• 24/7 Technology Inc. Offers repair and maintenance for uninterruptible power systems (UPS), batteries and generators. Descriptions of offered services, list of available used equipment for sale.
  • Accratech, Inc. Manufacturer of UL 2601(medical and laboratory) listed uninterruptible power supplies; includes specifications, product brochure, and photo gallery.
  • Advanced Power Technology Distributor of APC power protection products. UK based.
  • Always On UPS Systems Manufacturer of backup power and power quality products. This includes line interactive and online UPSs, PLC power and data protectors, TVSS filters and isolating line filters. Based in Canada.
  • American Power Conversion Corp. Manufacturer of a broad range of commercial uninterruptible power supplies, including standby, line interactive and online technologies.
  • AMETEK Solidstate Controls Manufactures industrial grade single phase UPS products from 10 to 125 kVA and three phase from 10 to 100 kVA that are qualified for the nuclear power industry.
  • Amsdell Inc. Manufactures internal switching power supply that can accept battery backup. Based in Canada.
  • Apollo Power Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of commercial line interactive and online UPS. Based in Taiwan.
  • ARTronic Elektronik Distributor of commercial line interactive and online UPS 400 VA - 1000 kVA. Includes product catalog, technical support, and press. Based in Turkey.
  • Bharath Power Conversion UPS manufacturing company based in Taminadu, India. Online product specifications and list of clients.
  • Borri Ltd Manufactures uninterruptible power supplies, battery backup products, inverters, rectifiers and generators. Suppliers to the telecommunications, networking and other industries. Based in UK.
  • Bright Electro Control Equipments Private Limited Manufacturer and exporter of various UPS UPS systems. Includes product specifications.
  • CBS Group Distribution and installation of standby power systems including UPS up to 700 kVA. Based in the UK.
  • Chloride Group Manufacturer of UPS Systems. Includes product information, services and investor information.
  • Controlled Power Company Manufactures a wide range of UPS and power conditioning products from 250 VA to 500 kVA.
  • Convergence Power Systems Manufactures offline UPS from 500 VA to 2000VA and online units from 500 VA to 200 kVA, plus square wave and sine wave inverters. India based.
  • Critical Power Exchange Distributor of surplus and refurbished UPS from 2 to 750 kVA of various makes.
  • Cyberex LLC Manufactures online UPS from 10 kVA to 150 kVA plus digital static transfer switches.
  • Digital Data Systems Designs, manufacturers and licenses UPS products. Based in South Africa.
  • DirectUPS Reseller of off line, line interactive and online UPS products up to 1500 VA.
  • Durapower Manufacturing Ltd. Manufactures uninteruptible power supplies. From South Africa.
  • Eaton Offers power protection with 1ph and 3ph from 300VA to 400kVA including inverter, rectifier, static switch.
  • Effekta Manufactures online, line-interactive and standby UPS systems in a power range from 400 VA to 40 KVA. From Germany. (English, German, Polish)
  • Elrond Komponent AB Manufactures offline, line interactive and online UPS from 650 VA to 600 kVA. Based in Sweden.
  • Encore Power and Environmental, LLC Reseller of generators, UPS systems, power distribution units, and high rate batteries.
  • Energy Technologies, Inc. Manufactures rugged UPS, power conditioning and distribution, frequency conversion and computer peripherals for military, industrial and telecommunication applications.
  • Falcon Electric Manufactures and distributes uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Flipper Clipp Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of commercial line interactive and online UPS systems from 500 VA to 150 kVA. Based in India.
  • Foshan Panpower Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacture of offline, line interactive and online UPS products from 500 VA to 30 kVA. Based in China.
  • Gutor Electronic ltd. Manufacturer of industrial grade online UPS ranging from 5 to 220 kVA primarily for the petro-chemical industry. Based in Switzerland.
  • H.M. Cragg Company Distributor of Powerware UPS systems and associated batteries. Also offer stationary, telecom and standby batteries. Based in Minnesota, United States.
  • Harland Simon UPS Manufacturer of online UPS from 700 VA to 3 kVA. Also a reseller for other UPS up to 1000 kVA. Based in the UK.
  • Ideal Power Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of offline, line interactive and online UPS products primarily for consumer and commercial use. Based in Taiwan.
  • Inovatec S.p.A Manufacturer of line interactive and online UPS from 350 VA to 800 kVA. Based in Italy.
  • Intellipower, Inc. Manufacturer of desktop and rackmount online UPS products that serve commercial, industrial and military markets. Products feature intelligent monitoring and control of the input and output parameters.
  • Invensys Power Systems Design and manufacturing of 3phase and 1phase UPS from 10 to 400kVA.
  • Jeidar Electronics Manufacturer of uninterrupted power system in China.
  • JEMA Spanish manufacturer specializing in custom converters and UPS equipment from 10 to 1300 kVA. Site is in Spanish and English.
  • JT Packard & Associates, Inc. Offers power quality solutions including Uninterruptible Power Systems, battery maintenance, generators, power quality audits and electrical cabling plans. In USA.
  • Key Source Limited Distributor of ups, standby generators and telecom power protection.
  • Kstar Group Uninterruptible power supplies manufacturing in China.
  • Marathon Power Inc. Power protection products including single-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from 300VA to 3kVA designed for niche market, custom and OEM applications in commercial and industrial environments.
  • Medes Electronics Manufacturer of 10 to 800 kVA, 3 phase UPS products primarily for the European voltages and frequencies. UPS line includes chargers, rectifiers, inverters and static switch units. A manufacturer for high reliability UPS system. Provides battery charger and discharger, DC rectifer, and static transfer switch.
  • Metapo Manufacturer of commercial offline and online UPS from 400 VA to 60 kVA. Based in China.
  • MGE UPS Systems Manufacturer of a wide range of single phase and three phase UPS products used in applications from PCs to factories. Headquartered in France with worldwide operations.
  • Minuteman UPS Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products from 300 VA to 10 KVA, power management software, and remote power management systems controlled by phone or network.
  • Numeric Power Systems Ltd Manufacturer of UPS systems, inverters and power conditioning products; contains product information and specification downloads.
  • OnLine Power, Inc. Power protection products (UPS, power conditioners, and voltage regulators) are directly applicable to the telecommunication industry (Microcell protection in case of power outage or voltage variations).
  • Onlitech UK based suppliers of UPS uninterrupted power supplies, and similar products including backup generators and bypass switches, designed to prevent power loss.
  • OPTI International Corp. Manufacture of UPS units ranging from 200 VA to 120 kVA.
  • Osages Energies Sales and support of emergency power systems, residential power equipment, UPS batteries.
  • PIMA Engineering Company Supplier of UPS Systems in Iran; includes product descriptions, resource and application guides primarily for APC UPS.
  • Power Master Technology Co. Manufacturer of inverter, UPS, AVR, charger.
  • Power Quality Inc Provides power conditioners, uninterruptible power supplies, power recorders and analyzers. Also offered are consulting services to analyze the customer's electrical power quality and grounding.
  • Power Systems & Controls, Inc. Manufacturer of rotary and static UPS systems, frequency converters and voltage regulators.
  • Power Systems Specialists Inc. provides uninterrupted electrical power.
  • Power Up Technologies Distributes UPS, TVSS, inverters, power conditioners, power supplies, lighting inverters and outdoor UPS.
  • Powerlink Corporation Representing manufacturers of UPS systems, TVSS, harmonic cancellation transformer, static transfer switches, and DC power systems.
  • Powertecnique UK based company specialising in uninterruptible power supplies and related items including bypass switches, networks enclosures and generator sets
  • Powervar Manufactures power conditioning products for computers, electronic instruments and medical equipment. Online line card, specifications and PDF data sheets available for download.
  • Sagar Electricals Manufacturers and exporters of automatic voltage stabilizer, UPS systems, inverters, constant voltage transformers.
  • Sarel Electronics Ltd. Offer uninterruptible power supply, transfer switch, bypass switches for the data processing and network services market.
  • Siel Group Specialized in uninterruptible power supply, power protection and batteries.
  • Silicon Power Corporation Manufacture of medium voltage and low voltage static transfer switches.
  • SOCOMEC Group Manufacturer specializing in the distribution, control and availability of the power supply to low voltage energy systems.
  • SoftSwitching Technologies Manufacturer of UPS and power disturbance equipment.
  • Soltec Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of uninterruptable power supplies.
  • Sterling Oakes Services, Inc. Complete UPS and Power Protection Specialists. Sales installation and service of APC UPS, MCG Power conditioning, RPM Power Meters, ATI Tectonics Lightning Protection, Minuteman UPS, Catalyst Power and Power Technologies Products.
  • Stream Line Power Systems Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturer of uninterrupted power supply. From India.
  • Sure Power, Inc. A supplier of quality battery products and services for uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Indian based manufacturer of online UPS systems, isolation transformers, constant voltage transformers and inverters.
  • Titan Power Inc. Providing power protection services, uninterruptible power equipment and computer room design and construction.
  • Total Concept Sales Source of technical information on how to choose and size UPS, battery backup, and other equipment.
  • Tripp Lite Manufacturer of UPS, surge suppressors, and other power protection devices. New product showcase and an interactive UPS sizing guide.
  • Uninterruptible Power Products, Inc. Manufactures 4 kVA to 20 kVA industrial grade UPS and power conditioner products. Also supplies replacement batteries for various other vendors' equipment.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd Manufacturers UPSs for computer applications.
  • Universal Power Systems, Inc. Offers transportable and fixed site uninterruptible power supply systems.
  • UPS For Less Reseller of reconditioned UPS units
  • UPS Frequently Asked Questions A collection of frequently asked questions about UPS units
  • UPS Systems PLC Reseller of UPS Systems, and providers of standby power systems incorporating fuel cell technology. Includes pages on standby power solutions.
  • Uptech Supply and service/repair UPS systems from 600VA to 200 kVA. Based in Centurion, South Africa.
  • Yutaka Electric Manufacturing Co, Ltd. (YEC) Manufacturer of UPS and power supplies primarily serving commercial and oem markets, primarily in Japan. UPS product line features true online double conversion technology.

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