Electricity generated by conversion of sunlight. Typically a solar electric system consists of photovoltaic panels made up of multiple cells, and inverters to convert from DC (from cells) to AC (for house). Can also (but does not always) incorporate batteries, controllers, trackers, and racks. This category is for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers of solar electric products.

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  • 1Soltech Designs and manufactures solar panels and solar modules for residential and commercial markets in Texas.
  • 4lots.com Retailer of solar modules and accessories.
  • ABCSolar Retailer and installer of grid tie photovoltaic systems. California.
  • Abound Solar Produces thin–film photovoltaic modules for use in very large solar arrays. Describes their products, its advantages, and the manufacturing process.
  • Acro Energy Retailer and installer of stand alone and interactive solar power systems. California.
  • Advanced Alternative Energy Solutions Retailer of solar and alternative power systems, components and energy-efficient appliances. New Mexico.
  • Advanced Solar Solutions Retailer and installer of solar and other alternative power systems. Canada.
  • AE Solar Systems UK based microgeneration certification scheme supplier and installer of solar electric and thermal systems.
  • Air Therm Solartechnik Photovoltaic systems and components, solar modules, charge controller, batteries and lighting as well as solar home systems and water pumping.
  • Akeena Solar Retailer and installer of commercial and residential solar power systems.
  • All Electric Solar research, design and installations in Northern California since 1999.
  • All Weather Solar Technology Co China manufacturer of solar powered lights, lanterns, mobile chargers, flashlights, chargers and electronics.
  • Ameresco, Inc. Retailer of solar power systems, distributor of solar electric systems and components all over the US.
  • Arabian Solar Energy and Technology Co. Design, sell, install, and maintain PV systems. Cairo, Egypt.
  • AuroraBorealis Solar Inc Design and install solar systems in the Ontario area.
  • Barefoot Power Social entrepreneurial business designing and manufacturing solar lighting technology products specifically for poor people in developing countries.
  • Beco Solar Designers, retailers and installers of solar power systems for domestic, commercial, marine and automotive applications. UK.
  • Bella Energy Retailer and installer of commercial and domestic solar electric and thermal energy systems. Colorado.
  • BlackFrog Quality Solar Lighting Plus Australian company specializing in the supply of solar lighting and decorative lighting.
  • Blue Oak Energy, Inc. Solar electric design, engineering and planning in North America. Project portfolio available.
  • Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. Retailer, designer and installer of residential and commercial solar power systems. San Diego.
  • Buel Solar Retailer and installer of photovoltaic power kits to supply solar electricity to homes and small businesses. Los Angeles.
  • Bysolar Inc. Designer and installer of solar energy systems in New Jersey.
  • California Solar Electric Sales, installation, and service of solar photovoltaic systems. California.
  • Calisolar Solar panel company in Sunnyvale.
  • Canadian Solar Installations Coordinates the design, supply and installation of photovoltaic projects in Ontario. Distributor of solar panels.
  • Carmanah Solar Technologies Manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting and solar photovoltaic systems. Canadian and international sales.
  • Centrotherm photovoltaics Provider of technology and services for the photovoltaics industry.
  • Chelsfield Solar Retailer and installer of solar photovoltaic modules for residential properties, schools and commercial businesses. South East UK.
  • Colorado Solar Electric Solar panels and electric power systems. Inverters and cables, system components.
  • Danish Solar Energy PLC Distributor of photovoltaic systems and static or mobile solar-wind generator systems.
  • DFD Solar Chinese solar product manufacturer of solar panels, and general lighting powered by solar energy.
  • Discount Solar Retailer of solar panels and solar electric power systems.
  • Distributed Sun Develops, finances, constructs and operates small-to-medium sized solar energy facilities on commercial building real-estate in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • DM Solar Manufacturer and distributor of solar electric products with headquarters in Florida, USA.
  • Dyesol Australian supplier of equipment, materials and components for Dye Solar Cell (DSC)Technology.
  • Eagle-1 Mfg. Solar powered street, bus shelter, and billboard lighting systems.
  • East County Solar PV solar panels, inverters, wind generators and other alternative energy products in Southern California for residential, commercial, RV and boating applications.
  • Energy Recommerce Inc. Provides monitoring and control systems for solar and alternative energy systems. California.
  • EnergyWise Systems Design, sale and installation of solar energy products for central Oklahoma.
  • ENF Ltd. A directory of photovoltaic manufacturing companies, business news, market research and assisting companies to buy solar products from Chinese manufacturers.
  • Ericson Solar Reatailer and installer of commercial and residential photovoltaic systems in Northern California.
  • Gencoa Magnetron sputter cathode manufacturer for solar cells, photovoltaics, architectural glass, semiconductor and reflectors.
  • Green Fuel Solar Design, supply and installation of solar photovoltaic systems in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Has an online store.
  • Green Power Labs Inc. Performs solar resource assessment and turn-key solutions for photovoltaic electricity generation and backup power systems. Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Green Thinking Design and supply of commercial solar powered lighting systems in Australia. Customers are varied and include local councils, government organisations, schools and mining companies.
  • Greenshine New Energy Co. Specializes in developing and manufacturing solar outdoor lights for commercial, municipal and residential use. Includes products, company profile and FAQ.
  • GreenSolar Swiss-Hungarian equipment maker and technology developer company, for thin-film solar modules.
  • Greenway Solar Power Solar power contractor in los angeles, orange county and inland empire. Provides consultation, design, installation, rebate processing and maintenance of solar electric systems.
  • Habi-Tek Renewable Energy Systems Design, sell, install and service solar energy applications in Geneva
  • Heat My Home UK sales and installation of solar panels and solar hot water systems.
  • Hebe Solar Chinese manufacturer of solar cells, solar panels, solar powered systems and solar lights.
  • Helios Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of solar modules and integrated solar power systems for home and industrial applications from Jiangsu Province, China.
  • Home Energy Systems, Inc. Commercial and residential contractor for photovoltaics, solar electric, in San Diego County and surrounding areas.
  • I Need Solar Sale, installation and maintenance of solar systems based in Pennsylvania.
  • Independent Power LLC Solar electric design, sales and instalation for Vermont, New Hampshire and New York.
  • Independent Power Systems Solar electric contractor OFFERING design, engineering and installation to the Rocky Mountain West.
  • Kyocera Solar Manufactures photovoltaic equipment and systems. Also large scale distributor of other components for solar electric systems. Kyocera is the worlds largest manufacturer of solar electric panels.
  • Lighthouse Solar Design and installation of solar electric and thermal systems in the US.
  • Majestic Son and Sons, Inc. Long Island, NY installer of solar heating and solar electric.
  • Manitu Solar Solar photovoltaic wholesaler, system integrator and intaller in Hungary.
  • Meridian Energy Systems, inc. Design and install solar electric systems, as well as sell equipment including panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers and pump controllers.
  • Namaste Solar A solar installation company aimed at the homes and businesses in the Colorado community.
  • Nanosolar Making solar electricity cost-efficient, mass-produced, and available in many versatile forms by reducing the cost to under $1/watt. Developed proprietary process technology that makes it possible to produce 100x thinner solar cells 100x faster.
  • National Solar Technologies Manufacturer, developer and integrator of solar and wind power systems and commercial solar powered lighting systems.
  • Nova West Solar Design, engineering and installation of solar systems. Also acquires building permits, provides financing, rebate processing and utility interconnect services.
  • OkSolar.com Retailer of solar panels and accessories.
  • Optical Energy Technologies Inc. Manufacture non-tracking concentrating solar collectors, and install and service solar energy systems. Includes product overviews and photographs.
  • OptiEnergy Developer of solar power plants across Bulgaria, Macedonia and Slovakia.
  • Planetary Systems, Inc. Retailer and installer of products for sustainable living, including wind and solar power, renewable energy, and efficient homes. Licensed installer in Montana.
  • Playa Systems Solar and alternative energy power systems. Mexico.
  • Poulek Solar ltd Manufacturer of ridge concentrators, a mirror that reflects additional sun radiation to solar panels.
  • Power-Fab Manufacturer of a line of photovoltaic racking structures, battery boxes and equipment enclosures in the photovoltaic industry.
  • Precision Solar Technologies Corporation Designs and manufactures solar tracking devices, drive units, and instrumentation for the commercial solar power and solar research sectors.
  • Premier Power Installer of small to large-scale solar electric power systems with offices worldwide.
  • Pure Energy Solar Certified solar contractor in Florida.
  • PV Sourcing Taiwanese supplier of photovoltaic materials.
  • Quality Solar Installer Design, sales, installation, and service of solar photovoltaic projects in Maryland.
  • Rainbow Trading Post Domestic and Renewable Energy, Practical Innovations, Wind and Solar DIY Power Kits, Products and services.
  • REgrid Power Designs and installs residential and commercial solar electric systems in the Bay Area of California.
  • RV Solar Electric, Inc. Solar consulting, information, education and products in the field of alternative energy for recreational vehicles. Good RV information.
  • SBY Solutions Design, consulting, supply, installation and maintenance of solar electric projects, based in Israel.
  • Schott Applied Power Corporation Large volume distributor for all of the major photovoltaic module and balance-of-system component manufacturers.
  • SCHOTT Solar Manufacturer and distributor of solar power modules, components and systems.
  • Shanghai Skyland International Solar light for garden and street manufacturers and factory in China.
  • Sino Transit German distributor of solar modules made in China.
  • Sinostar-Duxlite Manufacturers and exporters of solar panels and accessories, commercial and garden solar lighting, and 12v and 24v LED and fluorescent high-efficiency lamps for solar applications. China.
  • Sol-Lite Malaysia Supplier of solar power modules, power systems and lighting. Malaysia.
  • Solar & Electrical Solutions Design, supply and complete installation of solar power systems. Serving the New England and North West region of Australia.
  • Solar Alaska Provide consultation, technical advice, and field tested solar power systems and components.
  • Solar Billboard Lights Manufacturer of solar lighting for billboards and streetlighting from New York.
  • Solar Breeze Technology System integration, custom design, consultation services and installation of solar and wind systems.
  • Solar Century Solar electricity engineering and resource in UK. Various PV technologies are presented, with case studies of various types of PV installations.
  • Solar Choice Offers services to find installers for solar projects and assesses entitlement to the various government solar cash-back schemes. Based in Australia.
  • Solar Electric Energy Systems Design, sales and installation of solar and alternative energy systems. Southern California.
  • Solar Electric Supply Sells solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, and complete photovoltaic systems. Aptos, California.
  • Solar Electrical Systems Designs and installs residential and commercial photovoltaic power systems in the western United States. Includes FAQ, photographs, and financing information.
  • Solar Focus Solar tracker manufacturer with offices in Australia and US.
  • Solar G Sale and installation of solar photovoltaic systems based in Ontario.
  • Solar Generation Provides solar electric systems for homes and businesses throughout the greater Hudson Valley, Woodstock, NY.
  • Solar Innovations Services and products including hot water heating, photovoltaic systems, and passive and active solar home design. Lowell, Massachusetts.
  • Solar King Supplier of solar-powered lighting solutions in the United States.
  • Solar Lighting International Manufacturer of solar lighting systems.
  • Solar Masters Solar powered hazard lights and flashers.
  • Solar Mountain Energy Designs and installs solar and hybrid electrical systems in the Rocky Mountain area.
  • Solar Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer of industrial grade solar lighting systems. Alternative energy applications include streets, billboards, parks, decks, signs, parking lots, and walkway lights.
  • Solar Pioneers Sales and installation of solar systems and components. Arizona.
  • Solar Power Village Provides solar power solutions in aid development projects. Germany.
  • Solar Traffic Controls Provides solar-powered traffic systems for school zones; continuous-duty flashing beacon systems; radio-activiated systems; and sensor activated flashers
  • Solar Webb Design and engineering for photovoltaic, wind, and hybrid alternative energy generation systems. California.
  • Solar World Solar powered kits and modules for homes and remote installations.
  • Solar-Fabrik Produces solar power generation equipment. Sells in Germany only.
  • SolarBox Planning, consulting and installation of solar home systems and off-grid photovoltaic systems.
  • Solarcon-Solar Controller Repair Repairs of heliotrope general and most independent energy solar controllers, related products, and sells Flo-Verter valves and solar sensors. San Francisco area.
  • Solarcraft Packaged solar power supplies, equipment and accessories for communications and telemetry.
  • Solarfun Power Holdings, Ltd. Chinese manufacturer of solar cells and modules. Certified by TUV and UL, with distribution worldwide.
  • Solaris Solar Energy Systems Retailers and installers of PV solar energy, water and space heating systems. Ireland.
  • SolarNet Supplies grid connected solar installation in The Netherlands. Design off-grid systems, of which a number of standard configurations can be found on the site.
  • SolarPlaza Global solar energy business portal with worldwide news and information on photovoltaic products and services, and progress of the industry.
  • Solgen Design, sale and installation of solar energy systems in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.
  • Solreka Sale of solar cooking devices and other solar products and kits. Ebooks available.
  • Soluciones Energeticas S.A. Manufacturer of inverters, regulators, wind generators and direct pumping solar systems. Spain
  • Soluzione USA Import and distribution of solar panels for the US market.
  • Southern Perspectives Integration of solar technologies into buildings: solar façades, louvres, sun shades, amongst others. Based in New Zealand.
  • Stellar Roofing and Solar Design, supply and installation of solar roof systems in the Colorado area.
  • Sun Dog Energy Systems Retailer, designer and installer of solar power and alternative energy systems. Rocky Mountain Region.
  • Sun's Eye Power Company Design and installation of solar power systems based in Washington State, US. Also teaches classes on Solar Basics.
  • Sun Farm Network Retailer and installer of solar power systems. New Jersey.
  • Sun First! Solar Energy Systems Retailer, designer and installer of solar power, hot water and pool heating systems. California.
  • Sun Pumps Specializing manufacture of solar pumping products including solar water pumps and grid tie systems.
  • SunRock Solar Cincinnati based designer and installer of solar power systems.
  • Sunshine Solar UK suppliers of solar products including battery savers, solar panels, laptop chargers and accessories. List of products and costs.
  • SunTechnics Manufacturer, international distributor and installer of turnkey photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.
  • SunUrja Supplier from India of solar related products such as controllers and inverters. Also offers system integration services to build integrated phtovoltaic plants.
  • SunWize Technologies, Inc. Develops, manufactures and markets photovoltaic power products and systems providing renewable, wireless, solar power generation.
  • Sustainable Waves Specializes in sustainable energy solutions for the entertainment industry. Press, clients, photo gallery.
  • Syracuse Solar and Wind Retailer of solar panels, solar street lights, solar heaters and hot water panels, power inverters, charge controllers and wind turbines. New York, USA.
  • Tioga Energy Solar power purchase agreements, provides businesses with guidance for implementing clean energy solutions.
  • UE-Solar Manufacturer of silicon ingot, solar panels and solar PV system in China.
  • USL Manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cells and solar PV modules. India.
  • Veritas Solar and Energy Efficiency Retailers, designers and installers renewable energy systems for remote homes, recreational vehicles, grid-tied homes and specialty lighting applications.
  • Witch Well Energy Retailer of solar and wind power components and accessories.
  • Zero Em Offers investment opportunities in solar energy and technology projects in Spain.

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