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Spill containment and remediation is the process used to mitigate the damage caused by oil spills. Oil spills are harmful to humans, soils and the environment. Oil spills are especially harmful to water bodies, aquatic organisms and the ecosystems that allow aquatic life to prosper. The damage caused by an oil spill varies depending on the size, nature, type and location of where the spill occurs.
  • 212 Resources US. Provides tank bottom, skim oil off-spec crude recovery. Wastewater resources are also available.
  • Aaron Oil Company, Inc. US. Offers sludge recycling and petroleum reclamation. Includes a page to register for a company tour.
  • Abanaki Corporation US. National manufacturers of industrial belt grease oil skimmers and coolant skimmers. A virtual library provides information regarding skimming technology.
  • Absorbent Supplies Plus US. Provide absorbents, containment and IBC tanks for HazMat use. Site includes a regulation resource page and a query to track orders placed.
  • AC Environmental CAN. Supplies environmental and bioremediation products. Supports the haz-mat, industrial, commercial and medical markets.
  • Acme Products Company US. Design and manufacture environmental products that control, collect and remove floating contaminates or pollution on the surface of water.
  • AllMaritim AS Norway based company engaged in sales and marketing of oil spill response and other environmental products to the maritime and industrial markets.
  • American Boom and Barrier Corporation US. Designer of containment and turbidity products. Includes drop down menus to select booms and provides example uses.
  • American Products US. Provides encapsulators and containment products. Webpage contains information on the advantages of HTP branded organic material.
  • Andax Industries LLC US. Supplies products for mitigated damage and instant decontamination. A live chat page is available during selected times.
  • Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc US. Equipment for facets of marine and oil spill response for a variety of situations and locations. Offers contact information to obtain emergency response planning.
  • Ayles Fernie UK. Manufacturers of marine and aircraft dispersant spray systems and supplier of oil spill response equipment. Includes news and company information.
  • Basic Concepts US. International manufacturer of berms, secondary containment products, and pillow tanks. Contains military order information.
  • Breg Environmental US. Distributor of facility management equipment including pallets, hard tops, and containment products. Downloadable MSDS sheets are available for some products.
  • C.I.Agent Solutions US. Manufacturer and installer of secondary containment systems designed to contain hydrocarbon leaks and spills. Site contains video and various MSDS sheets.
  • ChemiGreen Inc. CAN. Produces a wireless spill containment system called the WI-Plug for industrial chemical spill containment. Webpage contains a downloadable brochure and a photo gallery.
  • Chemtex US. Distributes a full range of marine and industrial containment products. Webpage provides a listing of industry links.
  • Clear Spill Ltd. UK. Sells secondary containment systems, dispensing tanks, and absorbents products. A selector list of liquids and their absorbents is provided.
  • Containment Corporation US. Manufacturer and distributor of specialized systems. Speciality designed polyethylene four drum, star trek and camel system. Request page available for custom orders.
  • CRUCIAL, Inc. US. Offers a wide line of remediation equipment. Site includes some information on equipment rental options.
  • Darcy Spillcare Manufacture UK. Supplier of liquid storage systems, pumps and skimmers for pollution control. Services include land remediation and bund relining. Site contains case studies and legislation resources.
  • Dawg, Inc. US. National supplier of a wide range of containment solutions. Webpage contains terms and conditions for distributors and end users.
  • Empteezy Oil spill Scotland. Produces booms, skimmers, tanks, and absorbents for oil spill cleanup. Site contains photos and a downloadable catalogue.
  • ENPAC Corporation US. Produces containment, and control products for hazardous materials. A downloadable PDF catalogue is available.
  • Environmental Spill Products Manufacturer of industrial products including containment systems, booms, kits and absorbents. Site has a web-form to request more information.
  • ESSI International CAN. Provide filtration of hydrcarbons recovered from siol or water through a recycle process.
  • Fosse Liquitrol Ltd UK. Manufacturers of marine containment including seals, expander tanks, and skimmers. Downloadable case studies page is included.
  • Guardian Environmental Technologies US. Supplies hardware including fixed-system proportioning equipment, discharge devices, and portable equipment. Site has a video section with downloadable case studies.
  • Guardian Safety UK. Distributes a wide variety of storage systems for oil and chemicals. Provides storage equipment used in educational institutions. Absorbents also available.
  • Husky Portable Containment US. Producer of a wide range of oil containment equipment. Includes a company news section.
  • Justrite US. National manufacturer of IBC pallets, cans, and safety containers. PDFs available with literature on storage systems and a what’s new page with product launches.
  • Matthews Australasia Pty Ltd Australia. Supplies New Pig branded Haz-Mat products including decks, pallets, kits and absorbents. Provides a contact page with five locations.
  • Mavi Deniz Turkey. Supplies response equipment and services to industry. Site has a full listing of videos with containment techniques.
  • Millennium Enterprises, Inc. US. Offers the Sentry branded line of portable, reusable containment products. Contact information available to examine industry specific solutions.
  • Murrenhil Corporation CAN. Manufacturers a rapid oil containment barrier designed to quickly contain oil. Provides detailed information on the barrier and a news and events section.
  • Non Entry Systems, Ltd. UK. Features technical and photographic information on a range of tank cleaning and oil recovery systems. Downloadable brochures are also available.
  • North Star Wiper and Industrial Supply US. Supplier of poly overpaks, railway mats, kits, and oil absorbent products.
  • Northeast Environmental, Inc. US. Underground and above-ground storage tank installation and removal service. Hazardous material clean-ups are also provided.
  • NPS Corp US. National manufacturer of absorbents, kits and response products. Also provide wipers, towels and tissues, and custom cellulose cushioning materials.
  • Oil Skimmers,Inc. US. Provide skimming solutions for removing various types of water contamination including oil, fat, grease and sludge.
  • Oil Spill Eater International, Corp US. Depicts a bioremediation product that cleans up environmental, or oil spills on land or water.
  • PacTec, Incorporated UK. Provides dewatering, waste packaging and containment products. Site includes case studies and a news section.
  • Pigmalion Environmental CAN. Distributor of secondary containment, safety containers, and skimmers. Includes flash animation of Renew branded oil extraction technology.
  • Remediation Strategies UK. Online supplies of skimmers, spill trays, absorbents, other control products. Site map is available.
  • Serpro Ltd UK. Suppliers of absorbents, bunding and containment products. Web site offers downloadable MSDS sheets and a trade application.
  • SkimTech, Inc. US. Sells oils skimmers for environmental waste cleanup. Site contains downloadable case studies, pictures, and skimmer specifications.
  • Sorbent Products Co., Inc Manufacturer of absorbents and related products for industrial and environmental purposes.
  • SpilKleen US. National supplier of containment, kits, and absorbent products. Site contains a mini internal search to find specific products.
  • Spill 911 US. Distributor of containment, stormwater and industrial equipment. Web page provides a technical information section with industry links.
  • Spill Store UK. Provides products for general, oil and chemical spill containment. Online checkout system available.
  • Spill Tech US. National manufacturers of polypropylene woven and non-woven spill control products, utilizing melt blown, air-laid and multi-laminate technologies.
  • Spill Warehouse Supplier of products for liquid containment, spill pads, and wipes. Online ordering process is available.
  • Tanky Systems UK. Manufacture a range of oil skimmers for the removal of process or tramp oils from the surface of solution tanks. Site includes application and installation instructions.
  • UltraTech International, Inc. US. Offers products for containing, transporting, storing or collecting hazardous and radioactive materials and wastes. A resources learning section is available.
  • Vikoma International Ltd UK. Manufacturers of oil and chemical pollution control systems. Also offering a training and commissioning service. Includes profile, news, and product information.
  • Wale Environmental Products US. Supplier of drain plugs, wastewater treatment and environmental response supplies. Site includes an email subscription list.
  • West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd CAN. Supplier of products designed for liquid management, industrial safety and facility maintenance. Site offers a request a quote page.

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