Category for manufacturers of magnetic components, including ferrites, transformers, coils, chokes and inductors.
  • Aakash Electricials Maker of small and medium power transformers and coils. From India
  • Abc Taiwan Electronics Manufacturer of inductive and magnetic components. From Taiwan.
  • Ace Electronics Designer and manufacturer of high frequency and low frequency filter coils, power transformers, current transformers, chokes, tuning coils and electronic ballasts. Located in India.
  • Actown Electrocoil, Inc. Manufacturer of industrial coils and high voltage transformers.
  • AEM, Inc. Manufacturer of ferrite beads, ferrite inductors, ceramic inductors, and high-reliability fuses.
  • Agelec Industrie Manufacturer of custom single and multi-phase power transformers from 1 to 4000KVA; chokes to 10KA for more than 50 years. Also makes specialty test transformers and reactors. Located in Grenoble, France.
  • Agile Magnetics Maker of custom transformers, inductors and magnetic coils, through-hole and SMT.
  • Altran Corporation Designs and manufacturers all varieties of transformers and inductors.
  • AM Transformers UK manufacturers and distributors of transformers and related products.
  • American Magnetics Corp. Designer and manufacturer of transformers, inductors, coils and related wound electromagnetic components 1 to 20KVA.
  • Amethyst Designs, Ltd. Designer of custom transformers, coils and other wound components.
  • Anglia Transformers Manufacturers of transformers, chokes and inductors to customer specifications. From UK.
  • Anla Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of surface mount wire wound EMC components, multilayer chip beads and inductors, SMD power inductors, line filter, choke coils, and SMT radial type coil.
  • APR Electronics Pvt Ltd. Manufacturerand exporter of transformers, chokes, coils and inductive componets and assemblies.
  • Aqsa Stamping Manufacturer of transformer laminations: Electrical and instrumentation, toroidal core. From India.
  • Arya Electricals Transformers manufacturer based in india, offering an exclusive range of transformers for power distribution, arc furnaces and others.
  • Asian Production & Components (APC) Distributor of transformers, inductors and providing of winding services. Based on Denmark.
  • ATL Transformers Ltd ATL Transformers are a UK manufacturers of power transformers based in Manchester.
  • Audio Transformers Shinrock Manufacturer of audio transformers for tube amplifiers. Technical information and formulas for design and measurement.
  • Australian Tortech Transformers Global manufacturer and distributor of toroidal and conventional transformers, chokes and plug packs located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Bones Electronics Co., Ltd Manufacturer of single phase toroidal iron cores, toroidal and EI transformers, 0.5VA to 30KVA, both custom and off-shelf.
  • Butler Winding Butler Winding is a producer and supplier of electronic transformers, inductors and custom magnetic products to our own design or the customer specifications.
  • Canada Transformers Maker of dry-type electrical transformers: single and three-phase isolation transformers, distribution transformers, auto-transformers, motor-starting transformers, line reactors and epoxy encapsulated transformers.
  • Canduct Industries Limited Manufacturer of insulation components and cylinder kits for oil-filled electrical transformers.
  • Canterbury Windings Toroidal transformer designer and manufacturer specialising in transformers for use in audio equipment.
  • CET Technology Manufacturer of power, audio, and telecom transformers, inductors, chokes, toroids, linear and switching power supplies.
  • Chirk Industry Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of high voltage transformers, high voltage switching power supplies, negative ion generators, ozone generators, and electrostatic precipitators.
  • CineMag Manufacturer of professional grade audio transformers and inductors.
  • Cletronics Inc. Manufacture and repair/replacement of custom magnetics.
  • Coil Tec Of Arizona, Inc. Manufacturer of transformers, coils, inductors and chokes.
  • CoilMaster Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of coils, inductors and magnets.
  • Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of inductors: SMT power, wire wound, single and multilayer ceramic chip, wire wound ferrite, common mode chokes.
  • Coils Unlimited Designers and manufacturers of custom and standard wound magnetics components.
  • Coiner Electronics CO.,LTD Manufacturer of switch mode power supplies, power transformers and filters. Compliance with ISO9001, UL, CE, GS, CCEE. China.
  • Communication Associates Manufacture electronic components for the CATV and telecommunications industry including transformers, chokes, wound magnetics, air coils, inductive, and magnetic components.
  • CoreMaster International, Inc. Manufacturer of soft magnetic cores.
  • Cramer Magnetics Manufacturer of transformers and inductors for linear and switchmode power up to 1KW.
  • Createmax Provider of RFID antennas, chokes, inductors, and transformers.
  • CT Magnetics Source for power magnetics, transformers, chokes, coils for worldwide medical, communications, industrial and military industries
  • Custom Magnetics ISO 9001 approved supplier of custom wound transformers and coils.
  • Datatronic, Ltd. Manufacturer of wirewound SMPS, power, gate drive, and current sense transformers, SMD inductors, inductors, chokes and RF magnetic components
  • E & E Magnetic Products Ltd Designs and manufactures transformers, noise filters and common mode chokes for broadband access, LAN and telecom applications.
  • E Craftsmen E Craftsmen designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom transformers, standard and custom inductors, chokes and reactors. Industries served include aerospace, military, power supply and lighting.
  • Ecom International Co. Ltd. Maker of current transformers, DC-immune and zero-phase CTs. Located in Taiwan.
  • Ehua Co, Ltd. Established in 1993. Manufacturer of linear power, toroidal, switchmode and other transformers and inductors.
  • EK Magnetics Manufacturer of surface mount/through-hole transformers and inductors, common mode chokes, air coils, toroids, balun, solenoids, and magnetics components for the power and telecom industry.
  • Electro Assemblies Corporation Manufacturer of toroidal, laminated and ferrite magnetics.
  • Electrohms Private Limited Current, voltage transformers for metering and protection. XDSL, ISDN, LAN magnetics for telecom
  • Electron Coil, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of custom-wound magnetics for the commercial, medical, utility, military and aerospace industries.
  • Elettronica Rossoni Maker of chokes and transformers, surface mount, driver, toroidal coils, mains filters, wound components, for lighting.
  • Ensign Corporation Manufacturer of electronic transformers and adapters for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Ericon Transformers Designs, manufactures Current and Voltage Transformers including Low Tension and High Tension types.
  • ESH&F, spol. s r.o. Custom choke and transformer manufacturer with tooling capability. Power levels to 500kVA. Located in the Czech republic.
  • Falco Electronics, Mexico Manufacturer of PCB mountable transformers and inductors; common mode chokes, base/gate drive, EMI suppression, current sense, switchmode, DC/DC converters and xDSL.
  • FELCO - The Forest Electric Company Manufacturer of custom, specialty transformers.
  • Ferroperm UK Ltd. Specialized manufacturer of magnetic electronic components, including inductors, filters and transformers.
  • Filtran, Ltd Designer and manufacturer of magnetics, transformers, power supplies, filters, inductors and chokes for the telecommunications industry.
  • FT Transformers Ltd. Manufacturer of power transformers, line reactors, chokes and power supplies which range from 3VA to over 3MVA. From UK.
  • Fuse Electronics Inc. Fuse Electronics designs and manufactures custom transformers and inductors of many types.
  • GB International Manufacturer of transformers, current sensors and inductors
  • Gowanda Electronics Manufacturer of inductors, coils, transformers and chokes.
  • Guangzhou Yongxiang Electrical Appliance Factory Maker of various power and high-frequency transformers including R-type and PC board mountable.
  • Halo Electronics Manufacturer of filters and transformer modules for networking and data communications applications.
  • Helmut Penka Handelsvertretung Represents manufacturer of inductive components such as toroidal transformers, chokes, push-pull converter, current transformers
  • Hisonic, Inc Manufacturer of custom transformers, inductors, chokes, filters, multi-coil assemblies for power supplies, isolation and signal conditioning applications.
  • Hitran Corporation Designer and manufacturer of rectifier, dry-type, drive isolation and high-voltage distribution transformers, chokes and reactors.
  • Houston Transformer Company Manufacturer of custom designed transformers, inductors, chokes and related magnetic devices since 1969. Specialzing in downhole applications for well drilling.
  • Huafeng Electronics Transformer and ballast supplier located in China. Maker of toroidal, laminated EI and ferrite transformers.
  • Hurricane Electronics Lab Inc. Manufacturer of inductors, transformers, chokes, coils, current transformers, and filters for use in buck, boost, flyback, and sepic switch mode power supplies.
  • ICE Components Supplier of standard and custom passive magnetic components.
  • Indian Transformers Manufacturers Association A national association established in 1979 with the objective of promoting the interest of manufacturers of distribution and power transformers, autotransformers, furnace transformers, rectifier transformers and instrument transformers.
  • Inductive Technologies, LLC Manufacturer of surface mount transformers, inductors, pot core and common mode chokes, and coils.
  • Induktorindo Manufacturer of custom inductive components in Indonesia.
  • ISE - Inductive Systems Europe Designer and producer of high voltage, flyback, trigger and gate drive transformers, current sensors and transformers, DC storage chokes, PFC and buck chokes.
  • Italtras Italtras produces encapsulated, low profile, open transformers with ENEC mark, toroidal transformers with cURus mark (UL+ CSA), transformers in ferrite for electronic use, inductors, and three-phase transformers. Located in Saluzzo, Italy.
  • Jensen Transformers Manufacturer of high-fidelity audio and specialty transformers. Good source of valuable technical information on the use of transformers.
  • Jerome Industries Designer and manufacturer of standard agency approved and custom transformers. Standard units are housed in a thermoplastic enclosure. Units approved to international safety standards.
  • Jet Cham Enterprise Co, Ltd. Specialized manufacturer of high-voltage trigger coils and transformers, ignition coils, sector-wound and other SMD magnetic components. From Taiwan.
  • Johnson Electric Coil Designer and manufacturer of single, three phase, high voltage transformers and autotransformers.
  • Joshi Electronics & Electricals Pvt Ltd Manufacturer Of transformers for single and multiple-phase applications. Located in Mumbai, India.
  • kosed Corporation Manufacturer of inductive reactors, noise isolation and transmission-line transformers, toroidal and specialty transformers. From Korea.
  • Kryfs Laminations Manufacturer of cold-rolled and grain-oriented transformer laminations and cores from 10 KVa to 100,000 KVa.
  • L D POWER Transformers Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of power, distribution and furnace transformers, India.
  • Leightner Electronics, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of transformers, inductors and reactors for military, aerospace, oilfield (downhole), medical and commercial applications.
  • Lion Electronics Ent. Co., Ltd. Manufacturers and designs transformers, inductor, coils and chip beads.
  • Magnum Transformer Designer and manufacturer of 50/60 Hz power transformers, High Frequency magnetics, Planar Magnetics, and SMT Transformers.
  • Mainstar Industries, Ltd Custom manufacturer of transformers, chokes, coils and inductors.
  • Majestic Transformer Co. Designs and manufacturer of custom built transformers, chokes up to 125kVA rating. Single phase and three phase.
  • Matsuta Company, Ltd. (MCL) Manufactures many kinds of coils and transformers and chokes. Chona.
  • MCI Transformer Manufacturers of "off the shelf" type 50/60 hz transformers, PC and chassis types, Custom products. Toroids and High Frequency, drum core inductors, inductors, current sensors. UL,CSA,TUV recognized transformers.
  • Meisongbei Electronics Co., Ltd Manufacturer of SMD power inductors, coils, axial inductor, ferrite beads, emi core, pcb mount encapsulated transformers. Located in China.
  • Meramec Electrical Products Co., Inc. Manufacturer of bushing type current and instrument transformer for the high-power electrical industry.
  • Microspire SAS Manufacturer of custom coils,chokes and transformers for military and space applications as well as for severe environments. Microspire SAS is the only wound magnetics manufacturer to be qualified by the European Space Agency.
  • Midcom, Inc. Manufacturer of telecommunications and power transformers and inductors.
  • Minntronix Corporation Manufacturer of transformers and inductors for telecom and power supply applications.
  • Miracle Electronics Manufacturer of toroidal, electrical and instrumentation, audio line and low-profile transformers.
  • Mitchell Electronics A family business, owned, managed, and operated by 3 generations. Maker of custom transformers and inductors, emphasizes a personal touch.
  • Mitchell Transformers Designers and manufacturers of heavy current water and air cooled transformers, DC chokes and AC reactors.
  • MPS Industries A manufacturer or custom designed magnetic components including transformers, inductors, filters, and chokes for many industries such as medical, military, aerospace, automotive, telecom and consumer.
  • Murata Power Solutions - Datel Manufacturer of DC-DC converters, AC/DC power, high-reliability power supplies, digital panel meters, magnetics, data acquisition devices.
  • New Delhi Laboratories Private Limited A New Delhi, India based company specializing in preventive care of distribution transformers.
  • Newava Technologies, Inc Designer and manufacturer of custom and standard inductors, transformers, coils, toroid magnetics, chokes, cable & wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • Nova Magnetics Manufactures a wide range of transformers and inductors at facilities in Garland, Texas with manufacturing partnership in Mexico.
  • Nuvotem Talema Designer and manufacturer of toroidal transformers, chokes, and inductors, and other toroidal magnetic components.
  • Oxford Electrical Products Ltd UK based company, designs manufactures and markets wound components and power sources for the OEM electronics manufacturing sector.
  • P.A. Electronics Corporation Manufactures custom military and commercial magnetics. Manufactures and markets the Vernistat product line.
  • Padmavahini Transformers Pvt., Ltd. Manufacturer and supplier of transformers for distribution general-purpose power, furnaces, heat-treatment transformers and open-delta type.
  • Para-Line Transformer Co., Inc. Manufacturer of stock and custom transformers, chokes, and inductors.
  • Parana Electrotech PVT, Ltd. Manufacturer of transformers for current sensing, voltage step-up/down, control, lighting, instruments, medical and auxiliary applications.
  • Paras Power Engineering Pvt., Ltd. Voltage transformer manufacturer and supplier company based india, offering current transformers, dry type cast resin transformer and metering cubicles.
  • Payton Group Payton develops magnetic components, with sales offices and plants in Israel, Europe, India, United States and the Far East. Manufacturer of both conventional and planar transformers, custom and off-shelf products available.
  • Phase Quest Maker of rotary and static converters to power 3-phase motors from a single phase line.
  • Pioneer Electric Pioneer Electric is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry type electrical transformers.
  • Polara Engineering Manufacturer of delay lines and custom magnetic components such as inductors, air coils, pulse transformers and custom LC devices.
  • Power Transformer Co. Informational site regarding power transformers that also contains sponsored links.
  • Precision, Inc. Engineering-driven, high-tech manufacturer of custom and standard magnetic components.
  • Prem Magnetics Inc. Maker of a line of power and telephony transformers, inductors, and CRT display magnetics.
  • Pulse Engineering, Inc Manufacturer of inductors and transformers for power supply and data communications applications.
  • R Baker (Electrical) Ltd. Manufacturing and repair service for electrical transformer for marine and industrial use.
  • R. R. Enterprises Maker of various types of transformers including high voltage, ignition transformers, epoxy molded, low voltage, high current, single and three phase. Located in India.
  • Radius Power Manufacturer of power transformers and chokes, interconnect and cable assemblies
  • Read Controls Distributor of transformers and inverters, based in the UK. Comelit authorized agent and distributor.
  • Regional Mfg. Specialists, Inc. Manufacturer of transformers and inductors.
  • Reo Components Supplier of components to the power electronics industry. Specialities are wound, inductive components, EMC filters and transformers.
  • Richard Sumner Technology Manufacture quality toroid products.
  • Robison Electronics, Inc. Encapsulation shells, component mounting insulators and specialty molded plastic items such as hybrid covers and mounting systems for magnetics.
  • Rodon Products, Inc. Custom coil winding. Transformers, inductors, self-supported, high-temperature, encapsulated. Prototyping, and high volume. Commercial and military/aerospace. Mil-I-45208A facility.
  • Rotacional Design and manufacture of custom and off-shelf transformers and inductors for the electronics industry. Prototyping and high volume magnetics for applications such as: telecom, xDSL, instrumentation and DC/DC converters.
  • Santronics, Inc. Designs and manufactures magnetic components, inductors, chokes, RF trimmers, and transformers. Design to compliance with spacings, insulation, dielectric strength per UL, CSA, and IEC standards.
  • SARAH Inc. Design and manufacture of transformers for telecommunications, power, surge and noise suppression, constant voltage; inductors.
  • Scandinavian Transformer Sp. z o.o. Manufacturer of single and three phase transformers, reactors and coils with toroidal, EI, UI, 3UI and ferrite cores.
  • Sentran Corporation Manufacturer of precision current transformers and transducers, specializing in low phase shift.
  • Siddhivinayak Enterprises Manufacturer of dry and oil-immersed instrument transformers, voltage transformer from Mumbai, India.
  • Sigma Electricals Manufacturers of transformers. From India.
  • Spirax Coils Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of pulse transformers, inductor coils, current transformers, baluns, ununs and other magnetic components. Located in India.
  • Stroptel Manufacturer of transformers, chokes, inductors and toroids to customer specifications. From Slovakia.
  • Suresh Electrical Industries Manufacturer and exporter of transformers for low-voltage, current-sensing isolation and furnace applications.
  • Suzhou Beita Electronic Appliance Factory Manufacturer of transformers and inductors near Suzhou, China.
  • Suzhou Voltage Regulator Factory Produce and design kinds of transformers and stabilizers from China.
  • Tabtronics Inc. Manufacturer of custom electromagnetics. Transformers, coils and conductors, in low to mid volume.
  • Tamura Europe Manufacturers of transformers and inductors for all applications.
  • Taunus Transformatoren Transformers to convert 100-120V to 220-240V etc. Designed to power equipment designed to run on international voltages using local power mains. Germany.
  • Telcon Ltd Manufacturer of soft magnetic cores and components, including toroid cores, Hall effect, current and voltage transformers and custom design products.
  • Thai Lin Radio Coil Mfy. Ltd. Manufacturer of choke coils, EMI filters, inductors, power supplies, and transformers.
  • Token China Precision Power Components Inc Designer and manufacturer of multilayer chip beads and RF inductors, SMD power inductors, SMT radial type coils, Piezo ceramic and precision resistors.
  • Toroid International Design and manufacture of high-performance toroidal transformers and chokes
  • Trans Mag Corporation Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, TransMag provides transformers, inductors and coils for the commercial, medical, military and high-reliability markets.
  • Transformer Protector Corp. Maker of transformer protection technology to prevent explosions and fires caused by short circuits in oil-filled power transformers.
  • Transformer Service Inc. Offers testing, maintenance and repair services of electrical substation and distribution transformers.
  • Transformers Inc. - Coil Tran Designer and manufacturer of custom transformers and inductors.
  • Transtek Magnetics Manufacturer of transformers, coils, inductors for telecommunication and networking and power applications.
  • Tri Technology Manufacturer of wound components including transformers, inductors and general coils, also offering surface mount PCB assembly service.
  • TSC Electronics, Ltd. Manufacturer of inductors, chokes, coils, transformers, ferrites and magnetics, capacitors and EMI suppression modules.
  • Unique Electrical Stampings Maker of transformer laminations, stampings and bobbins. Located in Mumbai, India.
  • Unitech Transformers Pvt.Ltd. Manufacturer and supplier of transformers and chokes for industrial applications. Also provides distribution transformers. Located in Mumbai, India.
  • Unitrafo Importer and seller of power transformers including those made by European companies such as Pauwels Trafo, Trafox and GBE. From Sweden.
  • Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of transformers, power supplies, videophones, internet screen phones, ADSL modems and routers, fiber optical components and general contract manufacturing of electronic components.
  • Uttam (Bharat) Electricals Private Limited Maker of power distribution, Single-phase, three-phase transformers, .05KVA to 10MVA. Located in India.
  • UV Electric Maker of high-power electronic ballasts for driving high-power UV lamps used in curing and water and air disinfection applications
  • V&F Transformer Corporation Manufactures custom transformers in production quantities as well as toroid, linear, foil wrapped and chokes.
  • Vanson Electronics Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of battery charger, adaptor, power supplies, converters, transformers and batteries.
  • Villa Industrias Manufacturer of transformers, EI and TL silicon steel laminations, HID and other ballasts.
  • Virtual Magnetics Developer of virtual magnetics - Ingenieurbuero (engineer) Richard Bernauer develops inductive components, with an emphasis on planar transformers
  • VM Engineering Designer and manufacturer of linear power transformers to 250VA. Located in Italy.
  • Voltage Phase Informative site on voltage phase power, and why electrical equipment operates optimally with balanced voltage phase power sources.
  • Voltech Instruments Transformer test and power analysis equipment. Equipment for measuring inductance, capacitance, resistance, turns ratio, leakage, magnetising current, turns ratio, power, watts, harmonics and flicker.
  • Wendeng Sanji Electronics Co., Ltd. Vendor of degaussing coils, filters, transformers, chokes, coils, delay lines.
  • Werner Schaffer Transformatoren GmbH & Co KG Manufacturer of Transformers, Chokes and Coils
  • West Coast Magnetics Manufacturer of power and RF magnetics including RF inductors, power inductors, current transformers, common mode chokes, switch mode transformers and 60 Hz transformers.
  • Wirebenders Manufacturing Manufacture coils, transformers, and inductors.
  • Manufacturer of toroidal power and current transformers. Located in India.
  • Xfmrs, Inc. Manufacturer of transformers for data communications, audio and telecommunications.

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