Drives and Controls for AC or DC motors, including starters, switches, and motor specific switchgear.

Other languages: German.

  • Advanced Micro Systems, Inc Manufacture motion control drives, chips and stepper motors including programmable motion control IC's.
  • Advanced Motion Controls Motion control manufacturer of PWM servo amplifier and drive technology. Products include trapezoidal and sinusoidal brushless, DC brush, and accessories.
  • Alzanti Ltd Suppliers, designers and manufacturers of stepper drives, stepper motors and motion control equipment.
  • Anaheim Automation Motion control products including step motors, actuator motors, controllers, indexers, drivers and driver packs, cnc products, and positioning tables.
  • Anderson Converters Phase converters for running 3 phase equipment on single phase power. Manufacturer of rotary and static converters.
  • Anderson Electric Controls, Inc. An engineering and manufacturing firm, specializes in custom built AC drive devices which serve a broad range of businesses across many industries, all over the world.
  • Animatics Corporation Designers and manufacturers of highly innovative motion control products that are compact, integrated, user friendly, and cost effective.
  • Anorad Manufacturer of motor control devices, including servo motors, gantrys, and general automated control equipment.
  • AuCom Electronics Limited Designer and manufacturer of soft starters for AC induction motors.
  • Automation Modules, Inc Manufactures ultra-small and simple mainstream single and multi-axis motion control products for OEM customers in the factory, industrial and process automation fields.
  • AutomationSolutions Atlantic Provider of motion control, positioning, and industrial automation solutions for the northeastern United States.
  • AZEL Manufacture and repair of controls and servomechanisms for the piloting of electrical motors both with direct current and brushless.
  • Baldor UK Ltd Manufactures motion control motors and other control products. Product literature and manuals. Baldor, UK.
  • Bardac Corporation Variable-speed AC and DC drives, motor control systems, and custom engineered drives for OEMs.
  • Carotron, Inc. Manufactures DC drives, AC drives, system interface components custom control systems custom OEM drives. Engineering and application support is available.
  • Centent Company Designs and manufactures a broad range of high performance electronic motion control products for servo and DC motor applications.
  • COFKO Electronics, LLC Manufacturer of motor speed controllers for electric vehicles, battery discharge testers, DSP motor controllers for permanent magnet and induction AC motors.
  • Columbia Automation Systems Offers total system automation and integration. Services include Reliance, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Honeywell, Fireye, and Siemens Products.
  • Conch Electronic Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of counters, timers, proximity switches, tachometer, servo controller and drivers.
  • Control Resources Inc. SmartFan fan and speed controls and alarms. Supplier of fan and blower speed controls to OEM's.
  • Copley Controls Corp. Manufacturers and designs amplifier solutions for OEMs in the semiconductor, medical and automated assembly / inspection industries. Linear Motors and Servo Amps.
  • Cortex Controllers. Manufacturers of stepper motor controllers and drivers.
  • Dart Controls Manufacturer of high quality DC and AC motor speed controls and accessories since 1963.
  • Drive Source International, Inc. Eddy-Current variable speed drives, air/liquid cooled brakes, controls; CES Constant Energy Digital press drives, custom control systems, high speed A.C. motors, Inverter packages, Dynamometers and standard A.C. motors.
  • Electram Rotary, static, auto-transformer, and electronic (or solid state) phase converters - Also Bremas, Lovato, Lincoln electric, AC inverter drives, variable frequency drives (VFD's), and electric motor controls.
  • Electrofit ZAPI manufacturer of electronic controls for electric powered vehicles.
  • Electrol Co Inc An established manufacturer of dc scr variable speed motor controls 5hp and down.
  • Electromate Industrial Sales Limited motion controllers, PC control cards, servo/stepper components, gearheads, positioning systems, bearings, sensors.
  • Electronic Technical Services Corporation Manufacture and provide replacement parts and services for SCR control systems and design electrical and electronic systems for controlling large AC and DC generators and motors.
  • Eltrol Corp Designs and manufactures digital, linear and phase lock loop servo amplifiers and motion controls.
  • EMSCO Motor control modification. Motor control sales. Maryland, Virginia, DC Metro area. Specializing in complex cooling tower control solutions.
  • Enerpro, Inc. Designers and manufacturers of motor and power supply control components and systems from firing boards to SCR assemblies.
  • Eurotech Machinery Co Ltd, NZ Single to three phase electronic converters, single phase motors and components to build converters and motors.
  • Excel Industrial Electronics Inc. Systems integrator of variable speed drive and motion control systems.
  • Fairford Electronics Ltd Designs and manufactures digital controllers with Softstart.
  • Gayatri Manufacturer of thyristor drives, auto burners and automation industry products.
  • IPSES S.r.l. Manufacturers of stepper motor control units with serial, USB or ethernet interface.
  • Joliet Technologies LLC drive systems and custom control panels for new applications or drive system upgrades.
  • KB Electronics, Inc. Manufactures analog AC and DC drives, fan speed controls for AC motors, low voltage DC-DC battery controls and RFI filters. Imports Genesis digital inverters, programmable relays, PLC's and HMI touch screens.
  • KIMATEK Complete line of standard AC Drive products as well as branded and tailored products for various OEM applications.
  • LM Photonics Ltd. (NZ) Software and consultancy services for the electrical and electronics industries with particular focus on motor control. Incorporating educational and reference information related to all areas of industrial electric motor control.
  • Logosol, Inc. Single and multi-axis motion control boards, intelligent drives and PWM servo amplifiers for brushless, brush-commutated and stepper motors.
  • Martin Phase Converters Offers static and rotary phase converters.
  • MGI Technologies Inc Sales, engineering and integration of variable frequency drive systems for HVAC, Industrial and customized applications. UL and CSA certified factory facility.
  • Midwest Motion Products DC motion products
  • Miller Electric Service and Supply Custom Motor Control Panels designed and built. PLC programming. Variable Speed Drive Packages
  • Mocotech GmbH Compact autotransformer based motor starters with integrated switching devices and control system up to 25MW and 13.8KV for in rush current limitation.
  • Motor Drives International VFD Systems Supplies variable speed drives and custom variable frequency drive panel control systems.
  • Motortronics Manufacturer of solid state motor control products, including AC motor controls, soft start, reduced voltage starters, electronic brakes and AC variable speed drives
  • Nolta GmbH Manufacturer of motor protection plugs.
  • Nyden Corporation USA Offers solutions for motion control needs with a complete line of AC/DC motors as well as 2-phase and 5-phase drivers.
  • OLTOM Engineering Stepper motor controllers and I/O-cards for measurement and control applications with an innovative communications bus.
  • Orion Electronics Stepper motor drives and controls. India.
  • Ortman Drives and Controls Distributors Service and engineering of drive and control systems applications and troubleshooting.
  • Performance Motion Devices Designs and manufactures integrated circuits to control DC-Servo, brushless servo, stepper motors. S-curve and trapezoidal profiling, electronic gearing, PID and feedforward compensation.
  • Phase Converter Info Directory site with information on phase converters and their application.
  • Phase Technologies digital phase converters produce three-phase power from a single-phase source with voltages balanced within 1%, unity power factor and less than 2% harmonic distortion.
  • PML Flightlink Electric motors and joysticks for electric vehicles such as wheelchairs and scooters. Joystick controllers and heavy duty, inductive and industrial joysticks.
  • Power and Controls, Inc Distributor of industrial motors and motor controls located in Tampa, FL.
  • Power Tronics, Inc. Manufactures a universal voltage regulating system for electrical generators.
  • Protobyte Inc. Now offering the new ProDrive-2000 /3000 Stepper and Servo motor drivers. Online purchasing and data sheets in PDF.
  • Qualitech Inc Designs, develops, and manufactures customized digital motor speed, engine and system controls.
  • QuickSilver Controls Inc. Designs and develops high performance, cost effective servo motor motion control products.
  • Ralspeed LTD Torq-Master 2000 soft starter.
  • Ralspeed Ltd. Manufacturers of the torq-master soft starter. Typical uses include refrigeration, air conditioning, and pumps.
  • Remco Electrical Mfg. New and refurbished phase converters.
  • Remtron, Inc. Manufactures radio remote controls for overhead crane and other industrial applications, including Command Pro and Pump Boss product lines.
  • RMS Technologies Manufacturer of microstepping drivers, controllers, and integrated step motors
  • RT Engineering Service LLC Provides electrical motion control solutions for web-handling and wire and cable applications, using drive technology--ac, dc and servo.
  • Salem Controls, Inc. Designers and manufacturers of motion control products for use with any controlling device, from embedded systems to PC control through software.
  • Solid-State Drives, Inc. An industrial electronics sales and service company in the motor and machine controls industry.
  • Spring Starter Hand wound mechanical starter motors for diesel engine starting without battery or control power.
  • Sprint Electric DC Motor Controls, variable speed drives, thyristor drives, servo motor controllers and digital panel meters.
  • SR Drives An electrical engineering company that offers switched reluctance motor technology for variable speed drives.
  • Standard Controls, Inc. Provides mission critical power, process, and motor control systems.
  • Sterling Power Systems (division of Sterling Electric, Inc.) Manufacturer and distributor of: AC and DC motors, gearmotors, reducers, stainless steel motors, variable speed, helical, right angle, and controls.
  • Sungwan Electric Digital thyristor heater power controller and soft starter for induction motor, aircon for control panel and cable fault locator.
  • Superior Phase Converters Single Phase into 220V/440V 3-Phase Power. specialize in CNC, 3-Phase Farm Equipment, EDM, Woodworking.
  • Switchgear and Motor Control Centres. Manufacturers of Spectar Switchgear and Field Grant Motor Control Centres. PLC/SCADA controls and intelligent control systems.
  • The Motion Group, Inc. Supplier of PLC controlled stepper motor drivers, stepper motors and stepper motor systems.
  • Torspec International Manufacturers of eddy current and variable speed drives, controls and control systems.
  • Toscana Linea Electronica S.L. Manufacturers of electrical panel boards and industrial automations. Produces and distributes electronic products for water control.
  • Trinamic Microchips GmbH DC motor controls
  • Twintec Controllers for 3 axis stepper motors, CAM software for CNC machines.
  • UNICO, Inc. Manufacturing company specializing in AC/DC drives and control systems.
  • US Drives, Inc. This is an informational site on AC drives for industry.
  • Varedan Technologies Manufactures motion control products including linear servo amplifiers, PWM servo amplifiers, stepper controls and motion controllers.
  • Vector Drive Systems Inc. Specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial duty variable frequency drive VFD inverter systems.
  • Velox Devices LLC Universal DC motor control modules and custom motion control design.
  • VTech, Inc. Offers variable frequency drives sales and service.
  • Western Servo Design, Inc. Manufacturer of servo amplifiers and motion controllers. Online line card, search facility and specifications.
  • Winland Electronics, Inc. Manufactures DC motor controls, environmental security controls, and controls for GPS antennas.

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