• A. Damiano & Company Manufacturers and exporters of transmission and distribution materials.
  • AAA Acme General Electrical Distributor of power transformers including Acme and GE.
  • Acksen Ltd Manufacturer of voltage loggers and voltage detectors for Electric Power Utilities and General Industry specializing in interruption loggers, voltage recorders, personal voltage alarms, non-contact voltage detection, live line (HV) detection, telemetry and magnetic field detection.
  • Acme Aerospace Inc. Manufacturers transformers for power distribution applications and custom batteries and battery controls for aerospace applications. (Nasdaq: ACEE).
  • AMES Impex Electricals Pvt. Ltd. Manufacture cast resin, dry type resin imp regnated transformers with a capacity of up to 3000 KVA with a voltage level of 35 KV and below.
  • Applied Precision Ltd Research, development and production of measuring devices for the electricity distribution industry . Products include automated test equipment for electricity meters, power analyzers and coulometry .
  • Arteche Group Manufacturer of outdoor and indoor instrumentation transformers, relays and protection relays, and substation integrated pretoection control. Product catalogs in PDF.
  • Baco Manufacture of domestic and industrial switchgear. From France.
  • Boddingtons Electrical Limited Manufacturers of electrical safety products and electrical control and monitoring equipment.
  • Brooks Manufacturing Company Manufacturers distribution crossarms and transmission structure framing.
  • Cam Tran Transformers Manufacturer and refurbish oil-filled distribution transformers for global utility/power corporations, and contractor/developers.
  • COMEM S.p.a. Manufacturer of epoxy resin components, accessories for oil insulated transformers, for distribution and power transformers. From Italy.
  • Critter Guard Inc. Protect substations, transformers, and poles from squirrel caused power outages.
  • CTL Components Manufacture of cable joints, cable splicing, cable splicing kits, cable connectors for high power and high voltage applications.
  • Cupertino Electric Offers total power, energy, and technology solutions, including on-site electric power generation and electrical infrastructure for critical use facilities.
  • Davico Industrial Manufacture and cable ties, flexible conduit and fittings, terminal connectors.
  • Dow Corning Electrical Manufacturers silicone rubber, fluids, lubricants and sealants for electrical power applications.
  • Dow Corning: Power and Utilities Solutions Manufacturers silicone rubber, fluids, lubricants and sealants for electrical power applications.
  • Duraline Manufacture of custom designed, heavy duty, submersible, IP68 Rated, crushproof, electrical distribution products.
  • Easun Reyrolle Manufacturer of the key elements that go into a substation transformers, tapchangers, switchgear and power protection control and automation systems.
  • Eco Electrical Systems, Inc. Manufacture of products that help prevent raptors, eagles, hawks, and animals from being electrocuted on high voltage power circuits.
  • Edison Controls F.C.I Manufacture a variety of products designed to indicate or locate faults on electrical utilities overhead or underground distribution circuits.
  • Elbi Manufacturer of substations, disconnectors, silicone rubber insulators and surge arresters. Serbia.
  • Electro Industries Manufacturers power monitoring, advanced power quality, revenue metering, substation data acquisition and control that is web based.
  • Electro Mechanic Equipment Ltd. Belgian manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear such as circuitbreakers, load switches and isolators, and related products: fuses, insulators, security equipment and power factor correction equipment.
  • ELMEK Manufacturer of oil immersed and power transformer accessories; tap changer bushing, oil level indicator, relays and thermometers. From Turkey.
  • Emco Transformers Ltd. Manufactures transformers, meters and SCADA products. Online line card, capability statement and PDF data sheets available for download.
  • Engidesa Manufacturer of operating position indicators for power transformers equipped with OLTC's.
  • Environmental Protection Services Specializes in the installation, assembly, maintenance (including oil reclamation), and disposal of oil filled transformers.
  • EquiSales Associates Inc. Circuit breakers, transformers, power generation equipment and switch yards. Sales, installation and maintenance, new and refurbished equipment.
  • FKI Hawker Siddeley Manufacturer of switchgear.
  • Georg Jordan Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Manufacture of epoxy insulators, bushings, and capacitive voltage detecting systems as well as tailor made solutions for the electrical switchgear industry.
  • GMG Engineering Ltd. Manufacturer of electrical arc-proof metal clad switchgear and power distribution equipment.
  • GR Electrical Service, Inc. Manufacturer of custom built switchgear, motor control panels, distribution boards and switchgear.
  • H-J International Distributor of electrical components for the distribution, substation, power, and switchgear industry.
  • HICO America Sales and Technology, Inc. Manufactures power transformers at voltages up to 765 kV and ratings to 2,000 MVA/bank.
  • Holec Holland N.V. Manufacture medium and low-voltage switchgear systems and switchgear components.
  • HPL Group Manufacturers of electrical switchgear, metering and energy management equipment. From India.
  • HSP Hochspannungsgeraete Porz GmbH Manufacturer of high voltage bushings and high voltage capacitors.
  • Indisol Insulators Makes electrical insulators in epoxy resin for up to 36 kV, includes low and medium tension insulators, bushings and capacitive voltage detection systems.
  • IPG Integrated Power PLC Design, construction and operation of captive power plant worldwide.
  • IRG Power Systems Manufacturer of components for electrical power systems equipment such as power generators, electric motors, transformers, switchgear, and related equipment.
  • Joslyn Hi Voltage Corp. Global supplier of power transmission and distribution equipment, substation and transmission equipment, featuring Fisher Pierce products.
  • K - Tech, Inc. Electrical meters designed for deregulation. Capable of being both the billing meter and giving the customer access to billing data and power quality. Also analog and digital panel meters, transformers and transducers.
  • KEC International Design manufacture and construction of turnkey projects for power transmission - voltages up to 800 kv.
  • Keweenaw Power Systems, Inc. Provide electrical power quality monitoring and analysis combining engineering, project management, and practical experience to design reliable power and control systems.
  • Keystone Electrical Manufacturer Co. Manufacture of protection and control switchboards and switchgear as well as power delivery accessory equipment including control buildings and mobile substations.
  • Kotsons Transformers Manufacturer of power and distribution transformers, single phase, pole and pad mounted and custom designed manufacturing facility.
  • L.C. Switchgear Ltd Industrial switchgear, switchgear enclosures, fuses, contactors, control panels.
  • Larsen and Toubro Ltd. - Electrical and Electronics Division Makers of switchgear products, metering and protection systems, medical equipment, petroleum dispensing pumps, control and automation systems.
  • Lindsey Manufacturing Company Designs and manufactures emergency restoration systems for power transmission lines operated by the electric utility industry.
  • Manufacturing & Materials Technology (CSIR) Manufactures a camera that will identify corona and surface discharges on high-voltage equipment under the brand name CoroCam.
  • Marcus Transformer Manufactures dry type utility power transformers.
  • Mardix Packaged substations, LV switchgear.
  • Marsons Electricals Industries Manufacturers of power transformers and distribution transformers. From India.
  • Megacon Manufacturer of electronic products for shipbuilding industries, marine, offshore or below sea applications, power generation and distribution, hospital operation rooms and emergency wards.
  • Mid-Central Electric Manufacture of fixed load transformers for 7.2KV and 0.5 to 3.0 KVA.
  • Midel An environmentally friendly, fire resistant, readily biodegradable, synthetic transformer oil.
  • Midwest Electrical Testing Provides complete field services, maintain, inspect and test electrical power distribution equipment and system transformers, breakers, switchgear, relays and buses.
  • Mileen Enterprises Manufacturers of power distribution transformer, bushing metal parts, pressure relief valve From India.
  • Morpac Industries, Inc. Manufacturer for the electric utility industry. High voltage electrical switches, line stringing equipment, off road crawlers, stored energy operators and electric valve actuators.
  • MVA Power Inc. Specialised in detail design, manufacturing and supply of substation, tansmission lines and distributions lines for medium and high voltage.
  • Nach Engineering Pvt Ltd India based manufacturer of transformer oil filtration and processing machines. Machine specifications and photos.
  • Narindra Electricals Manufacturers of distribution and power transformers for rating up to 5000kva and servo voltage stabilizers for rating up to 2000kva capacity.
  • Neka Novin Co., Designer and manufacturer of low and medium voltage distribution and control switchgear panels, modular, withdrawable and fixed type, capacitor bank, freestand panel, wall mounted panel and busduct trunking.
  • Niagara Transformer Corporation Manufacture transformers and reactor products of standard and custom design.
  • Nisha Engineering Corporation Manufacturer of transformer oil filters, oil test sets, and instruments for testing of oils. Based In India.
  • Nu-Lec Industries Specialises in the manufacture of reclosers and medium voltage switchgear.
  • Ofil Ltd. DayCor corona camera, a predictive maintenance tool for arcing, partial discharges and corona detection on insulators, substations and OHT lines.
  • OHMIC Controls Pty Ltd Manufactures short time, high current rating resistors for neutral earthing, resistance starting, harmonic filters, load banks and damping resistors, at high voltage and insulation levels.
  • Oregon Infrared LLC Offers infrared imaging for substations and transmission lines with information on services, workshops, articles and contacts. Based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Patton and Cooke Co. Manufacturers of high voltage couplers and connectors.
  • Petroflex, NA, Inc. Manufactures high density polyethylene conduit, secondary electrical pedestals, composite crossarms, insulators, and accessories to the telecommunications, electrical utility, catv and data voice industries.
  • Plastic Dip Moldings, Inc. Manufacture of wildlife outage protectors for substations and power lines.
  • Polycast International Manufacturer of custom epoxy components for transformer and switchgear applications.
  • Power Measurement Ltd. Power meters for power, energy and power quality monitoring.
  • Power Technologies Inc. Power system analysis, including consulting services, instrumentation, and software products.
  • Powergear Limited Manufactures for IPBs and generator terminal enclosures.
  • Precision Trans-Elect Industries Manufacturer of overhead line material, medium voltage switchgears and transmission hardware.
  • Programma Electric ms Develops, manufactures and markets test equipment and measuring instruments for the electrical power and telecom industry.
  • Protect Controls, Inc. A custom manufacturer of turnkey power control buildings.
  • PT. Asata Utama Electrical Industries. Manufacturer of oil immersed transformer with highest voltage of 36 kv and maximum capacity is 10 mva. From Indonesia .
  • Quality Transformer and Electronics Provide high quality and reliability transformers, power supplies and power distribution systems.
  • Rse-Sierra, Manufacturer of quality metal clad and metal enclosed switchgear, low voltage switchboards, commercial panelboards and motor control centers.
  • S&C Electric Co. Provider of high-voltage switching and protection products, systems and services with information on products, services, educational programs, sales offices, and contacts.
  • S&S Power Switchgear Indian manufacturers and exporters of switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers, disconnectors, auto-reclosers, breakers, and ht and lt fuses.
  • Schneider Electric Canada Switchgear equipment and transformers, switchboards, programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, software, motion control servo drives, variable speed drives, energy management systems, ground fault and motor protection relays, emergency stopping devices, motor starters, and surge suppressors.
  • SD Myers Provides information and services to minimize unplanned outages and extend the life of transformers.
  • SensorLink Develops and manufactures high voltage sensing instruments for the power utility industry including hotstick or line mounted amp, volt, ohm meters, temperature and power quality meters.
  • Serveron Turnkey substation transformer monitoring for reliability of transmission and distribution equipment.
  • SESCO Manufactures and services a variety of electrical transformers, including distribution, power, dry and oil transformers with information on products and contacts.
  • Shrink Polymer Systems Produces heatshrink cable joints and terminations for all cable types up to 36kV.
  • Silidriel Offers and describes silicone coatings and devices to avoid high voltage insulator failures, particularly in high pollution zones.
  • SMIT Transformers Manufactures power transformers with capability ranges up to 1000 MVA units with voltages up to BIL 1550 kV.
  • SNEMO Substation monitoring and data management. Located in Quebec, site is in both French and English.
  • Southland Electrical Supply Offer new surplus and rebuilt motor starters, motor control centers, and circuit breakers.
  • Spike Tool Manufacturers a safety device to prevent injury to linemen and cable maintenance personnel when cutting underground or hidden electric power cables.
  • Square D Company Electrical control and distribution equipment company.
  • Sri Sai Ram Power Controls Manufacturers and service provider of a range of electrical power transformers such as high power and distribution transformers, furnace and industrial transformers. India.
  • STL Stewart Transformers Manufacturers of wound components up to 2.5MVA 33kV, including oil filled power, cast resin transformers, reactors and arc suppression coils. From UK.
  • Stroud Switchgear Ltd Designs, manufactures, modifies and repairs switchgear and control panels.
  • Summit Technology Manufacturer a family of hand-held power quality analyzers, energy analyzers and power loggers that measure and record all many parameters of electrical power. Selectable in 7 languages.
  • Switchgear & Instrumentation, Ltd. Specializing in the design and manufacture of switchgear, motor control and power management systems.
  • T & R Electric Distributor of new, rewound and reconditioned power and distribution transformers, voltage regulators and switchgear.
  • Taurus Power Tronics Specializes in the design and supply of test and measurement systems used in transmission; distribution and generation of power.
  • Technical Services Diagnostics Inc. Providing testing, startup and maintenance support to the utility and industrial markets.
  • Tekron International Ltd Research, development and manufacture of GPS time clocks for electrical and telecommunications industries. Product guide and industry articles
  • Tensor Resources Inc. Consulting engineering company that provides electrical engineering expertise to the power transformer industry.
  • Tesla Transformers Ltd. Manufacturers of distribution transformers, power transformers, unitized substations. From India.
  • TestSwitch Space-saving switch for control and testing of power generation and distribution systems.
  • The Electric Service Company Emergency transformer replacement specialists. Manufacture new and rewind used transformers for high power applications.
  • The Valley Group, Inc. Transmission line monitoring equipment.
  • Toprank Corp. Transmission and distribution substation equipment in Malaysia.
  • Trans Field Electric Manufacturers of transformers, resin cast, metering sets, potential transformers, oil cooled. From India.
  • Transpower Manufactures transformers and switchgear. From India.
  • Tucson Transformer and Apparatus Manufacture of power distribution equipment and high voltage equipment for use in electrical power distribution systems.
  • Tunisie Transformateurs SA Manufacturers transformers up to 5000kva/36kv, oil immersed, cast resin, three phase, single pole and pad mounted.
  • Utility Relay Company Circuit breaker trip unit conversion kits for industrial switchgear.
  • VA TECH - Reyrolle ACP Limited Manufacturer of protection and control equipment for the electricity industries around the world.
  • Viat Instruments Pvt .Ltd. Manufactures and sells pressure relief devices, level gauges, radiator valves, thermometers, pressure vacuum gauge and transformer protection delay.
  • Victor Insulators, Inc. Manufacturer of high voltage insulators with information on the company, events, location, products and contacts.
  • Voltamp Transformers Limited Manufacturer of oil filled and dry type power and distribution transformers for generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.
  • Woodhead Industries, Inc. Primarily engaged in the manufacture of devices for the control and distribution of electrical power for industry.
  • WT Henley Manufactures a range of electrical equipment used throughout electrical supply distribution networks, from sub-station to the consumer.
  • Zenith Controls, Inc. Design, manufacture and marketing of power switching systems and controls.
  • Zennaro Electrical Construction Manufacturer of oil-filled distribution transformers (from 50 kVA to 3000 kVA/36 kV) and cast resin transformers (up to 3000 kVA/24 kV).
  • Zhongshan Taifeng Electric Co., Ltd Manufacture electric current mutual inductor, voltage mutual inductor, distribution transformer and reactor, precision mutual inductor and a complete set of test device of mutual inductor.
  • ZIV Manufacturing of digital protection, control, metering, and communications, products for substations, power lines, and electrical power machines.

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