This category lists URL for companies that provide engineering, design, procurement, and construction of electrical control systems for the equipment used in factories.
  • Absolute Automation Systems, Inc. Provides process control and manufacturing system solutions from simple control panels, programming or industrial engraving to complete turnkey systems.
  • Abtek Controls Ltd. Manufacturers of a wide range of electronic industrial controls including counters, timers, tachometers, proximity sensors, power supplies and level controllers.
  • ACA Control Systems Ltd. Designers and manufacturers of electrical and pneumatic control panels including in PLC programming, SCADA, systems integration.
  • AccuWeb Inc. Manufacturer and designer of standard and custom electronic web guide control systems, line/edge guide, linear actuators for any application converting industries.
  • AFI Cybernetics Corporation Custom design, development, assembly, and service of industrial control systems.
  • AGM Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer offering electronic signal conditioning, monitoring, telemetry, scada and PLC control equipment for water, manufacturing, natural gas, petroleum, agriculture, mining, and chemical industries.
  • AGW Systems Manufacturer of time control and attendance monitoring equipment, access alarms, and related products.
  • AMP (GB) Limited UK. Company offers installation, calibration, maintenance and repair of control panels, cabinets, skids, and software.
  • Anacon Systems, Inc. Designs, develops and manufactures low-cost, high-efficiency AC Induction motors, speed controls and AC motor controllers using proprietary mixed signal integrated circuits and software algorithms.
  • Applied Electronics Corporation (AEC) Provides electrical process control systems, industrial control panels, field installation and support services.
  • Atlanta Attachment Co. Manufacture of AAC Serial Bus components, software, and training, distributed I/O control system for short-range machine control applications.
  • Automated Solutions Provides industrial and commercial control systems.
  • Automation Controls, Inc. Designs and manufactures custom control, instrumentation, and monitoring systems including software development (PLC, DCS, and PC).
  • Beck IPC GmbH Developer and manufacturer of control systems and components for industrial automation applications, specializing industrial PC systems.
  • Booth Welsh Automation Inc. Offers control engineering solutions, system integrations, provide traditional power distribution as well as fibre optic cabling.
  • BWI Eagle Inc. Manufacture industrial radio remote control systems for material handling applications in underground mining, processing and airport transportation industries. Includes product brochure and technical literature.
  • C F Controls Specialists in manufacturing, automation, food processing, pharmaceutical and medical, waste management and semiconductor industries.
  • CamKay Solutions Offers emergency service for communications networks, drives, industrial PCs and data displays in the US.
  • Candor Engineering Specialize in the design of electrical and instrumentation systems primarily for oil and gas installations in Alberta.
  • Capelrig Ltd Designers, manufacturers and integrators of electrical, process control and automation systems.
  • Castlet Ltd, UK Designers and manufacturers of electrical equipment for industrial control systems.
  • Cervis, Inc. Manufacturer of custom electrical controls to meet design specifications for application requirements.
  • Chnze Electric Manufacturer of circuit breakers, ac contactors, relays, push buttons, starter, meters switches, electrical accessories, fuses, instruments. China.
  • Cnc Teknix Manufacture of CNC controllers, CNC machine design and manufacture.
  • Computer Machine Controls Designs and manufactures custom machine controls using PLCs, relays, embedded PCs. Designs and builds special machines.
  • Control Design Offers design, implementation and system integration of customer specific control algorithms for electric generators in turbines and other applications from Gifhorn, Germany.
  • Control Designs, Inc. Specialize in turn key controls for automation with integration of plc's, hmi, scada, robots, motion control, bar-code, inspection systems and test equipment including the fabrication of industrial control panels.
  • Control Developments (UK) Ltd Based in UK. Company offers expertise in 'electro-hydraulic' control process and development.
  • Control Plus, Inc. Focused on automation engineering projects relating to the application of variable speed drives and motion control (positioning equipment).
  • Control Products Inc. Provides custom electronics controls design and manufacturing. ISO 9000 certified.
  • Control Technology Provides system engineering and customized electronics and electromechanical assemblies for control systems applications.
  • Crouzet Ltd Manufacturer of motors, logic controllers, timers, pneumatics, switches and sensors. Offer standard and adapted products for all machine automation applications.
  • Cutler-Hammer One of the world's leading suppliers of electrical control products and power distribution equipment.
  • Cygnet Controls Inc. A system integration and fabrication shop that is UL/CUL and CSA listed for control panels.
  • Doddridge Controls Inc. Provide electrical design and software services, and panel fabrication for heavy industries.
  • Drive Services, Inc. (DSI) Electrical engineers providing consultation, service, engineering designs, parts and drives from Reliance Electric and Allen Bradley to the pulp, paper and plywood industries.
  • DSP Control Group Inc. Development of DSP based control chips and boards serving the defense, general automation and machine tool markets.
  • Duren Controls, Inc. Provides complete control system integration including design, fabrication, programming, documentation, turnkey installation, and startup.
  • EDR Electronics Inc. Manufactures controls for the special machine building industry, specializing in solid state power controls, vibratory feeder controls and DC motor drives.
  • Electrical Systems Inc. Electrical contracting company specializing in controls and automation projects including system design, programming, troubleshooting and installation. Client list and list of state licenses.
  • Electro-Sensors, Inc. Manufactures industrial speed monitoring systems. Products including speed sensors, speed sensitive switches, tachometers, counters, speed-to-analog converters, digital pulse generators, closed-loop motor speed control systems, material level controls.
  • Enterprise Automation Inc. Control systems integrators for the industrial segment.
  • ePanel Plus, Ltd. Offers bespoke design, engineering, installation and commission of custom electrical control systems for production assemblies.
  • ExtraTech Corporation Builds controller interfaces, native CNC- or HP-GL-compatible files that can be run directly to the controller.Also, specialized pendants and I/O control solutions.
  • Fairchild Industrial Products Company Manufactures precision industrial controls and mechanical power transmission equipment.
  • Fomotech International Corporation Manufacturer of industrial radio remote control system.
  • Franzosi Design and manufacture electrical and electronic control panels for industrial automation. From Italy.
  • Georgin Manufacturer of temperature and pressure switches and remote I/O system equipment. Offices in France and Belgium.
  • Girard Engineering, Inc. Support, installation, and servicing of electrical and hydraulic industrial controls and HMI in the US and Europe. Services description, list of clients.
  • Gulf States Engineering Electrical and automation, mechanical and structural, process and materials handling.
  • Harding Instruments, Manufacture of advanced technology microprocessor based electronic products and systems. From Canada.
  • Howman Engineering Custom design and manufacture PLC and microcontroller based automation systems and components.
  • Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc. Remote radio control, push-buttons, pendant stations, control switches, speed responsive switches, lifting magnet controls, AC and DC motor controls, control accessories.
  • Hushmand Afzar Provides control and automation systems, instrumentation, and software projects.
  • I.C.P.C. A systems integrator providing complete PC system solutions, applications development support, and parts to industrial, manufacturing, and laboratorial concerns.
  • ICA Technical Solutions Limited Provider of industrial automation including PLC, SCADA, energy consultancy, HMI programming and maintenance.
  • ICEL Manufacturer of control panels including PLC's for hazardous areas and batch applications.
  • IDT Systems Inc. Providing automation systems for industries such as air pollution control, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, utility systems, automotive, original equipment.
  • IFM Efector, Inc. Manufactures sensors for industrial control applications including position sensors, level sensors, fluid sensors, networking and control products.
  • Industrial Automation Services Specialising in computer control of industrial processes with solutions to automation and control problems with particular interest in the metals industry. .
  • Industrial Control and Computer Consultants, Inc. Design integrate and manufacture industrial controls for machine tools.
  • Industrial Control Repair Inc. Specializes in industrial electronic equipment repair and sales of used robots.
  • Industrial Electronic Controls Specialists in electrical and electronic controls employed in industrial machinery.
  • Industrial Technology Systems Offers total integration of real time IT and industrial control solutions across the process and manufacturing industries including SCADA and PLC system integration with information on the company, achievements, events and services.
  • Ing. Caprio e C. srl Designs and manufactures special electronic systems for military, telecom and railways market.
  • INTEC Automated Controls Inc. Electrical engineering, systems integrator and panel builder.
  • J.R. Merritt Controls Manufacturer of heavy duty industrial joysticks and operator control chair systems.
  • JCA Electron Company A system ingrater of factory automation, robotics, radio frequency identification, electrical installation and networking.
  • Kaizen Automation and Control, Inc. Importers of Japanese factory automation parts. Also providing wide range of factory automation engineering design services.
  • Lakota Engineered Systems Specializes in control systems engineering and fabrication
  • Logic Plus, Inc. Manufactures and integrators of industrial controls and automation including panels, PLC, HMI, and PC control solutions.
  • LOR Manufacturing Company, Inc. Manufacturer of industrial radio remote control systems, engine instrument panels, digital tachometers, throttle actuators, and magnetic end pulleys designed and built to customer specifications.
  • Losung Automation Engineering and manufacturing of industrial and process controls for industrial systems. Also, buys and sells old industrial machines.
  • Macormatic Controls Manufacturing of time delay relays, alternating relays, phase monitoring relays and voltage monitoring relays for OEMs and all other industrial applications
  • Man-In Automation Ltd. An engineering company specialist in industrial automation and systems integration.
  • Mangiapane Computer Controls, Inc. Manufactures three PCMCIA Modules for the Allen-Bradley SLC 1746 I/O chassis.
  • Maricopa Controls Inc Designs, develops and manufactures test equipment, supervisory controls and custom power supplies for commercial and aerospace industries.
  • Martem AS Designs and manufactures SCADA systems, transducers, RTUs, and protocol converters. Company background and product photos and descriptions. Located in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Matric Offers wireless modems and remote I/O products for industrial control applications and embedded control systems.
  • Mission Control Systems, Inc. A control systems engineering company and custom control panel shop.
  • MMS Electronics Manufacturers of embedded electronics and electrical industrial controls.
  • MOBA Mobile Automation AG Develop custom operating units that are integrated into the network based structure.
  • Moeller Complete range of over 35,000 individual products, as well as systems and services for automation and power distribution.
  • Nova Systems Inc. Specializes in engineering and manufacturing industrial controls.
  • NOVA Systems Inc. Offers controls including PLC software, electric motor drive systems, industrial systems integration, machine vision, control systems and panel construction.
  • Parvex Manufacturer specialist of servosystem: servomotor brushless and CC, servodrive, CNC, motion control, positioning system, field bus, motion control software. An Invensys company.
  • Payne Engineering Company Manufacture of SCR power controls, switches and reduced voltage motor starters.
  • PC Controls, LLC Designs and manufactures machine tool controllers based on PC Controls.
  • Penmar Automation Inc. Automation and electrical controls including robots, programmable logic and motion controls, hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Penny and Giles Controls Manufacture of sensors and controllers for industrial, aerospace and broadcasting/recording industries.
  • PRAF Microcomputer Technologies Ltd. Development, manufacturing and marketing of computerized automation and control systems, equipment for enterprise and home telephony.
  • Precision Control Systems Designers and manufacturers of automation system controls including robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical.
  • Prima Electronics Instrumentation, control, electrical and automation panels. PLC based SCADA systems.
  • Prima Infotech Manufactures plc based equipment panels for industry. From India.
  • Primary Systems Inc Packages off-the-shelf hardware and software into complete automation systems forbatch processing applications.
  • Process Instruments Inc. Provides instrument repair and calibration services for industrial automation equipment, specializing in support of Honeywell, Leeds and Northrup products. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Process Technologies Group, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of process monitors, process controllers, data collection tools, and downtime analyzers. Products range from simple sensors to advanced computer-based control networks.
  • Proteo Engineering Manufactures switchboards for automatic machines, robotics and data storage, designed and made for both PCs and PLCs.
  • Proximon Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. Provide solutions for inductive, photoelectric sensors, ac drives, PLC, encoders, abb service and equipment integration.
  • Pyramid Industries, Inc. Systems integrator designs, fabricates, programs, installs automated control and monitoring systems for manufacturing, materials handling and OEM applications.
  • R. G. Weber Control Systems Provides CNC, PLC, systems integration, and industrial automation retrofitting.
  • Rowe Electrical Services, Inc. Provides a full range of systems integration, conveyor control systems, and mechanical and electrical installation services to the material handling industry.
  • Schneider Brothers Electric Design and construction of electric control panels, machine tool wiring, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
  • Schneider Electric Supplier of PLC (Modicon), CNC (NUM), HMI and SCADA automation equipment for Factory Automation.
  • SCR Controls Inc. Specialize in obsolete Emerson (WER) Controls, and eddy current controls, parts, service, and manufacture replacement pc boards for above.
  • Senett Control Co. LTD. Manufacturing industrial joysticks and control systems.
  • Sentinel Control Technologies, Inc. Provide complete turnkey control systems for both the industrial and marine arenas.
  • Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of control systems and instruments for industrial production process, analytical instruments, automobile electronics, computers, building control systems, PLC, POS systems, household electrical appliances, and pneumatic components in China.
  • Solidyne Corporation Design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing company specializes in distributed direct digital control (DDDC) systems.
  • Spectrum Controls, Inc. Designs and manufactures electronic hardware (I/O modules, small-text-based operator interfaces and communications devices) and related software products for the industrial controls market.
  • SSAC Inc. Designs and manufactures electronic controls for original equipment manufacturers.
  • SymCom Manufacturer of control devices including motor protection power monitoring equipment, relays, and sensors. Product catalog with specifications and photos.
  • Taylor Electronics, Inc. Manufactures a phase-balance voltage monitoring device used to prevent 3 phase motors and other equipment from operating or attempting to start up with one dead phase.
  • Tele Products Manufacture of automation components for all switching, sensing, monitoring and controlling operations.
  • Temp, Inc. Manufacturers of SCR power controllers, temperature controllers and process control systems for industrial use.
  • TetraTek Products, Inc. Offers Agilent Technologies - HP based instrumentation systems and Allen Bradley PLC controlled automated equipment.
  • Transicon Ltd Design and manufacture of control panels, drive control systems, motor control centres and PLC and SCADA software programming .
  • TRM International Ltd Manufactures and supplies motion controllers, drives, digital readouts, PLC replacements, guillotine backgauge controls, for a wide range of machinery bot new and retrofit.
  • Turn-Key Controls Ltd. Specializing in automated control systems for industrial applications including PLC control and PLC networking, HMI and SCADA packages.
  • Turri Industrial Automation Group Industrial automation including control cabinets and PLC manufacturing and field service and repair. Torrington, Connecticut.
  • Venchra Engineering Company Manufacturers of control panels.
  • Vijayshree Equipments Designs and manufactures electrical and electronic control and measurement equipment. India.
  • Walker Panels A custom control panel manufacturer located in Midland, Ontario, Canada offering electrical engineering services. Also an authorized distributor of Weidmueller products.
  • Wego Machinery & Electrics Co., Ltd. Manufacture of controllers including temperature, timers, counters, chargers, motor speed controller and power supplies. From Taiwan.
  • Wilmington Research and Development Corp. Design and manufacture custom electronic controls with microprocessor-based embedded electronic controls for all industrial applications.
  • Wingfield Engineering Company Custom controls manufacturer and fabricator.

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