Listing tea sellers and suppliers and that don't sell online as well as sites that concern themselves mainly with and serve the tea industry; supplies, wholesalers and trade associations, for example.

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  • Akbar Brothers Ltd. Exporter and packer of Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, teabags, and gift packs. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
  • Ambo Exports Indian producer of bulk and packaged tea. Offers product details, a market report, and company profile.
  • Asian Tea & Exports Ltd. Manufacturers, processors, packagers, and exporters of Indian black and green teas, with gardens in Darjeeling. Offices located in Calcutta.
  • Balaji Agro International Supplier of fine Indian teas including Darjeeling and Assam. Product and contact information.
  • Barry's Tea Blends include gold, green and classic and the speciality teas incorporating earl grey, Irish breakfast and decaffeinated.
  • Battler Tea exporter of pure Ceylon tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  • Bird's Nest Thai manufacturer. Company profile and product information.
  • Brassica Teas Offers tea with SGS - an anti-oxidant from broccoli.
  • Bubble Tea Supply Australia Offers bubble tea supplies.
  • Cape Natural Tea Products Specializing in sourcing Rooibos and Honeybush tea as well as offering a range of single and blended teas in retail packaging.
  • CCCI Northern America wholesaler of Yixing teapots.
  • Ceylon Black Tea Company Exporters of black tea in bulk, tea packs and tea bags for brands or private labels.
  • Ceylon Tea Exotica Exporter of pure Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, bags, and gift packs. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
  • Chakratea (PT Indonesian producer, blender, manufacturer, trader and exporter of green tea, black tea, and sencha/Japan tea.
  • Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. Produces, exports and markets Darjeeling tea. Includes a company profile, information about the gardens and a photo gallery. West Bengal, India.
  • China FML Tea Trading Co.,Ltd. Chinese exporter of green tea,black tea,Oolong tea,white tea,and flavored tea,products in bulk, packet and teabags.
  • China Mist Tea Company Supplier of fine iced and hot teas for the foodservice industry.
  • China Xiamen Mingren Tea Co. LTD Manufacturer and wholesaler of a variety of Chinese tea. Company profile, tea history, and product details.
  • Choice Organic Teas From cultivation, handling and packaging, these teas are inspected to insure organic integrity. Fair Trade certified.
  • Clipper Teas Ltd Official Site Ethical tea company specialising in organic and fairtrade teas and coffees without exploitation to people and planet.
  • Coetzee & Coetzee (Pty) Ltd. Exporters of South African Rooibos and Honeybush teas.
  • Crescent International (Pvt) Ltd Exporter of Ceylon Black and Green tea in bulk, tea packs and tea bags for brands or private labels
  • D.C.Ghose & Co (A) Pvt. Ltd. India. Blender, packer and exporter of blended teas and tea bags. Includes the company's profile and history.
  • Darshanlal Jagdish Parshad Offers information about the company and the tea that they produce.
  • Dharma Teas Indonesian tea distributor offering black, green, oolong and herbal teas. Product details, brewing instructions and information on health benefits.
  • DPH GmbH Specialized in sales of tea packaging machine. Main office in Cologne, Germany.
  • European Tea Suppliers Importer and distributor of the Ticolino brand of tea in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Expolanka Teas (Pvt) Ltd Ceylon tea in bulk, loose-leaf, and tea bag forms. Office located in Sri Lanka.
  • FETCO Corporation Equipment for brewing and serving hot and iced tea. Dispensers, brewers, filters. Office in US.
  • Fine Thai Teas Producer of certified organic high mountain oolong tea and non-organic tea. Includes product descriptions and characteristics, photos, a company profile, and certification details. Located in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc. Producers and suppliers of tea, tea mixes, and breakfast drinks. Provides custom blending and packaging. Morristown, New Jersey, USA.
  • Finlays Planting, production, and manufacture of bulk, bagged, instant, decaf, and freeze-dried teas. Office in London.
  • Future Generation Co. Ltd Specializes in processing and export Vietnam tea.
  • GE Barbours Inc. Canadian producers of branded tea products and other food items. Company profile and product details.
  • Girnar Group Manufacturers and exporters of tea and gourmet coffee. Product and contact details.
  • Global Tea Ltd. Manufactures and exporters of bubble tea materials.
  • Globeways Inc. Producers of packaged tea products. Company profile, and product and contact information.
  • GmbH i. Gr. Unbleached, biodegradable filters in several sizes. Offices in Hannover, Germany.
  • Gokul International Producers of herbal tea products, and other herb and spice items. Company profile and contact details.
  • Gold Peak Producers of a variety of bottled, flavored ice teas. Product details.
  • Gold Scarab Suppliers of rooibos (Red Bush) teabag infusions and African botanicals. Company profile, product and contact details.
  • Golden Tips Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. Offers information about the company and the tea that they produce.
  • Golzar Offers branded tea products from Sri Lanka. Company profile, product details, and distributor list.
  • Haelssen and Lyon German manufacturer of tea products. Ships worldwide. Company profile, products and services.
  • Harney & Sons Tea Blenders of premium tea with selection of black, green, and oolong teas, tea pots and accessories, iced, fruit, herbal and organic teas. Tea room consulting service.
  • Harris Tea Company A worldwide network for sourcing tea. Offers tea manufacturing and private label programs for foodservice and retail.
  • Herbal Teas International North American distributor of Rooibos, Honeybush, Lemon Myrtle, Hoodia gordonii, and Baobab teas.
  • Heritage Teas Exporter and packer of Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, teabags, and gift packs. Products, services, and contact information.
  • Honest Tea Bottled iced tea in black, green, and herbal blends, freshly brewed and barely sweetened.
  • House of Tea Tang Ceylon tea -- plain and flavoured -- in loose or bag form, with many packaging options. Also manufacture of tea accessories and gifts using indigenous materials and techniques. Office located in Sri Lanka.
  • Hunan Kinglong Bio-resource Inc., Manufacturer and exporter of green tea extracts, botanical extracts and standardized herbal extracts.
  • Imperial Teas (Pvt) Limited Exporter and packer of Ceylon teas in packets, bulk, and teabags. Fine and flavoured teas. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
  • Indian Yellow Pages: Tea Listing of tea exporters in India.
  • Infusion GB Provides tea and herbal drink packaging service. Based in UK.
  • Intaba Teas of Africa South African producers of tea products. Products, recipes, distribution and contact details.
  • JFK International A Government of India recognised export house. They export tea, coffee, spices and other commodities.
  • Jing Tea Ltd. Imports a variety of teas and tea wares from China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. London, England.
  • JinYuXuan Offers a large variety of rare Chinese teas. Company profile, product details, tea ceremony photos, and contact details.
  • Kaburagien.Co.Ltd Wholesaler of Japanese green tea. Company profile and product details. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Kas & Kami International Sri Lanka Tea Board approved exporter of Pure Ceylon Tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  • Kayan Agro Industries & Co. Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer and packager of CTC and Orthodox teas. Located in West Bengal, India.
  • Koala Tea Company Organic herbal and flavoured tisanes distributed worldwide. Offices located in NSW Australia.
  • Konimex Holding Group Producers of herbal, fruit and medicinal teas in Republic of Macedonia.
  • Lapis Teahouse Provides custom labeled and packaged tea to merchants.
  • Leika Tea Leika Tea specialises in developing infusion products (tea, coffee and herbals). Offices located in Montreal. Site in English and French.
  • Leros Herbal Teas Single herb and special formula teas for health and specific remedies. Company profile, product and contact information.
  • Limtex Limited Producer-exporter of Indian tea.
  • Lipton Producers of tea products for the international market. Products, recipes, history of tea and lifestyle tips.
  • Lochan Tea From cultivation to consumption in India.
  • M & P's Tea Single estate teas and blends shipped worldwide. Office located in Japan.
  • Metropolitan Tea Company Loose and packaged teas. Teapots, infusers, and accessories, packaging supplies. Offices located in Toronto.
  • MingCha Premium Chinese Tea Teguanyins, White teas, Puers, Gungfu Reds, Oolongs from Phoenix and Wuyi.
  • MKB (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures and exporter of pure Assamese orthodox teas. Offerings include certified organic teas. Trade enquiries only.
  • Mobius International Limited Hong Kong based wholesaler of teas and herbal infusions, including loose leaf and biodegradable tea bags. Company, products and contact details.
  • Nagata Chaen Certified organically-grown Japanese green teas. Office located in Japan.
  • Nathmull's Tea Exports International Wholesalers, distributors, and exporters of tea. India.
  • neptune Group of Companies Tea in bulk, loose-leaf, and teabag forms. Offices in Sri Lanka.
  • Organic India Offers Tulsi tea, herbal health supplements, bulk herbs and natural foods, integrating Ayurveda with modern science. Products are 100% vegetarian and naturally produced.
  • Premier's Tea Limited Producers of black and green Indian teas supplied in a variety of packages.
  • Pu-erh Tea Company Supplier of finest pu-erh tea, including pu-erh special tea, green tea, black tea. Company located in Yunnan, China.
  • Ranfer Group Exporter of Ceylon tea in consumer pack or customized to your needs.
  • Rather Jolly Tea Importers of premium teas, tea cozies, and accessories. Teas available in bulk or retail packs. Offices located in Florida.
  • Revolution Tea Company Loose leaf flavoured blends combining teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings. Brewing equipment for hot and iced teas. Marketing and customer support.
  • Robert Wilson Ceylon Tea Suppliers of bulk and packaged Ceylon teas from selected estates. Offices located in Somerset UK and Sri Lanka.
  • Rooibos Limited Rooibos Tea the Nectar of Nature. A unique beverage from the Western Cape, South Africa.
  • Silkroad Inc. Provides top grade Long Jing (Dragon Well) green tea from Hangzhou, China. Product and contact information.
  • SNA Tea Company SNA Tea Company is a private label tea packer in North America with an organic tea garden and modern tea packaging facilities in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
  • Sosro Fruit Tea Indonesian producers of bottled jasmine and fruit flavored teas, as well as tea bags. Company history and product details.
  • Sri Lanka Tea Board Official home for Ceylon tea. Information about tea leaves, sales and marketing world wide, news of tea prices and tips.
  • Stash Speciality tea company, focused on herbal teas, sold primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Virtual tea plantation tour, tea FAQ, corporate information, and online retail sales.
  • Stassen Australasia Supplies black, green, herbal, spiced, flavoured and organic teas in bulk and teabags for buyer's own packs.
  • Sunny BioDiscovery Small biotech company offering a full line of Eight Treasures Whole Fruit Teas to fund its anti-cancer and wound-healing research.
  • Sunshine Wholesalers Distributors of Mingo Tea concentrate.
  • Tazo Bottled and packaged teas.
  • Tea Connexions Importer and wholesaler of Indian teas, both loose and teabags, in custom packaging of wood, metal, and papier-mache. Located in Saskatachewan, Canada.
  • Tea Emporium Offers a variety of Darjeeling teas from India. Company profile, product information including tea processing and harvesting, and contact details.
  • Tea Trade Mart Offers resources for the tea industry including speakers, educational support and marketing opportunities.
  • Teacraft Tea processing and packing equipment. Storage and packaging supplies. Office located in UK.
  • TeaFusion Wholesale Tea importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor, in bulk and in nylon mesh teabags . Supplies selected medium to high quality loose China and Sri Lanka tea.
  • Teazzers Offers products from the Red River Tea Company, including fresh brewed, fountain, and Chai teas.
  • TEMA Enterprises, Inc Agents for manufacturers of tea bag and coffee bag machines.
  • Tetley Canada Corporate site for tea retailer. Products, offers, contests and contact information.
  • Tetley USA A full line of Tetley hot and iced black teas for consumer, food service, and private label buyers.
  • Thai Tea Suwirun Grows and produces a variety of teas. Includes product information, tea making instructions, and benefits. Located in Chiangrai, Thailand.
  • The Colonial Tea Company Offers a variety of teas in retail tins. Company profile, and product and contact details.
  • Third Street Chai Offers a chai recipe using only the finest all-natural ingredients: select-cut black tea, natural sugar, and imported cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves and other exotic spices.
  • Time Out Products Inc. Canadian tea company offering branded teas, custom packaging, and a tea blending service.
  • Trans-Herb Inc Offers more than 20 years of expertise in formulating and conditioning herbal, flavored and medicinal teas.
  • TTCL Supplier of a wide variety of bulk teas. Product and contact details.
  • TuochaTea Informational resource and on-line shop for a variety of Pu-erh tea including Tuocha, Beeng Cha and Zhuan Cha in cakes, bricks and loose leaf. Litongyuan Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Twinings Tea Corporate site for UK-based tea distributor and retailer, founded in 1706. History, health information, index of teas, and localized information.
  • Tylos of London Indian teas in bags, tin caddies, and consumer packs. Offices in California, London, and Sri Lanka.
  • Van Rees One of the leading international suppliers and processors of tea.
  • Victorian Finest Teas Producer and exporter of Ceylon black tea and green tea in bulk, packets, gift packs and tea bags.
  • Wagh Bakri Tea Group Features organic and Darjeeling Tea from India.
  • Wissotzky's Tea Israeli tea company, founded in Russia decades ago, and offers kosher teas and infusions. Offices located in Israel.
  • Yunling Supplier of a variety of Chinese tea and coffee products. Product information and contact details.

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