This category will list companies that manufacture and distribute transformers except the transformers used in power transmission and distribution systems (high power and high voltage) which are listed at Business/Industries/Electronics_and_Electrical/Substation_and_Transmission
  • ABB Thailand Power transformers manufacturer for Asia and the world.
  • Able Electronics Maker of AC drive chokes, DC drive chokes, transformers, reactors, Mumbai, India.
  • Acme Electric Manufacturing power conversion equipment to the electrical and electronic markets for aerospace and AC, DC power distribution.
  • Adiga Transformers & Coils Pvt Ltd. Manufacture of transformers and coils for electronic applications. From Bangalore, India.
  • Advanced Components Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of encapsulated power transformers rated from .3 VA up to 25 VA at 50-60 Hz. PC mountable. C-UL and VDE listed with CE approvals. UL 1585 and VDE EN60742 5,000 V insulation.
  • Airlink Transformers Manufacturers of toroidal transformers for the electronics industry.
  • Amar Enterprises Manufacturer of transformers 1VA to 30KVA.
  • Amgis Toroidal Power Products Designer, manufacturer and distributor of toroidal power transformers and related products, specializing in highly efficient toroidal power products.
  • Amplimo Manufacturer of a wide range of toroidal transformers for audio, medical and other applications. Approvals include Kema Keur, CE, Enec and UL.
  • Amruta Enterprises Manufacturer of oil cooled transformers. From India.
  • Amveco Magnetics Toroidal power products, electrical transformers and inductors for medical, industrial and commercial applications. Amveco designs and produces standard, custom inductors, current transformers and autotransformers.
  • Arrow Technology, Ltd. Manufacturer of R-core transformer in China.
  • Art Mandigo Transformer Winding Services inc. Provides transformer winding and repair services, transformer winding and repair training and technical support.
  • Arteche Group Designer and manufacturer of instrument transformers, relays and substation integrated protection and control (SIPC) devices.
  • Ashita Techno Enterprise Manufacturer of transformers, power transformers, control transformers, constant voltage transformers and auto transformers. From India.
  • Associated Transformers Pvt., Ltd. Manufacturer of distribution transformers, furnace and rectifier transformers and custom transformers.
  • Atech Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of communication transformers.
  • Automatic Electric Manufacture of electrical instruments, power systems and instrument transformers. From India.
  • AYA Instruments Designer of electronic metering devices and transformers for the electric power industry and for process control applications.
  • B.C.Electrical Techniques Ltd Transformers, reactors, chokes, inductors and battery chargers. From UK.
  • Beason Product Solid state transformers, Neon transformers, bombarder transformers.
  • Best Windings Produces transformers and chokes for telecommunications applications, line isolating, audio, surface mounted and switched mode power supply transformers.
  • Beverly Manufacturing Manufacturer of custom ferrite transformers and chokes for pulse, RF, switching, power, telephone, balun and other specialties including toroidal shapes. Located in New Jersey, USA.
  • Botter Elettrotecnica Manufacturer of transformers, autotransformers, inductors, inductances and power supply units. From Italy.
  • Breve-Tufvassons Breve-Tufvassons is manufacturer of transformers, regulators and power supplies based in Poland.
  • Buck Boost Transformers Sells transformers for various applications. Includes product photos and descriptions.
  • Bultraf, Ltd A major manufacturer and exporter of power transformers under 1VA to over 20KVA. From Bulgaria.
  • Burrows Electrical Specialized electrical transformer manufacturing company, 6VA to 20KVA.
  • C.A. Construcciones Electricas Iribarren Maker of high-voltage (high-tension) transformers. Located in Venezuela.
  • ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Supplier of Hall Effect sensors and transducers, ICs and elements, current transformers and gaussmeters.
  • Chetan Electric Pvt. Ltd Chetan Electric Power is an exporter of oil-cooled, dry-type, constant voltage and specialty transformers.
  • Chokes and Bombarder Transformers Choke and Bombarder information.
  • Coiltron, Inc. Standard and custom transformers, coils and chokes.
  • Control Transformer Provides custom engineered magnetics to the OEM market. Online line card and RFQ.
  • Controlled Magnetics, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of magnetics products for complex waveforms, special ratings, other unique applications. US and Asian manufacturing capability.
  • Cortec Enterprises A US electronics manufacturer specializing in toroidal power products. Specializes in isolation transformers, autotransformers, toroidal chokes and inductors.
  • CR Magnetics Current transformers, voltage transformers, power transducers, current transducers and hall effect devices for alternating and direct current.
  • Custom Transformers Custom Transformers Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of transformers and wound components. Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK.
  • Danis redresor Maker of three-phase transformers, rectifier and other magnetics. Located in Turkey.
  • Delta Group Manufacture of dry-type transformers. Online line card, photograph gallery and distributor list.
  • Deltron Electricals Transformer manufacturer, exporter and supplier. Provide dry type, distribution, power and other transformers.
  • Dongan Transformers Transformers for industrial applications. Supplier to OEM control, machine tool and panel board manufacturers.
  • Dongguan Guanghua Industry Co.,ltd Manufactures transformers. From China.
  • Douglas Electronic Industries Ltd. Supplier of printed circuit board, isolation and ferroresonant transformers. A UK based company.
  • Dwarka Industries Manufacturer of transformers, control panels and rectifiers from India.
  • East Electric Accessory Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of low power transformers, EI and toroidal.
  • Eastern Transformers and Equipment Designs and manufactures transformers, inductors, and wound electrical components and supplies standard unregulated or switched mode power supplies, as well as bespoke or custom built units.
  • ECU Electronics Industrial Co.Ltd. Maker of R-core transformer, Toroidal transformer, E-I transformer, Reactors and power supplies.
  • Electrical Products of India Manufactures and exports air cooled transformers, power supply units, exciter units and other wound components.
  • Electrical Steel Products Ltd. Suppliers of transformer laminations, toroidal cores, cut cores and universal end frames.
  • Electrical Transformer Control Equipment Corp Distributor of transformers made by various power transformer manufacturers, stock transformers for the Caribbean Islands.
  • ElettroMil Transformers and related electrically engineered equipment. Multilingual site.
  • Elma TT Manufacturer of EI and UI iron core single and three phase transformers and reactors. From Slovenia.
  • Energy Electronics Mfg. Co Ltd Manufacturer of power transformer, toy transformer, AC adaptor, DC adaptor. From China.
  • Epco Products, Inc. Manufacturer of transformers and related magnetic products.
  • Erea Transformers and Converters Erea produces transformers and converters for halogen and LED-lighting, industry, and electronics.
  • Espee Electricals Manufacturer and exporter of transformers, stabilizers, inverters, chokes, battery chargers. Located in Mumbai, India.
  • Express Transformers & Controls Limited Transformers up to 150kVA. Including reactors, inductors and ferrite (High Frequency) products also high voltage transformers, up to 80kVDC isolation and developing up to 60kVAC. From UK.
  • Feryster Manufacturer of inductors, pulse transformers, power transformers, switchmode transformers, chokes, common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, bobbins, ferrite cores. Located in Poland.
  • Flanagan Transformers Australian manufacturer of transformers from 30VA up to 50KVA, custom made for all industrial applications.
  • Flex-Core Manufacturers of split-core and solid-core current transformers, potential transformers, digital and analog panel meters, digital and analog switchboard meters, KWH submetering equipment, terminal blocks and shunt switches.
  • Foster Transformer Company Industrial, and high voltage transformers, custom and standard.
  • Fuyuan Transformer Manufacturer of toroidal, three Phase and control transformers.
  • Galaxy Transformers Manufacturer of custom transformers and magnetic components.
  • Gauss Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of transformers, coils and chokes, ballasts, power adapters and converters, and related products.
  • General Transformer Corporation Manufacturer of constant voltage and custom transformers.
  • Getra s.p.a. Producer of large and medium power transformers as well as distribution transformers.
  • Grand Transformers Incorporated The design and manufacture of custom inductive components used in electrical equipment, communications products, computer peripherals, medical instruments, industrial controls, and power conversion products.
  • Gwo Chang Multi Products Co.,Ltd. Driver, power transformers, line filters, toroidal, choke coils and adaptors. From Taiwan.
  • Haining SanLin Electronic Co., Ltd. Manufacturers transformers, choke parts, plastic bobbins, and mini ferrite cores.
  • Hammond Manufacturing Provider of electrical and electronic transformers, dry type distribution and control transformers.
  • Hammond Transformers Offers industrial control, drive isolation and distribution transformers. Transformer and line reactor products.
  • Hang Fai Trading Co. Maker of transformers, switching transformers, inductors and reactors. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Hans Von Mangoldt Aachen Designs and manufactures and tests reactors for complex frequency applications including harmonic filters.
  • Hawk Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of transformers, adaptors, power supplies, single and multi layer OC board, lamps and bulbs. From Taiwan.
  • Heluka Designs Independent transformer consultancy. Has 30 years experience in design and manufacturing. Offers technical advice and engineering support to transformer manufacturers worldwide.
  • Howard Butler Ltd. Manufacturers of ring type, moulded case encapsulated and custom current transformers. From UK.
  • Huiran transformer Co. Manufacturer of various kinds of transformers for home electric appliances use.
  • Hytronics Hytronics designs and manufactures custom magnetics for both the commercial and military markets with both onshore and offshore facilities.
  • Ideomat Italia Leading manufacturer of small industrial transformers up to 100kVA.
  • Ikontrakt Distributor of Ganz Electric Current Transformers in the US.
  • IMEL Energy SA Dry transformers and chokes from 5 to 1000 kVA, cast-resin and oil-transformers from 63 up to 5000 kVA.
  • InduComp Kft. Manufacturer of inductive components for switch mode power supplies, RF applications and toroidal transformers. From Hungary.
  • Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc. Maker of high-frequency and high-power transformers to 2MHz and 20KVA.
  • Integrity Technology Corporation Maker of transformers for modems, telephone coupling and CCFL applications.
  • Isomatic UK Manufacture of transformers for welding.
  • İzole Trafo Transformer and power electronic unit manufacturer in Turkey.
  • J. Combo Electronics Limited Transformer manufacturer in China specializes in lighting transformer, toroidal transformer, power supply and ballast.
  • Jackson Engineering Designer and manufacturer of custom toroidal transformers up to 7.5KVA. Large EI and 3-phase transformers are also built up to 15KVA. All magnetic cores are manufactured in house.
  • Jayshree Power Volt, Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of transformers such as power, rectifier, thyristor transformers and coil assemblies.
  • Jefferson Electric Manufacturer of dry-type transformers worldwide with customer and technical support services.
  • Jindal Transformers Maker of standard and oil-filled transformers, manufactured under a quality management system. A part of the Jindal Group India.
  • JM Transformers Manufacturers of custom wound transformers and specialty wound components for the electronics industry including, ferrite, laminated, toroidal and air coils.
  • JMB Electric. Supplier of low voltage electronic transformers and magnetic transformers from 60 watts to 300W, mainly for landscape and other outdoor applications.
  • JMS Transformers UK Provides off-shelf and custom transformer designs as well as toroidal products, inductors and chokes. Three-phase and single phase products available.
  • Jung Elektrogerätebau GmbH Maker of control transformers, three phase transformers and toroidal transformers.
  • Justin, Incorporated Designer and manufacturer of low voltage transformers, UL Class 2 transformers and general purpose step-down transformers for landscape and track-light applications.
  • Kaizen Electronica Provider of linear power transformers and adapters. Located in Argentina.
  • Kanohar Electricals Limited Manufacturers of power transformers in India.
  • Kappa Electricals Manufactures current and voltage transformers up to 33 kv in application, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Krishna Electricals Manufacturer of single and three phase transformer, dry typeand air core reactors, located in Mumbai, India
  • LAP C Manufacturer of transformers and inductors. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Leeds Transformer Company Limited Manufacturer of Transformers for the petro-chemical and printing industries. Specialists in transient suppression, k-factor, isolation, motor starting, high current and D.C. transformers.
  • Lenco Electronics, Inc. Lenco specializes in a wide variety of custom transformers such as isolation transformers, ferro-resonant transformers, Autotransformers, three phase transformers, and inductors.
  • Li Tone Electronic Designer and manufacturer of transformers and coils for power, telecommunications, including line filters, chokes, linear power toroidal transformers and SMD inductors.
  • Louth Transformer Company Ltd Manufacturer of transformers to customer specifications in the power range 1VA to 100KVA. Stock available.
  • Lundahl Transformers Audio transformers and transformers for tube amplifiers. From Sweden.
  • Mag-Tran Equipment Corp. Design and production of transformers, inductors, reactors, special coils, compensators, magnetic devices and rectifiers.
  • MagCap Engineering, LLC Fabrication of pulse components; reactors, inverter transformers and trigger transformers.
  • MagneComp Inc. Scott-T, custom encapsulated, pulse and trigger, custom open-frame, current transformers and corona testing.
  • Magnetic Windings Co., Inc. Specialization in the design and manufacturing of custom transformers for commercial and military applications.
  • Magnetika Designer and Manufacturer of Transformers, Inductors, and Custom Magnetic Components.
  • Magnitude Lighting Converters Magnitude manufactures transformers and drivers for the lighting industry.
  • Mahendra Electrical Works Manufacturer of current, instrument, control, voltage potential, oil immersed, tape wound, resin cast and moulded case transformers.
  • Marcie Electric, Inc. Manufacturer of transformers, transformer disconnects, power supply units and specialty disconnects.
  • Marcus Transformer Maker of high-efficiency lighting and distribution transformers for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Meinna China Biz Maker or distributor of current transformers, potential pransformers and reactors.
  • Merrimack Transformers Design and manufacture of transformers for the Irish market.
  • Meth Electric Transformers Manufacturer of industrial control transformers.
  • Micron Transformers US manufacturer of power and control transformers for OEM applications.
  • Mig Transformer Limited Manufacturer of instrument transformers. Located in China.
  • MKS Transformator Maker of slitted silicon steel and other laminations for transformers and inductors.
  • MRS Elektrik Cihazlar Maker of three-phase transformers and other magnetics. Located in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Neeltran Inc. Manufacturers of transformers and power supplies.
  • Newmarket Transformers Ltd. Producers of toroidal, laminated and auto wound transformers. From UK.
  • Noratel Sp. Manufacturer of transformers. Specialized in toroidal as well as shaped transformers of EI type.
  • Northlake Engineering, Inc. Manufactures custom magnetic products.
  • Open Source Meter Supplier of split-core and solid-core AC current transformers for electrical metering.
  • Oriental Hero Electrical Factory Power transformers, AC adaptors, DC adaptors, and electronic ballasts. From China.
  • Osborne Transformer Corporation Designer and manufacturer of specialty transformers and inductors. USA.
  • Oxford Electrical Products Ltd Manufacture of transformers for telecoms, lighting, medical, audio and pulse applications together with linear and switch mode power supplies. From UK.
  • Parekh Group Transformers and laminations cores. From India.
  • Perco Transformer Engineering Providing engineering services in transformer design reviews, witness acceptance testing, forensic analysis, and technical purchase specifications.
  • Petra Manufacturer of toroidal transformers and autotransformers. Romanian-German joint venture.
  • Pioch Company Manufacturer of electrically insulative plastic components and accessories for transformers.
  • Plan Belit Official site of CHPUP "Plant Belit". Manufacturing of transformers and other electornic parts.
  • Poggen Manufacturer and exporter of electrical laminations for all types of static and rotating machines. From India
  • Pole Transformer Pole Transformers are explained and described, with interesting histories on the pole transformer and the power pole, itself. A Glossary is included. Useful links are provided.
  • Polyphase Instrument Company Custom manufacturer of magnetic components (transformers)for military, commercial, industrial, automotive, medical, and consumer applications.
  • Power Transformers And Distribution Transformers in North America Electrical engineering consulting services for power transformers including test, design and maintenance.
  • Powertronix Products Manufactures toroidal transformers, ac and dc power supplies, inductors, current, auto, and 3-phase transformers.
  • Powervolt Manufacturer of transformers, DC power supplies and wall-mount plug-in transformers. Products are UL, CSA, CE marked. Custom Designs welcome.
  • PT Guna Era Manufaktura Panel meter, current transformer, power transducer and protection relays. From Indonesian.
  • Quality Transformer Corporation Design and manufacture of a standard transformers, custom transformers, chokes, inductors, amplifiers and toroidal transformers.
  • R Baker (Electrical) Ltd Maker of hazardous area and flameproof transformers with high-voltage and low-voltage windings for outgoing circuits.
  • R. R. Enterprises Manufacturer of high voltage transformers up to 120KV, isolation transformers and ignition transformers for plasma cutting equipment. From India.
  • Radio Electric Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of variac and toroidal transformers as well as roller contact vertical variacs. Custom design capability. Located in Mumbai, India
  • Rasquinha Electronics Manufactures transformers with a focus on toroidal cores, including ring, gapped, rectangular and C versions. From India.
  • Ravi Electricals Maker of variacs, variable transformers including dimmers, single phase flush type, 2 and 3 amp square box, and three phase variac open. India.
  • Ravistat Electricals Manufacturer of variac-style variable voltage autotransformers, single and three-phase, manual and motor-driven.
  • REO Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers. Based in the UK.
  • Rex Power Magnetics Manufacture of transformers - power, dry type, cast coil, control, auto, motor start, harmony, reactors, inductors, chokes, and enclosures.
  • Ritz Instrument Transformers Inc. A manufacturer of instrument transformers, line traps and reactors from 15 kV to 765 kV.
  • RoMan Manufacturing Manufacturer of AC transformers, specialty products and accessories including grounder reactors for welders.
  • Romarsh Ltd Manufacture of customised power transformers and wound components.
  • Roshe Power Ltd. Design and manufacture of toroidal and laminated transformers, inductors, and filters. From UK.
  • S.C. Romanelec S.R.L. Maker of low and high frequency coils and transformers, antennas, toroidal transformers. From Romania.
  • Sagaon Energy Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of power transformers for wide range of power levels up to 500KVA, 11kV.
  • Salzer Group Manufacturers of cam operated rotary switches, terminal connectors, toroidal transformers and load break switches. From India.
  • Samata Electricals Pvt Ltd Maker of instrument, oil immersed and high-voltage transformers. Mumbai, India
  • Sandeep Industries Manufacturer of Variac autotransformers and supplier of spare parts. Mumbai, India
  • Sanil Electric Co.,Ltd. Transformers, reactors and sensors. From Korea.
  • Satyashrut Industries Manufacturer Of transformer laminations, both EI and strip, sheet metal components. Mumbai, India
  • Schonberg Enterprises Limited Manufacturer of toroidal and current transformers. ISO 9002 and UL insulation certified. Locations in Taiwan and China.
  • Schott Corporation Magnetics, transformers, and inductors. Fabrication of experimental and prototype units, through production runs.
  • Semsa Elektronik Ltd. Manufacturer of air core coils, transformers and inductors built on toroidal, EI laminated, and ferrite cores as well as current transformers.
  • Seven Star Importer of voltage and power converters, voltage transformers, battery chargers, 220V converters.
  • Shekou Jewel Electronic Co Ltd Manufacturer of winding inductive components including flyback transformers, high-frequency transformers. From China.
  • Shenzhen Sensor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Designer and manufacturer of current sense transformers, analog and digital voltage and current transducers.
  • Shin Iang Toroidal Transformer Co, Ltd. Manufacturer of toroidal transformers.
  • Shri Guru Nanak Electrical Engineering Works Maker of stabilizers, single, two and three-phase transformers.
  • Shri Guru Nanak Electricals Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of single and three phase transformers, ultra isolation transformers. Located in India.
  • Shri Gurunanak Electrical Engineering Works Maker of voltage stabilizing and three-phase transformers. India.
  • Sigma Electricals Designer and manufacturer of autotransformers, magnetic amplifiers, reactors, control transformers, chokes. Located in India.
  • Signal Transformer Manufacturer of power transformers, EI, toroidal, 3 phase and high-frequency. Manufacturing locations in the Dominican Republic, China & USA.
  • Sin Wen Hua Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Provider of transformers, reactors, inductors and coils. Located at Sanchong City, Taipei County, Taiwan.
  • SNC Manufacturing Co, Inc. Manufacturer and worldwide marketer of transformers, coils, high frequency magnetics and value-added assemblies.
  • Solomon Corporation Re-conditioned and new pole pigs.
  • Staco Energy Products Co. Manufactures voltage controls, transformers, regulators and power conditioners for industrial and consumer markets.
  • Staco Variable Transformers Variacs, few hundred VA to hundreds of kVA.
  • Stancor Products Manufacturer of global and power transformers. USA.
  • Standard Transformers Manufacturer, testor of transformers and rectifiers stabilizers in the voltage class of 11 KV to 132 KV and rating from 10KVA to 40 MVA.
  • Step Up Electricals Pvt., Ltd. Maker of transformers single phase, three-phase, control, pulse transformers and chokes.
  • Stepro Regulators Manufacturer of transformers, regulators and battery charger units from Turkey.
  • Success Electronics & Transformer Manufacturer Sdn Bhd Manufacturer of auto transformer, power transformer, automatic voltage stabilizer, ballast, electronic ignitors and battery chargers.
  • Suenn Liang Electric Co.,Ltd. Specializing in manufacturing transformers. Main products: single and three-phase transformer, series/AC reactor, multi-voltage control box transformer, and electric transformer.
  • Sunbelt's Transformer New and remanufactured transformers for industrial and commercial clients.
  • System Control Electricals Maker of current potential transformers and instrument transformers. From Mumbai, India.
  • Taiwan Lynx Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of telecommunication transformers, switch mode power transformer and other magnetics. From Taiwan.
  • Taylor Transformers Manufacturer of transformers for industrial, panel type, portable tool and site, site lighting, extension leads, splitters, plugs and sockets. From UK.
  • Teknofabs Manufacturer and exporter of single phase, three phase, high current transformers, chokes, inductors and reactors. Located in India.
  • Telectran Pty Ltd Manufacturer of transformers and components for the electrical industry.
  • TEMCo Provider of three phase, isolation, control, dry-type, step-up/down Transformers and drive isolation transformers, and autotransformers.
  • Tianshun Electrical Materials Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of winding wire, transformers and transformer accessories.
  • TMC Transformers Designer and manufacturer of electric cast resin transformers, primarily for power distribution.
  • Todd Systems Manufacturers of transformers to convert American appliances for use on foreign voltages and foreign appliances for use in the USA.
  • Toroid Corporation Manufactures toroidal transformers used in power supplies and as isolation transformers.
  • Tortech Manufacturer of toroids, toroidal transformer products, custom designed transformers compliant to all quality standards in Australia and worldwide.
  • TrafoConsult Software for design of electrical transformers and inductors. Info about CE marking. Free demo available.
  • Trafomatic Design and manufacture of toroidal transformers, single phase transformers, three phase transformers and resistance welding transformers. Mladenovac, Serbia.
  • Tramo-Etv Manufacturer of various types of transformers including toroidal, 3-phase, audio, switchmode and others from 1VA to 10KVA. Located in Sweden.
  • TransElectro Transformers, coils and DC power supplies.
  • Transformer Winding Services, Ltd. Designer and manufacturer of single-phase and three-phase current, voltage and power transformers to 50kVA. Located in New Zealand.
  • Transmag UK Manufacturer of cast resin indoor voltage and current transformers.
  • Trench Limited Manufacture air core reactors, instrument transformers, power quality products, earth fault protection, bushings, line traps, relay communications and protection and control equipment.
  • TScomponents Distributor of line isolating transformers from both the Critchley and ETAL ranges.
  • ttf Flieger GmbH Voltage stabilizers from Germany.
  • Unitech Transformers Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of transformers, chokes, harmonic filters, ultra isolation transformers. From India.
  • Urja Techniques Pvt. Ltd Manufacturer of Furnace Transformers, Industrial Transformers, Mumbai, India
  • Utility Systems Technologies Manufacturer of electronic voltage regulators and electric power line conditioners for transient power protection in low voltage single phase and three phase applications
  • Vaidya Bros. Maker of variable voltage transformers autotransformers, industrial transformers, automatic voltage stabilizers, oil-cooled transformers. Located in Mumbai, India.
  • Vijay Electricals Maker of toroidal, constant voltage and other transformers, autotransformers.
  • Vikarsh Stampings India Private Limited Makers of transformer laminations,grain-oriented and others, toroidal cores and other transformer assembly materials.
  • Vinuta Manufacturing Co., Ltd Manufacturer of inductors, pulse transformers, power transformers, switchmode transformers, chokes, common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, bobbins, ferrite cores. Located in Slovakia.
  • Virtual Magnetics Develop planar transformers and magnetics. Components are simulated with finite elemente analysis.
  • Voltage Converter Transformers Distributor of voltage converters, regulators, stabilizers, step up and step down transformers.
  • Wabash Transformer, Inc. Manufacturer of custom and standard power transformers for domestic or international equipment such as industrial lighting, metering and general PC board applications.
  • West Coast Magnetics Designs and manufactures power and RF magnetics, power inductors, current transformers, common mode chokes, switch mode and 60 Hz transformers. Online ordering.
  • Yingjiao Electrical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of linear and switchmode power transformers. From China.
  • ZAREL Transformers and Coils Maker of toroidal, encapsulated, clamp mounted, filter, isolation, phase, control and other transformers and inductors. From Spain.

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