Manufacturers and sellers of industrial machines used to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB). This includes but is not limited to drilling machines, reflow ovens, etc.
  • A.P.E. Corp Manufacturer of surface mount (SMT) repair equipment, including ball grid array (BGA), quad flat pack (QFP) and flip chip removal, circuit board rework stations, and temperature controlled reheaters. Product photos and descriptions, plus general instructions for replacement of high density packages on circuit boards.
  • Advanced Techniques US Inc. Manufacturer of semi-automatic surface mount (SMT) assembly equipment, including BGA/CSP placement and rework stations, pick and place machines, and reflow ovens. Product specifications and manuals.
  • Amistar Corporation Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services a variety of automatic and semiautomatic equipment for assembling electronic components to printed circuit boards. (Nasdaq: AMTA)
  • Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. Manufactures 1310nm, 1550nm, and quantum cascade lasers for telecommunications and spectroscopy applications, and offers molecular beam epitaxy units for wafer growth. Product data sheets and company background.
  • APS Novastar LLC Designs and manufactures turnkey surface mount and through hole assembly systems for low to medium volume PCB assemblers. Product descriptions including photos, specifications, and manuals, plus contact information of distributors.
  • Auto MIT Co., Ltd. Design and construct assembly line, inspection line, aging line and buffer line for the electronic products, automated with various conveyors, work tables, equipment for exclusive use and control systems.
  • Autop Precision Machinery Manufacturer of machinery for assembly of discrete electronic components including lead attaching, marking, and component sorting. Factory in China. Site in English and Chinese and includes product brochures.
  • Baker Technology Associates, Inc. Design, fabrication and installation of plating and wet processing systems specialising in printed circuit board, connector, aerospace and hardware industries.
  • Beamworks Ltd. Manufacturer of all-in-one circuit board assembly systems with localized laser reflow, plus selective soldering systems and infrared automatic inspection (AOI) equipment. Site describes company products and technologies.
  • Business Electronics Soldering Technologies, Inc. A full service PCB rework and repair, soldering and training company.
  • cab Technology Inc. Manufacturer of laser markers, depanelizers, magazines and racks, extractors and insertors, and cut off saws for printed circuit boards. Site lists product photos, descriptions, and contacts of distributors.
  • Caltek Sales, services and parts for equipment for the printed circuit board industry.
  • Camtek Develops, manufactures, markets and supports automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems and related products for the printed circuit board (PCB) and high-density interconnect (HDI) industries.
  • Christopher International, Inc Manufacturer of equipment and consumable products for both the printed circuit and the circuit assembly industries.
  • Circuit Automation Designs and manufactures dual-sided coating equipment for use with liquid photoimageable products.
  • Circuit Chemistry Electronics Wet process equipment supplier to the PCB, fabrication, metal finishing and metal etching industries.
  • Circuit Engineering Marketing Company Manufacturers of equipment for the printed circuit board industry, specialising is hot air solder leveling systems.
  • Colight Manufacturer of exposure systems for PCB imaging, plus chemical milling and ink curing equipment. Site lists photos and brief descriptions of products.
  • Conceptronic, Inc Manufactures solder reflow ovens, forced convection rework stations and customized thermal processing equipment for customers in the electronics manufacturing industry.
  • Control Micro Systems, Inc. Makes turnkey or production line integrated laser based printed circuit board marking systems.
  • DEK Printing Machines Ltd. Manufacturer of screen printing machines for SMT circuits and stencil printers for wafer bumping. Company also offers screen and stencil manufacturing. Product specifications and brochures. [English and German]
  • Dima SMT Systems Manufactures tools and machines for SMD pick and place, dispense, reflow soldering, board handling, CMS taping, microscopes, vision inspection, stencil printing and PCB cleaning.
  • Ebso GmbH Manufacture of lead forming machines and selective soldering machines for assembly and repair of individual components. Germany. Site in German and English, and includes product descriptions and brochures in PDF format.
  • Ems Technologies Pvt. Ltd Manufacturer of stencil printer, wave soldering machine, hot air reflow oven, solder paste softener, pick and place machine and hot air rework station. From India.
  • Fancort Industries, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of circuit board (PCB) fixtures, racks, and depanelling equipment. Also manufacturers component lead forming and trimming machines. Product photos, descriptions, and PDF brochures.
  • IVAS Tech Specialized in developing and manufacturing of equipment for assembling and control of PCBs based on SMD components.
  • LPKF Laser & Electronics AG A manufacturer of PCB prototyping equipment, SMT stencil lasers, AOI systems, Microvia laser drilling and HDI circuit structuring machines
  • LUX s.r.o. Design and production of special single purpose machines for axial leaded resistors applications.
  • Mechatronic Systems GmbH A manufacturer of equipment for the SMD technology.
  • Micro Motion Technologies Corporation Specialized manufacturer of automatic component handling, taping and inspection machines.
  • MIMOT Producer of surface mount assembly systems.
  • Nortek Automation Standard systems include memory module and circuit board handling, print/apply labeling, ink-jet marking, CNC controls, automated test.
  • Novatec SA A research laboratory which develops new technologies for the electronic assembly industry.
  • Olamef Manufactures component lead cutting and forming equipment for loose or taped axial and radial components, component counters and PCB depanelers.
  • Optimal Technologies Ltd Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning, optical hard coat, and metal finishing systems.
  • Optrol Manufacturer of etchant control devices to monitor the density of chemicals in etchant tanks.
  • Orient Engineering Co., Ltd Manufacturers of PCB cleaning equipment.
  • PAF Systems Ltd Manufacturers of PCB handling and test equipment, conveyors, and modular workstations.
  • Plasma Etch, Inc. OEM Manufacturer of plasma etching systems.
  • Qmax Test Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Offers mixed signal PCB in-circuit functional testers, automated test equipment, production testing systems, manufacturing defect analyzers, ATEs, MDAs, open/short testers, short locators.
  • Reprint Services Offers a range of packages designed to support SMTech customers and equipment.
  • Risatti Electronic machinery for testing, measuring, controls and technical assistance. Automatic integrated assembly and testing systems. From Italy.
  • Robotas Ltd. Suppliers of Mascot PCB assembly equipment and component dispensers. From UK.
  • ScanCAD International Providing scanning technology focused on assembly and fabrication.
  • Selba S.A, Provide services for producing photomask and photoplotting services 3000, 6000, 12000 dpi.
  • SintroNex Provides equipment for SMT.
  • SMT in Line Manufactures equipment for PCB, surface mount technology.
  • Speedline Technologies Manufacturer of printed circuit board fabrication and component conformal coating machines, stencil and wafer bump printers, and other semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Product brochures in PDF format, and white papers and technical articles related to company products.
  • Systek Controls Manufacturer of PCB handling equipment, reflow ovens, and stencil printers.
  • Topquality Industry Ltd Supply SMT equipment, technical service and management systems.
  • Transition Automation Inc. Manufacturers three distinct product lines for the electronics assembly industry: printing systems; tooling services; and squeegee technology.
  • Video Microscope A manufacturer and provider of video microscope systems, optical microscopes and magnifier equipment for use in pcb, quality control, smt, test and measurement, bga, and inspection applications.
  • Vitronics Soltec Manufacturer of wave and reflow soldering and curing equipment. Descriptions of how products are used and product brochures in PDF. Requires Internet Explorer.
  • Yunus Technologies Manufactures an optical inspection system for SMT, PTH, PCB OEM or contract electronic manufacturing. Based in Canada.
  • Zierick Manufacturing Corporation Manufacturers equipment for assembling and placing onto circuit boards interconnection components including single pin and multipin headers. Company also sells standard and custom connectors, terminals, and fuse clips. Equipment and product specifications, plus technical articles on interconnect design.

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