Sites that list or sell single function, or special function test equipment would be listed in this category.
  • Acculogic JTAG (Boundary Scan, IEEE 1149.1) test and programming tools for applications in printed circuit assembly test, on board programming of Flash devices, in system programming (ISP) of PLDs, and CPLDs, through boundary scan.
  • ADEX Urzadzenia Pomiarowe Producer of insulation testers and milliohmmeters for telecommunications and power engineering.
  • April Instrument Manufactures compact, programmable microwave signal generators covering 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. 1 MegaHertz resolution.
  • ASI Limited X-detech - portable intermodulation detector. Helps you find the source of that pesky interference. For sale or rent.
  • Auburn Technology Corporation Manufacture passive RF probe with light loading characteristics and a bandwidth of 100KHz to 3GHz.
  • Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation Manufacturer of delay generators, function/arbs, pulse generators, and nuclear spectroscopy instrumentation.
  • Cabletest Systems Inc. Designer and manufacturer of a range of test equipment used in verification of wiring, cabling systems, and complex interconnection products.
  • Calibrators, Inc. Calibration traceability in many metrology labs and calibration houses.
  • CAMI Research Inc. Manufactures cable and harness test equipment and systems.
  • Cirris Systems Corporation Manufactures equipment for cable testers, harness testers, and hipot testers.
  • Compass Networks Network analyzer and remote network testing.
  • Creative Electronic Systems Develops real-time test and simulation hardware and software products for telecom, aerospace, nuclear and particle physics applications.
  • Data Design Corp. Designs and manufactures instruments and specialised computer equipment for the physics and engineering markets including CAMAC based instruments and SCSI connected.
  • Deltec Company DC Ammeter shunts calibrated at the factory to have standard accuracy of ± 1/4%. Most models can be supplied at either a 50 millivolt or a 100 millivolt range.
  • DiagnoSYS Limited A range of advanced electronic test and inspection systems for manufacturing and service industries.
  • Digital Logic Instruments GmbH Sales of digital equipment for measurements.
  • Digitron/Firing Circuits Manufacturer of battery test, monitoring, and formation equipment.
  • Dynalab Test Systems Wire harness/cable testers for verifying circuits, splices, diodes, resistors, capacitors, switches and relays.
  • Electronic Design Specialists, Inc. Designs and manufactures specialty electronic equipment. Specializes in test equipment designed specifically to help electronic technicians troubleshoot electronic problems.
  • Electronics Test Technology Coordination Research Supplies testing services in electronics including semiconductors, passives components, materials, high temperature electronics, soldering and assembly.
  • Elmika Microwave Technologies Sweep oscillators, scalar and vector analyzers, frequency converters, attenuators, frequency meters and waveguide components.
  • Encore Electronics Inc. Designs and manufactures test and measurement equipment for research labs, process control and industrial automation. Online technical specifications and price list.
  • Engineering Solutions Inc. A design firm specializing in industrial test, measurement and control systems.
  • F&F SoftTools Provides software that captures printer or plotter hardcopy output from an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, or spectrum analyzer and creates an image file on a PC.
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Test Facilities Medical device E3 test center, electro-magnetic test center for antennas, devices and all sorts of electronics equipment.
  • Gold Lite Group Fiber optics and PCM test equipment, SDH analyser, fiber monitoring system, mini OTDR, optical spectrum analyser, power meter and light source.
  • Head Acoustics Measurement system for the analysis of electroacoustical parameters of microphones, loudspeakers and other acoustic transducers as well as hearing aids in the time and frequency domain. Artificial head testing for acoustic applications.
  • Hirst Magnetic Instruments Gaussmeters and hall probes for magnetic flux density measurements up to 3 Tesla in 1 micro Tesla steps. Axial and transverse probes available.
  • Howard Electronic Instruments Inc. Specializing in professional soldering, desoldering, and dispensing tools. RF Spectrum anayzer probe and a capacitor test meter.
  • IET Labs, Inc. Manufacturer of manual and programmable standards, substituters, and instruments for calibration, test, measurement and metrology applications.
  • Independence Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of custom electronic test equipment including monitor test generators and capacitor checkers.
  • Integrity Design and Research Instrumentation for AC and DC magnetic field measurement (including gaussmeter, geomagnometer). Magnetic field measurement instrumentation.
  • Jobmatch Systems Manufacturing and sales of high performance, low cost, PC based logic analyzers.
  • Krohn-Hite Corporation Manufacturer of electronic test and measurement tools; such as filters, amplifiers, wideband calibrator, standards, references, simulators, phasemeter, phase angle controllers and power meters.
  • Lindos Electronics Audio and studio test and measurement equipment.
  • Magnet -Physik GmbH Magnetic measuring and magnetizing equipment.
  • Master Co, Ltd Products test and measurement equipment such as video signal generator, signal distributor and sync generators.
  • Meet International Ltd. Multi-function tester, sensor and detector manufacturer.
  • Megatester Continuity tester upgrade for the Mini Maglite allows testing the integrity of all AC or DC unenergized circuits.
  • Morrow Technologies Corporation RF and microwave spectrum analyzers and broadband and base station analyzers.
  • MSB Design Designers and manufacturers of telecommunications test equipment.
  • NaTCH Engineering Loudspeaker and speaker production test systems.
  • Newtons4th Ltd Manufactures test instruments including gain/phase analyser, selective level meter, LCR meter, transformer analyser, vector voltmeter, and laboratory power amplifiers.
  • Optical Wavelength Laboratories Manufacturer of fiber optic test equipment. Includes power meters, light sources, and talk sets used for measuring and certifying fiber optic network installations.
  • Opticus Fibre optics and telecom test equipment distributor. Mini-OTDR, Modular Network Tester, Service Advisor, DSL tester, visible laser, talkset, training.
  • Peak Electronic Design Limited Manufacturer of electronic component test equipment and network cable test equipment.
  • Photon Dynamics, Inc. Manufacturer of test and repair equipment for manufacturers of TFT, LCD, cathode tube, and other display devices.
  • Poworld Electronics Manufacturer of testers that monitor microelectronic characteristics of rectifier and diodes.
  • Practical Instrument Electronics, Inc. Process calibrator manufacturers, design, manufacture, repair and recalibration. Calibration of Altek calibrators
  • Premosys Gmbh Manufacturers optoelectronic test equipment.
  • Pt. Telemedia Mitra Erajaya Provides test and measurement systems for data communication.
  • Quantum Composers Specializing in test equipment - off the shelf and custom pulse/digital delay generators, beam diagnostics, deep engraving laser systems, and laser system design.
  • Rohde and Schwarz Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment especially RF and precision equipment.
  • Schmid Manufacturer of digital audio measurement equipment, OEM engineering services
  • Scientific Instrumentation Ltd Manufacturing specialized electronic instruments and equipment for scientific research, industrial, and military applications.
  • Sefram Manufacturers test instruments and accessories. From France.
  • Segue data Systems Audio testing hardware and wav file conversion software.
  • Signal Recovery Designer and manufacturer of specialized instruments for measuring low level or noisy electrical signals.
  • Sonoma Instrument Amplifiers Data sheets and technical information about broadband laboratory amplifiers. 10kHz to 5 GHz are available.
  • South Bay Technology, Inc. Manufacturers equipment and supplies for cutting, polishing, crystal orientation, plasma etching, ion beam sputter deposition and other techniques to prepare samples for microstructural analysis. Registration required for full use.
  • Stirling Rock International Pty Ltd Supplies handheld test instruments for medical/industrial applications.
  • Venable Industries Frequency response analyzers to measure frequency response, feedback stability and impedance of analog circuits.
  • Vulkan Electronic Test and measurement modules for optical devices.
  • Willtek Communications Provides test and measurement solutions for testing, measuring, and analysing RF networks and devices.
  • Zeal Services High voltage breakdown monitor and a DC regulated power supply.

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