• Access Closure A medical device company developing access site management products designed to address the complex challenge of vascular closure during interventional and diagnostic procedures.
  • Acclarent.com A medical device company dedicated to the development of devices, including the Balloon Sinuplasty™ system, to further meet the needs of ENT patients.
  • American Distributors of Colon and Rectal Supplies Offers a line of disposable devices for anoscopy, proctoscopy, infrared coagulation, fistulotomy and more. Importer and distributor of SAPI MED products.
  • Arrow Medical Supplies Surgical instrument repair and service, medical consulting, medical instrument consignment, and medical equipment repairs.
  • AS-Medizintechnik Production and repair of surgical instruments.
  • Asco Manufacturers and exporters of medical surgical supplies, equipment, diagnostic, and orthopedic instruments.
  • AVID Medical Specializes in custom procedure trays for hospitals and surgery centers.
  • Aygun Manufacturer of surgical instrument products and special products formed on the request of the surgeons.
  • Blue Endo Products and services for minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and urology.
  • C-Med Surgical Offers surgical instrumentation, equipment and lighting.
  • Candra International Manufacturer & exporter of surgical, dental, veterinary & manicure instruments.
  • Canica Design Offers a range of medical products including safety scalpels and wound closure devices for surgical and clinical use.
  • Caterham Surgical Supplies Surgical instruments from Lawton, Bowa, Riley, Cuda, and more; including cleaning brushes, ENT and surgical instruments.
  • CDS Surgical Supplier of surgical instruments, hospital supplies, hospital equipment, and home health care needs.
  • Cincinnati Surgical Offers a wide line of medical, industrial and utility products.
  • CorTek Endoscopy, Inc. Service and research firm focused on the healthcare industry. Specializing in rigid and semi-rigid endoscopes.
  • Cushy Surgical Co. Manufacturer of health care instruments - surgical, dental, electrosurgical, orthopedic and more.
  • Davis-Lobdell Instruments Supplier of surgical and diagnostic instruments. Specializes in hard to find instruments.
  • Davol Inc. Surgical products in areas of irrigation, hernia repair, autotransfusion and hemostasis.
  • Denzel Medicine Technology Manufacturer of micro surgical instruments in the areas of ophthalmology & general micro surgery.
  • Downs Surgical Manufacturer and supplier of surgical instruments.
  • DTR Medical Ltd Manufacturers and suppliers of single use medical instruments and devices for surgical procedures.
  • Dumont Tweezers for microsurgery, biology, high precision, and cosmetics.
  • EBE Medical Products Co., Ltd. Supplier of disposable surgical products and ophthalmic instruments.
  • Elana Elana manufactures and sells products for non-occlusive bypass surgery.
  • Emblation Medical Designer and manufacturer of microwave based medical solutions.
  • Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. Manufactures instruments used for laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Ganmed Manufacturer of instrument sets, forceps, ophthalmic instruments, scissors, and needles.
  • GermedUSA Inc. Manufacturer of surgical instruments for cardiovascular, opthamology, dental, obstetrics, orthopedic, MIS, and surgery sets.
  • H & H Surgical Offers used endoscopic and general medical equipment, new and used laparoscopic instrumentation and surgical products, and repair capabilities.
  • HNM Medical Wholesaler and retailer of surgical instruments, stools, medical supplies and medical equipment.
  • IncisionTech Manufacturer of surgical blades, custom needles, probes, and tips.
  • Instratek Incorporated Manufacturer of surgical products for carpal tunnel, plantar fasciotomy, decompression of Morton’s neuroma, and gastrocnemius recession.
  • Lotus Manufacturer of the Lotus Ultrasound Scalpel used for soft tissue dissection.
  • Manman Manufacturers of surgical instrument power tools used in cardiac, neuro and orthopaedic surgeries.
  • Mark Medical Mfg.,Inc. Manufacturer of speciality gynocogical and electrosurgical instruments
  • Maxter Corporation Manufacturer of an array of gynecological and dental instruments for general, endoscopic and laparascopic surgery.
  • Medetz Surgical Instruments Supplier of surgical instruments and disposables to hospital and surgery centers nationwide.
  • Medical-Tools Manufacturers and exporters of surgical instruments for dental, veterinary and medical use.
  • Medworks Instruments Discount surgical instruments and diagnostic instruments for medical, veterinary, and nursing professionals.
  • Mesaad & Co. Manufacturer and exporter of dental and surgical instruments including, angular and bone holding forceps, scalpel handles, needle holders, diagnostic set and bone shears.
  • Millennium Surgical Corp. Supplier of German and US made specialty surgical instruments for eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, micro surgery ENT surgery and instrument sterilization trays.
  • Mind Works (Private) Limited Manufacturer of surgical, dental, manicure and pedicure instruments, hand tools, and tool kits.
  • Minimal Access Solutions Medical equipment supplier specializing in laparoscopic instruments and sterilization containers.
  • ML International Manufacturers and exporters of ophthalmic, surgical, dental, and specialized in micro surgery instruments.
  • Modus Industries Supplier of surgical, dental, ENT, beauty care and veterinary instruments.
  • Naeem Jee Manufactures and xpoEerters of surgical, dental, manicure and electrosurgery instruments.
  • Nidhi Meditech Systems Manufacturer and exporter of urology products such as lithotripter, uroflowmetry, urology disposables, and endoscopic accessories.
  • NiTi Surgical Solutions Developer of an advance in tissue reconnection for gastrointestinal surgery.
  • On Call Surgical Offers laser rental services and purchasing to hospitals in the United States.
  • Orthotec Manufacturer of spinal systems for contouring corrections - used by neurosurgeons, orthopedists and spine surgeons.
  • Osseon Focuses on the latest technology in bone cement delivery devices, including the Osseoflex, a steerable and curvable delivery system allowing navigation within the vertebral body.
  • PEAK Surgical Manufacturer of surgical instruments and medical devices. Products include the PlasmaBlade and the PULSAR Generator.
  • Qlicksmart Pty Ltd The patented scalpel blade removal system allows single-handed safe scalpel blade removal.
  • R.L. Hansraj & Co Supplier and exporter of opthalmic, ENT, gynaecological and surgical instruments.
  • REMA Medizintechnik GmbH Develops, manufactures, and distributes instruments and equipment for endoscopy.
  • Ribbel International Ltd. Offering several surgical products including scalpels, blades and related products.
  • Satiety Inc. A medical device company developing technologies for less invasive treatment of obesity, including the TOGA® System for transoral gastroplasty.
  • Shippert Medical Technologies Corp. Manufactures and distributes medical disposable supplies, products and instruments.
  • Single Use Instruments Supplier of single use and disposable surgical instruments, including dental, podiatry, gynae and obstetrics instruments.
  • Sklar Surgical Instruments Specializes in surgical instruments.
  • Sontec Instruments Suppliers of stainless steel and titanium instruments for all medical fields, including microsurgery, cardiovascular, orthopedics, ophthalmology, urology, and obstetrics.
  • SoPlus Manufacturer of powered instruments for bone surgery: orthopedy, traumatology, sports medicine, neurosurgery, and spinal surgery.
  • SOS Surgical Company Manufactures and exports dental, eye, manicure and life-saving surgical instruments.
  • Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. Supplying instruments, cleaning brushes and accessories, as well as providing a repair service.
  • Storz Offers a wide range of surgical products, including microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology, ENT, and plastic surgery.
  • Surgical Instruments Manufacturer of precision surgical instruments and tools for use in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.
  • TC Instruments Surgical Co Manufacturers Of surgical, dental, TC instruments and scissors of all sorts.
  • Technicon Instruments Manufacturer and supplier of surgical, dental, eye, tungsten carbide, and titanium instruments.
  • Thomas Medical Manufacturer of OBGYN surgical instruments, medical supplies, HSG catheters, HS catheters, uterine dilators, and uterine manipulators.
  • Trimedyne, Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets fiber-optic laser catheters, endoscopes, lasers for scientific, medical and related purposes. (Nasdaq: TMED)
  • Tulip Medical, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of endoscopy lines and syringe systems.
  • Vactech Surgical Equipment Manufacturer and exporter of surgical equipment, including anesthesia and suction apparatuses, operation theater lights, autoclaves, operation tables, and more.
  • Visionary Surgical Solutions Products for ophthalmic surgery to UK surgeons and their patients. Suppliers for Acri.Tec AG and manufacturer of Intra Ocular Lenses and related products.
  • Western Trading Company Importer and distributor of laparoscopic and general surgical products.
  • York Medical Technologies Distributor of surgical instruments, scopes and consumables.

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