This category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products related to consumer audio electronics, including car audio equipment, home audio equipment, record players, tape players, CD players, MP3 players, and accessories. Sites about speakers will be in the Speakers subcategory.

It is for appropriate for the sites of manufacturers, wholesalers, trade associations, and other sites about the consumer audio electronics business.

  • 47 Laboratory Idiosyncratic minimalist Japanese electronics.
  • Accuphase Japanese built high-end preamplifiers, power amplifiers, cd transport, digital processor, tuner, clean power supply, vintage model list.
  • Accustic Arts German hi-fi company that make loudspeakers, electronics and accessories.
  • AcousticPlan German manufacturer of Sitar, Sarod, Santor amplifiers, phono amplifier and Tala and Raga loudspeakers.
  • Adcom Mass market company that make home theater, stereo, cd player, accessories and tuners.
  • ADX Electronics New Zealand made audio equipment such as loudspeakers, amplifiers.
  • Aitkenson International (Far East) Limited Manufacturer of CDs, radios, cassette recorders, walkmans, clock radios, MP3s and other audio related products.
  • AKG Manufacturer of studio microphones, broadcast and live sound equipment, as well as headphones for consumers.
  • Almarro Makes integrated tube amplifiers and loudspeakers. Japan.
  • Alternate Audio Planar speakers and single-ended solid-state amplification from Utah.
  • Altmann Micro Machines Manufacturer of a variety of equipment such as acoustic panel, amplifier, and tonearm. Germany.
  • Amber Electronics Manufacturer of two way loudspeakers, power and tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, and cables. Australia.
  • AMC US-made tubed amplifiers and CD player.
  • Ancient Audio Manufacturer of CD player, amplifiers and loudspeakers. Poland.
  • Anthem Maker of amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, processors and mods such as Anthem brand.
  • April Design Makes a range of CD players, amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, and D/A converter. South Korea.
  • Aqvox Manufacturer of upsampling class-A balanced D/A converter with USB connection, phono and microphone preamplifier. Germany.
  • Arcam UK manufacturer of mid-priced audio electronics such as amplifiers, dvd and vd players.
  • Armstrong Industrial Manufacturer of nostalgic wooden audio, cassette players, CD players, radio cassettes, wooden phones and clocks. Hong Kong.
  • Ascendo Manufecturer of loudspeakersSystems, digital room-acoustic processors and pannels. Germany.
  • Astin Trew UK designed audiophile electronic products including valve and solid-state pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers, CD players, clean power distribution, cables and accessories.
  • ATC British manufacturer of loudspeaker drive units and complete sound reproduction systems such as stereo and multi-channels amplifiers.
  • Atoll Electronique Manufacturer from France that make power, integrated and home theater amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuners, and cd players.
  • Audes Makes amplifiers, loudspeakers and components such as drivers, cabinets and transformers. Estonia. [English, Estonian, Russian]
  • Audio Advancements Specialized in turntables, tonearms and cartridge. Makes also phono amplifiers, headphones, loudspeakers and accessories. USA.
  • Audio Aero CD, SACD, DAC and tube amplifiers using the power amplification concept called TRAC system (Tube Relay Amplification Concept).
  • Audio Analogue Italian power and integrated amplifiers and cd player such as Bellini
  • Audio Electronics Inc. Providing background music, hold music and custom audio design services. USA.
  • Audio Note UK manufacturer of amplifiers, tonearms, cartridges, loudspeakers, DACs, cables and kits components. Detail information about each product.
  • Audio Note Japan Japan manufacturer of tube amplifier, preamp, Ruthy speakers line, cables and accessories.
  • Audio Pro Manufacturer of tower loudspeaker, mini and portable systems, stands and accessories. Sweden.
  • Audio Research Manufacturer of audio electronics, both tube and transistor-based.
  • Audio Stream Karaoke Manufacturer of Karaoke entertainment products.
  • Audio Tekne Manufacturer of amplifiers, speakers systems, turntables and cartridges, cables and accessories. Japan.
  • Audio-Technica Designs and manufactures microphones, headphones, systems, mixers, ear-clips, and electronic products for home and professional use.
  • AudioControl Designs, manufactures, and sells audio equipment for home and auto.
  • AudioDevelopment Design, develop and manufacture home cinema equipment and car speakers. Italy.
  • Audioline Makes audio system, professional DJ mixer, loudspeakers and accessories.
  • Audionet Manufacturer of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players and accessories. Germany.
  • AudioPax Makes and design tube amplifiers and preamplifiers, and loudspeaker systems. USA.
  • Audioplex Design and manufacture house distributed audio components and accessories. USA.
  • Aurum Acoustics Manufacturer of a complete system including a stereo triamplifier, 3 way loudspeakers, CD player and cables. Canada.
  • AV Rental Audio video equipment rentals such as LCD projector, PA systems and sound systems servicing places in India like Chennai, Goa, Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Agra, Delhi and Kolkatta.
  • Ayon Audio Design and manufactures tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, CD players, loudspeakers, and cables. Austria.
  • Ayre Acoustics US built amplifier, preamp, cd/dvd player, V-6x multichannel amplifier and accessories.
  • Balanced Audio Technology Preamps, CD players, phono stages and power amplifiers, all designed with balanced circuit topology from input to output. Both tube and transistor designs.
  • Barbetta Online Manufacturer of lightweight, high-output stage amplifiers and active PA systems, professional grade reference monitors and signal processing equipment.
  • BBE Sound Makes professional processors and equipment and consumer sound processors and game console sound optimizer. USA.
  • BDG - Bladelius Design Group Manufacturer of the products lines Advantage and S.A.T
  • BEAR Labs Manufacturer of custom amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables and accessories. USA.
  • Bel Canto Design Home Audio and home theater electronics such as single-ended triode amplifiers, cd players, including the use of 845 output tubes.
  • Benchmark Media Systems Professional audio manufacturer of analog and digital audio equipment used in broadcast and recording studios. USA.
  • Bent Audio Manufacturer based in Canada of pre-amplifiers with up to 8 channels and 7 inputs.
  • Bespeco Supply accessories for musical instruments, PA systems, mics, keyboard and guitar stands, expression and effects pedals for keyboards and guitars.
  • Birdland Audio Manufacturer of tube amplifiers, and D/A converter. USA.
  • Blue Circle Audio Designs and manufactures hand-made audio components and accessories, LP, laserdisc, CD, DVD storage boxes, speaker and interconnect cable holders, powerline conditioners and power cords.
  • Blueamp German manufacturer of Laufwerk turntable, model 42 dual mono pre-amplifier and supports for turntable.
  • BlueNote Italian manufacturer that produce high-end turntables, tonearms, cartridges and other products like amplifier, loudspeaker and cd player.
  • Bose Manufacturers of complete home audio systems such as home theater systems, DVD systems and accessories.
  • A tube audio DIYer's. Amplifiers, turntable, speakers, tube parts.
  • BoZo Electronics Manufacturer of studio monitoring loudspeakers, amplifiers and accessories. Serbia.
  • BreatheAudio Provides multiroom audio solutions. USA.
  • Brinkmann audio Manufacturer of mono, stereo and integrated amplifiers, tonearms and turntables. Germany.
  • Bryston Design and manufacture specialty audio electronics for consumer and professional market.
  • Burmester Audiosysteme German manufacturer of pre-amplifier, amplifier, cd/dvd player, DAC converter, tuner, loudspeaker, power conditioner and cables.
  • C.E.C Manufacturer of turntables, CD and DVD players, DA converters, and power and integrated amplifiers. Germany.
  • Cadence Audio From India, speakers and tube amp, all with unusual wooden styling.
  • Cairn French manufacturer of stereo and multichannel amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, cd and dvd and cables
  • Cambridge Audio Mass market manufacturer of minimalist stereo integrated, power amplifiers and tuner.
  • Cary Audio Design Retro-styled high-end tubed electronics and loudspeakers. Western Electric 300B designs.
  • Cayin German manufacturer of tube amplifier, D/A converter, phonostage powercords and power distributor, audio/video furniture and speaker stands.
  • Chapter Audio Makes power amplifier, pre-amplifier and CD player. UK.
  • Chintek Provides professional service from products design, factory sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and shipping of waterproof MP3 players and portable radios.
  • Chit Shun Radios Manufacturer of stereo mini radios customized for the promotional products industry.
  • Chord Electronics British manufacturer of digital stereo A/V, integrated amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers and professional series with a futurist design.
  • Ciamara Manufactures high-end loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronics. USA.
  • Classé Audio Quebec-based manufacturer of pre, power amps, including mono blocs, as well as HT processors, CD players and DAC's.
  • CoDrive Makes home, car and professional subwoofers, and bass guitar amplifiers. USA.
  • Connoisseur - Raysonic Canada company that make audiophile integrated vacuum tube amplifier, microphone, mixer and speaker.
  • Copland Maker and one line of products: stereo and multi-channel valve amplifier, stereo and multi-channel power amplifier and cd player.
  • Creek Audio British manufacturer of minimalist audio components, including cd players, amps, and tuners.
  • Crystal Audio High-end audio accessories, speaker, and home theater systems. UK.
  • Cyber Acoustics Manufacturer of computer audio products such as speakers, headsets, microphones and headphones. USA.
  • Cyrus Electronics Manufacturers of high-end audio/visual equipment including speakers, CD and DVD players, amplifiers and power supplies.
  • Danspeak Manufacturer of loudspeakers, amplifiers and active/multimedia speakers. Hong Kong, China.
  • Dantax Makers of loudspeakers, audio and video HiFi, surround sound components and CD-players. Denmark.
  • DaVinciAudio Manufacturers of high end tube amplifier, MC transformer, tonearm and fullrange speaker such as phono/line stage amplifier and passive amplifiers.
  • Dayens Manufacturer of handmade amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and loudspeakers. Serbia.
  • dCS Specialized in digital audio conversion technology. Provides professional and audiophile products. Information, manuals and technical papers.
  • Densen Danish electronics manufacturer of integrated, monoblock power amplifier, pre-amplifier and DAC.
  • Dglvran Electronic Limited Manufacture a range of headphones, earphones, microphones, usb data cable, charger, pc speaker and accessories. China.
  • DLS Manufacturer of car audio and home theater systems. Sweden. [Swedish, English]
  • DNM Design Makes power amplifiers, turntables, cartridge, stands, cables and parts such as capacitors. Provides technical specifications.
  • Dodson Audio Manufacturer of digital processors and upgrade kits. USA.
  • Dongguan Ruibo Electronic Specialized in the design and production of mylar speakers, multimedia speakers, microphone units, earphones and buzzers. China.
  • Duelund Coherent Audio Manufacturers of loudspeakers, cables and power filters. Denmark.
  • Dynavox Swiss HiFi speakers and amplifiers.
  • EarthquakeSound Manufacturer of home audio and car audio such as power amplifiers, subwoofers, in-wall and ceiling loudspeakers, home theater loudspeakers systems and accessories.
  • Eastern Electric Small tube amplifier, pre-amplifier and tube cd player.
  • Eastern Mastec Corp. Manufacturer of home theatre systems, wireless speakers, amplified speakers, and stand alone sub woofers. Based in Korea.
  • Edge Electronics High-end home audio amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeakers. USA.
  • Electrocompaniet Norwegian maker of power and integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, dvd/cd players, accessories and cables.
  • Eltax Electronic Manufacturer of loudspeakers and home cinema solutions. Denmark.
  • Eminent Technology Exotic-looking planar speakers, analog gear, accessories. Useful test tones on the web site.
  • EMM.Labs Manufacturer of home and professional CD transport, and stereo and multi-channel digital converter. Canada.
  • EmpiricalDesign Manufacturer of cables for high-end audio, video, and home theater applications. USA.
  • Ensemble Makes phono amplifier, loudspeakers and digital audio converter. Switzerland.
  • Eos Wireless Makes and design a digital wireless multi-room audio solution for iPod and music devices. Australia.
  • Equinox Audio Small hi-fi and home theater loudspeaker manufacturer, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, CD player and phono stage. Based in Australia.
  • Exposure. UK. Company manufacturers a range of high end audio equipment for the perfectionist, including pre and power amps, cds, and tuners. Site also linked to useful audiophile resources.
  • Final Audio Makes high end horn speaker, turntable, amplifier and accessories. Japan.
  • First Audio Manufacturing Electronic audio products manufacturer dedicated to the making of a range of fine speakers and home and professional audio equipment. Hong Kong, China.
  • Fisher Radio Corporation Company offers restoration services of vintage Fisher tube equipment, as well as supplying original parts, manuals, kits, literature and expertise.
  • FM Acoustics Manufacturer of phono and harmonic linearizers, line stages, power amplifiers, cables and accessories. Switzerland.
  • Forsell Manufacturer of turntable, CD player, and power amplifier. Switzerland.
  • Galaxy Audio Manufacturers of personal monitor, parts and components such as drivers, stands, power supply and test equipment.
  • GamuT Audio Amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and cd player from Denmark with "single MOSFET" design.
  • GenevaLab Sound Systems Sound system that includes an iPod dock, CD player, FM radio and loudspeaker. Switzerland.
  • Giant International Makers of portable audio electronics such as satellite radio, wireless media player and accessories.
  • Gilmore Audio Makes audio Speakers, preamps, amplifiers and complementary components. USA.
  • Glyph Technologies Manufacturer of CD/MP3 player for home stereo systems.
  • Goldmund Swiss manufacturer of audio electronic components. From entry level systems, to high end mono bloc setups
  • Grado Labs Manufacturer of headphones, headphone amplifier, cartridges and accessories.
  • Granite Audio Manufacturer of vacuum tube amps, preamps acrylic-granite speakers, home theater speaker systems, silver cables and decorator granite colors.
  • Gryphon Audio Designs Manufacturer of high-end electronics, including pre/power amps, cd players and phono stages.
  • GSP Audio (Graham Slee Projects) Design and manufacture of phono preamp stage, headphone amplifier and audio electronics products.
  • Guangzhou JVJ Electronics Co. Manufacturer and exporter of LCD monitor, LCD TV, car accessories, car audio system and entertainment unit.
  • h2o Audio Developers of underwater MP3 audio players and headphones. California, USA.
  • Hanics Manufacture of audio equipment including speakers, hands free earphone and microphones.
  • Harman Specialty Group Manufactures high-end audio amplifiers, CD players and speakers.
  • Hawk Audio Power Amplifier Manufacturer of tube and hybrid amplifiers, pre-amplifier, cd/dvd and tube loudspeaker line.
  • Hegel Stylish Norwegian amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and cd/dvd players design with the technology Error Correction System.
  • Helex Electronic Manufacturer specialized in PA amplifier, wireless portable sound system, hi-fi systems and accessories. Taiwan.
  • Hermix Industrial Corp. Manufacturer of CD player, VCD player, MP3 player, card reader, DVI cable and optical fiber lead.
  • Herron Audio Tube, solid-state, line, phono amplifiers and pre-amplifiers and cables from New Jersey.
  • Hyperion Sound Design Manufacturer of high-end loudspeaker, amplifiers line using patented synchro-vibrate flattop, spiderless magnetic fluid damping system and broadband energy converter technologies.
  • Hørning Hybrid Manufacturers of turntables, tube amplifiers, horn loudspeakers and drivers. Based in Denmark.
  • Iasus Concepts Specialized communications and audio products including throat mics, helmet speakers, tactical headsets, and motorcycle communications systems. USA.
  • Imerge Manufacturer of Internet connected hard disk based audio products and media appliances such as sound servers. UK.
  • Innersound Manufacturer of hybrid electrostatic/dynamic loudspeakers and electronics such as amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
  • Isem Audio Specializing in high grade audio equipment such as CD player, integrated and power amplifier, phono preamplifier and accessories. Belfort, France.
  • Jadis French manufacturer of tube amps, tube preamps, CD players, converters, loudspeakers and cables.
  • JAS Audio Manufacturer of tube amplifier and loudspeakers.
  • JBL Manufacturer of subwoofers, loudspeakers, component systems, and amplifiers for home and car.
  • JJAZ Design and produce high-end audio products such as amplifiers and loudspeakers and sells Cardas cables.
  • JOB Manufacturer from Zuerich that make small components: stereo and mono amplifier, pre-amplifier and digital pre-amplifier, speaker and D/A converter.
  • Jolida Manufacturer of middle high end valve, integrated, hybrid and monoblock amplifiers and cd players.
  • Karan Acoustics Monoblock power amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amplifier, dac upsampler 24bit/96kHz and loudspeaker.
  • Kellsie Audio & Video Designs Distributor of Aurum Cantus louspeakers and Kavent CD player and amplifiers.
  • Kenwood USA Diverse manufacturer of audio electronics and stereo equipment.
  • Koss Manufacturers of consumer electronics, such as DVD players, home theater systems, CD players, micro audio systems, boom boxes, CD rewritable and personal radios.
  • Krell Industries US high end manufacturer of KAV product line (CD, amp, preamp), pure class A power amplifier, loudspeaker and Master reference series.
  • L&D Labs Tubes and mosfet hybrid technology for an integrated amplifier.
  • Laboratoire J.C. Verdier Turntables and tube amplification from France, some built according to "The principle of the slice of bread."
  • Lavardin Technologies French maker of power integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifier and phono stage pre-amplifier using the technology "Memory distortion".
  • Legacy Audio US company builds amps, loudspeakers and various digital equipment for hi-fi and HT applications.
  • Lehmann audio Formerly known as Entec - German suppliers of the Black Box phono stage and DAC+ digital preamp.
  • LessLoss Manufacturer of a battery powered DAC and precision audio cables.
  • LINK audio components Manufacturers of speakers, amps, interconnects and loudspeaker cables.
  • Linn Manufacturing audio and multichannel systems. Includes company profile, product specifications, events, and online store. Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Lipinski Sound Manufacturer providing studio monitors, home theater speakers and surround system. USA.
  • Loyal Rich Enterprise Ltd. A consumer electronic manufacturer of audio items such as cd boombox, cd alarm clock radio, portable radio cassette recorder; ac/dc portable radio, led alarm clock radio, walkman and vcd/dvd player. Based in Hong Kong.
  • LSA Group Designer and manufacturer of stylish powered amplifiers and loudspeakers. USA.
  • Lua HiFi Manufacturer of floor standing speaker, tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, CD player and cables. Provides owner manuals.
  • LY International Chinese manufacturer of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and conference systems. China.
  • Lyngdorf Manufacturer and designer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital preamplifiers, room processors and AD converters. Denmark.
  • MACE Audioequipment Austria manufacturer of amplifiers and electronics such as digital audio converter and cd players.
  • Magnum Dynalab Company makes high-end FM audio receivers and analog antenna's using the latest technology.
  • Maniway From Shenzhen, China, a wide line of products including interesting powered-speaker systems.
  • Provides information, specifications, photos and sells service manuals of Philips and Marantz.
  • Margules Mexico manufacturer of product lines Margules, Magenta and Marvox that include amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and loudspeakers.
  • Mark Levinson Manufacturer of high-end electronics such as "Monaural Power Amplifier".
  • Maxsome Manufacturer of products such as clock radios, portable radio recorders, MP3s, CD players, CD+G and DVD karaoke systems. Hong Kong, China.
  • MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH German manufacturer of high-end audio components for the enthusiast, either as a complete system or as separates.
  • McCormack Audio Corporation Power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and universal disc player from Virginia.
  • McIntosh Labs Features products, dealers, manuals, tech profiles, service section, and contact information for this US manufacturer.
  • Meixing Electronics Manufacturer of amplifiers and speakers. China.
  • Melaudio Manufacturer of turntables, CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables, stands, and steel cones for dissipating microvibrations. Italy.
  • Metronome technologie Manufacturer of amplifier, preamplifier, CD transport and converter. France.
  • Microlab Manufactures and exporter of DVDs player and audio systems from China.
  • Micromega Makes and design home audio and multichannel equipment such as powered and integrated amplifiers, CD players, and tuners. France.
  • Microvox Instrument Microphones Microphone systems for acoustic instruments.
  • Mike Thomas Producer of high end audio components such as integrated amplifiers, CD players, speakers and accessories. Denmark.
  • Mini-Zenith Manufacturer of high end audio equipment including source, amplifier, speaker and complete sound reproduction system. Taiwan.
  • Mipro Manufacturers of wireless microphone systems. Based in China.
  • Mok and Martensen Specializes in the distribution of hi-fi and surround audio electronics and speakers.
  • Monarchy Audio San-Francisco maker of zero-feedback amps and other audio products.
  • Monrio Makes integrated amplifiers and CD player. Italy.
  • Morrow Audio Makes cables, integrates and power amplifiers, preamplifiers, and speakers. USA.
  • Mpro Manufacturer of professional audio equipment like DJ amplifiers and audio mixers. India.
  • MSB Technology Manufacturer of DAC design with four 24 bit 192kHz DACs in the line up.
  • Muse Amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, turntables, tonearm and DVD gear from Kevin Halverson.
  • Museatex Provides detailed information on availability of upgrades and service.
  • Musical Concepts/Musical Design Makes a range of audio equipment such as amplifiers, D/A converter and cables, and custom modifications. USA.
  • Musical Fidelity UK. Manufacturers amplifiers and CD players. Includes news, reviews, a product range and information about an email newsletter subscription.
  • My Audio Design Makes and design loudspeakers, interconnect, cables and power conditioners. UK.
  • Myryad Systems. British manufacturer of high-end audio electronics including CD players, tuners, amplifiers, and 'DTS', and 'Dolby' digital decoders.
  • NAD Electronics Audio and video components for home theater, custom installation, music and hi-fi applications including amplifiers, DVD players, AV receivers and tuners.
  • Nagra Swiss manufacturer of professional solid-state audio equipment now produces consumer tubed high-end audio equipment. Mobile audio recorders, both analog and digital.
  • Naim Audio British manufacturer of audiophile audio electronics, including the NAP series of amplifiers, cd players, tuners and loudspeakers.
  • Nelson Electronics Manufacturer of mini and portable audio systems, cassette recorder and clock radio.
  • Nene Valley Audio Audiophile manufacturer featuring design, philosophy, products and reviews.
  • Neukomm Audio Systems Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, tuners and cd players.
  • Nigthingale Makes single channel tube amplifier, pre-amplifiers, line conditioners and loudspeakers. Based in Italy.
  • Niro Manufacturers a range of amps and HT equipment that lives up to the 'Dragon' cassette deck.
  • nOrh Makes and offer 20 types of speakers, audio components like amplifiers and recordings. Based in Thailand.
  • North Star Design Italian maker of digital audio gear.
  • Oktava USA Manufacturer of consumer audio devices including microphones, headphones and headsets, telephones, hearing aids, and related components.
  • Omicron Group Makes two way system bass reflex with ribbon loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers and CD players. Italy.
  • Onkyo Japanese mass-market audio.
  • Oracle Manufacturer of audiophile amplifiers, CD players, and turntables. Company also provide maintenance kits.
  • Original Electronics Ltd Manufacturer of HDCD and CD players. China.
  • Orpheus Manufacturer of digital and analog signal processing systems such as single, two or multi-channels amplifiers and CD players. Switzerland.
  • Oxford Digital Design and develop hardware and software solutions for professional and consumer audio applications. Technology licensing and research and development for semiconductor manufacturers, consumer equipment designers and professional audio manufacturers. UK.
  • Parasound California-built high-end products featuring designer John Curl.
  • Pass Labs High-end solid state amplification, pre-amplifiers, loudspeakers featuring minimalist philosophy.
  • Peachtel Manufacturer of smart pointer and MP3 player. Based in Korea.
  • Perreaux Industries Designer and manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers, preamplifiers, cd players and other audio equipment. New Zealand.
  • Phonosophie Makes amplifiers, CD players, turntables, accessories and racks. Germany.
  • Polyfusion Electronics New York-built amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, cd transport and D/A converter and power supply.
  • Popcatcher AB Manufacturer of music saving systems. Can save radio broadcasts into CDs and MP3 players. Based in Sweden.
  • Portable PA Systems Supplies wireless, portable, indoor/outdoor personal public address systems and accessories.
  • Precide Makes a loudspeaker using a diaphragm design, headphone and cables and accessories. Switzerland.
  • Primare Manufacturer of hi-fi and audio and video products such as amplifiers, disc players and tuners.
  • Proceed Audio Support Provides downloadable user manuals in pdf format.
  • PS Audio Manufacturer of power, stereo and home theater amplifiers such as Classic 250, pre-amplifiers, accessories and cables such as "xStream" speaker cables.
  • PURE Digital Produces a range of products in the consumer entertainment and PC markets including digital radio, digital home audio and PC multimedia. UK.
  • Qinpu Audio Equipment Factory Manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers, speakers and home theater systems. China.
  • Qsonix Manufacturer of digital music servers and music management systems. USA.
  • QSound Labs, Inc. Develops and licenses sound imaging audio technology used in personal computer, multi-media and home video game industries. (Nasdaq: QSND).
  • Quad. British high end audio manufacturers of the ESL electrostatics, pre-power and integrated amps, tuners and cd players. For the serious enthusiast.
  • Quandra Audio Manufacturer of home theater equipment such as surround processor amplifier and speakers. Also provides car audio systems.
  • Quest Home theater speakers and audio products such receiver and accessories.
  • RadioLabs Specialize in engineering, design and repair of all RF equipment such as radios, wireless products, electronics accessories and antennas. Offer an online store.
  • RCF Manufacturer of passive and active speakers, professional amplifiers, transducers and provides installation sound system service. Italy. [English, Italian]
  • Red Rose Music Part of the Mark Levinson Group, company builds speakers, amps, cd players and complete systems for the high-end market.
  • REDGUM Audio Australian manufacturer of stereo and home theater amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, tuner, cd players, loudspeaker and accessories.
  • Rega Research Limited Manufacturer of turntable, tonearms, integrated amplifiers, CD players, tuners, loudspeakers and accessories. UK.
  • Renkus-Heinz Engineers and manufactures integrated sound reinforcement systems, loudspeakers, power amplifiers, signal processors and control networks.
  • Resolution Audio Leading-edge CD and DVD technology, originally an MIT spinoff.
  • RetroRadioZone Vintage antique reproduction record players, radios, jukeboxes, music boxes and related nostalgia. Featuring brands like Crosley, Teac, Philco and SoSL.
  • Revox Swiss manufacturer of wide range of audio equipment, has strived to bring music recording and reproduction close to perfection to suit professional and domestic applications since 1948.
  • Riole - Ind. and Com. Designs and manufactures microphones, headphones, conference system, simultaneous interpretation system, tour guide radio system, mixers and audio equipment for professional use.
  • Roksan UK. Manufacturer of audiophile components, including amps, cd players, loudspeakers, and tuners, as separates or complete systems.
  • Roku Makes and design a radio Wi-Fi music system and network music player. USA.
  • Rotel Mass-market Japanese manufacturer of full range audio electronics.
  • Royal Device Manufacturer and designer of large high-end loudspeaker, devices and amplifiers. Italy.
  • Russound website Manufacturers of consumer audio components for single and multi room applications.
  • SAC Thailand Home of Lowther loudspeaker, horn, tube amplifier. Upgrade parts, vacuum tubes and other parts.
  • SAK International Industries (HK) Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of radios such as radio control clock, portable radio, LCD clock radio, analog clock radio and RDS radio.
  • SAS Audio Labs Manufactures audiophile single-ended amplifiers, push-pull amplifiers and preamplifiers.
  • Schneider Audio Manufacturer of car amplifiers, speakers, sub woofers, and head units.
  • Sennheiser Electronic. German company, manufacturers wide range of headphones, microphone, wireless system. Site in German and English
  • Sequerra High-end speakers and amplification from Dick Sequerra. Factory-direct sales.
  • Shanling Audio Chinese manufacturer of amplifier, CD and SACD players.
  • Shengya Audio Co., Ltd Manufacturer of CD players, Hi-Fi amplifiers and speakers. China.
  • Shenzhen Newstar Enterprises Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of mini radios and mini digital cameras, batteries, Bluetooth earphone, and USB driver memory. China.
  • Shike Manufacturer of computer headphone, hi-fi headphone for mp3 and cd.
  • Sichuan Hushan Electronic Co., Ltd Manufacture of audio speakers, amplifiers, earphones, MP3 players, home audio systems. China.
  • Signature Technologies US manufacturer of tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, cd player, electronic crossover, speakers and interconnect.
  • Simaudio Ltd. Manufacturer of the Moon Audio Reference series and A/V series of stereo and home theater audio components.
  • Sinfoni High end car audio and home amplifiers and 12 V devices. Also makes audio cables.
  • SJS Electroacoustics British builder of amp components for the DIY enthusiast, as well as custom built amps.
  • Softone Makes vacuum tube amplifiers, CD player, digital to analog converter and audio output transformer. Japan.
  • Song Audio Manufacturing vacuum-tube electronics and transmission line loudspeakers, also import and distribution of hi-fi products. Canada.
  • Sonique Speakers and tube amplifiers from Australia with a wood finish.
  • Sonneteer Audiophile British electronics featuring Byron cd player, amplifier and Sedley amplifier.
  • Sonos Manufacturer of multi-zone digital music system. Online store. California, USA.
  • Sora, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of digital voice recorders that record up to 9 hours.
  • Sound Of East Audio Equipment Makes CD player and amplifiers. China.
  • Sound Skulptor Makes microphone preamplifiers, vintage transformer preamp, and professional audio kits. France.
  • Soundbarrier Manufacturer of home, professional, marine, and car audio and security, and architectural installation. USA.
  • Spectral Audio Manufacturer of pre-amplifier, compact, stereo, monoblock amplifiers and D/A processors.
  • Spectron Digital power amplifiers manufacturing firm provides product overview and contact information.
  • Steinway Lyngdorf Makes and design a high end systems including CD, amplifier, pre-amplifier and loudspeakers. USA,
  • Sugden Audio Makes and design hand-made high fidelity amplifiers, CD players and tuners. UK.
  • Sunfire Bob Carver's company that make subwoofers, pre-amplifiers, receivers, stereo and home-theater amplifiers.
  • Swedish Statement Cooperation between five Swedish high end manufacturers who together presents a two channel audio system. Sweden.
  • T+A Produce a complete palette of electronic and surround components such as tube amplifiers, speakers, cables and rack.
  • TACT Audio Manufacturer of Theater Correction System, stereo processors, digital amplifiers such as Millennium MKII and loudspeakers.
  • TAD - Technical Audio Devices Speaker manufacturer for audiophile and professional speaker systems and components. USA.
  • Talk Electronics Manufacturer of 3 lines of products of amplifiers and preamplifiers, and CD players. UK.
  • TBI Audio Systems Manufacturer of portable speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers for audio and home theater applications. USA.
  • Tecsun General Electric Manufacture Manufacturing radio receivers. From China.
  • Tempo Electric Manufacturer of high-end audio components designed by Arthur Loesch, including preamplifiers, amplifiers and loudspeakers.
  • The Audio Circuit Describes current audio equipment, offers advice, and provides forums for the audiophile, with emphasis on electrostatic speakers. A Dutch site almost entirely in English.
  • Theta Digital DVD and CD players, DACs; in the high-end digital field since the early days.
  • Threshold US manufacturer of power amplifiers, control preamplifiers and active loudspeakers.
  • ThunderPower Megaphones Supplier of megaphones and bullhorns.
  • TIDAL Audio German manufacturer of loudspeakers and amplifiers. Provides information, technology, factory tour and references.
  • Tinly Electro-Acoustic device Specializes in producing electro-acoustic device, such as car amplifier, speaker and audio box, and home entertainment systems. Thailand.
  • Tivoli Audio Manufacturer of mono AM/FM table radio. Offer online store.
  • TOA Corporation Manufacturer of amplifiers, signal processors, mixers, microphones, speakers, wireless products and security equipment. Japan.
  • TOA Electronics Producer of amplifiers and speakers used in foreground and background music systems, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated intercom systems for security and communications.
  • TONE Music Solution Danish audio and concept company which provide
  • Topway Enterprise Ltd Manufacture stereo headphones, earphones, microphones, mini speaker, radios, radio cassette recorders, calculator and mini telephone. From Hong Kong.
  • Trichord Research From Britain, wide range of digital mods and components, amps, accessories, partners with J.A. Michell on some.
  • TruAudio Manufacturer of in-ceiling, in-wall, home theater and outdoor speakers, power amplifiers, volume controls and accessories.
  • Usher Audio Manufacturer of high end audio systems such as loudspeakers using Appolito principle and amplifiers. Taiwan.
  • Vantage Audio Design and manufacture of high-end audio components including equipment platforms, cables, and loudspeakers. UK.
  • Venture Audio Manufacturer of hybrid ribbon and dynamic loudspeaker, tube amplifiers and preamplifiers, drivers components, cables and accessories. Belgium.
  • Vincent T.A.C. High-End tube, phono, power amplifier such as monoblock class A amplifier and cd player.
  • Vita Audio Manufacturer of DAB radios and compact audio products. UK.
  • Von Gaylord Audio Manufacturer of power amplifier line such as The Starlet integrated amplifier, pre-amplifier, d/a converter and loudspeaker.
  • Wadia Digital High performance digital home entertainment; make heavy use of programmed DSP chips, not just hardwired DACs.
  • Walker Audio Company produces high end audio equipment, including the Proscenium turntable, Omega Mikro cables, phono amps, motor controllers, and valid point resonance controls.
  • Westlake Audio Manufacturer of recording studio equipment and professional and home loudspeaker. USA.
  • Wilson Benesch. Mondrianesque web site from British maker of high-tech LP gear and audiophile speakers.
  • Wolcott Audio Manufacturer of high-end power and low distortion tube amps, including models P220-M and P220-S, also the Omnisphere loudspeakers.
  • Xiamen Suny Electronic Co., Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of electronic accessories includes speaker, public address system, stage system, stage cabinet, stage mixer, amplifier, karaoke system, ceiling speaker, horn speaker and wall speaker.
  • XtremeworX Manufacturer and exporter of multimedia speakers, home theater systems, wireless speakers and home audio components. India.
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp Maker of teflon socket, setting base, vacuum tube amplifier, speaker stand, power tap, speaker, audio rack and cd rack.
  • YBA Manufactures and design 4 lines of middle to high end audio equipment and accessories. France.
  • YZ Digital Manufacturer of digital products, including MP3 and MP4 players, SD card, and flash drive. China.

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