This category contains sites related to the manufacture, supply, and service of a broad spectrum of laser based devices and equipment for a wide variety of industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Some of the sites are concerned with a specific industry or quite narrow use, while many serve a fairly extensive range of markets. All, however, reflect an increasing advance in laser technology and products nowadays. Note: The emphasis in this category is on equipment rather than on the provision of job shop processing or cutting services. The category also excludes sites that are primarily focused on cutting or marking machinery or on the availability of entertainment and consumer products. Sites that can be so classified can be found -- and should be listed -- in the other categories that are shown as being @linked to this one. Additional note: A few companies that supply components and spare parts for the laser industry, can be found in the Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Optoelectronics category. In these cases, while they serve laser users, their full product range is broader in scope.

Other languages: German.

  • Acuity Laser Measurement Sensors Manufacturer of laser measuring sensors and rangefinders for industrial, medical and academic applications. Contains company and product information.
  • Agatec France. Manufactures broad range of levelling and alignment lasers for building industry. Describes products and explains variety of interior and exterior applications.
  • Alpes Lasers SA Swiss company focused on development and applications of unipolar laser technology. Includes detailed account of equipment and processes involved in spectroscopic recognition of contaminants in variety of situations.
  • American Laser Spares Supplier of laser beam delivery, spare parts, repair, upgrade and retrofit for Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Precitec, Trumpf, Mitsubishi, Strippit, Mazak and LaserCut.
  • Amplitude Systemes France. Manufactures ultrafast diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Applications include micro-machining, multi-photon imaging, photo-acoustic studies, and amplifier seeding. Contains detailed product and technical information.
  • Anderson Lasers Inc. Distributor of pre-owned industrial, research, and entertainment laser systems and components, as well as selection of optical and electronic measurement and test equipment.
  • ARGES GmbH Germany. Manufactures scan head systems for laser marking, engraving, trimming, and micro processing requirements. Also produces optics and software. Provides detailed product information and related downloadable .pdf files.
  • Beijing Rumzing Manufactures 60-200mw green blue and red DPSS lasers with 2% stability, temperature stabilized, TE cooled, TEM00, TTL modulation 40KHz.
  • Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology n.v. Supplies laser, camera, LED, and X-ray sorters to perform color structural shape and density sorting, to detect foreign materials and color defects, and inspections.
  • Benchmark Maintenance Services Inc. Canada. Specializes in laser based systems for vibration measurement and ultrasonic inspection. Applications include shaft, belt, and chain alignment, as well as measurement of squareness, flatness, straightness and parallelism.
  • Benelux Laser Systems Manufactures custom laser machines such as marking, cutting, die drilling, solar panel fabrication and thin layer ablation on glass.
  • Beta LaserMike USA Manufacturer of laser gauging devices, diameter measurement systems, process control instrumentation, and ultrasonic testing equipment. Applications include fiber optic, wire and cable, extrusion, and tube manufacturing industries.
  • Calpac Lasers Manufacturer of laser pointers, laser diode modules and laser levels for universities, businesses, government agencies and individuals. Includes product and application information.
  • Candela Corporation Designs, develops, manufactures and markets lasers and related accessories for use in medical, scientific and defense applications; licenses medical products for urology and oncology; and provides services in support of cosmetic laser surgery through integration of spa, health and fitness services, and laser/cosmetic centers. (Nasdaq: CLZR).
  • Changchun New Industries (CNI) Manufacturers of ultra-violet, infrared and single frequency laser systems at different wavelengths for laboratory and industrial applications. Product overview and profile of company.
  • Checkpoint Technologies LLC Manufactures laser scanning systems for failure diagnosis in substrates and measurement of electrical and thermal properties in silicon integrated circuit devices. Detailed product and application information.
  • Clark-MXR Inc. Specializes in manufacture of ultra fast lasers for micromachining and spectroscopy. Also offers related job shop services. Site incorporates detailed product, processing, and application information.
  • Coherent Inc. Manufacturer of lasers and photonics for commercial and scientific research applications.
  • CrystaLaser Manufactures compact diode-pumped solid-state DPSS YAG crystal laser, including green blue red infrared and UV ultraviolet Laser in CW and Q-switched pulsed output.
  • DDC Technologies Inc. Manufactures laser optics for medical, scientific, and industrial applications and provides software programs for solid state laser performance modeling. Product details and access to downloadable demo screens.
  • DPSS Lasers Manufacturers of high power short wavelength solid state lasers.
  • Duma Optronics Ltd. Israel. Manufactures a variety of systems for computerized measurement and analysis of optical fiber and laser beams. Includes positioning and alignment capabilities. Product and application information.
  • E-Laser Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Manufacture laser modules for laser level or aimer.
  • Ekips Technologies Inc. Develops and sells tunable mid-infrared lasers and laser systems for molecular spectroscopy applications. Selection of downloadable spectroscopy examples and molecular absorption spectra.
  • El.En. Group Italy. Manufactures wide range of laser systems and products for industrial, medical, scientific, and educational applications. Site incorporates detailed product and usage information.
  • Enlight Technologies Inc. Manufactures range of laser pointers. Site incorporates product details and prices.
  • Evergreen Laser Remanufactures and rejuvenates most makes of laser tubes and systems. Services include evaluation and recommendations for upgrading of existing equipment. Corporate and technical videos.
  • Excel Technology Asia Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Manufactures a range of gas and solid state lasers for scientific and industrial requirements. Account of products, applications, and available technical support services.
  • Exitech Advanced Laser Technology Specializes in the use of lasers for micro and nanofabrication applications in industry and supplier of pulsed laser processing systems.
  • Extreme Lasers Specializes in supply of modified 5mW green laser pointers, DPSS laser modules, blue lasers, and other light show components. Site incorporates FAQ page and explanation of process involved in upgrading green lasers.
  • FP Industries Canada. Manufactures selection of alignment lasers. Site provides details of available products and examples of applications.
  • Fraunhofer Center for Laser Technology Focuses on research and development related to laser technology, manufacturing, and applications. Site describes range of services and activities and includes links to offshoot organizations.
  • Gam Laser Inc. Manufactures excimer and 157nm fluorine lasers for various scientific, medical, and industrial applications. Technical background and product information.
  • Global Laser, Ltd Designer and manufacturer of semi-conducter laser diode modules and laser systems. Company profile, products, applications and contacts.
  • Golden Light Co. Ltd. Korea. Manufactures diode and lamp pulsed solid state laser systems for variety of industrial machining and medical applications.
  • GSI Lumonics Inc. Designs, develops, manufactures and markets laser-based advanced manufacturing systems for semiconductor, electronics, aerospace and automotive industries. (Nasdaq: GSLI).
  • Haas Laser Technologies Inc. Specializes in laser beam delivery components, enclosures, and custom designed and manufactured systems. Site incorporates detailed account of capabilities and product range.
  • Hama Sensors Inc. Manufactures optoelectric reflective sensors for robotic handling and alignment of semiconductor wafers. Also produces through-beam laser micrometers for precision measurement in semiconductor and electronics industries.
  • HHR Lasers Inc. Refurbishes, repairs, and upgrades gas lasers; stocks range of remanufactured lasers and accessories; offers consultancy and custom design of lasers; and interested in purchasing used lasers for remanufacturing.
  • High Power Devices Inc. Manufacturers range of standard or customized high power laser diodes. Site incorporates detailed technical information regarding available products.
  • Hoi Tung Industrial Co Manufactures fiber optic network equipment and converters.
  • I B Lazer AG Germany. Manufactures a range of lasers for cutting, marking, structuring, and processing operations. Product and application information.
  • Industrial Laser Manufacturer Directory Directory of industrial laser manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Industrial Microphotonics Company Specializes in supply of high power laser diodes and associated products. Includes unmounted bars, array submodules, and laser diode and fibre coupled arrays. Handling tips and application notes.
  • IPG Photonics Specializes in high performance fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers. Applications include communications, materials processing, test and measurement, and research markets. Product and usage information.
  • JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH Manufacturer and distributor of high power diode lasers from 30 W to several kW for solid state laser pumping,industrial and medical applications.
  • Keopsys SA France. Manufactures broad range of fiber amplifiers and lasers. Applications include telecommunications, materials processing, test and measurement, and research markets. Detailed product and usage information.
  • Korea Laser Tech Co. Ltd. Manufactures and distributes range of laser equipment, primarily for the Asian market. Products include cutting, welding, marking, and display units and optical parts and attachments.
  • Laser Beam Products British manufacturers of optics for high power CW and pulsed lasers. Includes copper, gold, and metal mirrors, beam expanders, and phase retarders. Can also supply spare parts for industrial cutting and welding lasers.
  • Laser Innovations Repairs, services, sells, and rents various brands of ion laser systems, as well as stocking wide range of plasma tubes. Details of available products and services.
  • Laser Optics and Mechanisms Distributes parts and consumables for major brands of laser equipment. Includes optics, nozzles, and consumables for plasma cutting and metrology applications.
  • Laser Precise Laser processing service center and fabricator.
  • Laser Resale Inc. Buys, sells, and brokers used and surplus lasers, laser systems, associated equipment, and optical laboratory products. Site incorporates details and asking prices of current inventory.
  • Laserglow Technologies Sells laser products to mostly industrial customers. Includes product and services description, blog and FAQ.
  • LaserJamb Laser based device with variety of applications for determining correct positioning and alignment. Uses include cabinetmaking and electrical, door, wall, and window installations. Details of product and uses.
  • Laserlight Europe BV Manufacture the brand Laserati laser system which is geared towards the industrial rubber stamp industry.
  • Lasermate Group, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of laser diode modules and related products for communication and optoelectronic applications. Provides detailed product information.
  • LaserPath Technologies Specializes in standard and customized lasers and electro-optic products for the photonics research community.
  • Laserquipment Ag Development and production of machines for laserbeam-welding of thermoplastic materials, including hardware, software and processdiagnostics.
  • LaserSource Specializes in supply of forklift laser guidance system. Describes objectives, which include reduction in accidents and product damage, as well as increase in operator efficiency and productivity.
  • Lasertech Group Inc. Canada. Manufactures laser systems and trace detection instrumentation. Applications include communications, crystal growing, film deposition, radar, research, photo-acoustics, process control, and spectroscopy.
  • Lee Laser Inc. Specializes in manufacture of lamp and diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers for variety of industrial and science equipment applications. Examples include use in marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, and welding systems.
  • Leister Process Technologies Switzerland. Manufactures a selection of laser based welding and soldering equipment. Includes hand tools through to automated systems. Product and application information.
  • Lenox Laser Corp. Specializes in laser microhole drilling and creation of minute apertures and slits in a variety of substrates. Site incorporates account of capabilities and applications.
  • LG Laser Technologies GmbH Germany. Supplies wide range of customized laser systems. Includes equipment for industrial and medical testing and measurement, material surface treatment, printing quality control, and entertainment displays.
  • Light Age Inc. Specializes in tunable solid-state alexandrite laser systems for variety of aesthetic, medical, scientific research, material processing, and product development applications. Site incorporates account of underlying technology and benefits.
  • LIMAB Swedish company specializing in manufacture of laser gauges, sensors, and non contact measurement systems. Examples of applications in steelmill, sawmill, gypsum board, wood sheet, and cable industries.
  • Limo Lissotschenko Microoptik GmbH Germany. Manufactures customized micro optics and high power diode lasers. Site incorporates detailed product specifications and application information.
  • Litron Manufacturer of laster hermetic sealing systems and contract provider of laser sealing services. Product details and company information.
  • Lumics GmbH Germany. Specializes in manufacture of fiber optic components, with focus on production of pump lasers and modules, laser diodes, and submounted laser chips. Main application is for optical networks.
  • MCE Lasers Australian manufacturer of alignment and levelling lasers for the agricultural, building, civic, and mining industries. Site contains product and application information.
  • Meredith Instruments Sells, run auctions, and offers repair service on surplus laser parts and equipment. General focus is on helium-neon products. Details of available items and current auctions.
  • Microtex Electronics Inc. Sells refurbished laser micrometer units and related equipment. Details of current inventory. Also offers emergency repair and preventive maintenance services.
  • Millennium Lasers Ltd. UK. Manufactures broad range of laser tubes for variety of industrial, medical, and scientific markets. Applications include cutting, marking, engraving, drilling, welding, heat treatment, scribing, and perforation.
  • Modu-Laser, LLC Manufactures modular, compact, reliable, air-cooled, ion lasers for research, entertainment, instrumentation, medical and OEM applications.
  • Moduloc Control Systems Distributor of industrial laser sensors, detectors and measurement systems to the Steel, Aluminum and Metals Industries. Site contains product information.
  • Molecular Technology GmbH Germany. Specializes in supplies for the laser industry. Includes optical parts, wafers and substrates, solid-state laser items, and organic, inorganic, and scintillating crystals. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Newport Corporation Manufactures a broad range of laser and optical components and devices for industrial, medical, and research markets. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Norseld Pty. Ltd. Australia. Designs and manufactures copper bromide lasers for variety of medical, industrial, and scientific applications. Details of available products and examples of uses.
  • Nutfield Technology Inc Manufacturers specializing in supply of galvanometer based optical scanning products. Site incorporates technical and application details.
  • Onyx Optics Specialize in custom fabrication of Adhesive-Free Bonded (AFB®) composite optical components. Offer non-linear crystals and design of walk-off corrected AFB® composites, laser scribing, cutting and grooving.
  • Ophir-Spiricon Inc. Provides measurement instrumentation including power and energy meters, beam profilers and spectrum analyzers. Technical background and product information with details for ordering literature and arranging system demonstration.
  • Opus Medical Inc. Canada. Specializes in supply and application of diode laser products for removal of unwanted hair. Site explains underlying technical details and shows example of results.
  • Oxford Lasers UK. Produces a variety of specialized laser devices, with emphasis on high speed imaging and precision micromachining. Account of products, applications, and additional corporate capabilities.
  • Pacific Laser Systems Manufactures self-leveling laser layout tools. Product and dealer information.
  • Paragon Laser Systems Offering q-switched and continuous wave lasers, that are fiber optically delivered and air-cooled.
  • Parallax Technology Inc Manufactures CO2 lasers and replacement tubes for a variety of industrial and medical applications. Site incorporates information about products, prices, applications, and available services.
  • PD-LD Inc. Markets fiber optic components for broad range of applications. Includes laser diodes and light sources, bi-directional devices, attenuators, LEDs, detectors, and collimators. Company is member of consortium headed by Princeton University.
  • Phoenix Photonix Inc. Sells, leases, services, and provides training in aesthetic laser equipment used for hair and tattoo removal and other dermatology applications. Also offers pre-owned items and supplies safety and similar accessories.
  • Photonic Solutions UK. Distributor of lasers and accessories for science and industry. Site contains product information.
  • Photonics Industries International Inc. Manufacturer diode and lamp pumped solid state laser systems with harmonic generation and tunable wavelength features and benefits. Applications include micromachining, stereolithography, and photopolymerization.
  • Pinpoint Laser Systems Manufactures wide selection of laser measurement and alignment equipment. Product and application information.
  • PLT Technology, Inc. Designs, manufactures, and sells high power semiconductor lasers in standard and custom wavelength, power, and package configurations.
  • Princetel Inc. Manufactures a range of fiber optic components and modules. Includes pigtailed and receptacle laser/photo diode modules and turnkey laser diode light sources. Product information.
  • Process Photonics Manufactures automated laser material processing, handling and inspection systems and offers opto-electronic and opto-mechanical product development services.
  • ProPhotonix Manufacturer of machine vision lighting and distributor of custom designed laser diodes and laser modules.
  • QPhotonics, LLC Specializes in supply of fiber-coupled high brightness laser diodes, OEM modules, and turnkey systems in 660-1800 nm range. Details of available products and suggested applications.
  • Quantel France. Manufactures broad range of lasers and laser systems. Site provides details of available products and examples of industrial, scientific, and medical applications.
  • Quarton USA Co. Ltd. Manufacturers of laser diodes for variety of applications. Range includes pointers, beamshots, light show instrument, and builders measuring tools. FAQs section and permits online shopping.
  • RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems Austria. Manufactures laser based rangefinders, distance and level sensors, speed meters, and scanner systems. Detailed technical and application information.
  • Rofin Manufactures laser cutting, welding and marking systems for industrial material processing, including Nd:YAG, CO2 and diode technologies. Includes product applications, investor data, and profile of company based in Germany. (Nasdaq: RSTI)
  • SCANLAB AG Germany. Manufactures variety of positioning and deflection systems for lasers and other optical beams. Site provides detailed product and application information and access to downloadable brochures.
  • Scantron Industrial Products Ltd. UK. Manufactures laser-based, non-contact dimensional measurement equipment. Applications include determination of profile, diameter, length, thickness, velocity, distance, and displacement.
  • Seiffert Industrial Manufactures precision alignment products that incorporate patented reflective laser beam technology. Product and application information and includes animated demonstration of horizontal and vertical pulley alignment process.
  • Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of lasers, crystals and optics with information about the company, products and contacts.
  • Sigm Plus Co. Russia. Specializes in manufacture of epiwafers for laser diodes, as well as laser modules, laser diodes, and laser diode drivers. Product information.
  • SLCR Lasertechnik GmbH Germany. Manufactures laser systems designed for surface treatment. Applications include decoating, depainting, cleaning, and marking. Service include feasibility studies and recommendations regarding suitability of equipment.
  • SLS Optics Limited UK. Manufacturer specialized range of laser components, including those known as etalons. Site provides detailed information regarding products and applications in wide range of industries.
  • Spectrum A.T.N. Ltd. Canada. Distributes broad range of laser systems, products, components, crystals, and accessories. Applications include science, industry, medicine, and art restoration.
  • Spin One Offers selection of products and services for laser based research and industrial lab requirements. Includes thermoelectric cooler drivers/controllers for diode laser arrays and other large heat loads.
  • Surg/Assist Inc. Manufactures laser smoke evacuation units, related accessories, and a laser system for a variety of medical procedures. Detailed discussion of product features, benefits, and applications.
  • Tekhnoscan JSC Manufacturer of lasers and laser-related products for a variety of scientific, technological, medical, and other applications.
  • Telsar Provides laser repair, service agreements,laser accessories, pre-owned lasers and safety equipment.
  • Time-Bandwidth Products AG Switzerland. Manufactures ultrafast lasers. Applications include material processing, medical diagnosis, sensoring, testing, and communications. Site explains nature, features, and benefits of underlying technology.
  • Trimble Florida Full service, regionally based distributors of Trimble and Spectra Precision brands of positioning products. Information on laser products for broad range of construction and agriculture requirements.
  • TuiLaser AG Germany. Specializes in applications of excimer laser technology for treatment and restructure of material surfaces. Includes equipment for micromachining, vision correction, heart surgery, and semiconductor manufacture.
  • U.S. Laser Corporation Full service manufacturer of lasers, laser components, and laser systems. Applications include welding, cutting, micromachining, marking, heat treatment, and surface processing. Site incorporates detailed product catalogue.
  • Umicore Laser Optics UK. Manufactures range of optical components and industrial beam-delivery systems for CO2 lasers. Site provides detailed information regarding products, applications, and related technology.
  • Unique-Mode AG An OEM manufacturer of highpower diodelaser modules used for pumping EDFAs in the telecom industry or DPSSL ín the medical technology. From Germany.
  • Virtek Vision International Inc. Virtek manufactures precision laser-based systems for laser marking, laser engraving, quality inspection and templating. Virtek serves customers in the prefabricated construction, transportation, metalworking, tool and die and mold making industries.
  • Visotek Designer and manufacturer of optical components and fiber coupled actively cooled high power diode laser systems with beam shaping. Michigan, USA.
  • Wavelength Technology Singapore company supplying range of optics, spare parts, and accessories for industrial, medical, and research and development lasers. Incorporates detailed product information.
  • World StarTechnologies Inc. Canada. Manufactures variety of laser diode modules. Includes red, green, infrared, line, cross, and detection versions. Technical product and application details.
  • Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH Germany. Manufactures variety of laser products for positioning and alignment applications. Site provides details of product range and examples of uses in cutting metal, concrete, glass, and other materials.

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