This category is for companies that are involved with the production and/or distribution of ethanol fuel production. Ethanol is a clean-burning, high-octane fuel that is produced from renewable sources. At its most basic, ethanol is grain alcohol, produced from crops such as corn. Because it is domestically produced, ethanol helps reduce America's dependence upon foreign sources of energy. Pure, 100% ethanol is not generally used as a motor fuel; instead, a percentage of ethanol is combined with unleaded gasoline. This is beneficial because the ethanol: * decreases the fuel's cost * increases the fuel's octane rating * decreases gasoline's harmful emissions Any amount of ethanol can be combined with gasoline, but the most common blends are E10 (10%) and E85 (85%)
  • Abengoa Bioenergy Owns and operates five bioethanol facilities throughout the United States and Europe with a total production capacity of 195 million gallons.
  • Ace Ethanol LLC A large scale ethanol plant in Stanley, Wisconsin, United States. Describes their history, pricing, and ethanol facts.
  • Adkins Energy LLC A corn-to-ethanol facility with a cogeneration plant which processes approximately 15 million bushels of corn annually in Lena, Illinois, United States.
  • Algenol Biofuels Working to produce ethanol from algae. Describes the science behind their process, the benefits, pictures, and their partners.
  • AltraBiofuels Produces corn-based and cellulosic ethanol in plants located in various parts of the United States. Lists the plants, news items, and an overview of the company.
  • Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc. Produces ethanol and corn feed products. Describes its offerings, announcements, fun facts, their facilities, and partners. Based in Pekin, Illinois, United States.
  • Badger State Ethanol Produces over 50 million gallons of ethanol a year. Company overview, news, and photo gallery. Monroe, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Biomass Converters Inc. Aims to build a large-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Pennsylvania, United States in 2010. Discusses their technology, management team, and business plan. Based in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • BlueFire Renewables Produces cellulosic ethanol from waste materials. Based in Irvine, California, United States.
  • Central Minnesota Ethanol Cooperative (CMEC) Processes locally grown Minnesota corn into fuel grade ethanol and dried distillers grains (DDGS), a high protein animal feed.
  • E3 BioFuels They're developing a 24 million gallon ethanol plant that operates as a closed-loop system. Omaha, Nebraska, United States.
  • E-Fuels L.L.C. Uses sugar to produce ethanol. Includes their strategic advantages, and ethanol facts. Texas, United States.
  • East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC Produces approximately 35 million gallons of ethanol and also sells distillers grains, and CO2. Based in Garnett, Kansas, United States.
  • Ethanol Fuel Distillation Products Sells reflux ethanol stills as well as instructions to make them.
  • Ethanol Producer Magazine A publication published monthly that provides information to ethanol industry professionals worldwide.
  • Ethanol Technology Supplies fermentation ingredients to fuel ethanol, distilled beverage, and industrial alcohol producers. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.
  • General Biomass Company Develops and commercializes biomass technologies, with emphasis on fuel ethanol from biomass. Site has links to other energy websites.
  • Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC A 50+ million gallon per year ethanol production facility located in Watertown, South Dakota, United States.
  • Golden Grain Energy, LLC Selling membership units in a public offering to raise equity to build an 40 MGY ethanol plant in Mason City, Iowa, United States. Includes GGE history, meeting schedule, prospectus/operating agreement and contact information.
  • Granite Falls Energy LLC A Minnesota, United States company formed to construct, own and operate a 40 million gallon ethanol production plant. Staff, ethanol facts, and newsletters.
  • Green Energy Network Advocates the use of ethanol in vehicles and offers conversion kits for gasoline vehicles. Describes their campaign, lists flex fuel vehicles, links, and how California residents can purchase ethanol from them.
  • Green Plains Renewable Energy Constructing a 50 million gallon, dry mill, fuel grade ethanol plant. Includes details about products, AG fundamental reports and a contact form. Shenandoah, Iowa, United States.
  • Gulf Alternative Energy They develop cellulosic ethanol pre-processing and production technologies for the ethanol producers in North America.
  • Hawkeye Renewables A privately-owned company that uses locally-grown corn to produce ethanol and distillers grains. Plants in Iowa Falls and Fairbank, Iowa, United States.
  • Heron Lake BioEnergy, LLC They are building a 50-million gallon coal-fired ethanol production facility near Heron Lake, Minnesota. Management, ethanol information, and contacts.
  • ICM, Inc. Offers design/build, construction, and research and development services to the ethanol industry. Based in Colwich, Kansas, United States.
  • Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc. They plan to build an ethanol plant in Brantford, Ontario, Canada capable of producing approximately 125 million litres of denatured fuel-grade ethanol annually.
  • Iowa Ethanol Produces ethanol. Includes company profile, local corn bids, production diagram, grain trading and contact form. Located in Hanlontown.
  • KL Process Design Group Offers project development, engineering, construction, and plant management with an emphasis on ethanol made from both grain and cellulose. News items, picture galleries, and a list of services provided. Rapid City, South Dakota, United States.
  • Lignol Innovations Corp. They own patented technology for biorefining ethanol and other co-products from renewable and readily available biomass. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Lincolnway Energy, LLC Building a 50 million gallon per year ethanol plant near Nevada, Iowa, United States. Includes a team directory, photos, newsletters, and product facts.
  • Mascoma Corporation Working to develop cellulosic ethanol technologies that can use a variety of feedstocks. Based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States.
  • Otter Tail Ag Enterprises, LLC They are building a 55 million gallon per year plant in Fergus, Falls, Minnesota, United States.
  • Pacific Ethanol, Inc. Producer and marketer of ethanol, wet distillers grain, and CO2 in the San Joaquin Valley of California, United States.
  • Poet, LLC Ethanol plant engineers, project management, and construction.
  • Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy LLC They are producing a 40 million gallon per year ethanol plant in Phillipsburg, Kansas, United State. This plant uses corn and milo to produce ethanol and distillers grains.
  • Qteros Working to develop cellulosic ethanol from a variety of feedstocks. Describes the technology, includes an FAQ, press releases, and investor information. Based in Massachusetts, United States.
  • Syntec Biofuel Inc. Working to develop catalysts for the production of ethanol from gasified biomass. Describes the process, fuel issues, and the industry. Based in British Columbia, Canada.
  • UniCorn Chemical LLC. Michigan-based industrial consulting company developing a turn-key bioethanol plant, capable of producing 35,000 tons of ethanol from corn per year in Bukowice, Poland.
  • United Bio Energy They provide ethanol plant general management, project management, ethanol and distillers grains marketing, and risk management services. Wichita, Kansas, United States.
  • United States EnviroFuels, LLC An ethanol technology and intellectual property company that is executing project development management, total project financing, raw material sourcing, and construction for planned, multiple fuel ethanol plants in Florida. Based in Tampa, Florida, United States.
  • Utica Energy LLC Ethanol plant in Utica, Wisconsin, United States. Lists various facts, announcements, and product offerings.
  • Verenium Corporation Working to produce cellulosic ethanol from items such as sugarcane bagasse, agricultural waste, and wood products. Describes their inputs, process, products, and investing information. Headquarters in Massachusetts, United States.
  • Vivergo Fuels Working to build and operate a world-scale, wheat ethanol plant in the UK. Lists production estimates and employment opportunities. Hull, England.
  • Western Wisconsin Energy LLC They are building an ethanol plant near Boyceville, Wisconsin, United States. Pictures, announcements, and employment opportunities.
  • ZeaChem Inc. Cellulosic ethanol company based in Colorado, United States. Lists the management, investor details, how their process works, and news items.

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