Includes sockets and terminals, terminal boards and blocks, cable to cable, rack, and panel connectors, PCB and flat cable connectors, jacks, plugs, pins, and adapters.

Other languages: German.

  • A.I.R.Inc. Manufactures a battery cable disconnector that fits a range of cable sizes.
  • Advanced Interconnections Electronic interconnect products: standard and custom sockets, adapters, board to board connectors, terminals, test jacks, and test emulator adapters.
  • Advanced Interconnections Corp. Manufacturer of electronic interconnect products including board to board connectors and BGA sockets.
  • AirBorn Inc. Manufactures high-density PC board and I/O connectors, cable assemblies, stacking interconnection systems, smart card connectors, and filter connectors.
  • Alkuma GmbH Manufacture of fittings and components transformers, generators, anodising, electroplating. From Germany.
  • Allied Electronics Co. Manufacturers of circular connectors. Applications include defence, machine tools and process control.
  • ALPTEX, Inc Source for test probes, adaptors, connectors and cables for emulation, programming and test interconnect.
  • Amphenol Corporation Manufactures electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.
  • Amphenol East Asia Ltd. Designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.
  • Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH Design and production of standardized and customized connectors and cable assemblies.
  • Amtronics Inc. Manufacture of Siameze connectors and continuous crimpband connectors and terminals.
  • Anderson Power Products Inc. Designs and manufactures high power interconnects and accessories for back-up power, telecom/datacom, and the material handling industries.
  • Apple International Manufacturer of compression lugs, neutral links and solderless terminals.
  • Armel Electronics Manufacturer of relay sockets, PCB connectors and terminals.
  • Array Connector Corporation A manufacturer of circular multi-pin connectors for the military, aerospace, commercial and application specific designs.
  • Autosplice Inc. Manufacturer of terminals, component assemblies and applicator systems.
  • AUXEL German busbar manufacture.
  • Blockmaster Electronics Manufacturers of industrial and UL approved terminal blocks. Includes an online catalog and listings of representatives and distributors.
  • Bulgin Components Plc Manufacturers of mains and waterproof connectors.
  • C&C Electronics Connectors Inc. Manufacturer of RF, microwave and coaxial connectors.
  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Manufactures data baluns, media filters, impedance matching devices, gender changers, patch panels, cable assemblies, connectors, RJ45 modules, cat 5 cables.
  • Camden Electronics Ltd. Manufacturer of UL-approved pcb terminal blocks, interconnection components, ic plcc sockets, batteries and electrical equipment.
  • Central Components Manufacturing Manufacturer of a complete range of industry standard connectors and interconnection systems and accessories.
  • Chant Sincere Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of a wide range of PCB and cable mounting connectors.
  • Chufon Technology co., Ltd. Manufacturer of SD, card, smart card, AV, jack, FPC, and board-to-board connectors in Taiwan
  • Chyao Shiunn Electronic Industrial Ltd. Manufacturer of electronic components and wire connectors.
  • Cinch Connectors Manufacturer of a broad range of electrical connectors for use in a variety of industries.
  • Cobra Electronics Ltd Manufacturer of standard and custom cable assemblies and a range of Coax/RF and microwave connectors. UK.
  • Colombo Sergio and Figli, S.r.l. Manufacturer of insulating housings and connection systems.
  • Component User Industry Co., Ltd. Designer and manufacturer of computer connectors and cables.
  • Components Corp. Manufacture and distribute rectangular and circular electrical connectors and interconnect systems for industrial, military, and aerospace applications.
  • Connect-Tech Products Connectors and enclosures for Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications, Satellite, Audio/Video, Security, Sound, Industrial, Medical, Automation and other OEM applications
  • Connectronics Corp. High voltage connectors made to specifications.
  • Connectwell Industries Private Limited Manufacturer of a range of terminal blocks. UL, CSA, VDE, and TUV approved products.
  • Connxx Interconnect Products Manufacturer of interconnect products including PCB, Cable I/O, fiber optic, RF coax and electrical connectors.
  • Conwin PCB connectors, power connectors, and assemblies.
  • Cristek Interconnects Inc. Manufactures COTS and custom electronic connectors for the military, aerospace and biomedical markets. Online catalogue, product search and PDF application notes available for download.
  • Dash Connector Technology , Inc. Manufacturer of hermetic connectors, bulkhead feed-throughs, headers, probes,and cables assemblies.
  • David Electronics Company Ltd. Manufacturer of power cords, computer connectors and accessories.
  • Dersing Electronics Co. Limited Manufacturer of fiber optic connectorsand adaptors, patch cords, and bnc connector. Based in Taiwan.
  • Doran Manufacturing Manufacturer of custom electrical connector design solutions. Offering custom configured electrical terminals, power distribution blocks and terminal boards.
  • Douglas Electrical Components Manufacturer of vacuum, electrical, feedthrough, and RF conductors and hermetic sealed connector technology for the commercial, military and aerospace industries.
  • Druseidt Elektrotechnik Manufacturer of solderless connectors and tools, flexible copper connectors, and water cooled high current cables.
  • Dux Electricals India-based manufacturer of brass cable glands lugs, earthing rods, lightning protection systems, plumbing sanitary fittings, and brass electrical hardware.
  • E-Call Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, wire harness, solderless breadboards, electronic components, tool kits and computer accessories.
  • EASE Ltd Manufactures terminal blocks, connectors, nylon cable ties, and heat shrink tubing.
  • Eisenacher elektroTECHNIK GmbH Produces solderless wiring components for the electrical industry. From Germany.
  • Ekaton Limited Manufacturer of copper and brass electrical contacts and ancillary products.
  • Electric Cordsets, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of UL and CSA approved power supply cords and cord sets to the appliance and equipment industries.
  • Electronic Connector Service, Inc. Manufacturer of edgecard, d-subminiature, and miniature ribbon cable connectors in press- Fit, SMT and PCB mounted terminations. Contains competitor cross referencing sheet.
  • Essen Deinki ISO 9002 manufacturer of connectors, terminals, and microswitches. Includes company background, product information, and contact details.
  • Feijaan Enterprise Co., Ltd Manufacturer of terminal blocks, plugs, jacks, connectors and sockets. Also plastic injection, molding and stamping.
  • First Tech Manufacture of jacks, plugs, connectors, switches, sockets, outlets, LED indicators and surge protectors. From Taiwan.
  • FTZ Industries Manufacturer of battery terminals, heat shrink connectors and tubing for transportation, marine and industrial applications.
  • Gia Yee Industrial Co., Ltd Manufacturer of RF connectors, solderless cable connectors and cable assemblies. Based in Taiwan.
  • Gigatronix Ltd Manufacturers of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. From UK.
  • H-J Enterprises Manufacturer of electrical hardware.
  • Harwin Manufactures electronic and electrical connectors and components.
  • Hawke Cable Glands Manufacturer of cable glands, connectors, terminations, and fieldbus device couplers for hazardous (Eexd) and industrial (Eexe) areas.
  • Honda Connectors, Inc. Manufacturer of electric circuit connectors, electromechanical assemblies, and cable assembly technologies.
  • Hualing Electronic Components Factory Manufacturer of a range of connectors, plugs, sockets, and audio and video connectors. Based in China.
  • Hus-Tsan Group Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of RF/ microwave connectors, coaxial connectors for CATV, communication, cellular phones and telecommunication.
  • Hypertac Interconnect Manufacturer of electronic connectors.
  • Imperial Connector Systems Manufacturer of specified electronic connectors with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.
  • Intelli Brazilian manufacturer of terminals, connectors, coated ground rods, and other electromechanical hardware. In Portuguese and English.
  • IQC International Ltd Supplier of a range of D sub, ribbon , circular, and rectangular connectors. Associated Production units in France and India.
  • Jaynix Engineering Corporation Manufacturers of deep drawn press parts, connectors, box lugs, terminal, earth and neutral bars from India.
  • Jeesoon Terminals Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of terminals and connectors. From Taiwan.
  • Jih Vei Electronics Co.,Ltd. Connector for computers and OA equipment, plugs, jacks, switches, sockets.
  • JITE Connectors Inc. Manufacturer of terminal blocks, PCB connectors, custom design electrical connectors.
  • Jiuh Shiuh Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Developer and manufacturer of connectors and housings.
  • JST (UK) Ltd Manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors, application tooling and machinery.
  • Jye Bao Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of RF connecters, adapters, and cable assemblies, attenuators, test leads, dipole antennas, and custom microwave and telecommunications components.
  • K.S.Terminals Inc. Manufacturer of terminals and connectors.
  • Keltron Connector Co. Manufacturer of commercial electronic connectors, D-Sub, DIN/MINI DIN, Modular, flat cable, round cable, centronics, IDC.
  • Keyconn Technology Corp. Terminal block and connector manufacturer for oem and odm companies. From Taiwan.
  • Koaxis, Inc. Manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies in 50 and 75 ohms.
  • L.M.L. Products Ltd. UK manufacturer and supplier of standard and customised electrical terminals, busbars and connectors.
  • Lex Products Manufacture cable assemblies and distribution boxes for motion picture, theatrical, and temporary electrical power markets.
  • Ling Sing Industrial Inc. Manufacturer, import and exporter of audio and video cables, connectors, wall plates, and fiber optic components.
  • LMI Components, Inc. Manufactures PC mount and panel mount eurostyle terminal blocks and connectors.
  • Logical Systems Corp Manufacturer of adapters and custom interconnects for programming, prototyping and production of IC devices.
  • Lyn-Tron Manufacturer of spacers, standoffs, jackscrews, captive panel screws, plastic hardware, and handles with information on products, service, cateers and contacts.
  • MAC Panel Company Supplier of interconnect devices for the testing equipment industry.
  • Marco Manufacturer of terminal blocks, terminal block materials, terminal lugs, quick connect tabs and marker strips.
  • Meet Industries Makes brass split bolts, split bolt connectors, line tap and conduit fittings.
  • MH Connectors Supplier to the connector and networking market place.
  • Mill Max Mfg. Corp. Manufacturer of machined interconnect components and specialty connectors including pins, receptacles, terminals, IC, BGA, PGA, DIP and SIP sockets.
  • Multi-Contact USA Manufacturer of precision electrical and electronic connectors specializing in design and development of high current interconnecting systems.
  • Nanonics Corporation Manufacturer of ultraminiature (.025 inch pitch) connectors and cable harnesses.
  • Neltron Industrial Co., Ltd. Connector, IC Socket, PGA Socket, 2 in 1 Connector, Pin Manufacture wire harness, board to board connector, wire to board connector and other electronic connectors. From Taiwan.
  • Nicomatic Manufacturer of electronic and electrical connectors, snap domes and membrane switches.
  • Ningbo Degson Electronics Co., Ltd Manufacturer of terminal blocks, connectors and precise tooling, based in China.
  • Northern Electrical Connectors Manufacturers of electrical connectors specialising in battery connection and engineering capabilities.
  • Oakmark Industrial Co Ltd. Manufacturers of custom connectors, cables and harnesses.
  • ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG Push-pull and medical connector manufacturer.
  • ODU USA Manufacturer and distributor of electrical connectors.
  • Omega Research Ltd Manufacturers and suppliers of surface mount device adaptors for prototype use.
  • Park Metals Indian manufacturer of brass electrical connectors.
  • Pave Technology Hermetically sealed electrical and fiber optic through bulkhead feedthrus connectors for pressures or vacuums.
  • Phoenix Contact Manufacturer of modular terminal blocks and industry plug connectors, interface and bus products, PCB connectors and surge voltage protection and products.
  • Positronic Industries Inc Manufacturer of interconnect products including D-subminiature, power, circular, and rectangular connectors.
  • Powersonic Industries Inc. Canada Electrical and Electronic wire, cable,connectors and components distributor and manufacturer of wire harness, cable assembly, electronic and electromechanical assemblies.
  • Precision Electronic Hardware Ships standard parts such as standoffs, spacers and jackscrews from stock. Others are manufactured to order. Also, produce electronic hardware from drawings.
  • Radiall Manufacturer of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic and microwave components.
  • RAF Electronic Hardware Manufacturer of electronic hardware components . Products include spacers, standoffs, washers, jackscrews, and handles.
  • Real Terminals Manufacturer from India of cable terminals, in-line connectors, copper butt connectors, copper weak back ferrules, soldering type tubular lugs, aluminium ferrules for aluminium LPE conductors.
  • Reynolds Industries, Inc. Supplying connectors, wire, cabling, fiber optics and electronic system integration.
  • RF Industries Ltd. Design, manufacture, and distribute coaxial connectors used in radio communication applications, computers, test instruments, PC LANs and antenna devices . Includes product specifications, company news and trade show details .
  • Ricco Electronics Co Ltd Manufacturer of jack connectors. Including DC power, phone, miniature and speaker.
  • Ringtel Electronics Manufacturer of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, connectors and electronic/electromechanical assemblies.
  • S-Conn Enterprise Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of a variety of RF, microwave, and other connectors, and installation hand tools, as well as standard and custom cable assemblies.
  • Sabritec Inc. Produces interconnects from highly integrated assemblies on military avionic systems to microminiature connectors on printed circuit boards.
  • SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc. Manufacturer of terminals, connectors, electric terminals, push-on connectors, cord end sleeves, wire nuts, cable tie and crimping tools.
  • Shenzhen Baifuda Electronic Co., Ltd( China) Manufacturer of coaxial connectors for A/V, BNC connectors, scart and USB connectors and cable. Located in China.
  • Shining Industrial Co., Ltd. Specialized manufacturer of terminal blocks, fuse holders, insulators, connectors, relay sockets and hardware products.
  • Shogyo International Corporation Manufacture of connectors, terminals, jacks, plugs, speakers, and switches.
  • Sky Eagle Electronics Manufacturer of electronic and electrical connector and cable assemblies. China.
  • SMP Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of interconnection devices, IC sockets, cable assemblies and power supplies.
  • SPI Manufacturer of connectors, terminal blocks and cable assemblies.
  • Staffall, Inc. Manufacturer insulated and press mount terminals, insulated and non-insulated sockets, spacers, bushings, solder terminals, and self clinching fasteners.
  • Super Pilot Enterprise Co RF connectors, BNC, TNC connectors, and assorted other connectors.
  • Switchcraft Manufacture connectors, jacks and plugs, jackfields, jack panels, cable assemblies and patch cords and switches.
  • Switchlab Inc. Manufacturer of illuminated pushbutton switches, barrier/Euro type terminal blocks, and interface products under the DECA brand.
  • Syscon Tek Corporation Manufacturer of PCB connectors.
  • Taicom Electronic connector manufacturer. Range includes battery holders, D sub-miniature, IDC, IEEE - 488 Type, SIMMs, I.C. Sockets, chip carrier and DIN41612.
  • Tekmos Communications Limited Manufacturer of a range of products for SS7 and G703 connectivity.
  • The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc. Manufacturer of combination D-sub connectors, coax contacts and connectors, RF/Microwave cable assemblies and harnesses, delay lines, military audio connectors, PC boards and electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • Tianli Electrical Machinery Manufacturer of electrical and electronic terminal blocks.
  • Trompeter Electronics Manufacturer of coax, twinax, and triax RF connector and cable assemblies and accessories.
  • Turret Lugs and Solder Terminals Manufacture and supply turret lugs, solder terminals, PCB terminal connectors and pillar lugs.
  • Ultra Precision SA Manufactures high precision contacts and related components for the connector market.
  • Ultratech Manufacturer and distributor of aerospace connector, military connector, aeronautic connector, mil-spec-connectors and electrical contacts. From France.
  • ULTRATECH Manufacturer of aerospace connectors, military connectors, aeronautic connectors, electrical contact, mil-spec-connectors.
  • Vantage Technology Manufacturer of third-party certified electrical connectors for use in hazardous environments including explosion proof flameproof plugs and receptacles supplying power, control, and thermocouple inserts.
  • Vensik Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacture of connectors and wire and cable assemblies. From Taiwan.
  • Verbeeken Manufacture of customized high-density docking solutions, connectors, receptacles. BGA, µBGA, LGA, CSP, DIP, LCC, PLCC, PGA, SOIC, SOJ, SSOP, QFP using thermoplastics like Ultem and Torlon
  • Vogt Ldt, Manufactures cable and wire connectors, PCB terminals and solderless splices. From Switzerland.
  • Weald Electronics Ltd. Manufacturers of filtered connectors.
  • WECO Manufacture of terminal blocks, terminal strips and electrical connectors and pcb connectors.
  • Weitronic Enterprise Co., Ltd Professional manufactory in connector industry.
  • Weltech Electronics Manufacturer of AVON brand of RF, microwave co-axial connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, fiber optic connectors, etc.
  • Wildcat Electronics Inc. Manufacturer of terminals, pins, sockets and receptacles. Also custom parts and assemblies.
  • Winchester Electronics Corp. Manufacturer of backplane connector systems, RF coaxial connectors, input/output connectors, and power connectors, etc.
  • Woori Electronics Industrial.Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of connectors and assemblies for computer, telecommunications, automotive and domestic appliances.
  • Xmultiple Offers RJ connectors with visual indicators.
  • Y-connect, Inc. Offers connector products in these areas: RF coax, board level and I/O, fiber optics. Also cable assemblies.
  • Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies, including sub-D, headers and terminators.
  • Yi Wai Industrial Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of Adcon brand of electronic components including RCA plugs, jacks, terminal boards, adapters and connectors.
  • Yue Sheng Exact Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of 1394 connector, usb, PDA, SMT, phone, din, pin, fiber optic and computer connectors.
  • Yueqing City Success Industry Company Manufacture of concentric socket series, out-wiring sockets and wiring -post socket series, switches and power-supply socket. From China.
  • Z-Axis Connector Company Manufacturers of miniature electronic custom connectors, are also known as specialty Elastomeric Connectors.

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