• Action Recycling Center Buyers of scrap copper, aluminum, brass electronics and used computers.
  • AERO Products Manufacturer of silver recovery units and systems for recovery from waste photographic solution.
  • Aircraft Recycling Corp. Provides aircraft recycling and metal dismantling services on environmental safe pad.
  • American Recycling, Inc. Recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals from retail and industrial accounts.
  • Americanscrapmetal.com Scrap metal recycling - we buy scrap metal and are recyclers of high temp alloy.
  • Andrews Metals and Alloys Ltd. Buyers of non-ferrous scrap metals and precious metals.
  • Arihant Corp. Manufactures scrap processing machines. Specifications and photo gallery available.
  • Automated Recycling Aluminum can recycling machines and industry statistics.
  • Avida Americas International network of reclamation and recycling, Assists in the recycling and reclamation of various forms of metallic by-products and wastes.
  • Bay Metal Specializes in scrap metal recycling, processing, marketing, brokering, stamping, annealing, plating, fabricating and turnings.
  • Border Trading, Inc. Specializes in scrap metal recycling.
  • Bristol Metal Co. Purchaser and processor of high temperature alloys and titanium.
  • British Metals Recycling Association A central representative body to put the views of metals recycling companies to government departments and agencies.
  • Canada Iron & Metal Co. Ltd. Purchasers of scrap metal in the Metro Toronto and Southern Ontario area.
  • Cellpap India Private Limited Provides indentation services for steel scrap, wood pulp and paper.
  • CFF Recycling International services in collecting, sorting and shredding metal waste and byproducts.
  • Charter Alloys and Metals Provides recycling services for alloys and scrap metals.
  • Cinelli Iron and Metal Company Provides scrap metal recycling services.
  • Commodity Resource & Environmental Environmentally safe silver recovery.
  • Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc. Buys and sells ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, roll-off container services, automobile shredder, scrap management services.
  • Crystal Bay Trading Buying, refining and re-selling platinum, jewelry and industrial metals.
  • DBW Metals Provides recycling of scrap metals in Anaheim, California.
  • Durant Iron & Metal Corporation Scrap metal recycling company servicing Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and the surrounding Midwest areas. Services include ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling, processing, brokerage, exports, and transportation.
  • End of Life Centre Processor of scrap metal from used cars.
  • Environmental Products Int'l, Inc. Specializing in products to protect the environment and assist in meeting environmental regulations, including silver recovery systems, flow meters, level controllers and filters.
  • European Metal Recycling EMR is one of the world's largest recycling companies, and the largest in the UK.
  • F. J. Church and Sons Importers and exporters of all grades of non-ferrous and precious metals.
  • Falko's Jewellers Recycles scrap gold from used or damaged jewellery.
  • Franklin Iron & Metal Company, Inc. Provides scrap metal processing in Michigan.
  • G.L.N. Metals, Inc. Offers scrap metal recycling and demolition services.
  • Globe Metal Scrap metal processing / recycling company specializing in purchasing high temperature alloys, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, tin and nickel. We buy all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Gold Traders Recycles broken jewellery and scrap gold. On-line calculator for gold values.
  • Gopher Resource Corporation An ISO 14001 environmentally friendly recycler of lead bearing waste and producer of ISO 9000 quality products.
  • H A Mason Metals Limited Provides recycling services for scrap metal such as copper, brass, lead, zinc, nickel and bronze.
  • H.J. Enthoven & Sons Offers lead-acid battery recycling services and the sale of associated products.
  • Hampa Tejarat Saba Trading Co Distributor of bitumen, metal scraps, aluminum cables and scraps. Contains pictures and some information about the products.
  • Hannover Dental Refiners Provides refining and assaying of precious metals used in dental work.
  • Igora Recycling of aluminium packages. Site in multiple languages.
  • Inter Metal Recycling Ltd. Offers scrap metal trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • James Diamonds National Jewelry Mfg. A recycler of scrap gold and platinum from used or damaged jewelry.
  • JBR Recovery Ltd Silver recovery and precious metal recycling specialists, based in the United Kingdom. Offers smelting, refining and photographic waste recycling and recovery, waste incineration, waste management, and good delivery 999 refined silver.
  • JSB Metals Metal recycling company collecting and processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Kartal Metal Traders of zinc scrap metal.
  • Kripke Enterprises, Inc. Brokers specializing in non-ferrous scrap, tool steel and plastic.
  • KT Recycling Purchaser of ferrous metals, rebar and cable throughout Florida.
  • L & L Enterprises Metal Recovery A family owned and operated precious metals recovery business.
  • Lakeside Metals Inc. Offers processing of nonferrous metal turnings, skimmings, slags and residues.
  • Lebow Metals Purchases precious metal scrap, including dental gold and palladium, as well as electronic scrap and jewelry.
  • Lippincott Buys all forms of scrap and dental gold, platinum and palladium.
  • Lorbec Metals Ltd. Specializes in scrap metal recycling as well as the trading and processing of all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal in the Montreal and the New York region
  • Lowmac Alloys Limited Offers waste transfer services, recycling services as well as metal and green waste recycling.
  • M3 Metals Processor, broker and recycler of scrap metals.
  • Maher International A Canadian-based international scrap metal trading company.
  • Mercury Consulting and Recovery Specialists in recovering liquid metallic and mercury spills. Over 300 site remediations successfully completed.
  • Metal & Catalyst Resources, LLC. Handles the processing of spent catalyst and residues containing nickel, cobalt, copper, vanadium, molybdenum and zinc.
  • Mid-Carolina Steel & Recycling Company A ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal processor servicing central South Carolina.
  • Mida International Inc Offers scrap metal management programs for industrial and institutional producers.
  • Midas Metal Dealers of steel, tungsten carbide, copper and aluminum scrap metals.
  • Midland Industrial Metals Specializing in aluminum and copper based scrap reclamation. Based in the UK.
  • Midwest Refineries Precious metal buyer. Performs smelting, recycling, and refining of all precious metals.
  • Modesto Junk Company, Inc. Provides scrap metal recycling services in California.
  • Mormet Alloys Ltd, UK Scrap metal recyclers and merchants specialising in nickel alloys, tungsten bearing alloys stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals.
  • Nortrade International Provides scrap metal collection service services in Victoria, Australia.
  • Osborn Engineering Inc. Specializes in the engineering of the upstream and downstream components of ferrous and non-ferrous shredding systems.
  • P and T Metals Inc. Offers recycling services of scrap metals including aluminum, aluminum cans, copper, brass, and stainless steel.
  • Pacific Steel and Recycling Specializing in industrial and consumer recycling.
  • PM Recovery, Inc Direct processor of and logistics company for scrap metals, specializing in vanadium, cobalt and spent catalyst recycling.
  • Precious Metal Recovery Recycles scrap precious metals from scrap, automotive, and petrochemical catalytic converters. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Premier Recycling Recycler of metal providing on-site and mobile scrap processing equipment.
  • PuckMaster Manufacturer of metal chip processing and management machines, specializing in cutting fluid recovery, chip volume reduction, and solids separation.
  • R&H Recyclers Provides commercial and large quantity residential scrap metal removal and processing.
  • Raymond James Metals Full-service metal recycling collection agency servicing the New England area.
  • Recycalytics Recovers scrap metal from used catalyst materials.
  • Recycle Trade Inc. Scrap metal recyclers dealing in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Reinoxmetal Recycler and trader of stainless scrap, nickel alloys and other non ferrous metals such as cooper, brass, aluminium .
  • River Metals River Metals Recycling is Greater Cincinnati’s, Louisville's, and Kentucky's largest scrap processor, with processing yards in Newport (Cincinnati), Louisville and Henderson, Kentucky
  • Robert Gibbs (Contracting) Ltd Ferrous and non-ferrous metal merchants serving the UK.
  • Rodecs Offers aluminum and magnesium scrap recycling.
  • Scheideanstalt Schuessler Specializes in recycling precious metals out of electronic trash.
  • Schupan and Sons Inc. Provides service for industrial, commercial and public customers in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Scott Metals Recycling all metals from aluminum to zinc.
  • Scrap Metal Recycling Business Consulting and Publishing Portal and publishing services for small-volume and niche scrap metals and alloys recyclers and home-based recycling entrepreneurs
  • Scrap Metal Recycling Corp. of New Zealand New Zealand scrap metal recycling industry association.
  • ScrapBid.com Online auction for scrap metals.
  • Scrapcar.co.uk Vehicle disposal service for scrap metal in the UK.
  • ScrapConnect Providing service to consumers and producers of iron and steel scrap, brokerage, processing, transportation and scrap management.
  • Select Metals Recycling Buyer of copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other scrap metal in the southeastern Michigan area.
  • Sha Sohanraj Ashokkumar & Co. Dealers of non-ferrous scrap metal in Mumbai, India.
  • Shor International Inc Suppliers of tools and equipment for the precious metal recycler/refiner. Tools and materials for the refining, jewelry-making, and fabricating industries.
  • Solution Recovery Services Provides on-site centrifugal purification services and equipment to remove contamination from metalworking fluids, lubricants, oils, coolants, and other industrial fluids.
  • State Paper & Metal Recycling Inc. Recycler of copper, aluminum, steel, zinc and nickel.
  • Systems Alternatives International, LLC Provides advanced information systems and engineered solutions for the recycling, primary metals, and steel distribution industries. Additionally, develops business information systems for the scrap metals industry.
  • Techemet Smelters and recyclers of automobile catalytic converters and precious metal bearing catalysts.
  • Thomas M. Sullivan & Sons Scrap metal buyers located in the mid-atlantic region.
  • TMC Offers the sale and recycling of non-ferrous metal scraps, including nickel and other types of rare metals.
  • Trademark Metals Trademark Metals Recycling is the largest full service metal recycler in the Southeast.
  • Tubby Scrap Metal Metal recyclers of all grade of steel and non ferrous metals in Australia.
  • UK Metals Ltd Deals in End of Life Vehicles, metals recovery and environmental protection. They work with electrical goods waste, cars, non-ferrous metals, demolition, and ferrous metals.
  • Voss Metals Buys and sells many types of metals. Beryllium, niobium, molybdenum, cobalt, tungsten, stellite, carbide and tungsten.
  • Western Metals Recycling, LLC Provides recycling services of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Processing includes the use of shredders, crushers, balers, and stationary and portable shears.
  • Winfield Alloy Recycler of precious metals and electronic scrap also providing assest management services.
  • Youngstown Iron and Metal, Inc. Scrap, iron, and steel processing. Automobile recycling, ferrous, and non-ferrous brokerage. Company history, services, and pricing.

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