This category focuses on the business located in Europe of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing only speakers to consumer.

It is for appropriate for the sites of manufacturers, wholesalers, trade associations, and other sites about the consumer speakers business.

  • AccuPulse Makes an active two cabinets loudspeaker. Belgium.
  • Acoustic Energy Manufacturer of speaker using metal-cone technology. UK.
  • Aliante Small bookshelf high-end speakers. Italy.
  • ALR Jordan Manufacturer of bookshelf and monitor loudspeakers. Germany.
  • Amphion Loudspeakers Manufacturer of floor standing and bookshelf speakers such as Athene2 and Xenon. Finland.
  • Ars Aures Makes hand crafted high-end loudspeakers using marble and MDF finish. Italy.
  • art loudspeakers Specializing in the design and manufacture of domestic two channel and home theater loudspeakers. UK.
  • ASW Makes 4 lines of tower loudspeakers. Germany.
  • Audes Manufacturer of handmade loudspeakers and speaker. Estonia.
  • Audio Physic Manufacturers of compact, floor-standing loudspeakers and subwoofers. Germany.
  • Audiovector Design and manufacture home cinema and stereo loudspeakers such as subwoofers, floorstanding and center channel speakers. Denmark.
  • AuraAudio Manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems for touring and installation markets. Finland.
  • B & W Manufacturers of entry level to audiophile loudspeakers for stereo, multi channel, and THX applications. UK.
  • Bolzano Villetri Manufacturer of high end stereo and home theater surround sound speaker. Italy. [English, Italian, Deutsch, Spanish]
  • Box audio ltd Makes small stylish speakers for the iPod. UK.
  • Busch Design Manufacturer of high-end transmission line loudspeakers. UK.
  • Bösendorfer Audio Master acousticians which design tower loudspeaker based on acoustic active principle. Denmark.
  • Cabasse High-end speakers manufacturer. France.
  • Canton Manufacturer of loudspeakers for home audio, home theater, and automotive applications. Germany.
  • Castle Acoustics Produce traditional and unusually-shaped inversion lines speakers. UK.
  • Celestion Makes stylish loudspeaker using interferometry to design out undesirable cabinet colorations. UK.
  • Chario Loudspeakers Manufacturer of 6 lines of loudspeakers. Information, brochures and press reviews. Italy.
  • Cilea Loudspeakers Manufacturer of a stylish floorstanding speakerbased on 24K gold connector and ScanSpeak drivers. Denmark.
  • Curve 88 Manufacturer of organic structural form made three way speakers. Pictures, technical information, and a price list. UK.
  • Custom Cabinet Company Manufacturer of closed back cabinets of with interchangeable front and rear panels, handcrafted from hardwood plywood and covered with custom coloured tolex.
  • Dali Loudspeakers Manufacturer of hi-fi and home cinema loudspeakers. Denmark.
  • Daluso Manufacturer of small floorstanding two way and single driver speakers. The Netherlands.
  • Davis Acoustics Manufacturer of home and car speakers, drivers and kits. France.
  • Davone Makes a speaker with an 8" coax driver and an unusual curved design.
  • Design e Makes unusual spherical shape and curvy loudspeaker. UK.
  • Diapason Manufacturer of high end speakers made with cabinets, which are constructed in solid-wood staves. Italy.
  • Duevel Makes omnidirectional high end loudspeakers.
  • Dynasonic Manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and their drivers. Greece.
  • Dynaudio Danish manufacturer of loudspeakers, accessories and drivers units.
  • Elac Manufacturer of loudspeakers using coaxial midrange-tweeter driver system. Germany.
  • EMES, Dr. German designer and manufacturer of studio monitor systems.
  • Epos Acoustics Minimalist British high-end speakers.
  • Eventus Audio Italian manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers.
  • Everything But The Box Ltd. Manufacturers of high-end loudspeakers with unusual design. Bulgaria.
  • Floating Systems Manufacturer of the Synthese and Cameleon line loudspeaker systems which are based on a principle of acoustical disconnection. Belgium.
  • Fmb-audio Designs high end open baffle speaker systems using PHY-HP speaker units. Netherlands.
  • Focal-Jmlab Manufacturers of home cinema loudspeaker systems with product details and specifications, archives, retailers and press reviews. France.
  • Forsman Distinctive Norwegian speakers using the "Vertical Split System (VSS)" concept.
  • Gale Loudspeakers Manufacturer of home theater loudspeaker systems, cables and stands. UK.
  • Genelec From Finland, industrial-style active studio monitors.
  • German Physiks Omnidirectional loudspeakers using dipole drivers and transmission line drivers.
  • Gradient Finnish manufacturer of floor standing loudspeaker and subwoofer.
  • Göbel Audio Manufacturer of cables, roomacoustic elements and loudspeaker systems based on bending wave principle. Germany. [English, Deutsch]
  • Hand Made Hi-Fi Custom handmade loudspeakers from Turkey.
  • Harbeth Loudspeakers Design and manufacture loudspeakers for home hi-fi, broadcast, post-production, dubbing and radio studio use. UK.
  • Heco German floor standing speakers and home theater speakers systems.
  • HGP loudspeakers Makes monitor, floor standing and center speaker, subwoofer, home cinema and multi channel kits. Germany.
  • Highland Audio Manufacturer of floor standing and bookshelf stereo speakers using an Appollito architecture and home theater kits. France.
  • Isophon Makes floor standing, bookshelf, home theater and subwoofer loudspeakers. Germany.
  • Jamo Danish speaker builder for stereo and home theater.
  • Jean-Marie Reynaud French manufacturer of hi-fi stereo and home theater speaker systems and cables.
  • KEF British maker of a full line of loudspeakers using the Uni-Q technology.
  • Kharma Makes speakers with ceramic drivers and cables from the Netherlands.
  • Kirksaeter Norwegian manufacturers of monitors, floor standing and in-wall speakers.
  • Living Voice UK manufacturers of handmade loudspeakers for stereo and home theater applications.
  • Lowther Loudspeakers Makes loudspeakers and drivers units. Based in UK.
  • Lumen White Manufacturers of loudspeakers and transducers. Germany.
  • Magnat Makes car loudspeakers and amplifiers and home entertainment loudspeakers, subwoofer and electronics. Germany.
  • Manger Manufacturer and developer of a transducer controls the complete frequency range from 80 Hz to 35 kHz on its surface. Makes also loudspeakers and subwoofer. Germany.
  • Marten Design and makes three lines of multi-drivers speakers using ceramic woofer. Sweden.
  • ME Geithain Manufacturers of monitors using an active multi-way technique with internal crossovers, power amplifier, and coaxial transducers. Germany.
  • Metro Audio Systems Manufacturer of professional speakers. Distributor of EPOS, Creek, JDM, Reloop dj equipment. Greece.
  • Mission Manufacturers of high quality loudspeakers including nxt technology loudspeakers for custom installations, PA systems, Hi-Fi stereo, home cinema, subwoofers, OEM and other professional markets.
  • MJ Acoustics Ltd. British manufacturer of loudspeakers, including subwoofers, satellites, bookshelves, floor standing and surrounds for 2, 3, 5.1, and 7.1 channel audio systems. Applications include hi-fi and home theater.
  • Monitor Audio British manufacturer of medium to hi-end audiophile loudspeakers for stereo systems and home theater setups such as home cinema packages. Site available in six languages.
  • Monolite Italian made of floor standing and tall wall loudspeakers.
  • Mordaunt-Short British manufacturers of a complete line of home entertainment and home theater speakers systems. Provides also multi-room audio visual system.
  • Mårten Design Manufacturer of one line of high-end speakers and components. Based in Sweden.
  • Neat Acoustics Manufacturers of handmade speakers. Based in County Durham.
  • Nordic Speakers Small company that makes 2 speakers: two-way and three-way loudspeakers. Based in Sweden.
  • Ocellia French designer and manufacturer of loudspeakers, Tilia, Olea, and Kedors.
  • Opera Loudspeakers Makes 3 lines of speakers for stereo and home theater. Based in Italy.
  • OVA acoustique Manufacturer of one way speaker with a cabinet's cylindrical shape using a double hybrid cabinet and a tuned passive radiator. France. [English, French]
  • Peak Consult Danish manufacturer of high-end handcrafted loudspeakers.
  • Penaudio Manufacturer of stereo and home cinemas loudspeakers. Finland.
  • Phonar German manufacturer of stereo and home theater loudspeakers using carbon and glass fiber technology.
  • PMC Manufacturer of hifi loudspeakers, monitors, active systems and stands using the transmission line technology. UK.
  • ProAc British loudspeaker for stereo and home theater such as Tablette, Studio and Response series.
  • Qln Makes bookshelf and floor standing stereo and home theater loudspeakers. Sweden.
  • Quadral Specializing in 2 channels and home theater speaker kit.
  • Raidho Makes tower loudspeaker that use ribbon tweeter with a three-way seven drivers. Denmark.
  • Respons Loudspeakers Swedish handcrafted loudspeakers using a triangular shape.
  • RogerSound Labs Manufacturer of multimedia computer speakers. Online store. UK.
  • Rosso Fiorentino Electroacoustics Makes compact monitor loudspeaker. Italy.
  • Roth Audio Manufacturer of stereo and home cinema speaker systems and docking station for digital player. UK.
  • Ruark Loudspeakers Manufacturer of bookshelf and floor standing loudspeaker with dynamic and ribbon drivers. UK.
  • Scandyna International Produces loudspeakers, iPod docking stations and amplifiers. Spain.
  • Scandyna Speakers Manufacturer of Minipod speakers and tower speaker. Spain.
  • Seiren Speakers Offers high end stereo multichannel loudspeakers for hifi and home theater. Finland.
  • SES Audio Design Manufacturer of handmade, custom built high-end loudspeakers and DIY component. Finland.
  • sifi A British design company that makes home theater and computer loudspeaker built with ceramic cabinet. Also provides accessories and stands.
  • Sonus Faber Italian maker offering uniquely cabinetry.
  • Sound Induction Systems Loudspeakers designed for sound reinforcement applications, to solve sound problems in areas with difficult acoustics such as churches. UK.
  • SP Acoustics Manufacturer of custom Hi Fi loudspeakers and studio monitors for home and professional use. UK.
  • Spendor British manufacturers of monitor, stereo and home theater loudspeakers since 30 years.
  • Stan White Small German that makes loudspeakers that feature cones made out of glass and a valve amplifier. Speakers usually sold under the Shotglass trademark
  • Stenholt Audio Manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers with built-in power amplifiers. and digital signal processing. Denmark.
  • Supravox Manufacturer of loudspeakers and DIY kits. France.
  • System Audio Manufacturer and designer of a complete range of speakers and accessories which focus on smaller cabinet and lightweight membranes. Denmark.
  • Tannoy Manufacturers of a wide range of residential and professional loudspeakers such as monitors, home theater kit and hi-fi loudspeakers. UK.
  • Terrazzo Art Fidelity High-end loudspeaker built using a monolithic polycrete speaker cabinets. Netherlands.
  • Trenner & Friedl Manufacturer of floor standing loudspeakers. Austria. [English, Deutsch]
  • Triangle Manufacturers of a complete line of loudspeakers, accessories and drivers. Based in France.
  • Vaessen Audiodesign Manufacturer of stylish egg and oval shaped loudspeakers. Belgium.
  • VEF Radiotehnika RRR Manufacturer of a line of home theater and professional speakers, drivers components and accessories. Latvia.
  • Vienna Acoustics German manufacturer stereo and home theaters loudspeakers systems.
  • Vivid Audio Manufacturer of hi-fi loudspeakers. South Africa and UK.
  • Voba Acoustic Manufacturer of handmade loudspeakers and interconnect cables. Czech Republic.
  • Wharfedale International Ltd UK. Manufacturers of various loudspeakers, mainly for home audio though offers pro equipment, to a global market.
  • Wilmslow Audio Makes bookshelf and floor standing loudspeakers and sells online other brands of loudspeakers. UK.
  • Xavian Italian designed audiophile loudspeakers, handmade in Czech Republic.
  • Zingali Makes home monitors, home theater systems and subwoofers using a wooden horn-equipped loudspeakers from Italy.

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