Includes listings for manufacturers of primary and secondary (rechargeable) batteries and fuel cells, chargers, and accessories.
  • Able New Energy Manufacturer of lithium and rechargeable batteries. China.
  • Acme Model Engineering Co. Battery holders, aluminum or plastic for AA, C, D and 9-volts, clips, contacts, connectors.
  • Advanced Power Products Worldwide distributor of aircraft, marine, RV, and AGM batteries, testers, and chargers.
  • Alexander Technologies Manufacturer of batteries and battery maintenance equipment including rechargeable battery packs and battery chargers for portable devices. UK.
  • Alliance Int'l Electronics Ltd China manufacturer specialized in battery packs, charger, power inverter, solar module, solar panel, solar cells and other solar-power related applications.
  • American Battery Company Site offers information about manufacturer of replacement batteries for APC, Tripplite, and other UPS manufacturers.
  • Arden Marketing and Services Importer, exporter of batteries, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers. Singapore.
  • Asisco Battery Company Supply new and rebuilt battery packs, dry cell batteries. And sealed lead acid batteries.
  • ATC Batteries Industry Co Ltd Produce both alkaline and zinc chloride, carbon zinc battery in size of D, C, AA, AAA, 9V, 3R12, R10, 4R25, 4R25-Z and BR25. Based in China.
  • Barden Suppliers of marine batteries, automotive, commercial and industrial batteries. Also provides solar panels and wind turbines. UK.
  • BatMax Provides battery life extender for mobile phones and electronic devices.
  • Bright Rank Sdn. Bhd. Manufacturer of two way radio batteries. Company overview, battery photos and technical specifications. Based in Malaysia.
  • Brighter Battery Makes dry batteries and Rechargeable batteries. China.
  • BTECH Inc. Manufacture battery monitoring systems.
  • Ceac Manufacturer of stationary lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries.
  • Celgard Development, manufacturing and marketing of membrane products serving the battery, medical and separations markets. Germany.
  • Centra Division of Exide A battery manufacturer in the Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Champion Battery Sales, LLC Retailer of replacement UPS batteries. Battery specifications grouped by UPS manufacturer and online store.
  • Commget Electronic Manufacturer and exporter after market replacement two-way radio battery and charger. Also makes PCB and mobile phone battery and charger. China.
  • Cormar Manufacturer of battery main switches for industrial vehicles, maintenance, public works, agriculture and marine. Spain.
  • Cymbet Corporation Develops technology for solid state rechargeable batteries manufactured inside of ICs. Company background and technology white papers.
  • Dantona Industries Manufacturer of batteries for consumer electronics. Provides a cross reference handbook and wizard. USA.
  • Dartpoint Ltd Kent, UK based manufacturers of battery chargers and DC standby power systems for industrial applications.
  • DMS Technologies Design, development, manufacture and supply of batteries and power systemsincluding the Red Top brand name.
  • Duracell Manufacturers of consumer and industrial batteries. Online battery finder and technical datasheets.
  • EaglePicher Offers primary and secondary batteries in an array of chemistries for commercial applications such as medical, telecommunications, truck starting and radio-controlled models. USA.
  • Electric Fuel Corporation Researches, develops and commercializes an advanced zinc-air battery technology for electric vehicles, portable consumer electronic devices and defense applications. (Nasdaq: EFCX).
  • Enable IPC Manufacture batteries on microscopically thin film using nanotechnology. USA.
  • Energizer Company and product information, including battery finder, battery and flashlight information, weather, storm and fire safety information and science projects.
  • EnerSys Inc. Manufactures stored DC power products for industrial customers including.
  • Eurobat Trade organization based in Belgium for European manufacturers of storage batteries. Information on laws, market statistics, and a membership list.
  • EverExceed Manufactures stationary batteries including sealed valve regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA) and nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd). Specifications and data sheets. Shenzhen, China.
  • Exide Battery Corporation Manufactures stationary lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries.
  • Gang Lih Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of storage battery manufacturing machines: automatic battery grid casting machine and mould, cutter, lead oxide and lead paste mixer, pasting, gas/vacuum oven, pneumatic plate-cutting, and lead melting tank.
  • Gold Peak Industries Develops, manufactures and distributes batteries. Specialises in industrial, private label and consumer retail markets. Online line card, specifications and FAQ.
  • Guan Seng Hang Ltd Manufacturer of metal and plastic component parts used in battery production.
  • Guangzhou City Star Power Battery Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of consumer carbon zinc, lead acid, nickel hydride, nickel cadmium, and button cell batteries batteries under the brand names of Xing Hui, Victory Meaning and Solar. Battery specifications and company information.
  • Guangzhou TIANQIU Industry Co.,Ltd. Manufacturing in AG,CR,SR series button cell, LR,RP series cylindrical consumers.
  • Huanyu Battery Manufacturers of ni-cd, ni-mh and li-ion cylinder, button and rechargeable batteries.
  • IBT Power A manufacturer of lead acid batterries Nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lithium ion battery packs and battery chargers.
  • iPowerUS Distributors of AA batteries such as universal rechargeable battery, and charger for digital camcorders and compact flash card readers. USA.
  • Jeff Power Company Limited Manufactures and distributes primary batteries, nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride(NiMH)and battery packs.
  • Jiangmen Battery Factory Manufacturer of alkaline battery, mercury free battery, dry battery, Ni-CD battery. From China.
  • JiangMen J.J.J Battery Co.,Ltd Manufacturer of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and lithium-ion batteries and related products. Product photos and specifications, company history, and industry news. Site in Chinese and English.
  • LikkPower Manufacturer for laptop battery and Ac adapter. Located in Shenzhen China.
  • Master Instruments Australian distributor and battery assembler of portable batteries, battery packs and test equipment.
  • Medic Batteries Distributor of alkaline and lithium batteries. USA.
  • Memory Protection Devices Inc. Battery sockets,battery holders, surface mounting, coin and button cell holders, 12 volt auto plugs, auto sockets and auto cable assemblies.
  • Micro Power Manufacturer of battery systems for portable medical, handheld data, and field test devices. Oregon, USA.
  • MicroSun Technologies, LLC Develops, assembles and tests custom-made industrial batteries for high-demand products such as heart defibrillators and plane black boxes.
  • Midtronics Develops and markets technologies for battery management.
  • MPower Solutions Manufactures and designs low and high power rechargeable custom battery for OEMs.
  • MTI Technologies Designs and installs power systems including batteries, UPSs, switchmode, and chargers, primarily for remote site applications where normal power grid is not present.
  • National Power Company Offers inverters, Ups and batteries. India.
  • New Cell Top Italy. Manufacturer of professional and broadcasting li-ion battery pack and batteries for tools.
  • Ningbo Osel Battery Manufacturer of lithium, alkaline and carbon battery, and flashlight. China.
  • Norm Energy Sys. Manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter of battery, charger and inverter. Turkey.
  • PAG Manufactures and sells batteries, battery chargers, camera lights and camera accessories for the broadcast and professional video industries worldwide.
  • pbq Manufacturer of VRLA, NiCd, NiMH, lithium and alkaline batteries. Battery specifications, features, and list of distributors.
  • PC & Associates Technical consultants and analysis laboratory for battery manufacturing, failure analysis, and performance. Site lists staff backgrounds and list of services.
  • PMBL Limited Specialized in primary and secondary battery assembly including various chemistries such as lithium ion, polymer, and primary, and nickel metal hydride. UK.
  • POWA Electronics Chinese manufacturer of a line of AC/DC adaptor, AC transformers, battery charger, car DC converter, CD to car cassette adaptor and car audio accessories.
  • Power one Manufacturer of batteries for home electronics. Also makes alkaline and rechargeable batteries.
  • Power Trading Offer lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries and battery chargers and power supplies. Online catalogue is available.
  • Probe Group Distributor of the ACDelco range of products, on behalf of General Motors of USA. South Africa.
  • Qualitech International Co Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of ni-cd, ni-mh, lead-acid rechargeable batteries, and battery packs.
  • Rayovac Manufactures and markets a broad variety of batteries.
  • Renata Batteries Manufacturers silver oxide, lithium, zinc-air batteries. Battery holders. Rechargeable prismatic lithium-ion batteries. A member of the swatch group.
  • Rickbery Industrial Ltd Battery manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.
  • Sahamit Entech Battery Manufacturer of dry cell batteries and flashlights. Thailand.
  • Shenzhen Skyway Trade Co., Ltd. Featuring batteries including rechargeable and lithium, Christmas and tube lights from China.
  • Shiraz C. Lalkaka Enterprises Manufacturer of sealed maintenance free, motive power, solar, and standby batteries. Mumbai, India.
  • Shun Wo New Power Electronics (Shenzhen) Company Ltd Manufactures batteries including lithium, alkaline, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride specialising in button cells. Includes product specifications.
  • Siomar Battery Industries Manufactures lead-acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, alkaline commercially batteries. Based in Western Australia.
  • Sonic Battery Co., Ltd. Manufactures and distributes primary batteries, nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride cells and battery packs. Product photos and descriptions. Offices in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.
  • Standard Success Electrical Co. Ltd. Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of adaptors, transformers, battery chargers, and OEM products.
  • Supreme Technologies Manufactures Ni-MH and medical batteries, chargers, pack and portable power supply. Hong Kong, China.
  • Systems Sunlight S.A. Manufacturers of standard and custom batteries, power supplies, diesel generators, and other autonomous power products for industrial and military use. Based in Greece.
  • The Power Source Stocking distributor of sealed lead acid, alkaline, lithium, ni-cad, and nickel metal hydride batteries, plus custom battery assembly. List of carried manufacturers and battery technology primer.
  • TNR Technical Inc. Assembles and distributes batteries including nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, sealed lead acid, lithium and alkaline batteries. Online line card, pricing and purchasing.
  • Tnr Technical Inc. Assembling and distributing batteries since 1979. The company stocks nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, sealed lead acid, lithium, and alkaline batteries. Online ordering available.
  • Top Power Industrial Supplies laptop, camcorder and digital camera batteries. China.
  • Universal Battery Power Netherlands-based independent supplier of VRLA, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium and Li-Ion batteries. Company background and list of regional distributors.
  • Universal Power Group Offers sales and distribution of battery and transformer products, and private labeler of batteries for OEM.
  • Vanson Electronics Ltd Manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, chargers, adaptors, power supply, and AC DC converters. Based in Hong Kong.
  • Varta Microbattery Manufacturer of OEM and retail primary and rechargeable batteries systems. Italy.
  • Welldone Company Manufacture a range of batteries and battery packs for cellular phones. Features product specifications and manufacturers comparison chart.
  • Yuntong Power Manufacturer of ni-mh, ni-cd, li-ion, seal lead-acid battery, battery pack and single chargers. China.
  • Zhejiang Narada Power Source Corporation Manufacturer of batteries for telecommunication, electronics, and information equipment and UPSes. Site in Chinese and English and includes battery specifications.
  • Zhuhai Zhi Li Battery Co.,Ltd. Battery manufacturer of zinc air button cells hearing aid batteries and pager battery. From China.

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