• 3M Healthcare Contains information for consumers and professionals on the complete range of their products.
  • A&D Medical The headquarters for the brand of consumer blood pressure monitors, ambulatory and hospital blood pressure monitors and software and other medical devices.
  • A1cNow Testing product for diabetes.
  • A.D.A.M. Online health information, imagery and tools for business, healthcare and education markets.
  • ABAXIS, Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets portable blood analysis systems for use in any patient-care setting to provide clinicians with rapid blood constituent measurements. (Nasdaq: ABAX).
  • ABIOMED, Inc. Manufactures temporary cardiac assist devices designed to provide a patient's failing heart with full circulatory assistance while allowing the heart to rest, heal and recover. (Nasdaq: ABMD)
  • Accellent Provides engineering, product development, manufacturing and supply chain management solutions to the medical device industry. Wilmington, MA.
  • Advanced Brain Monitoring Develops portable brain monitoring devices that interpret the brain's electrical activity and identify levels of alertness or drowsiness, using patent-pending B-Alert software.
  • Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc. Designs, develops, manufactures and markets line of electronic spinal cord stimulation devices used to manage chronic severe pain. (Nasdaq: ANSI).
  • Affinity Medical Technologies Designers and manufacturers of patient-monitoring cables and leadwires.
  • Alfa Medical Manufacturing of dry heat sterilizers, sales of new and pre-owned sterilizers, rebuilt steam sterilizers.
  • Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc Manufacturer of rapid lateral flow tests for cardiac and cancer markers, drugs of abuse, fertility hormones, and infectious diseases. Includes product literature and distributor information. Poway, California, USA.
  • All-Med Associates Inc. Manufacturers representatives for Accelerated Rehab Designs, Adaptive Engineering Lab, and medical companies.
  • Allegiance Corporation A Cardinal Health company. Provider and manufacturer of health-care products and cost-management services needed by hospitals, laboratories and others in health care. Includes information about products and a description of consulting services offered; as well as employment and financial data.
  • Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. Manufactures and markets medical gas equipment and emergency medical products used in hospital and alternate site settings. (Nasdaq: AHPI)
  • American Medical Alert Corp. Designs, sells, installs, services and monitors medical alert devices. (Nasdaq: AMAC)
  • American Medical Systems, Inc. Manufacturers of innovative medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence), urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, prostate disease, urethral strictures and DESD.
  • Analogic Corporation Designs, manufactures and sells high-technology, high-precision conversion and signal processing instruments and systems, and medical electronic equipment. (Nasdaq: ALOG)
  • AndroMed High-tech medical device company, offering significant technological expertise in highly sophisticated medical devices.
  • Angeion Corporation Designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical devices which treat irregular heartbeats. St. Paul, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: ANGN)
  • AR Custom Medical Products, Ltd. Specialized medical devices: designed, developed, and manufactured. Their specialty is aftermarket mammography compression paddles. They also provide x-ray equipment and accessories.
  • Aspect Medical Systems, Inc. Developers of bispectral index brain monitoring systems for preventiing anesthesia awareness and improving effectiveness of anesthesia during surgery. Includes information for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Associated Imaging Services, Inc. Offers sales and service for nuclear Gamma Camera's as well as diagnostic ultrasound. Services Acuson, ATL, HP, Diasonics, G.E., Hitachi.
  • Atrium Medical Corporation Manufacturer and distributor of chest drainage systems, PTFE vascular grafts, thoracic catheters, surgical mesh and related products.
  • Aubrey Group, Inc. Engineering company specializing in the design of electronic and electromechanical devices for medical use.
  • Axelgaard Manufacturing Manufacturer of neurostimulation electrodes. Primary brand is the PALS Neurostimulation Electrodes.
  • Axiom Diagnostic Clinical Lab Products Manufacturer of clinical equipment.
  • Axon Instruments, Inc. Designs and manufactures quality laboratory instruments and software for the neurosciences, and clinical monitoring instruments for neurosurgery and neurology.
  • Baldwin Medical Australia Manufacturer and supplier of hospital and veterinary products. Specialising in vaccine and biological storage packs.
  • Bally Boxes Manufacturer of mortuary coolers, refrigeration, and control systems.
  • Barco Medical Imaging Systems International supplier of high-resolution diagnostic systems, with details of displays and software.
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation Medical products and services company that focuses on critical therapies for life-threatening conditions, specifically with products and services in blood therapies, cardiovascular medicine, medication delivery and renal therapy. Baxter's website includes information for patients, medical professionals, customers, investors and job seekers.
  • Bedfont Gas monitoring instruments and specialist calibration gas mixtures for medical, scientific and industrial markets throughout the world.
  • Beijing Meigaoyi Co., Ltd. Suppliers of PC Based ECG software kits.
  • Beijing Yuande Bio-Medical Engineering Co.,Ltd. Manufactures focused ultrasound and chemiluminescence immunoassay systems, with product specifications and company details.
  • Biegler Medizin Elektronik Manufactures electronic biomedical instruments and disposable plastic medical supplies.
  • Bio-Medical Equipment Service Co. (BMESCO) Repair and parts for all cardiac monitoring equipment, telemetry, Phaco hand pieces, and related technology.
  • Bioject Inc. The Biojector 2000 Needle-Free Injection Management System delivers medications parenterally without a needle.
  • Bioland Technology Limited manufacturer of medical devices.
  • BioMed Diagnostics Develops, manufactures and markets devices for the detection of infectious diseases and fungi.
  • Biomedica Gruppe Manufacturer and distributor of immunodiagnostics / research reagents (BIOMEDICA and BIOCIS) and medical devices for cardiology and dialysis (BIOPRO and BIORENA).
  • BioMedix A developer, manufacturer and world-wide distributor of vascular diagnostic devices specializing in advanced hardware and software designs.
  • Boston Scientific Products, technologies, and services for less-invasive medical specialties.
  • Bradfern Ltd., Manufacturers of mobility aids showing details of their range.
  • Braintronics Manufacturer of neurophysiological equipment. Located in Netherlands.
  • Bremed Manufacturer of home health care products, home diagnostic products, nebulizer and aerosoltherapy products.
  • BTL Medical Technologies Manufactures products for physiotherapy, cardiology and lasers.
  • Cardiac Assist Technologies Develops, manufactures and markets circulatory support and other cardiovascular systems for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.
  • CardioCommand, Inc. A U.S. manufacturer of systems for cardiac pacing and recording systems used for non-exercise stress testing, electrophysiology studies and intraoperative atrial pacing.
  • Cardiotech International, Inc Medical device design, development and manufacturing, focusing on treatment of cardiovascular disease. ISO9001 and EN4601 certified, FDA-registered.
  • Care Development Product development healthcare and dissections equipment for hospitals.
  • CareFlex Ltd., Details of pressure management seating and moving and handling equipment.
  • Cbyond Manufacturer of disposable miniature operational systems for cardiac surgery.
  • CCC del Uruguay SA Designing and manufacturing of real-time embedded systems, implantable life-support devices.
  • Celon AG Medical Instruments Radiofrequency Interstitial Thermotherapy (RFITT)- A new tumor therapy. Celon presents new minimally invasive bipolar RFITT devices for cancer treatment.
  • Centron Technologies Corporation Specializes in research and development and manufacture of blood bank equipment.
  • Charter Medical, Ltd. Bioprocess bags and medical devices for the blood and biotech manufacturing industries.
  • Chattanooga Group ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of electrotherapy, chiropractic and physical rehabilitation equipment.
  • China Viomed Manufacturers of medical dressings and disposables. China.
  • Compumed, Inc. Develops and markets medical devices and services in the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal fields, utilizing state-of-the-art computer and communications technologies.
  • Cooper Surgical Inc. Manufacturer of ultrasound systems, cryosurgery systems, steel instruments, lasers, specula, pregnancy kits, Pap smear kits.
  • Cordis Corporation A medical device corporation and a pioneer in innovative devices and products for interventional vascular medicine and electrophysiology.
  • Creganna Medical Devices Manufacturer of hypotubes, stents and metal tube products for catheters.
  • Crest Healthcare Supply Manufacturer and distributor of products for long-term care and acute care healthcare facilities. Minnesota.
  • Criticare Systems, Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets portable vital signs and gas monitoring instruments and related noninvasive sensors used to monitor patients in hospitals and other health care settings. (Nasdaq: CXIM).
  • CSM Graf GmbH Device designed to take a Pap smear from the cervix uteri.
  • Currie Medical Specialties, Inc. Highest quality procedural trays and kits, quality orthopedic and neoprene products, Alternating Leg Pressure System, Microbiological Lab.
  • Cytyc Corporation Develops, manufactures and markets sample preparation systems for medical diagnostic applications such as the automated preparation of cervical cell specimens on microscope slides for use in cervical cancer screening.
  • Datascope Corp. Designs, develops, manufactures and markets cardiac assist and patient monitoring products for clinical health care markets.
  • Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia and Critical Care equipment (Division of Instrumentarium Corporation).
  • Dent-Eq Manufacturers and exporters of hot air sterilizers, glass bead sterilizers, medical sterilizers, and ultraviolet sterilizers from India.
  • DermaMed USA, Inc. Developer, manufacturer and distributor of equipment for treating skin blemishes. Includes product details and company profile. Lenni, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Design Med Manufacturers of physiological and monitoring devices and equipment.
  • Diabetes Technologies Diabetes and diabetic control products including test kits, professional and patient educational materials.
  • Dideco S.p.A. Manufacturer of medical equipment and disposable products dedicated to: extra corporeal circulation blood treatment open heart surgery and Blood Management.
  • Digital Imaging Equipment Pulmoscan digital medical equipment scanners.
  • Ds Degradable Solutions Development and manufacturing of degradable implants for load bearing applications, scaffolds for tissue engineering.
  • DWL Elektronische Systeme GmbH Manufacturer of transcranial and vascular Doppler devices.
  • Eco Medics AG Sales and service of gas analyzers, lung function testing devices and spirometers.
  • Edap Tms S.A. Develops, produces, markets and distributes a portfolio of minimally-invasive medical devices, primarily for the treatment of urological diseases. (Nasdaq: EDAPY).
  • Edwards Lifesciences LLC Design, manufacturing and marketing of tissue heart valves and related repair products. Features product specifications and applications, as well as investor details. Headquarters in Irvine, California.
  • Electronic Diversities Designer/supplier of unique instrument for creating negative pressure suction blisters for dermatological research. Custom design and product development.
  • Ellman International Producer and manufacturer of medical and dental products including radiosurgical units.
  • Enpath Medical, Inc. Develops and manufactures products for gynecology and urology specialties and markets these products directly to physicians and hospitals.
  • Erchonia Medical, Inc. Makers and distributors of lasers for cosmetic and pain relief applications. Includes company profile and product specifications.
  • Erie Medical Manufacturer of portable oxygen systems for homecare, emergency, and long term respiratory care. A division of Ocenco, Inc.
  • Exacon Scientific A/S Thermistor temperature probes and sensors for patient monitoring.
  • Famy Care, Ltd. A manufacturer of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) and oral contraceptive pills.
  • FIM Medical Manufacturer of computerized high technology professional spirometers.
  • Fonar Corporation Designs, manufactures, sells and services magnetic resonance imaging scanners scanners for the detection and diagnosis of human diseases. (Nasdaq: FONR).
  • Forest Medical LLC At Forest Medical, we bring new growth in technology to the medical industry. The Trillium 3000 Holter System will save you time and money in support of your Holter Monitoring needs.
  • Gambro R Global healthcare company with positions in Renal Care and Blood Component Technology.
  • GE Healthcare Provides services in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, disease research, drug discovery and biopharmaceuticals.
  • Getinge Skärhamn AB Production of sterilizers and autoclaves. Located on Tjörn island, on the west coast of Sweden.
  • Giacomo Bertocchi S.n.c. Manufactures and distributes neonatal equipment. Includes background, list of products, and news. [under construction 1-7-2007]
  • GN Otometrics Manufacturer of hearing and balance instrumentation and software.
  • Gottfried Medical, Inc. Manufactures custom-made vascular supports and burn garments. Specializes in unusual sizes and patient requirements.
  • GTS General Technology & Service Ltd. Manufacturer of medical sensors, supplies equipment and consumables for patient monitoring, blood management and respiratory care throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.
  • HakoMed Manufactures, and distributes electromedical equipment for treating pain-including internationally patented Horizontal Therapy.
  • Hart Enterprises, Inc. Manufacturer of disposable medical devices.
  • HealthTronics, Inc. Distributes and markets urological equipment for screening, diagnosis and treatment. Includes information on their lithotripter and surgical laser, with pages for patients, physicians, investors, and maintenance based in Austin, Texas. (Nasdaq: HTRN)
  • Heartway Medical Products Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of manual, power and electric wheelchair, medical products, commode chair, shower chair.
  • Heathcare Cable Systems Specialists in the area of healthcare television systems, servicing both large and small hospitals.
  • Hologic, Inc Developer, manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic and surgical products, and medical imaging systems involved in women's health. Features product inventory and company details. Headquarters in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Hospira, Inc. Products for EEG diagnostics and monitoring.
  • Hydro Track / Conray Inc. Manufacturer of underwater treadmill systems. For physical therapy or fitness.
  • I.E.M. GmbH Specialises in non-invasive blood pressure products including ambulatory and wrist blood pressure monitors.
  • Inflatable Cervical Stabilizing Device When used properly, in conjunction with Cervical Collars and Spine Boards, the ICSD allows for rapid and optimal cervical stabilization and immobilization, by Paramedics and EMTs, for victims of Trauma related injuries.
  • InnerVision Medical Technologies Inc Develop ultra-high resolution synthetic aperture imaging and dedicated 2D/3D supercomputing technologies in diagnostic medical imaging. Includes technology and applications.
  • Inrad Manufacturer and distributor of medical devices serving the radiology and biopsy markets worldwide.
  • Intelesens, Ltd UK. Design, development and manufacture of targeted vital signs monitoring systems for medical applications.
  • ISPG An OEM supplier of stainless steel cannulae, speciaty needles, and glass syringes.
  • J Sterling Industries Providing intravenous support systems.
  • Japan Lifeline Supplier of cardiac pacemakers, prosthetic cardiac valves, artificial blood vessels and coronary catheters for use in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and circulatory illness.
  • Jasan International, Ltd. Healthcare and medical disposable products. Medical instruments and hospital equipment.
  • Jones Medical Instrument Company Manufacturers and distributors of spirometers. Includes questions and answers about spirometry.
  • JSC Redox Produces biostimulators with live redox currents.
  • Kadavil Electro Mechanical Industries Manufacturers of laboratory, hospital and industrial equipment.
  • Kahle Engineering Design and assembly of plastic components, medical products and devices. Based in Summit, New Jersey, USA and Caravaggio, Italy.
  • Kcup.com Manufacturer and of drinking cups and urinals.
  • KIJO Medical Company Manufactures a variety of disposable medical products and hospital supplies like carbon dioxide absorbent, urine bags and urine meters.
  • KMC Systems, Inc. Development and manufacturing of medical instrumentation for worldwide distribution.
  • Laboratories Meditech Rousset Manufacturer of dialysers, hemodialysis blood lines, fistula needles, catheters, and powder concentrates according to international norms and the European Directive MDD/42/93/CEE.
  • Laboratory Technologies, Inc. Manufacturer of gamma counters, wipe test counters, and radioactive sample analyzers.
  • Leeder Group, Inc. Worldwide and US sales and offshore manufacturing of Orthotic products for DME, wound care, decubitus ulcers, foot drop, WHF Orthothis serving distributors, hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Leica Microsystems German company specializing in microscopes and imaging equipment for medical, scientific and industrial use.
  • Leisegang Medical, Inc. Manufacturer of colposcopes.
  • LeMaitre Vascular, Inc Providing vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists with procedural devices.
  • Lenjoy Medical Engineering Easy-to-Use Comfy Splints for geriatrics, sports medicine, arthritis, neurological disorders and pediatrics and other medical conditions.
  • LIFE Corporation FDA registered manufacturer of medical devices, specializes in portable Emergency Oyxygen and CPR administration equipment.
  • Life-Tech, Inc. Manufacturer of urodynamic equipment and catheters, as well as anesthesia and peripheral nerve stimulation devices.
  • Light-Tech Dental Headlights Headlights for physicians and surgeons. The optimum of surgical head lighting systems.
  • Major Medical Products Supplying NICUs, newborn nursuries, and pediatric departments.
  • MC Healthcare Products, Inc. Manufacturer of nursing home beds, electric beds, manual beds, institutional furniture, tables, lamps, chairs, dressers.
  • MDMI Manufacturing Canada Ltd A medical device manufacturing company specializing in catheters and women's health care devices.
  • Mechanized Business Applications Manufacturer of Electronic Stethoscopes with computer interface, Time and attendance systems.
  • Medcomp Products for dialysis and vascular access.
  • MedDetect Medical and surgical instrument detection device for hospitals and surgical units for detection and retrieval of surgical and diagnostic instruments.
  • Medi Cal Instruments, Inc. Manufacturer of ECG simulators, function generators, and patient simulators.
  • Medical Murray Medical and dental devices product design and development.
  • Medicare Equipment Manufacturers of surgical and operation theatre equipment.
  • Medifriend Manufacturer of stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and diagonistic instruments
  • Mediplus Manufacturers of anaesthetic, gastrointestinal, operating room and urology products, including urodynamic catheters and accessories.
  • Meditec Co., Ltd. Blood pressure monitor for home use, for home health care.
  • Medline Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of medical supplies serving hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies.
  • Medrad Manufacturer of vascular injection systems and MR surface coils. Injectors for angiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound worldwide.
  • Medtronic, Inc. Develops and manufactures pacemakers, defibrillators, stents, catheters, shunts, and surgical tools. Based in Fridley, Minnesota, USA.
  • Meridian Medical Manufacturers of sterile medical devices.
  • Meridian Medical Technologies Inc. Designs, develops and produces broad range of automatic injectors, prefilled syringes and other health care devices which focus on convenient participation by patient in injection therapy. (Nasdaq: MTEC).
  • Merit Cables, Inc. Specializes in patient monitoring cables and leadwires for the medical industry.
  • Micro Medical Manufacturers of spirometers and spirometry equipment for copd, asthma and other respiratory illness diagnosis.
  • Micro-Tech Enterprises Manufacturer of fall monitoring products for the long term care industry.
  • Microlife Suppliers on diagnostic devices to measure body temperature, blood pressure, peak flow.
  • Millennium Technology Inc. Medical imaging company focusing on the manufacture and sale of MRI systems.
  • Mindray Medical International Limited Developer, manufacturer and exporter of medical devices for patient monitoring, diagnostics and ultrasound imaging systems. Contains product details and company overview. Headquarters in Shenzhen, China.
  • Mini Mitter Co., Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets biomedical devices for monitoring physiological and behavioral parameters in humans and laboratory animals.
  • Morquip Body Handling System Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality morquary equipment including refrigeration chambers, coffin biers, body trays.
  • MountainCraft Canadian builders of portable massage tables, On-site massage chairs and accessories, for the healthcare industry.
  • MPE-Inc. Producer of medical carts, mobile carts and enclosures, including test and equipment carts.
  • MTM Medical Buy factory direct microtube storage racks and vial box, along with emergency medical cases.
  • Narang Enterprises Indian manufacturers and exporters of surgical equipment, medical equipment, hospital goods, laboratory equipment and disposables.
  • Narula Udyog Manufacturers of hospital furniture and equipment.
  • ndd Medical Technologies Spirometry system.
  • Neotec Medical Industries Manufacturing surgical equipment like IV cannula, stop cocks, disposables syringes for hospital requirements.
  • NESS Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Systems, Ltd. Develops and manufactures unique innovative systems for rehabilitation of impairments resulting from central nervous system disorders.
  • Nihon Kohden Manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Asia. Includes product and investor information, news and events.
  • Nihon Kohden America, Inc. Supplies products for patient monitoring, neurology (EEG, EP, EMG), sleep assessment, and cardiology (ECG, stress test system).
  • NOA Medical Manufacturer of equipment for in-home and Convalescent Care or Assisted Living communities.
  • Nonin Medical, Inc. Manufacturer of medical monitors, portable pulse oximeters and sensors.
  • Northeastern Technologies Group Sales and service of audiological and vision testing equipment. Audiometers, tympanometers, OAE, ABR, ENG and vision testers.
  • Oceanic Medical Products A manufacturer of portable medical equipment including ventilators and anesthesia equipment.
  • Odin Medical Technologies Develop, manufacture and commercialize intraoperative MRI systems designed for use by the neurosurgeon in standard operating rooms.
  • OEM NIBP Modules Manufacturer of non-invasive blood pressure modules.
  • Omega Laser Systems Ltd Offering the manufacture and sale of laser equipment for medical, clinical and research use.
  • Ortivus AB A medical-technology company for advanced information management in emergency medicine with emphasis on cardiac diagnosis.
  • Oxymist Post-Operative recovery products for cosmetic surgery patients.
  • Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. Researches, develops and manufactures ruby lasers for cosmetic and medical procedures.
  • Pan Medical Ltd., Manufacturer and supplier of stent, Balloon catheters and angioplasty balloons.
  • PARI Respiratory Equipment, Inc. A manufacturer of respiratory equipment, and an aerosol researcher. Information for patients and professionals about respiratory diseases and worldwide aerosol delivery.
  • Parker Medical Manufacturer of the patented Parker Intubation Guide, Parker Flextip and Flexems endotracheal tubes and Parker Fiberoptic Video Intubation systems.
  • Philips Healthcare Manufactures systems for imaging, radiation oncology and patient monitoring as well as providing information management and resuscitation products.
  • Phipps and Bird Manufacturer of a variety of medical products, including pumps, aspirators, and disposable air filters.
  • Phonak Manufacturers of hearing technology for children and adults.
  • PhotoTherapeutix Phototherapy light treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo. The ultraviolet systems fold flat and most insurance plans will pay.
  • PLC Medical Systems, Inc. Developer of products for performing the surgical procedure known as transmyocardial revascularization. Information for patients and clinicians.
  • Prepco A manufacturer of finished medical and biotech devices in a wide variety of materials.
  • PriMed Instruments, Inc. Canadian manufacturer of endoscopy accessories: biopsy forceps, cleaning brushes, OEM, and spare parts.
  • Propper Manufacturing Manufactures sterilization/infection control supplies, medical/surgical products, laboratory products, Fecal Occult Blood Test diagnostic kits and diagnostic instruments for the medical/hospital market.
  • QQBMedical.com Manufacturer of wheel chairs and canes.
  • QRS Diagnostic, LLC Manufactures PC based and handeld ECGs, spirometers, pulse oximeters and vitals. Includes press and career information, as well as event schedules.
  • Rampa Enterprises Quality, durable, affordable portable massage tables.
  • Ranfac Maker of precision medical instruments. For over a century, Ranfac has provided healthcare professionals with precision instruments for specialized applications in the medical field.
  • Reed Shilling Healthcare Manufactures a range of cleansing wipes for the healthcare industry with free samples available to be ordered online.
  • Repro-Med Systems, Inc. Engineers and manufactures safe, affordable medical devices that make quality healthcare a reality for everyone.
  • Respironics, Inc. Designs, develops, manufactures and sells respiratory medical products for use in home, hospitals and emergency medical situations. (Nasdaq: RESP).
  • RGB Medical Devices Designer, manufacturer and supplier of patient monitoring equipment. Our products keep track of Vital signals such as ECG, SpO2, blood pressure (invasive and non-invasive), capnography or temperature.
  • Sage Products Inc. Patient cleansing products-including Comfort Bath cleansing systems, Toothette oral care, and Comfort Shield incontinence care. Also P2 line of personal protection products.
  • ScanMed of Medic Inc Manufacture MRI surface coils for MRI scanners.
  • Sedat With expertise in plastic injection molding, SEDAT is specialized in conception and manufacturing of drug delivery devices.
  • Sew Fine, LLC Hand crafted sewing equipment for medical and endovascular medical use. Including deployment devices for endovascular stent grafts. And sewing machines to sew stents to grafts in the production of endovascular stent grafts.
  • SG&P Payne UK. Design, development and manufacture of reusable male and female incontinence appliances.
  • Shailee Surgical disposables manufacturing company.
  • Shank's Veterinary Equipment, Inc. Manufacturer of large animal surgery products.
  • Siam Intermagnate Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel hospital utensils, medical instruments, and kitchenware.
  • Sklar Corp. Surgical instruments for every discipline including: OB/GYN, dermatology, podiatry, laparoscopy and endoscopy, general surgery, and ENT.
  • Sol-Air Systems, Inc. Manufacturer and marketer of a range of leading edge technology UV air purification and decontamination equipment - all certified as class 1 medical devices.
  • Spacelabs Medical, Inc. Develops, manufactures, markets and services patient monitoring, diagnostic and clinical information systems, specializing in cardiovascular products. Global contacts with headquarters in Issaquah, Washington. (Nasdaq: SLMD)
  • Specialty Surgical Products, Inc. Manufactures tissue expander products and anal dilators.
  • St. Jude Medical, Inc. Provide artificial heart valves, tissue valves, cardiac pacemakers, cardiac catheters, electrophysiology and other products for heart valve disease and cardiac rhythm management.
  • Stayhealthy, Inc. Manufacturer of personalized health assessment and monitoring tools, with company profile and details of products and services. Monrovia, California.
  • STD Manufacturing An FDA-registered, ISO 9001 certified, QSR compliant, contract manufacturer and assembler of quality medical devices as well as a general manufacturer for the military, and commercial industries.
  • Stellate Systems Integrated digital EEG and sleep systems for the world of clinical neurophysiology.
  • Sterybox Manufacturer of air disinfection and cross infection control systems.
  • Stickman Peritoneal Dialysis Accessories Peritoneal dialysis solution warmers, the original Tuck-Away Belt, and other fine products to make PD a little easier. Free Color catalog and toll-free phone number.
  • Stryker Corporation Develops, manufactures and markets specialty surgical and medical products internationally, and provides outpatient physical therapy services in the United States.
  • Sulzer Carbomedics A leading global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of both mechanical and biological heart valves.
  • Sunrise Medical Manufacturers of homecare and extended care products.
  • Suru Group of Companies Manufacturers of catguts, i.v. cannula, i.v. catheters, sutures, catgut, surgical suture, catheters, medical disposable, pharmaceutical/cosmetic raw materials from India.
  • Swastik Enterprise Manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel needles and equipment for veterinary, surgical and dental use. Amnagar, Gujarat State, India.
  • Tagg Industries Manufacturer of medical products such as oxygen cylinder accessories, knee braces, respiratory products (CPR masks), orthopedic care, rehabilitation devices for health care professionals.
  • Tarry Manufacturing, Inc. Disposable medical products for newborn units and IV therapy.
  • Tarsus Products AB Massage, physio, therapy tables and medical equipment. Portable, electrical or hyraulic.
  • Technofab Manufacturer of pathological and medical safety and testing equipment.
  • Terra Universal Manufacturer of standard and custom cleanroom/laboratory equipment and supplies for critical environments. (Fullerton, CA)
  • Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation Global supplier of perfusionnist and cardiac surgery products from Sarns, CDI and Capiox.
  • The Daavlin Company Manufactures and sells high quality reliable ultraviolet light (phototherapy) equipment for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin disorders.
  • The Getinge Group Provider of customized sterilization solutions.
  • Theralase, Inc. Low level laser drug free non invasive therapy for low back pain, sports injuries, accident rehabilitation, carpal tunnel.
  • Thermal Angel Information about the fluid warmer unit and its applications.
  • Thermo-Pad A safe instant heating pad that is completely reusable.
  • Toltec International, Incorporated Develops electronic medical devices in full compliance with international regulatory standards.
  • Tomec/MRM Oxygen concentrator parts, repairs, rentals.
  • Tomed Medical products for sleep medicine, obstetrics and gynecology. Major products comprise a novel mandibular advancement device against snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and various intrauterine devices for contraception.
  • Tracoe Tracheostomy tubes are used for operations in the ENT area, intensive care, patients in the post-operative phase, after tracheostomy or laryngectomy.
  • Transtracheal Systems Manufacturer of medical devices and respiratory therapy products.
  • TransVac Systems Designs and manufactures custom waste and linen transport systems for architectural concerns.
  • Trident Premium producer of CE certified medical equipment and disposable products.
  • US Endoscopy Group Offers flexible and rigid endoscopy products and a full line of products for bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, enteroscopy, colonoscopy and laparoscopy procedures.
  • Utah Medical Products, Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets specialty medical devices for Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urology, Electrosurgery, Neonatology, and Blood Pressure Monitoring.
  • Vascular Technology, Inc. (VTI) Manufactures oxygen analyzers, monitor and sensors along with bloodflow monitors (disposable Doppler and tissue pH monitors).
  • Vasomedical, Inc. Develops and markets non-invasive counterpulsation devices which treat cardiac patients suffering from angina pectoris, acute myocardial and cardiogenic shock. (Nasdaq: VASO).
  • Vax-D Medical Technologies LLC Developers and distributors of traction equipment for treating back problems. Includes details of research, testimonials and company history.
  • VBM Medizintechnik Products in the field of anesthesia and intensive care.
  • Verity Medical, Ltd. Specialises in developing, manufacturing and distributing the NeuroTrac line of EMG, ECS, NMS and TENS products. For Neurofeedback, TENS and Accustim.
  • Video Instruments Reference image generator for performance evaluation of medical imaging video systems and displays including recorders and image processors.
  • Vital Signs, Inc. Designs, manufactures and markets single-patient use medical products for anesthesia, respiratory and related critical care. (Nasdaq: VITL).
  • WEM Electronic Equipment Manufacturer of electrosurgical units, cautery, coagulators and argon gas coagulators.
  • Wescom Products, Inc. Manufacturer of nursecall, infrared locating, wireless pendant alarms, wireless paging, wireless nursecall and wandering patient systems.
  • World Heart Corporation Develops unique ventricular assist devices which, without replacing the heart, either assist or assume the natural heart's pumping functions. (Nasdaq: WHRT).
  • Worldwide Medical Technologies Manufacturers of high quality medical devices, prostate seeding sets and various biopsy needles and trays.
  • WR Medical Electronics Co. Makers of Therabath paraffin therapy bath, skin moisturizing system and electro-neurodiagnostic medical devices.
  • Xactix, Inc. Manufacturer of advanced biomedical MEMS devices, and of the Xetch xenon difluoride etching system for MEMS processing.
  • Xeridiem Develops and manufactures silicone catheters for major medical supply companies.
  • Yachroma-Med Details of lasers for dermatological surgery.
  • ZMI Electronics, Ltd. Manufacturer and designer of rehabilitation instruments, equipment, and accessories.

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Bolje te vidim kad sklopim oči - Milan Višnjić
Uto 16.12.2014 8:31, micha@Umetnost
Jedan od cudnijih snova
Pon 15.12.2014 15:58, jeka1983@Sanovnik forum
Iz moje svaštare
Pon 15.12.2014 12:48, micha@Umetnost
Sanjam stalno bivseg momka. Da li to ista znaci?
Sre 10.12.2014 7:59, danielarmd@Sanovnik forum
Muzicki kutak - pjesme za prijatelje
Sre 10.12.2014 0:11, apprivoiser@Umetnost
Poezija - najlepsi stihovi
Sub 06.12.2014 10:32, Wind@Umetnost
Filigranska kapija od stihova - Dejan Milenković
Sub 06.12.2014 1:28, tragalac@Umetnost
Recepti, jela od mesa - rostiljijada
Sub 06.12.2014 0:45, niko650@Životni stil

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