useful background material on infrared thermography, including a thermography screensaver.
  • Britek SA, Inc. Britek offers a full line of ultrasonic transducers. We specialize in, but are not limited to, thickness gauge, flaw detection, nuclear transducers, and custom built transducers.
  • C&I Inspections, LLC Infrared Thermography Using advanced infrared technology locate and identify problems not visible to the eye. Verify many items, giving hard copy documentation of the conditions inspected.
  • Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, Iowa State University Research center that focuses on the research and development of new theories and techniques for use in quantitative NDE.
  • Centre for Advanced Transport, Engineering and Research CATER provides rail inspection systems and ultrasonic flaw detection using wheel probes and high speed imaging to detect faults in rails.
  • Certified Inspection Services Ltd. Visual weld inspection and non destructive testing. We inspect cranes, elevating work platforms, pressure vessels, pipe, forklifts, steel shop fabrications, steel buildings, bridges, towers, corrosion investigation and fall protection systems.
  • Cetim Cermat Test laboratory specialized in metrology, vibration and acoustic tests simulation, chemical analysis, defect analysis, mechanical tests, non-destructive tests, tailored tests to specifications, calculation and simulation.
  • CompuscanIR A division of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. Specialized infrared P/PM inspections on the electrical and mechanical systems that support the uninterrupted operation of computer centers.
  • Control Mesure System Manufacturer of eddy current and ultrasonic equipment.
  • CSNDT: The Canadian Society for Nondestructive Testing The Canadian Society for Nondestructive Testing home page. Source for finding information on and gaining contacts in the field of nondestructive testing, including job resources for the NDT professional.
  • Dash Inspectorate Offers third party inspection of plant, product, process and equipment, and consultancy, technical and training services.
  • Diverse Technologies DIVERSE magnets, magnetic field and flux measuring products and consultancy to industry.
  • Don E. Bray, Inc. Research and consulting in ultrasonic and non-destructive evaluation, mechanical engineering and design. Laboratory facilities and staff provide expertise in mechanical engineering, materials characterization, stress evaluation and design of experiments.
  • Dragon Safety Systems Specialists in industrial rope access services for remote access contracting support in the USA. Offers NDT structural and pipe inspections, repairs, construction, maintenance and IRATA training.
  • Eclipse Scientific Products Inc Specializes in developing products and techniques for the NDT industry, specifically in the ultrasonic discipline.
  • Elander Inspection Ltd. Offers traditional non-destructive testing and visual inspection services including eddy current and remote field tube inspection.
  • Electron-X Limited UK company specialising in providing micro-focus X-ray inspection services for fault detection and product analysis using non-destructive testing technology.
  • Eller Infrared Services An engineering and non-destructive testing group offering comprehensive infrared thermographic inspections of physical structures, electrical systems and mechanical systems.
  • Energy Waste Recovery Professional thermographic consulting agency. Offers infrared imaging to measure thermal energy emitted from an object, a diagnostic tool with many diverse applications.
  • Ettemeyer AG Ettemeyer AG is a manufacturer and service provider for full-field, non-contact measurement of strains, stresses, vibrations and for non-destructive inspection. Shearography, ESPI and NDT Solutions worldwide.
  • European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing EFNDT was set up to develop working groups to provide answers to NDT problems in Europe and to establish a European-wide system of personnel qualification.
  • Ferro Inspection Services Irish company specialising in ultrasonic and other non destructive testing including inspections which require special access.
  • Foerster Instruments Incorporated Non-destructive testing equipment using eddy current testing methods for components, uxo unexploded ordnance, flaw detection, magnetic field strength measurement and permeability testing.
  • GE Inspection Technologies Design, manufacture and service ultrasonic, remote visual, radiographic and eddy current equipment and systems for non-destructive testing.
  • Infrared Inspection Service INFRARED thermal imaging. Independent certified infrared inspections located in South Jordan, Utah.
  • Inidam Provides radiographic, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, penetrant and heat treatment examination by non destructive testing.
  • InspectionJobs NDT and Industrial Inspection Career Resource Center. Job postings, resume database, industry news, industry links.
  • International School of Aerospace NDT Limited A British Institute of non destructive testing accredited training school for all methods of aerospace NDT level I, II and III approvals.
  • Isovac Engineering Radiflo Since 1969, our mission has been to provide excellence in leak detection with products and services.
  • IsoVac Engineering, Inc. IsoVac manufactures Radiflo Leak Testing equipment. IsoVac also offers Leak Testing services that Comply with the following Military Standards: MIL-S-202, MIL-S-883, MIL-S-19500, MIL-S-750, MIL-S-38103 B
  • Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc. KTS offers infrared thermography services and consulting. They combine it with FEA- and CFD-based heat transfer analysis for increased effectiveness and efficiency. Applications include buildings, process and product design and improvement.
  • Lavender International Non Destructive Testing Consultancy Provision of NDT training, examination, and consultancy; including PCN/SNT to levels 1, 2, and 3 in VT MT PT UT RT ET.
  • Linseis Corporation Developers and manufacturers of a range of thermoanalytic and thermophysical testing equipment for research and quality control.
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage Tutorial Batelle's introduction to MFL testing as it is applied in the oil and gas industry. Very useful as a primer or a refresher course.
  • Material Test and Inspection Specialists in inspection and NDT services in Ireland and provider of acoustic emission services for storage tanks and pressure vessels to clients around the world.
  • McWade Monitoring Systems Worldwide specialist in the design and development of industrial monitoring equipment for acoustic emissions and rotating machinery in the aerospace, marine, structural and petro-chemical industries.
  • MediVac Technologies MediVac Technologies performs helium leak testing and related forms of non destructive testing to all types of industry.
  • Megasonic Industries Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers of ultrasonic thickness gauges, megasonic industries pvt. ltd., India, Mumbai.
  • MISTRAS Group, Inc. Global provider of proprietary, technology-based non-destructive testing "NDT" solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of industrial and public infrastructure.
  • N.T.S. Ultrasonics Pty Ltd Australian company providing custom designed systems and consulting, especially for ultrasonic non-destructive testing and ultrasonic rail flaw detection.
  • NDT Consultants Ltd UK company offering training and consultancy services, inspection services and a range of NDT products.
  • NDT Hire Provides hire equipment and accessories for the non destructive testing industry. Based in the UK.
  • NDT Limited UK materials testing company, providing non destructive testing and mechanical testing, training and consultancy.
  • NDT Services Ltd Provider of laboratory and site based non destructive testing and inspection services within the UK and Europe.
  • Recruitment site designed to put companies and personnel together and providing a gateway to global inspection jobs for international non-destructive testing technicians and companies.
  • NDTCabin The internet magazine for ndt professionals - updated daily with NDT jobs and NDT news.
  • Resource center for non-destructive testing, engineering and industrial inspection careers. Careers opportunities, jobs postings, resume database, industry news and industry links.
  • NEXUS Engineering Nondestructive testing company offering inspection and consulting services in radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and visual inspection.
  • Non Destructive Testers Ltd. - Trinidad, W.I. Providers of a full spectrum of Non Destructive Testing and Examination for both the energy and non-energy sectors.
  • Non-Destructive Testing Group, Inc. Services include dye penetrant, and mechanical inspection and laboratory services.
  • Nondestructive Testing Management Association Dedicated to the management of NDT projects and personnel. Has an extensive database of NDT companies, searchable by service or product.
  • Oregon Infrared Infrared imaging reveals maintenance problems before they become acute and expensive.
  • PetroChem Inspection Services Inspection of piping systems and pressure equipment for mechanical integrity and corrosion.
  • PQT Services, Inc. Consulting and training provided in radiation safety, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic, visual and radiographic examinations.
  • QSL Plus. Quality Services Laboratories Comprehensive Nondestructive Testing, Inspection and Consulting Services for Every Industry.
  • Quest Integrated QUEST offers NDT inspection services, training, and consulting services. Including use of LOTIS to inspect fired heaters, furnaces, reformers, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Radiant NDT Inc. Provides training and certification in major NDT methods to meet the requirements of clients. Provides a company profile, details of services offered and a forum.
  • Rail Technology International Designer and manufacturer of equipment for rail flaw management and automated ultrasonic non destructive testing.
  • Remote Access Technology Inc Utilizes Industrial Remote Access Technology by rope access services for inspection and maintenance by applying non destructive testing by certified technicians.
  • RNDT, Inc. Specialty commercial nondestructive testing laboratory offering radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, acoustic emission and visual/CWI services to all industries.
  • Sattler Consultants, Inc. Provides Nondestructive Testing Level III Services in Consulting, Training, Auditing, Procedure Writing, Inspection Technique Development, Written Practices and Expert Witness Testimony.
  • Saugnac gauges Saugnac Gauges allow measurement of changes in cracks and distortions
  • Scientific Technical Inc. Si-Tech Testing Laboratory, a quality control testing lab providing nondestructive (ndt), etc.
  • Sercal NDT Non destructive testing to the rail industry. Repairs and servicing.
  • SGS Group Provides NDT training courses and examinations in accordance with European (EN473) and American (ANST) standards, available at the SGS training centre in Shanghai.
  • Sonalyse Acoustic Solutions for Quality Control
  • Talon NDT Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Rope Access Training Courses.
  • TCR Arabia Provides NDT, material testing and quality assurance services to industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also provides consultancy services and training courses in NDT and welding.
  • TCR Engineering Services India based, NABL and ISO 17025 accredited Material Testing Laboratory for chemical, mechanical, NDT, PMI, inspection and research per international standards.
  • Team Engineering UK Ltd Offer services for non-destructive testing and heat treatment of metals and refractories, primarily for the petrochemical, power generation and offshore module fabrication industries.
  • TesTex, Inc. Non-destructive testing company specializing in plant equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pipelines and storage tanks.
  • The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing The online Journal of Nondestructive Testing and Ultrasonics. Very useful online resource for anyone with an interest in NDT.
  • Thermaco Engineering Services ( 1986 ) Ltd. Engineering consultants providing investigation of roof leakage using thermography. Technical reports on inspections.
  • Thermal Imaging Thermal Imaging Survey by Intersafe Ltd carrying out thermograpic surveys and thermography for preventive maintenance, electrical and mechanical system condition monitoring, energy conservation, process control, non destructive testing, security, surveillance, healthcare and research and development
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys Uses high definition military specification equipment for ground and aerial surveys.
  • Ti Thermal Imaging Ltd UK based company providing nationwide professional Thermographic surveys. Using the latest 'Flir' camera technology to achieve the best possible results.
  • TJ Engineering & Inspection TJ provides NDE, QA/QC, Lifting Gear Inspections and Rope Access services. Industry sectors serviced are offshore oil and gas, industrial fabrication and in-service inspections for manufacturing plants.
  • TrendFormers Inc Ohio company offering infrared thermography inspection services including electrical infrared inspections, mechanical thermographic testing, process thermography, infrared roof inspections, training and consultant engineering.
  • Tri-State Nondestructive Testing Service company located in eastern US specializing in nondestructive evaluation and testing for pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, refrigeration, electric utilities, railroads, paper mills and other industries.
  • TWI Non-Destructive Testing Services Provides a range of ultrasonic testing services in the laboratory or on site in the UK or anywhere in the world.
  • TWI: Training & Examination Services Provides training courses in welding and non-destructive testing at locations around the world.
  • Veritec Sonomatic Non destructive testing NDT, verification service including ultrasonic testing, inspection services, time of flight defraction TOTD, corrosion mapping and sub-sea inspection in industries such as oil and gas.
  • Western Instruments Inc Western Instruments has four areas of operations: W-Series of Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment; NDT/NDE Equipment Division; Ultrasonic Testing Systems; Pit Gauges; and an Oilfield Equipment Venture.
  • X-ray Industries Providers of NDT supplies and services.
  • Zetec, Inc. Eddy current specialist in the nondestructive testing industry specializing in the design and manufacture of eddy current instruments, software, probes, and accessories.
  • Zevenaar Elektronica & Sensoren Sensor and electronics design. Ultrasonic and electromagnetic sensors.
  • Zumbach Electronic AG Manufacturer of laser measurement gauges, diameter measurement systems, process control systems and ultrasonic testing equipment. Application for wire, cable, extrusions, tubing, pipe and profiles made of plastics, rubber and metal.

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