This category is for sites whose primary focus is consumer audio electronics amplification products, including exclusively amplification, pre-amps, phono stages, power amps, and integrateds. Sites about cables, cd, dvd, etc.. must be in the parent category Audio.
  • Aaron Manufacturer of high-end pre-amplifiers, stereo and three channels amplifiers. Germany.
  • AmpliVox Sound Systems Manufacturer of portable public address systems, amplifiers, wireless remote powered speaker systems, and lecterns with built-in sound system. USA.
  • Anderson Electronic Makes headhone amplifier, power and preamplifier. Germany.
  • Angstrom Research Manufacturer of amplifiers, preamplifiers and cables. Italy.
  • Aria Audio Manufacturer of tube/transistor hybrid amplifiers.
  • Artec France Manufacturer of high end solid-state amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. France.
  • Astra Suite Supplier of hi-fi French amplification from Lavardin and Neodio. Singapore.
  • ATI - Amplifier Technologies Inc. Manufacturers of preamp/processor, stereo, multi channel and distribution amplifiers utilizing differential drive amplifier technology.
  • Atma-Sphere Manufacturer of triode, class A, balanced OTL amplifiers and preamplifiers.
  • Audia Makes a line of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers that use the current feedback, rather than the usual voltage feedback. Italy.
  • Audio Amplifier Kits Makes high-fidelity high powered MOSFET amplifier modules.
  • Audion Makes single-ended power amplifiers consist of triode and pentode type valves, valves pre-amplifiers, kits and components.
  • Big White Monkey Build and distribute class A valve amp combos and heads.
  • Boulder Colorado manufacturer of stereo and mono amplifier, DAC and phono preamplifier.
  • Burning Blue Audio Manufacturer of portable USB headphone amplifiers and desktop amps for digital and computer audio. Dedicated to headphone amplification.
  • Butler Audio Manufacturer of tube class A monoblock amplifier and "Thermionic" vacuum tube multichannel power amplifier.
  • Canor Audio Development and manufacture of audio components. Design and production of audio tube amplifiers. Slovakia.
  • Carver mk II Carver audio mk II modified upgraded amplifiers.
  • Channel Islands Audio Specialized in mono, stereo, headphone and phono amplifiers, and active and active pre-amplifiers. USA.
  • Chapter Audio British manufacturer of one power amplifier and one pre-amplifier.
  • Chimera Labs Produces high end audio products such as cables, tube amplifier, and parts. USA.
  • Coda Technologies FET line stages and phono preamplifiers and bias class A power and integrated amplifiers such as Unison integrated amplifier.
  • D2Audio Makes intelligent digital amplifier modules for the audio industry. USA.
  • Damoka Manufacturer of amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stage and power supply. USA.
  • darTZeel Makes a power amplifier and preamplifier. Switzerland. [English, French]
  • DB Systems Manufacturer of home audio equipment, including preamps, power amps, electronic crossovers, tone control, phase inverter, and accessories. USA.
  • DeHavilland Electric Amplifier Company Manufacturer of two class "A" tube amplifiers: the Aries 845-G and the GM70.
  • Delta Studio Amplifiers Manufacturer of tube stereo and monoblock amplifiers.
  • Devialet High end audio integrated amplifier based on a hybrid amplification technology: ADH. France.
  • Docet Lector Tube-valve class "A" preamplifier and preamplifier and processor for home theater, hybrid tube+mosfet power amplifier and multichannel amplifier and tube-valve cd player and digital analog converter.
  • Dussun Previously known as Korsun, manufacturer of integrated, multi-channel and stereo amplifiers in China.
  • Dynavector Manufacturer of phono, power, and pre-amplifiers. Australia.
  • E.A.R. USA Makes tube and solid state stereo and phono preamplifiers and amplifiers, and headphone amplifier. USA.
  • Edge Electronics Power, multi-channels, integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers using the proprietary Laser Optical Bias Circuitry technology.
  • Edward Amplification Co. Manufacturer of musical instrument amplifiers.
  • Electronic Visionary Systems Manufacturer of class D modified UCD amplifier module and power cords. USA.
  • Embla Audio Monoblocks and conventional stereo amplifiers.
  • Evolve Power Amplifiers Tube and hybrid amplifiers by Shinichi Kamijo.
  • First Sound Audio Manufacturer of solid state amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. USA.
  • Fosgate Audionics Manufacturer of audio video preamp, tuner, and modular multi-channel amplifier. USA.
  • GLIM Audio Manufacturer of vacuum tube based mono power and integrated amplifiers, and line and phono pre amplifiers. Based in Finland.
  • Grace Design Makes microphone, headphone amplifiers, monitor controler and portable DC powered microphone amplifiers. USA.
  • H20 Audio Manufacturer of solid state amplifiers. USA.
  • Halcro Amplifiers Manufacturers of mono, power, integrated, and pre amplifiers for stereo reproduction and home theater.
  • IRD Audio Thailand manufacturer of power, monoblock and integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
  • James Audio Makes and design guitar and music amplifiers. USA.
  • Jeff Rowland Design Group High end manufacturer of stereo, monoblock, integrated amplifier and pre-amplifier, phono pre-amplifier power supplies such as Synergy, Cadence and Concentra products line.
  • Jiaxing Music Space Time Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of tube audio amplifiers and accessories. China.
  • Jones Amplifier Manufacturer of professional and custom built tube amplifiers.
  • Kinetic Audio Technologies Manufactures single ended class A and push pull integrated vacuum tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and mono block power amplifiers. Philippines.
  • Klyne Audio Arts US manufacturer of System Six pre-amplifier, System Seven pre-amplifier and interconnects.
  • Korato Manufacturers of tube and solid state amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Based in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • L C Audio Technology Manufacturers of power amplifiers that use pulse amplifier module and makes also cables.
  • Laboga Makes guitar tube amplifier, cabinet and hi-fi stereo valve amplifier. Poland.
  • Lamm Industries Tube and transistor amplifiers and preamplifiers.
  • Leem Products Co. Guitar amplifiers and other sound reinforcement products.
  • LFD Manufacturer of accessories, amplifiers, cables, power cords, and linestage. UK.
  • Linar Audio Quebec amplifier manufacturer for audiophile.
  • Lindemann Audiotechnik Manufacturer of audio technology such as super audio CD player, stereo control amplifier, and dual mono power amplifier. Germany.
  • London Power / Power Press Publishing Power amplifiers and amplifier products, do-it-yourself kits, and power press books by Kevin O'Connor. Canada.
  • Luminance Audio Makes an amplifier that work at 250 volt per microsesond. Canada.
  • Mactone Electron tubed amplifiers and pre-emplifiers maker from Japan.
  • MagnaTec Manufacturer of amplifier range of class D intended for use in professional audio systems. UK.
  • Marchand Electronics Inc. Manufacturers of equipment such as electronic crossover networks, both solid state and vacuum tube and modular audio amplifiers.
  • Marsh Sound Design Manufacturer of home theater processors, multi channels, stereo, power amplifiers and pre-amplifiers with a distinctive design.
  • MastersounD Italian tubes monoblocks and integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
  • Matisse Makes mono block and stereo amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phono pre-amplifiers and cables.
  • Matrix Audio Designs Manufacturer of multi room audio amplifiers, zone splitters and remote controls.
  • Matthew James Manufacturer of amplifiers Rhapsody 2 or 3 channels, strings interconnect/speaker cables and podium isolation fee. USA.
  • McAlister Audio Specializing in vacuum tube amplifiers. Custom design and build high end audio amplifiers. Repairs and restoration. Canada.
  • ME Sound Amplifiers and pre-amplifiers that integrate zero loop feedback and near constant operating temperature technologies.
  • Metaxas Manufacturer of audio amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and cables. Scandinavia.
  • MGL Audio Laboratories Manufacturer of audio amplifiers designed for music servers. USA.
  • Monolithic Sound Passive and active pre-amplifier, phono pre-amplifier, dual mono and digital/analog power supply and "perpetual power plant" power supply.
  • NAT - Nikic Audio Team Single-ended triode, low- or no-feedback amplifiers and preamplifiers. Hand-wound transformers.
  • NeoFidelity Korea manufacturer specializes in digital audio signal processing such as digital power amplification, surround and DSP programming.
  • NuForce Design and makes audio mono, powered, multi-channel and integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and accessories such as power center distributor. USA.
  • Octave German manufacturer of integrated, power and monoblock amplifiers such as Jubilee line, pre-amplifiers and outboard power supply upgrade.
  • One Electron Manufacturer of audio transformers and amplifiers.
  • Palette Amps Handmade guitar amplifier cabinets. USA.
  • Placette Audio Preamps from Idaho built around heroically engineered volume controls.
  • Plinius Audio New Zealand manufacturer of Odeon amplifier, pre-amplifier, integrated and Jarrah phono amplifier.
  • Portal Audio Manufacturer of the Paladin balanced monoblock power amplifier and Panache Integrated amplifier.
  • Power Modules Power amplifiers, phono and vacuum tube pre-amplifiers from David Belles.
  • PrimaLuna Makes and design handmade vacuum-tube amplifiers and preamplifiers. Netherlands.
  • Prism Audio Manufacturers of power amplifier modules, valve amplifiers, class D amplifiers and power supplies. UK.
  • Red Dragon Audio Manufacturer of high end Class-D mono blocks and custom audio amplifiers.
  • Red Wine Audio Manufacturer of monoblocks, stereo amplifiers, music server and source select switch. USA.
  • Reflection Audio Design Manufacturer of the OM1-Quantum pre-amplifier, amplifiers, AC4 power supply and DC12 battery power supply from Stephen Balliet.
  • RobyattAudio Manufacturer of tube amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeaker.
  • Sakuma System An association for audiophiles and manufacture of handmade vacuum tube amplifiers. Japan.
  • Sherbourn Technologies Information and downloadable documentation amplifiers and pre-amplifiers/tuners.
  • SMG Productions Manufactures mic pres and line level processors for professional audio, broadcast and sound reinforcemen
  • Sonneteer Makes power and dual mono integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. UK.
  • South Texas Amp Co. Custom tube amp design, build, repair, and restoration. USA.
  • Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory Canadian manufacturers design and custom made of vacuum tube pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers, integrated amplifier, buffers, active crossovers, CD players, DAC's and loudspeakers. Microprocessor design and engineering.
  • SRS Labs, Inc. Develops, markets and licenses audio technologies which create an immersive three-dimensional sound for consumer home audio, computer multimedia, car audio, professional sound and video and arcade games markets. (Nasdaq: SRSL)
  • Swedish Audio Technology Makes and design remote controlled integrated amplifier and CD player. Sweden.
  • Talisman Audio High-end small manufacturer of one line of product: power and monoblock amplifier, preamplifier and headphone amplifiers.
  • Thylenea Design a range of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. France.
  • Transcendent Sound Manufacturer of tube amplifiers, DIY audio kit, audio projects, and preamplifiers. Provides forum and product information.
  • Trends Audio Manufacturer of a mini 15W amplifier and USB audio converter. Hong Kong, China.
  • Vitus Audio High End Audio products: Amplifier, phonostages, linestages and powerstages.
  • Wavac Audio Lab. Manufacturer of hi-fi single-ended directly heated triode power amplifiers, phono equalizer, attenuators and AC conditioners. Japan.
  • Wavelength Audio Single-ended tube designs and custom guitar amps.
  • We Buy Amps Buys guitar amps from musicians and collectors. Provides a photo gallery of collectible amps.
  • West Laboratories Designer and manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers.
  • Wyred 4 Sound Manufacturer of solid state amplifier and integrated amplifier, pre-amplifiers, cables and DAC.
  • Zenn Audio Components Amplifier designed and handcrafted in Singapore.

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