This category focuses on the business located in North America of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing only speakers to consumer.

It is for appropriate for the sites of manufacturers, wholesalers, trade associations, and other sites about the consumer speakers business.

  • 3Dz Audio Small manufacturer of custom speakers and subwoofers. USA.
  • Acarian Systems Makes open baffle array loudspeaker. USA.
  • Accent Speaker Technology Makes open baffle loudspeakers feature midranges and tweeters that operate in dipole mode, using a cone driver without an enclosure. USA.
  • Acoustech Labs Manufacturer of 5.1 surround packages, subwoofers, floor standing as well as indoor/outdoor. Canada.
  • Aerial Acoustics High-end manufacturers that makes multi-driver tower speaker for home theater. US.
  • AES Speakers Makes in-wall rectangular loudspeaker.
  • Altec Lansing Designer, developer and manufacturer of speaker systems. USA.
  • Ambiance Acoustics Manufacturers loudspeakers for hi-fi, and studio applications. Named 'cubes' because of configuration of 4.5" cones, 16 speakers, with 4 on 4 baffles. USA.
  • American Acoustic Development Manufacturer of loudspeakers series dedicated for home theater and sub-master active subwoofer correction system. USA.
  • American Made Electronics Makes floor standing and bookshelf loudspeaker, subwoofer and home theater sets. USA.
  • Anthony Gallo Acoustics Manufacturers of 4" diameter spherical satellite loudspeakers and subwoofer systems for music and home cinema systems. USA.
  • Aperion Audio Manufacturer of loudspeakers, subwoofers, cables and accessories for home audio and home theater use. USA.
  • Art of Sound Hand crafted speakers and subwoofers. USA.
  • ASB Acoustics Makes two way loudspeaker using the transmission lines principle. USA.
  • Ascape Audio Manufacturer and designer of home theater and stereo speakers, and subwoofers. USA.
  • Ascend Acoustics Manufacturer of loudspeakers and subwoofers for home theater and music. USA.
  • Athena Manufacturers of loudspeaker systems for stereo and home theater and accessories. Canada.
  • Audigo Manufacturer of near field monitors. USA.
  • Audio Artistry Manufacturer of loudspeakers that focus on elimination of box resonances. USA.
  • Audio Concepts Speakers, subwoofers and electronics for audio and video hobbyists, DIY kits and parts. USA.
  • Audio Fox Provides a wireless speaker system designed to give personal volume control. Canada.
  • Auvia Loudspeakers Make a loudspeaker separated in two cabinet, one for the tweeter and mid and one for the bass. USA.
  • Avalon Acoustics High end speakers such as Sentinel and Eidolon Diamond. USA.
  • Axiom Audio Manufacturer of loudspeakers and home theater systems. Canada.
  • Bag End Makes professional loudspeaker, home theater and musical instrument speaker systems and monitors. USA.
  • Baltlines Audio European crafted audio speakers and home theater systems. USA.
  • Bay Audio Design and makes in-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor, cabinet and custom loudspeakers. USA.
  • BG Radia Designer and manufacturer of loudspeakers for the audio, home theater, custom and commercial installation markets. USA.
  • BIC America Home audio speakers manufacturer such as theater and surround sound and music loudspeakers. USA.
  • Biro Technology Design loudspeakers and audio products. USA.
  • Black Dahlia Acoustics High-efficiency loudspeaker by audio writer Dick Olsher. USA.
  • Blue Ridge Sound Engineering - BSRE Manufacture an affordable mini-monitor sized loudspeaker built with a top mounting tweeter, two bronze and aluminum inverted dome midranges and one bass woofer. USA.
  • Brentworth Makes high-efficiency "crossoverless" speakers. USA.
  • California Audio Technology Makes home theater speaker systems and stereo loudspeakers. USA.
  • Carolina Audio Makes transmission line speakers with hand built cabinets. USA.
  • Cerwin Vega Maker of high efficiency loudspeakers. USA.
  • Clearwave Loudspeaker Design Make custom design and also provides a line of high end speakers. USA.
  • Coincident Loudspeakers such as UHS and Eclipse series, and cables. Canada.
  • D+S Sound Labs Product and ordering information for this Davie, Florida manufacturer of multiple driver dynamic loudspeaker systems. USA.
  • D-BOX Subwoofers, home theater speaker systems and professional gear. Québec, Canada.
  • Daedelus Music Manufacturer of three and a half way floor standing speaker and home theater loudspeakers. USA.
  • DCM Makes home stereo speakers, subwoofer, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. USA.
  • DCS Digital Audio Manufacturer and designer of loudspeakers, subwoofers, powered subwoofers in class 9. USA.
  • Definitive Technology Specializing in bipolar loudspeaker systems for home theater, music listening, surround sound and in-wall use. USA.
  • DeVORE Fidelity Makes floorstanding and bookshelf two way and two-and-a-half way loudspeakers. USA.
  • DiAural Makes loudspeakers base on crossover technique which allows for communication and interaction between transducers. USA.
  • Digital Phase Speakers featuring "Acousta-Reed" technology. USA.
  • Direct Acoustics Factory-direct speakers by Winslow Burhoe. USA.
  • Dynamic Loudspeaker Engineering Manufacturer of bookshelf speaker, subwoofer and small satellites speaker.
  • Eggleston Works Manufacturer of loudspeakers. Includes product descriptions, company bulletin, and workshop tour. USA.
  • Ellis Audio Manufacturer of a two way stand mounted speaker. Information about the design and technical details of this speaker. USA.
  • Energy Loudspeakers Hi-fi loudspeakers and subwoofers for high end audio and home theater systems. Canada.
  • Ethera Manufacturer of bookshelf loudspeakers and metal stands. Canada.
  • Fab Audio Manufacturers of high efficiency loudspeakers. Canada.
  • Fidelity Acoustics Manufacturer of a high-end transmission line loudspeaker. Canada.
  • Fluance Speakers Featuring home theater surround sound speaker systems.
  • Focus Audio Manufacturer of multi-channel and stereo loudspeaker. Canada.
  • Fritz Speakers Hermosa Beach, CA. Manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers.
  • Gershman Acoustics Canadian high-end speakers based on the pyramidal enclosures to eliminating resonances and sonic refractions.
  • Gingko Audio Specialize in products custom designed for high-end audio and video applications such as tubular speakers, dust covers, vibration control platforms and, racks and stands. USA.
  • Green Mountain Audio Manufacturer of high end loudspeakers and subwoofer for home and studio. USA.
  • Hammer Dynamics Makes high sensitivity loudspeakers designed by John Wyckoff. USA.
  • Hansen Audio Manufacturer of floorstanding loudspeaker which include an internal fourth layer in the Matrix, which further lowers the distortion floor. Canada.
  • Huff Loudspeaker Speakers from Indiana with exotic driver technology. USA.
  • Human Speakers Provides do it yourself speaker projects Epicure EPI and Epicure, service and support for Genesis Physics and repairing other brands of speakers. USA.
  • Iconic Manufacturing Company Efficiency loudspeakers for audiophile. Components and hand-made enclosures. USA.
  • Induction Dynamics Manufacturers of stereo, in-wall, on-wall speakers, subwoofer that using a S4X driver-control technology that inductively couples crossover coils and optimizes the performance of each driver. USA.
  • Infinity US manufacturer of a complete line of stereo and home theater speakers.
  • Intuitive Design Makes a two-way loudspeaker configured around a triangular, wool damped transmission line built with granite wall. USA.
  • JA Audio Manufacturers of loudspeakers such as 5.1 home theater systems, outdoor speakers, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, subwoofers and car speakers. USA.
  • James Loudspeaker Manufacturer of bookshelf, outdoor, in-wall or on-wall loudspeaker and subwoofer using a patented adjustable frequency distribution circuit. USA.
  • Joseph Audio Manufacturer of loudspeaker using the patented Cardas vise-type design (CE approved) for contact. USA.
  • Jupiter Audio Design and makes bookshelf speakers and subwoofers utilizing silver flute and peerless woofers and silver flute ribbon tweeters. USA.
  • Kenleigh Makes home, portable, studio and professional loudspeakers. USA.
  • Kinetic Audio Makes speakers and components for audiophile, home theater, multimedia, auto, and entertainment systems. USA.
  • Klaro Audio Manufacturer of a compact bookshelf speaker and a 3 way tower loudspeaker. Canada.
  • Klein + Hummel Manufacturer of recording studio monitor. USA.
  • Leema Acoustics Manufacturer of Xen Xyp Xeus and Xephyr high performance loudspeakers systems for hi-fi home cinema and professional monitoring applications.
  • Leon Speakers Leon Speakers specializes in building on-wall speakers for flat-panel displays custom built to match Plasma, LCD, or DLP. USA.
  • Logitech Speakers for PC and Gaming Manufacturers of a complete line of 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, and 6.1 powered speaker systems. USA.
  • Lowther America Makes high efficiency open baffle speakers using ribbon tweeter. USA.
  • Magico Loudspeaker Systems Creates stylish loudspeaker that use drivers made with carbon nanotubes in their cone construction. USA.
  • MAL Designs Custom built home audio speakers, vibration control platforms, and speaker repairs. Canada.
  • Mark & Daniel Designer and manufacturer of high end speakers and drivers.
  • Merlin Music Systems US manufacturers of two lines of speakers such as VSM series.
  • Metal Sound Design Makes a wide range of speakers which are made entirely of metal. USA.
  • Miracle Audio Full-range and subwoofer loudspeakers. USA.
  • Mirage Loudspeakers Wide range of products for high-end, two channel audio systems and home theater using bipolar and Omnipolar technologies.
  • Momentum Audio Manufacturer of home cinema and hi-fi loudspeaker. Canada.
  • Morrison Audio Manufacturer of loudspeakers that are based on the point source omni-directional method of signal launch. Also makes a channel line-level preamplifier. Canada.
  • mStation Provides iPod floor standing speakers with 2.1 stereo sound. USA.
  • MTX Audio Delivers car, home and professional audio products such as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, home theater speakers and accessories. USA.
  • NEAR - New England Audio Resource Full line of speakers with metal-driver technology. USA.
  • Nearfield Acoustics From Tennessee, large speakers built with many drivers.
  • NHT Professional audio components, home theater, walls or ceilings speakers and computer speakers.
  • Noble Fidelity Makes and design in-wall home theater and whole house audio loudspeakers. USA.
  • North Acoustics Manufacturer of bookshelf and ribbon hybrid loudspeaker system. USA.
  • North Creek Music Systems Manufacturer and supplier of high end loudspeakers. Provides detail technical specification and information. USA.
  • Nova Audio High-end and professional loudspeaker manufacturer such as monitor and floorstanding speakers. USA.
  • NSM Makes mini-monitors, monitors, subwoofers and home theater speaker systems. USA.
  • OAP Audio Products Design and manufacture custom enclosures and professional loudspeakers. USA.
  • Ohm Acoustics Manufacturer of loudspeakers, some using unconventional technology including the "Walsh" omnidirectional driver. Factory-direct sales model. USA.
  • Ohm Speakers Makes floorstanding and home theater loudspeaker sets. USA.
  • Omega Speaker Systems Manufacturer of speakers with paper cone full-range driver without crossover, cables and stands. USA.
  • On Track Audio Makes a reference loudspeaker system which using hybrid compound transmission-line projectors. USA.
  • Orb Audio Maker of home theater speakers and stereo speaker systems. Online store. USA.
  • Paradigm Canadian manufacturer of mass-market/hi-fi audio and home theater loudspeakers.
  • Parker Audio Manufacturer of high efficiency speakers, drivers and kits. USA.
  • PBN Audio Manufacturer of reference loudspeaker, monitor and mini-monitor. USA.
  • Phantom Sound Architectural home speaker systems including hidden wall and floor speakers. USA.
  • Phase Technology Makes stereo and home theater system speakers, subwoofer and in-wall speakers. USA.
  • Pillow-Phonic A digital stereo speaker that can be slipped under a pillow or bedding and doesn't require headphones, for personal or therapeutic uses.
  • Pinnacle Manufacturers of home theaters speaker kit, outdoor, in-wall and stereo speakers. Based in New York.
  • Polk Audio US manufacturer of home stereo, home theater speaker kit and car stereo loudspeakers. Provides audio education information, discussion forum.
  • Posh Speaker Systems Manufactures patented loudspeaker systems for commercial and home entertainment such as ceiling, bookshelf, in-wall, infinite baffle speakers and subwoofer.
  • PQN Audio makes audio speakers and products, waterproof audio, golf cart and car and marine speakers and audio transducers. USA.
  • Precision Acoustic Labs Makes a multi-drivers speaker tower with a separate subwoofer. USA.
  • Pro-Linear Electronics Makers of hi-fi and home theatre speakers. USA.
  • PSB Speakers Manufacturer of in-room, in-wall and in-cabinet speakers and subwoofers for audio and home theater speaker systems. Canada.
  • RBH Sound Makes multi-drivers floor standing and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers designed for custom installation. USA.
  • Reel Acoustics Manufacturer of multichannel loudspeaker systems and subwoofer. Canada.
  • Reference 3A Manufacturers of loudspeakers that uses carbon fiber cone driver allows for a direct coupling of the woofer to the amplifier. Canada.
  • Renaissance Audio Group Manufactures auto and home audio speakers. Product specifications, photos, ordering information, and a company profile. USA.
  • Revel Offers design loudspeaker such as stereo and in-wall series. USA.
  • Révélation Audio Manufacturer high-end stereo speakers with non-parallel walls, subwoofer, home cinema kits. Québec, Canada.
  • Rogue Wave Audio Active 4 way digital loudspeakers. Canada.
  • RR Audio Laboratory Manufacturers of Trapagon loudspeakers, computers design and graphics design. USA.
  • S3i Sound Produces speakers for outdoor, commercial, and in-wall applications. USA.
  • Salk Sound Manufacturer of custom crafted stereo and home theater Veracity speakers which combine ribbon tweeter and upgrade plans. USA.
  • Shahinian Acoustics Manufactures poly-directional dynamic loudspeakers for home use. USA.
  • Silverline Audio From California, makes monitors, floor standing speakers and cables.
  • Sinclair Audio Manufacturer of home theatre speakers through both the Brighton and Scluptura lines. Canada, Québec.
  • Snell Acoustics US manufacturers of loudspeaker such as THX series for multichannel home systems.
  • Sonance Develops audio architectures and supplies in-wall, outdoor, in-ceiling speaker technologies. USA.
  • Sonicweld From Orem, Utah, all-metal loudspeakers machined from solid billets.
  • Sound Advance Manufacturer of "invisible loudspeakers" and commercial sound systems. USA.
  • Sound Projections US manufacturer of institutional portable sound systems for music and speech reinforcement in school, government and business applications.
  • SoundTube Entertainment, Inc. Manufacturer of omni-directional, high power, outdoor and focused sound speakers. Intended for use in entertainment and corporate facilities, churches, sport venues, retail spaces, restaurants, and fitness centers. USA.
  • Speaker Art Makes and design bookshelf two way design speaker, consisting of an 8" long throw woofer and a 1" wide dispersion soft dome tweeter. USA.
  • SpeakerCraft In-wall, in-ceiling, subwoofer, outdoor loudspeakers from California.
  • Spica Speaker Enthusiast Covers the history of Spica Loudspeakers along with buying and selling tips, archives of manuals, brochures and repair information.
  • Status Acoustics From Utah, with a natural-stone exterior finish that use proprietary metal-cone drivers to produce bass and midrange frequencies.
  • Stoneacoustic Canadian manufacturer of high end bookshelf loudspeakers.
  • Streem Manufacturer of home audio and home theater loudspeakers such as center, rear, front channel speakers and speaker systems. Online store.
  • Tetra Speakers Inc. Manufacturers of bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers with a tetrahedron shape. USA.
  • Thiel Makes a complete line of hi-fi loudspeakers, home theater series and in-wall speakers. Based in Kentucky, US.
  • Timbre Loudspeakers. Manufacturer of home cinema and stereo loudspeakers.
  • Tint Audio Manufacturer and online retailer of full-range stereo speakers in a wide range of bold color combinations. USA.
  • Toby Speakers Small manufacturer of stereo, home theater, car loudspeakers, subwoofers and handmade drivers and parts. USA.
  • Totem Acoustic Quebec-built high-end small speakers using borosilicate damping for stereo and home theater such as Model 1, Shaman and accessories.
  • Triad Speakers Manufacturer of stereo and home theater THX speakers such as in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers and in-room speakers. USA.
  • Tyler Acoustics Manufacturer of handmade and custom hi-end loudspeakers. Based in Kentucky.
  • US Enclosure Company Manufacturer of custom enclosure wall materials that can be manufactured curved shape loudspeaker cabinet. USA.
  • Vandersteen Audio Specializing in bipolar loudspeakers and home theater systems. USA.
  • Verity Audio Quebec-based maker 2 channels and home theater speakers such as "Parsifal" and "Fidelio" speakers.
  • Vision Acoustics Manufacturer of custom speaker cabinets designed to fit wide variety of decor. USA.
  • Voce Divina Manufacturer of loudspeakers and subwoofers. Based in Utah.
  • Von Schweikert Audio Makes speakers that uses a crossover design and driver radiation pattern allows the speaker to radiate a "bubble" of sound instead of a narrow beam, enabling 3-D imaging. USA.
  • Wilson Audio Makes high end loudspeakers for audio and home theater applications.
  • Wisdom Audio Manufacturers of planar magnetic point source hybrid loudspeakers for audio and home theater. Based in Nevada.
  • Xhifi Manufactures hifi computer loudspeaker system for audio, mp3, home theater, computer, and gaming applications. USA.

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